A/N: A/N: Written for femslash100's drabbletag for the prompt "pet". Had some trouble and ended up deleting the first time I tried to post. Fingers crossed all goes well this time!


Kat leans way back in her chair, staring upside down across the room at Paz, who's cuddling a fluffy black kitten on Kat's cot.

"Hey," she calls, grinning. She waits until Paz smiles up at her before asking, "I am your favorite Kat, though, right?"

Paz buries a giggle in her hand and her smile goes sly as she says, "Well, Noir here is awfully soft…" Kat scoffs mock indignance and Paz giggles again, setting Noir aside and coming to stand behind her. She drops a kiss on Kat's forehead and relents, "Though I do much prefer making you purr."