Rose's eyes fluttered open, her gold orbs meeting silver. Her whole body ached. Slowly and carefully, she sat up to find that she was sleeping on a regal bed in a rather beautiful, albeit medium-sized room. Confused, Rose stood up and looked around. Her bed was draped with silver canopies, gold lining them both. She had found her outfit to be a somewhat Greek-style tunic; she had a black, short-sleeved undershirt that was visible under the white tunic, two pink heart-shaped clips holding it in place on each of her shoulders, making it resemble that of a sleeveless shirt. Her belt was golden with pink highlights and had a magenta heart-shaped buckle, the remainder of the belt strip tucked neatly underneath it at her side. Her toga was short, reaching only to her knees. She had a skirt that layered vertically three times going down; it was a simple white color, with a single crest on it in gold. Her sandals were unique, with gold and pink heart bands wrapping around the top, ankle, and diagonally toward the insides of her feet. Underneath those bands was bunched-up white silk that protected her legs. Aside from that, there were simple gold leather bangs wrapping around her feet, revealing her heel and toes. The soles of her sandals were not too thin, but not too thick. Around her arms were ribbons simply criss-crossed, and her left arm bore a single gold band just below her black undershirt's sleeve.

Rose's hair was no longer strawberry blond. It was a radiant pink that seemed to glow in the sunlight. Rose's attention turned to the bedroom she was in. There was a large, golden dresser with a chair beside it. Many hairbrushes of different sizes and styles were laid out neatly on the surface, yet there was a lot of room left on it. A single vial resembling a crystal, stood empty on the dresser. Rose disregarded it and turned her attention to the walk-in closet. There were many styled uniforms of different colors with the same theme. It was white, gold, and some kind of color. But Rose liked the pink one she had on, so she kept it. Besides, it was cute. Her walk-in closet had a mirror at the door. Her hair was long, hidden behind her angel wings. She had a beautiful light pink laurel around her head, which some of her hair covered cutely. A single gold heart was painted under Rose's left eye, right above her cheek. All of this was all good and well, but something struck Rose more than her strange outfit and appearance.

Her angel wings were golden.

"Ah, I see you have awoken, my child," a kind voice spoke in Rose's head.

Rose gasped, looking around for the source of the noise. "W-who's there?!" she asked in surprise.

"Do not be afraid, my child. I will not hurt you. But I would like to request that you come to see me at once," the woman told her.

As though an automatic response, Rose's body straightened up, her arm raising to her forehead in a salute. "Yes, Lady Aphrodite," her mouth spoke. She was surprised at herself. Aphrodite? Who was that? Was that the woman?

The woman chuckled and her voice disappeared. Somehow, Rose's mind was filled with a specific route. She opened her golden French Doors and flew out, somehow instantly used to her wings. She flapped once, then twice before soaring through many hallways and rooms, passing by what she swore was fifteen hot springs before she turned into a maze. Again, somehow her body knew exactly where to turn and how to swerve past a single child with dove-like wings like her own, except white, holding some kind of tray of food. Rose assumed that it was a servant; the child had a similar resemblance to herself, except with a less complicated uniform. She had barely had time to snag a glance at the poor child who almost dropped his tray. Thank the Gods for magic.

Wait... The Gods? There's multiple?

Before she knew it, Rose found herself landing in front of a beautiful woman. Her signature golden locks seemed to draw Rose the moment she laid her eyes on her. This woman... She knew. She knew about many things she didn't know about. And yet.

Rose was okay with that.

It was strange, but this woman...

"You are correct. I am Aphrodite," she spoke. Rose, startled, jumped down to one knee and bowed to her on reflex. This woman was definitely important.

"Rose Gold. You are now my servant. You serve under the Goddess of Love, and you are here to bring peace, joy, and love to all the humans of the overworld. Do you understand?"

Rose nodded. "Yes, my lady," she answered. Her voice had cracked and she blushed. Was that bad? Did she do something wrong already? Oh no, what if she made Aphrodi- Lady Aphrodite angry?!

Aphrodite chuckled. "Calm yourself, young one. You did not do anything wrong. Everyone is imperfect. You must learn to live with and love those imperfections, for those are what truly make you special," she told her pupil.

Rose glanced up at Aphrodite. Imperfections? Sure Rose had imperfections of her own, but Lady Aphrodite didn't seem to have any! Her hair curled perfectly, her lips just the right shade of pink, and her eyes as gorgeous as the stars in the night sky.

"Oh come now," Aphrodite chuckled again. "Everyone has their imperfections. Perhaps it isn't a physical feature, but an emotional, social, or spiritual one. For instance, as a goddess among others, I have my conflicts with people who do not believe love is essential to balance. But without love, no one would be happy, and no humans would be able to reproduce, thus keeping their race alive. It is, after all, a part of being mortal. As a goddess, though I may be immortal, I am also imperfect. In fact, my son is an example of that. Cupid!" she called, her voice echoing through the temple. Rose flinched at her volume.

Soon, a little boy (the same one Rose had run into when she was flying) came zooming in and bowed respectfully just as Rose did. "Yes, Mother?" he asked. His voice was high-pitched, like that of a child (which was good, because he looked to be only five or six years old. If he sounded like an old man or a full-grown man, or even a teenager going through puberty, Rose would've been very disturbed and concerned for the child).

"I would like you to meet my personal servant, Rose Gold. She will be living here from now on. You two had best get acquainted," she advised, gesturing to Rose for Cupid to see.

Cupid examined Rose and bounced joyfully. "Hiya!" he exclaimed. "I'm Cupid! I'm in charge of the main part of making humans love each other! I'd be glad to teach you what I know!" he exclaimed, holding his hand out for a handshake.

Rose smiled and stood, shaking the boy's hand gently. "It's a pleasure to meet you," she told him politely. Cupid giggled and jumped up, flapping his wings to remain flying.

"You're a new angel, huh? How'd ya die?" he asked her.

"How'd I... die?" she asked, confused. "Um... I don't know..."

Cupid shrugged. "It's okay, angels aren't supposed to know how they died. I was testin' ya!" He winked at Rose playfully.

Rose blinked confusedly. "Oh..." was all she could manage.

"Now now, Cupid," Aphrodite told her son. "You mustn't be rude to my servant. Although you outrank her, she is still a gentle soul, and you need to be as kind to her as you would to your superiors."

Cupid nodded. "I know. Sorry, Mother, but I wouldn't like to be betrayed by anyone. I was just making sure she was an actual angel. Though, uh... If she lied, that wouldn't have really been of any use, huh?" Cupid wondered aloud.

Rose giggled. "Well, if I ever did lie, I was probably very bad at it," she admitted. "It's good to know this isn't my first time existing, though! I mean, look at these wings! Did I earn them somehow in my previous life?" she asked curiously.

Aphrodite thought for a moment. "Not quite. But you died much too early. You were unable to do something, and you have unfinished business to do here. So I decided to take your soul and hide it from Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. He... steals the souls of the dead for his own benefit," Aphrodite explained. "Lady Palutena, the Goddess of Light, is currently at war with him, using her angel, Pit, to fight him."

"Pit? What an odd name..." Rose muttered. "Then again, Rose Gold is literally a gold and a gold color, and Cupid is also a peculiar name, so who am I to judge?" she pointed out.

Aphrodite chuckled. "You know, you and Pit are a lot alike, now that I think about it. You both like making statements such as these! Ah, but enough rambling. Cupid, please tour young Rose here through my temple, our home, and show her how to get around. I do not want to have to control her body again..."

Control her body? Ah, so that's why Rose had such an easy time getting through the temple.

Aphrodite nodded, presumably to Rose's thoughts. "Indeed. Now, off you two go. And Rose, when you're done with the tour, I would like you to report back here," she said.

Rose nodded and bowed. "Yes, Lady Aphrodite," she said.

Aphrodite nodded. "Good..."

Rose and Cupid left, but this time Rose had trouble with her wings. Cupid helped her, teaching her how to flex and use them. When she had gotten the hang of it, Cupid and Rose flew through the hallways, mostly to get Rose used to flying. Second by second, they sped up, and soon, they had toured the whole temple. Now it was time for outside.

The whole temple was essentially filled up with hot springs. There were many dining halls, kitchens, and servants and warriors that wandered the palace-like temple. Cupid's room was the same size and layout as Rose's, even as bright in the gold. In fact, the whole temple was golden.

Cupid and Rose flew high above the temple. "See those colors?" he asked Rose, pointing to the ground, where green and pastel colors collided. Rose nodded. "Those are the temple gardens. We go there to relax and get our mind off of things." His finger pointed to a fountain. "That's the Fountain of Hope. Its water is sacred, so you're not allowed to touch it unless you use a special cup that will be given to Zeus, who will create a rain with that water. The cup is tiny since you only need very little. Humans can get greedy, so too much hope would make them crash further down. As a result, wars begin. If a mortal like us touches that water, we will be given hope. A lot of it. Usually, we use it seasonally, so that whenever a drought enters or when it's time to water the seeds that they plant, we will make it rain hope so that their crops can grow without disruption," he explained.

"Wow," Rose muttered. "That's a lot to remember..."

"Heh! You get used to it," Cupid exclaimed. He pointed to a smaller temple. "That there's the weaponry area. You can choose and store your weapons there, and we train over here," he said, pointing further from the temple. In fact, it was a whole separate island; a floating island with seats to watch some kind of match. Currently, two Echidnas were fighting each other. Rose found it strange how half-woman half-snake creatures lived on land, but there were many pegasi here to fly them. She supposed that worked.

Cupid showed you a few more places and wrapped up the tour. Just in time, too.

Aphrodite's voice echoed in Cupid and Rose's heads. "Children, I have urgent news. Please, head to my throne room, immediately! It does not matter if you are not done touring."

Cupid and Rose nodded. "Yes, ma'am!" they both exclaimed before Cupid sped off, leading Rose through the labyrinth of a temple straight to Aphrodite.

Another woman, with emerald hair and eyes, and the light emblem behind her in bright blue, was standing next to Aphrodite. "So, I take it the girl is Rose Gold?" she asked.

"Yes, Lady Palutena," Aphrodite said. "Rose Gold, you are to come with Lady Palutena, the Goddess of Light, to meet Pit, the captain of the Centurions, and Lady Palutena's faithful servant. You will use him as your role model. Feel free to befriend him, but by no means are you to distract him if you know he is too busy. Understood?"

Rose nodded. "Crystal clear, Lady Aphrodite," she said, bowing.

Lady Palutena chuckled. "My, you certainly have the polite one here!" she exclaimed.

Aphrodite nodded. "Of course. I found her soul at death. But enough of this; we can chat later. For now, please take good care of Rose. After all, I only just found her."

Palutena nodded. "Yes, of course. Come along now, Rose," she said, glancing down at Rose. Rose nodded and stood, staring into Palutena's eyes.

Palutena smirked, and in a flash of light, Rose was gone. So was Lady Palutena. Cupid sighed. "I was starting to like her, too..." he muttered.

Aphrodite chuckled. "She won't be gone forever. Only a couple of short months," she told him.

"It'll feel like forever," he pouted, crossing his arms.

"Now now, Cupid. I believe you have a job to do now. Please, go spread love. Perhaps it will give you a good reason to get distracted."

Cupid sighed and flew off, golden bow in hand. "Bye Mother..." he muttered.

Meanwhile, Rose and Palutena have just arrived in Palutena's throne room, an area full of color. Rose's golden wings were folded slightly downward as she took in the whole place in awe.

"Who's that, Lady Palutena?" a voice asked.

"Ah, Pit! Nice of you to drop by! This is Rose Gold, a new angel. She will be staying here for two months to learn how to properly serve the Gods. She is a servant of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. Rose, please introduce yourself."

Rose bowed to him, some of her hair draping beside her like curtains. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Sir Pit," she told him.

Pit simply laughed. "'Sir?' Aren't I a bit young?"

Rose, confused as to what he meant, straightened herself up to take a good look at him.

Wow... Was Pit her age?

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