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Maelstrom Nebula, Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint Nightmare Mode, Boss Room
Version 3.0

The desolate halls of Maelstrom Prison, the secret prison for special Jedi captive, were normally quiet with the exception of the low drone of the machinery keeping the station functional. However, today the corridors of the hall were filled with flurry of gunfire and blood chilling screams at least from one side of the hall. The other side was shouting a different tune.

"Take cover, he's starting the sniper rotation!"

"On it!" The four warriors dived behind a pillar, taking a moment to breathe.

"Alright," the first warrior, a dark-skinned woman cloaked in black, commanded, "Tecchi, bait the adds while Talken AOE's them. Jun, start moving towards Kilran to grab his agro. I'll follow behind you once I heal up." The girl quickly opened her inventory with a flick of her wrist, pulling out a medpack and jabbing it into side. Seeing her health bar rise she nodded to the orange haired Guardian. "Ready?"

"Got it Nori!" Jun replied, inching his way towards the next pillar for cover, being careful not to be spotted by the boss's sniper rifle. Nori followed close behind, her Double-bladed lightsaber sheathed to avoid detection.

Meanwhile Tecchi, a blonde soldier with heavy white and brown armor, dashed towards the incoming Imperial soldiers, slamming the butt of his rifle into the first soldier before firing a flare into the air to attract the remaining trooper's attention. The adds immediately converged on the lone Vanguard only to be gunned down by a rapid hail of bolts sputtering out from Talken's heavy cannon. The blonde Vanguard grinned towards the Commando and raised a thumbs up to Nori. "Clear!"

After a prolonged battle, the Moff finally died, exploding into pixilated shards. The small band whooped and cheered as they embraced each other. "Great job everyone!" Nori congratulated her group. "That's the last boss. Now if our intel's right, then she should be over here."

The group approached a large computer. Just behind the computer was a huge energy cage, cackling with blue electricity. However, hidden within the cocoon of energy held a lone figure.

Nori tapped the control panel, causing a notification window to pop up.

/ Quest Objective /

Release Prisoner?

Yes / No

She made eye contact with the rest of her companions. This was the moment of truth, whether everything they had put their efforts into the past year were worth it. Cautiously, the dark-skinned Shadow tapped the "yes" box.

The window vanished, causing the group to back away in surprise. Alarms began blaring as the room shook violently. The group stood back, moving their hands towards their weapons but not yet drawing them. After a moment, an explosion tore the prone figure from its holding place, causing the figure to float down before them. Talken and Jun rushed forward, letting the figure collapse on their shoulders.

Now with the prone body closer to them, you could make out that the figure wore dark brown robes with a lighter brown tunic covering the small body. The group remained silent in anticipation as the slowly he got up…or rather, she got up.

She had a milky white complexion that caused her face to nearly glow. Her red eyes provided perfect contrast to her skin. Finally, she had flowing black and purple hair that fell to her waist, an unusual trait for female avatars. Slowly the girl stared at her rescuers in confusion. "Where…what's happened?" her eyes focused on the dark clad Jedi standing before her. "Nori?"

The Shadow grinned. "Welcome back to the land of the living Yuuki!"

'Yuuki' gasped, glancing around at the rest of her rescuers. "Jun? Talken? Tecchi?" she cried in disbelief, "It's so great to see you guys again!"

"Yuuki!" the gang surrounded the girl in a group hug. "You're really alive!"

Yuuki froze, glancing at her new form. "Wow, this is new. How did I get here?"

"We don't know ourselves." Tecchi explained, "All we know is that one day, a player reported an odd NPC that hadn't been there before. When we examined the screenshot, we saw you here. So, we all transferred over from ALO and leveled up until we could access this flashpoint. And now we're here."

"Hmm…" Yuuki pondered, "Well I guess it's alright. I'm just glad that we got to get back together."

The group smiled and crushed her with another hug. "So who exactly am I supposed to be anyways?"

"Well, you took the place of the Jedi Prisoner we were supposed to rescue. Other than that, I don't know." Jun began, "But some sources say that you're the ancient Jedi Master Revan."

"Revan huh?" Yuuki glanced at her robes and then the lightsaber hilt dangling from her side. "Sweet, always wanted one of these."

"Well then, shall we get going?" Tecchi asked.

The group nodded and turned to leave until Yuuki suddenly felt an immense headache. "Argh!"

"Yuuki are you alright?"

But the girl didn't hear them, the voice ringing in her head cut out any sounds her rescuers made. "Shut up, get out of my head!" She screamed but then her voice shifted to a more male voice. "What have you done? There's nothing left to restrain him now!"

"Ehh Yuuki what's going on?"

Yuuki crumpled to her knees. "Get away guys!" she screamed in her normal voice, her hands clenched over her head. "Stop talking for me!"

The group turned to Nori, who nodded. The four players dashed to their friend. "Hold on Yuuki, we're coming!"

"No!" The girl screamed out. "Don't come any closer!" she tried to warn them but it was too late. A huge flash emanated from the girl's body, engulfing everything around her, players and all.

When the light finally ceased, Yuuki slowly pulled herself up, her face charred, leaving a farmer's tan in the shape of a mask around her face. Her red eyes now serious, she turned to her allies. "Thank you. I will finish what I started."

Real World, Japan, Tokyo

Asada Shino never expected to be called to that damned café again. She most certainly didn't except to see a certain annoying agent again as well. But alas, here she was, a year since her past visit, standing in the elevator to the fancy café.

Upon exiting said elevator, the glasses wearing teen glanced around, searching the for the obnoxiously cheerful face of the agent.

"Ah, Sinon, over here!"

The girl's eyes locked onto her target, a taller man in a suit sitting at a table on the far side of the café. Sitting across from him was a lanky teenage boy with bishounen style black hair clad in black clothes. He turned around, revealing his soft black eyes. The girl could still remember how those exact same eyes made her believe that the boy was a girl.

"Ah, Shino-san, I didn't know you were coming." He called out in greeting.

"Geez, you really can be rude."

"Eh heh," the boy, err…he wasn't much of a boy anymore. "It's great to see you again. How long has it been?"

Asada glared at him. "We cleared Floor Seventy yesterday."

"Ah, that's right." Kazuto Kirigaya chuckled, rubbing the back of his head. A second glare caused the double-black young man fix his stare upon the 'innocent' agent sitting across from them. "But I believe you didn't just call us out here to chat and eat cake."

"Good observation Kirito, Sinon." Agent Kikouka noted, pulling a manila envelope out of his briefcase. The two gamers opened the file to find several printed screenshots of a several players within a sci-fi environment. Shino noticed that all of them were wearing clothing different from any game that she had played previously. Several avatars were dressed in a combination of fantasy style tunics and robes while others were clad in sci-fi style body armor. While most of the characters were armed with sci-fi laser guns, others were armed with photon swords of a wide variety. Kikouka noted their deep interest in the images. "These were taken out of Star Wars the Old Republic – Online."

Kazuto frowned. "Can't say I've heard of it much. I don't think I've seen it on the Seed network before. Have you Shino-san?"

Asada shook her head. "Nope. It looks like a merge between Sci-fi and a Fantasy game."

Kikouka nodded. "That's correct. SWTOR-O is a sci-fi fantasy game by Bioware. It was an old game from 2010, but was converted into VR a year and a half ago. What's interesting is that it uses an engine different from the standard seed."

"But that's impossible," Kazuto frowned, "All VRMMOs are built off of the Seed system, it's what allows them to interlink their games into the network."

"Ah, let me clarify." The agent…well…clarified, "SWTOR-O was being developed way back during SAO, but was implemented to support the Seed when it came online. Still don't know where it came from by the way."

Kazuto sputtered uncomfortably. "Ehh, yeah, I don't really know either." Asada stared at her friend. Did he know something about that?

"Anyways," Kikouka continued, adjusting his glasses, "SWTOR-O uses a unique emotion converter, which takes in the feelings and senses of the players and creates special abilities based on it. This is often referred to as the 'Force'. Similar to the Star Wars films, players who use 'Force' may access abilities that they would never be able to use anywhere else, thus enabling them to become 'Jedi' and 'Sith'.

"'Jedi' huh, that's pretty cool." Kazuto grinned, "but that's not why you're telling us about this game."

"That's right." The agent's face turned serious, "I'm asking you to save the game."

"Ehh?" Asada asked in disbelief. "Save the game?"

"Just six hours ago, a rouge virus seized control of the servers of SWTOR-O. The game masters were completely shut out from their consoles and were unable to access their admin privileges."

"Are the players…" Kazuto asked, worried.

"No, they're not trapped." Kikouka clarified, bringing relief to the two teens. "They can log out just fine. However, the admins are worried that this virus will spread onto their amuspheres and therefore infect other games. So they've enacted a sort of contamination control, asking players not to connect their amuspheres into other games until they get the 'glitches' under control. So far, no other game has been compromised that we know of."

"Do you know how the game was infected?" Kazuto asked.

"They weren't sure. But I got curious." The two teens stared at the agent. This was surely the first time he had genuinely sounded curious and not just representing the interests of someone else. "Understand that Bioware and thus SWTOR-O are based inside the US and Europe. It's Asia servers are pretty much non-existent, so we weren't called in initially. I only checked their forums out of interest of the issue when I found this screenshot." He said, pointing out a different screenshot. This one was different. Instead of many players gathered about, a single NPC stood in what looked like an electric stasis cage. As Kazuto focused in on the NPC, he gasped in shock.

His eyes met the agent's, his own mouth flabbergasted. "But how? How is that possible?"

Shino stared at the image herself. "What is it Kirigaya?"

"Her face! That's Yuuki's."

Asada's eyes focused on the girl's face and after a moment recognition kicked in. Sure enough, that was Yuuki's avatar…though she wore a pair of weird looking armor. "You're right. But that's impossible. She passed away a year ago."

Kikouka nodded. "That's what I thought as well. That's why I thought to get you two."

Kazuto's brow furred in concentration. "It's been often pondered what happens to people who die while in a VR environment. It's been rumored that Akihiko Kayaba digitalized his consciousness as an AI. Perhaps that's what happened to Yuuki."

"But to cause a virus and seize a game? That's not like the girl." Asada clarified.

"But she would be a rouge element to the game, wouldn't she?" Kazuto speculated, "She probably replaced some other NPC and thus got her programing mixed up with the original data, thus she could have corrupted the game."

"I suppose," she agreed, "But then what would you do next?"

Kazuto shook his head. "I don't know. It's like asking whether or not Yui's data would cause GGO to corrupt itself. Typically, it wouldn't corrupt since Yui knows how to reorganize her data to adapt to her situation, probably would end up as a familiar or something. But Yuuki's a human transferred over to an NPC role. I doubt she's aware that she's an AI, much less how to change her coding. That could cause some serious damage to her."

Shino nodded. "I see."

"I'm glad you're interested." Kikouka smiled.

"Wait what?" The two teens asked.

He grinned. "Well I was planning to have the VR division here in Japan offer Bioware its assistance in locating and purging the virus."

"In other words, you want us to investigate this game." Kazuto corrected.

"That's right. You've already done immensely well in GGO and I was hoping the two of you could do the same for SWTOR-O."

Kazuto shook his head. "Asuna won't like that. She already went berserk after GGO. I'm not going to make her worry like this again."

"I'd possibly be interested, but I'd need time." Asada responded, her interest still piqued.

"Then why don't you just all go." Kikouka offered. Kazuto raised an eyebrow. "No one's dying or getting trapped this time, so you wouldn't worry about putting your friends in danger. Plus having more people means it would be easier in searching."

Kazuto gave his friend a look. "What do you think Shino-san?"

"We could ask them if they were interested. And I guess having some friends would help with the learning curve."

Kazuto nodded, turning back to the eager agent. "We'll do it, but on two conditions.

"First, I want my friend's to be compensated for it. Not much, but just enough to cover the expenses of converting over and any unforeseen costs." Kazuto raised his index finger, "And second…none of this gets out to Asuna."

"What?" Asada asked in confusion. "What do you mean?"

Kazuto lowered his gaze. "If Asuna found out about Yuuki, she'd be broken. Yuuki's 'passing' hurt Asuna deeply and I don't want to get her hopes up that she's somehow still alive. Especially if Yuuki's the virus herself, then I don't want Asuna to get involved in purging it."

Asada stared at Kazuto, trying to get a gauge of his emotions before sighing. "Fine, I won't say a word. But if she does find out, you're taking the blame."

The teen nodded. "Thanks."

"Well that's that then." Kikouka grinned. "I'll let Bioware know you're on the case. You should be able to download the game from their website. Send me the bill when it's all over and I'll make sure you're properly reimbursed for it."

Korriban, Acolyte Landing Zone, Story Area

A lone grey Imperial Shuttle descended upon the reds and browns of the Sith home world of Korriban. Its engines whined softly as the shuttle made its landing upon a dull grey platform overlooking the mesa. As the shuttle door opened, a young man exited the craft, escorted by two Imperial troopers. The man had long black hair over his tanned skin, his dark eyes staring over the ancient ruins mixed with military compounds around him. He wore a black and grey tunic with a single metallic rod strapped to his back.

He turned to the two soldiers, who bowed before turning around and returning to the shuttle. Upon watching the craft take off, the man exited the platform into the hanger before him. A dark-skinned man with short black hair stood before him. He wore a fancier version of the tunic, though this one with armored shoulder pads. Finally, a metallic grey hilt hung from his belt.

"At last, you've arrived. Good, good. There is much to do and every moment is critical." He greeted, his voice of concern as he introduced himself, "I'm overseer Tremel. For decades, I've administered the trials that determine who is and is not worthy to join the Sith Order. The trials are a chance to weed out the weak. Those who face them either survive and become Sith, or die."

"I won't disappoint you." The man replied.

"Good. I risked a lot to make this happen." Tremel nodded in agreement, "Yes, you are here and ahead of schedule because of me. I expect you to obey. You face your trials, you serve me, and I will make you the most powerful acolyte here."

The man nodded. "Sounds like a plan."

"The trials themselves are difficult enough, but they are hardly the greatest threat you face." He paused before enunciating, "There's an acolyte here named Vemrin. He's your enemy, and he will try to kill you. We must prepare you."

The man raised an eyebrow in confusion. "How is that I already have an enemy?"

Tremel dismissed his confusion. "All you need to know is that you are a threat to him, and he to you. We'll make sure you can stand up to that threat." He gestured to the saber hangin from the man's back. "That practice sword you've arrived with in insufficient—the blade of lesser acolytes. You need a dominating weapon. In the tomb of Ajunta Pall, there's an old armory. A strong Sith warblade awaits you there. The tomb is thick with k'lor'slugs—deadly, savage creatures. Be speedy but careful. They've been the end of many an acolyte." He cautioned.

"Just tell me where to go." The man retorted impatiently.

"Once you acquire the warblade, I suggest you spend some time in the tomb bloodying it. Then come to me in my chambers in the Academy" Tremel gave the man a hard look before exiting the hanger.

The man watched him leave before letting out a breath he hadn't known he had been holding in. "That was tough," Kirito muttered as he exited the hanger, "I don't think I'm cut out for all this roleplay stuff. That's it. I'm just going to be myself." He resolved. "Now just to check my inventory to see if my conversion worked."

He flicked his wrist downwards, but to his confusion, no menu appeared. Scrounging his brow, he tried his other wrist, but to no avail. Now slightly annoyed, he tried flicking both his wrists, but even then, no menus appeared. "Damn it, how do get this to open?"

"That's easy!" a voice next to him responded. Kirito turned around to see another young man wearing identical clothing with an identical sword grinning at his failed attempts. "You gotta flick your right wrist to the right." He explained, using his own wrist to demonstrate.

Kirito nodded, flicking his own wrist in said direction. Sure enough, a blue menu bar scrolled across. "Thanks." He replied. "This is pretty different from ALO."

"You played ALO?" The man enquired, "That's pretty cool. I wish I did, but there's no servers here for ALO."

Kirito was about to ask why, but then realized that the player must probably be from America. It was queer, Japanese players could access SWTOR-O's Pacific West Coast servers but American players couldn't access ALO, a Japanese game. "I see. I'm diving from Japan so I guess that makes sense."

"Dang, you guys got the best of everything don't you." He was about to say more when an icon popped up on his display. "Oops, sorry, got to go. Gotta meet up with my Pub peeps on this side." With that, he drew out his own menu, swapped his gear for a full set of white and yellow armor complete with helmet, drew his sword, and charged down into the hordes of K'lor'slugs below.

Kirito watched him dash down before sweatdropping. "Well that happened." He muttered, as he brought up his own menu. He tapped the inventory key, bringing up a holographic window. He grinned and tapped a small icon next to the pre-given medpacks.

A faint glow engulfed the area next to him. When it finally died down, a small white and blue dome shaped droid wheeled up to him. Kirito stared at the droid in confusion until the droid's holoprojector lit up, causing a familiar black haired girl to materialize before him. "Yui?" Kirito asked in surprise.

The girl giggled before raising a hand in greeting. "Hi Daddy!"

"Hi Yui…umm…" he scratched his head in confusion. "What's going on?"

The holographic girl paused for a moment as she took in her surroundings. "Hmm…it looks like I was registered as a pet, the equivalent of being a familiar, though I'm unable to impact combat and gameplay."

"But why are you like that?" Kirito gaped, still a little upset that his 'daughter' wasn't there in the flesh.

"Oh, well, I had to adapt my data so that the game masters wouldn't notice me. So, I hid my data within an astromech pet, coded YU-1. But I can interact with you via hologram and I'm still aware of what's going on when I'm within the astromech." The AI explained.

"Ehh…ok. I guess I can work with that." He muttered, "This is just for a little bit." He reminded himself. "So," he asked, "What's this game like?"

Yui nodded. "Right, so this is a slightly different system than ALO or SAO. I'll go over each of the differences specifically for you.

"SWTOR-O is run off a class-role combat system. Right now, you are classified as the Sith Warrior class, meaning you're a melee DPS class and your main attribute is 'Strength'. Thus when you equip items you should first prioritize Strength items, then Endurance which increases your health.

"Next up is your abilities: most abilities have a resource they deplete called Rage. You can build up rage by using your basic attack 'Assault' and it can be spent on abilities such as 'Vicious Slash'. All of these are equivalent of sword skills and thus should be treated as such.

"In addition, Sith Warriors have access to several passives. First is your sprint. Normally you can only walk at normal speed, but since you agreed to pay the subscription fee, you have access to an ability called 'Sprint' which increases your movement speed by thirty five percent. Second is your combat form. You have access to the first form 'Shii-Cho Form', which increases all damage dealt and reduces damage received by three percent. Finally, is your Sith Warrior Passive called 'Unnatural Might'. This is a sixty-minute-long passive that increases your party's Melee, Ranged, Force, and Tech bonuses by five percent. I'd suggest activating all three. Is there anything else?" The AI asked.

Kirito, who had been exploring his menu during the lecture, glanced at the AI. "Yeah, this Rage bar. Is this part of the 'Force' system?"

Yui nodded. "That's right Daddy! Your Rage bar is linked in with your emotion sensor, but…"

"So the angrier I get the more Rage I have right?" Kirito grinned ferally.

Yui sighed. "Silly Daddy, that's not how the 'Force' works! But your emotions are interconnected to your Rage bar, that is correct. I'd suggest you be careful with the Force though. It might be a little overwhelming at first."

"Thanks Yui." Kirito patted the small Astromech, before turning to face the horde of K'lor'slugs before him. He drew his sword from his shoulder before pausing momentarily. "Yes!" cried out.

"What's wrong papa?" The girl asked in confusion.

Kirito grinned. "They actually put the sword in the right place this time!" he cheered before charging into the fray, screaming a battle cry as he went…Rage bar maxed out.

Haha, Kirito, the biggest yeller in SAO, having a maxed-out rage bar. I love my humor. I'm going to take a moment to laugh at my own jokes…Rage bar, 'not how the Force works', Kirito getting his sword in the right place…ok I'm good.

So this is Kirito and Co diving into SWTOR. As noted above, this is version 3.0, back when the Shadow of Revan was first released. So game mechanics might be a little inaccurate with the current patch i.e. Strength vs Mastery, Leveling rates, companion roles, combat forms, etc.

This was a serious chapter. It's going to humor until the final chapters. From now until the Shadow of Revan arc it's going to be funny shenanigans. So yeah. Have fun!

May the Force of the Lord God Almighty be with you Always!