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I would hold the hands of the one who could lead me places

And kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet

And I would fly on the wings of a bird I knew

Could take me higher breathe in, breathe out

You keep me alive, you are my passion for life

Chapter 26

The following morning

Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald awoke to find himself in bed alone. Panicked that Charity had fled once again, he leapt from the bed. His heart raced as he rushed into Charity's kitchen until he noticed the blonde and their son making breakfast.

"Something wrong?", the blonde asked a knowing look on her face.

"I-I thought you might've gotten scared and run". Miguel admitted sheepishly.

Picking Elijah up and setting him in his high-chair, Charity gave Miguel a half smile. She'd broken his trust so many times it was understandable for him to be afraid.

"I promised your mom and sisters I wouldn't take Elijah away, and I do want him to have a relationship with you".

"Then why didn't you tell me about him from the beginning?", Miguel demanded.

As happy as he was that Charity had survived her accident, he couldn't ignore all the resentment and pent up anger he still felt toward her.

Placing the breakfast on the table, the blonde sighed.

"I know I shouldn't ask you this but I'm going to anyway", she said. "Miguel, please just trust me. More than anything I've always wanted to be able to explain everything to you, why I originally left Harmony, why I've run from you for so long. But I can't not until I'm sure no one will be hurt and we've already risked that."

Miguel stood stunned as Charity placed their breakfast on the table.

"Is this some sort of spiritual thing?"

"As soon as I can explain I will now please sit down", Charity replied taking her place at the table.

"Down! Down!", Elijah demanded.

"I'm almost afraid to ask what you're going to do", Miguel said poking at his food.

"I'm afraid too", the blonde said looking over at their son. "But this is something I should've done a long time ago. And it's our only hope for being together again."

Miguel starred at Charity in confusion but before he could speak the blonde shook her head and stood up.

"See if your mom will watch Elijah", she said. "and then I think you and Kay should talk, really talk."

Not waiting for a reply Charity kissed Miguel and Elijah on the cheek before heading out the front door.

Only once she was inside her car did the reality of her situation really hit her.

If she didn't find the solution for her problem soon, she and Elijah would have to disappear again this time for good.


Across Town

Gwen and Sheridan were having brunch at their favorite restaurant Viola. The two women had a lot to celebrate these days.

"I still can't believe you're having a baby Sheridan", Gwen gushed squeezing her friends hand.

"Sshh", the Crane said quickly looking around. "I'm excited too Gwen but I don't want it getting out especially with the situation being what it is. I mean I'm only 6 weeks along and we haven't even told Marty yet."

"Hmm", Gwen said sipping her mimosa. "I take it Fancy hasn't signed the divorce papers yet?"

"No", Sheridan sighed heavily. "Luis has reached out to her but she isn't returning his calls. I'm trying to be understanding but-"

"What is she hoping for?", Gwen interrupted. "Is she thinking to come back from Paris and get back together with Luis? If so she's out of her mind! Luis would never pick her over you."

"He did before", Sheridan said softly thinking back.

"That was a completely different situation Sheridan", the younger blonde said firmly. "It's different now you're different now. You and Luis have come so far, don't start to doubt that now."

"Look who's encouraging who", Sheridan said quickly wiping her eyes before changing the subject. "How's the wedding planning coming along."

Gwen eyed her friend carefully before looking down at the ring.

"No wedding planning", the blonde said softly. "I'm still getting used to the idea of being engaged. Everything is happening so quickly I want to be sure that I'm not making a mistake."

The two women sat in silence as their meals were delivered. After a few moments of eating Sheridan spoke.

"Well if you thought you were making a mistake why did you accept Travis's proposal?"

"Because I love him!", Gwen exclaimed frowning at her friend. "I can't picture the rest of my life without him, without Madison."

Sheridan simply smiled.

"Haha", Gwen scoffed catching on. "You'll be happy to know that I spoke to my lawyer and we're going to try to settle the custody case."

"Gwen that's great!", Sheridan exclaimed.

"Ehh don't get too happy. My lawyer said we'll offer 50/50 custody with me having primary custody 6 months out of the year and Ethan having primary custody the other 6 months. If Ethan doesn't agree to that then I'm going for full custody."

Sheridan sighed and signaled for the check.

"Hopefully he does, it's a reasonable offer."

"I haven't been able to get in touch with him, Gwen shrugged finishing her mimosa. "His personal assistant Ashley is always answering the calls. But my lawyer has delivered the papers and court is tomorrow, so we'll see what happens."

"It'll be good news, I'm sure", Sheridan said as the waiter delivered the bill. "Now let's go there's this baby store I want to look into."


Over in Harmony

Kay Bennett Crane Lopez-Fitzgearld sat at the Bennett table pushing her breakfast cereal around and around in circles as she pondered over her life. After discovering her not so dead husband was actually in Harmony, she'd left Maria with Jessica and flown back to Harmony immediately to see him for herself. Immediately she'd headed to the Crane Mansion only to be told that Fox was hiding out at the Crane Cabin. Ivy seemed stunned to see her at first but after realizing she was there for Fox, the ice Queen emerged. She'd let Kay know on no uncertain terms that Fox was done with her only directing Kay to the outside window so she could see for herself that Fox had moved on.

And see she did.

She'd witnessed Fox and Whitney Harris in a passionate lip lock. Later Ivy and Whitney's daughter joined them and they all sat around the breakfast table looking like one happy family.

Kind of like the way they used to be.

Before Miguel came back to town, she Maria and Fox had been so happy together.

"Honey are you going to eat that cereal or not?", Sam Bennett asked snapping Kay back to reality.
Before she knew it, tears were spilling down her cheeks.

"Dad, she sobbed. "How did everything get so messed up? My life is so messed up!"

The police chief rushed around the counter and embraced his daughter. Through her sobs, Kay explained the situation with Fox, how much she missed Maria, and how lost she felt.

"I called again this morning and was told that Ivy and Fox were gone to Paris to see Fancy. I know she did it to keep him away from me. I know it"

"I don't understand. Why would Ivy be so cruel to you?", Sam asked.

Kay stared at her father as if he'd grown a second head.

"Because she hates me Dad!", she exclaimed pushing away from her father. "She's always hated me, even before Fox and I got married. She hasn't changed at all Dad, no matter how much she pretends."

"Now wait a minute", Sam interrupted.

"Dad you've always had blinders on when it comes to her! But I know the real Ivy, she'll do anything to get what she wants", she ranted. "First she wanted to punish me for Fox's death and now that he's alive she'll do anything to keep me away from him but I am not gonna let her win. Not this time!"

"Kay wait!", Sam said but his daughter had stormed out of the house.

Later as the police chief prepared to head out to his shift his daughters' words rang in his hear.

What exactly had Ivy been up to lately? Had she really changed or could all of the hell wrought loose in Harmony lately could be laid at her feet?

Later that afternoon

The front desk phone and Winthrop and Co. Law firm and been ringing steadily for the past hour. Ethan's assistant Ashely glanced around nervously before picking up the phone and quickly hanging it up. She knew exactly who was calling, the same person she who had been calling every week for the past three months for updates on the Winthrops' family and work life.

At first Ashley hadn't minded helping, Mrs. Winthrop and her friend seemed so snotty and stuck up and the extra money had helped with her mother's expensive home health care. But lately the caller had demanded she go a step further and confiscate the Winthrop's mail, particularly mail regarding Mr. Winthrop's upcoming custody case. She'd done as asked but now she was feeling guilty.

The court hearing was tomorrow, and Mr. Winthrop had no idea. If she turned the papers over to the caller Mr. Winthrop would lose his son but if she didn't she and her mother would be homeless.

"What should I do?" Ashley thought as the phone began to ring again.

Tears ran down her cheeks, as she picked up the phone and made her choice.

Next Time On Passions: Charity meets with a spiritual advisor concerning her deal with Death. A meeting with Miguel forces Kay to take a look in the mirror pushing her to a devasting point. Ashley's choice has a major effect on Ethan and Gwen's custody battle. Ivy, Fancy and Fox try to bond in Paris but stunning media leak may bring them all back to Harmony.