After going through the star and 'popping' out in the 'other world' everyone was surprised and pleased to see that it was night out, the floating ship would have stuck out like a sore thumb otherwise.

Peter steered the ship towards the Darlings home and let down a rope so everyone could safely slide from the ship down to the large window that was the Darlings nursery window. A window which was left wide open.

Wendy was the first one to slide down the rope and go back into their home, before she slid down she gave Peter a quick hug and a smile that while happy showed some sorrow at the departure.

One by one the other kids slid down the rope and climbed into the nursery via the opened window until it was just Peter and Ann left on the ship. Ann fiddled with the rope sorrow written all over her face. Reaching out Peter held his hand palm up to Ann a small brown leather pouch tied closed was in his hand on a leather string.

Ann blinked confused looking at the pouch back to Peter, who smiled and offered it to her.

"I had Tink fill it with fairy dust so whenever you want to you can come visit me in Neverland." Peter said causing Ann's face to light up with joy as she snatched the pouch and tied it around her neck before hugging Peter tightly then letting go of him she turned her attention to Tinkerbell, her huge smile already speaking for her.

"THANK YOU! This is awesome, the best present EVER!" Ann said trying to keep her voice down but her voice rose several times betraying her joy.

After that Ann slid down the rope and climbed in through the open nursery window.

As it turned out three of the Lost Boy's had brought several bags of jewelry and gold coins that they had found on the ship which helped with the Darling's adopting all of the Lost Boys after the children were found by a very distraught Mrs. Darling who apparently had checked the nursery every night for her missing children, and Ann.

Not two day's later Ann found out that her parent's plane had been lost at sea and that her grandmother, the only other living relative that she had, had died. With no reason to stay there anymore Ann wrote a note saying that she had run away so the adult Darlings wouldn't be blamed for her disappearance and then using the gift from Peter and Tinkerbell Ann flew back to Neverland.

Ann had a warm welcome back to Neverland from Peter and Tinkerbell and they grew thicker then thieves, playing pranks and raising a new generation of Lost Boys. The Pirates still lived in Neverland but Peter and Ann never let them have the upper-hand again and were constantly playing pranks on them and making sure to always know where they were.

Seven years later Ann and Peter were visiting the now grown Lost Boys as Wendy had married and moved away and John and Michael were away on Holiday with some of their friends. It was at that time when Ann found out that her parents were still alive, they had simply been stuck on an island and had been rescued four months after Ann had 'run-away'.

Ann had already been presumed dead by everyone and since she hadn't aged a day and she had already started to assimilate with the magic that made up the world of Neverland she didn't return to them. She did however keep watch over them and when a Lost Boy wanted to grow up she would drop them off at her parent's house, and they would raise the kids in a loving home.

The kids never knew that it was her home that she dropped them off at so while they spoke of a 'mother' that looked like Ann, Ann's parents believed it to be a sign that their Ann had moved on to a better place.

Ann decided she wanted to do more for the people who grew up in the 'real world' and so after talking with Peter who had grown up quite a bit mentally by then (although he was still a goofy kid who liked to play pranks) had come up with a way that Ann could help like she wanted to.

Ann began to go to the other world when a person's who has a child-like heart is dying and she takes their forever young soul's back to Neverland.

Many years later, joined by an eager John and Michael whom she had taken to Neverland thirty years earlier as they had died in the war, Ann flew over to the 'other world' to collect Wendy who had been dying from old age. As it turned out the Twins, Nibs, Tootles and Curly were all in the room visiting Wendy when a bomb blew up Wendy's home, killing all of them instantly. Ann was the only one who spoke and she only spoke once and that was to ask them if they would like to go to Neverland or continue on to the other place, whatever that may be. In the end they all return once again to Neverland with Ann, John and Michael.

Ann didn't speak a word as she brought them all to a large clearing that had eight other people from the 'other world' standing in it. Peter appeared out of the trees and Ann, John and Michael flew over to Peter, John and Michael disappeared into the forest leaving the others with only Peter and Ann. As one Ann and Peter turn and greeted all of them with crossed arms and emotionless faces. Eyeing each one of the returned Peter and Ann opened their mouths and spoke in unison,

"Now that you're all finally here we have a demand to make of each and everyone one of you. And that is, we demand you all to …..DANCE!" They holler the last words throwing their hands up causing the ground in the clearing to disappear and dropping them into a huge room that had four Disco balls in the center of the ceiling, colored lights darting this way and that.

"What the..?" One of the other soul's and now new Lost Kid said in surprise as they took in the huge room that already held several dozen boys and girls who were either dancing, eating, sliding down a huge crazy slide and dropping into a huge pool of mud, playing a game of paint tag or having some other manner of crazy fun.

"Ann." Was all Wendy said with a smile before she began to dance with her brothers.

Somewhere off in the distance….

"SMEE! Where are my earplugs?" Capitan Hook's voice rang out over the deck of the ship and rolled across the waters.

"Which earplugs Captian? Your royal blue ones, sapphire pink ones or your rainbow peace ones?" Asks the large Pirate who was never tossed overboard for his admiration of the color pink simply because the other Pirates couldn't lift him.

"OH FOR THE LOVE OF! Any of them!...wait why are you answering? Where is-" Captain Hook's gasp was so audible that several of the faries who were keeping an eye on the pirates for Peter and Ann edge out of their hiding places to see what was going on.

"SMEE! Are you..?" Capitan Hook choked out as he gazed at the one who had been his trusted first mate ever since they entered Neverland.

"No time to talk James! I'm dancing." Smee replied waving his fingers in front of his eyes before spinning around the mast and kicking one of legs up into the air in a surprising show of gymnastic ability.

Even now the party rage's on in Neverland where kids never grow old but still some come and some go, everyone having fun and the new one's getting inducted into the Lost Kids Club by playing pranks on the Pirates who lost their minds many years earlier. To keep things interesting sometimes Peter or Ann will bring several mean adults to Neverland and drop them off in the Pirates ship and take the men and woman that were on the ship previously back to the 'other world' where if they weren't scared straight they usually ended up in mental hospitals.