Hi there, This is going to be a rewrite of Remnant's Sage under a different name. I fell off the bandwagon when it came to writing Remnant's Sage but lately I've had a lot of inspiration to write again and thus here I am presenting you the re-write of Remnant's Sage.

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"Empowered speech"

'Empowered Thoughts'


Naruto x Raven Branwen

Crossover Naruto x RWBY

Summary: After the Fourth Shinobi War, Naruto retires from being a shinobi to travel the world. Travels to the other side of the world that was recently discovered by the Elemental Nations. During this travel Naruto winds up in Vale, a chance encounter with huntress-in-training Raven Branwen might change things for the blonde knucklehead.

Chapter One: Prologue

With the climax of the Fourth Shinobi War and his immediate battle against Sasuke for the fate of the Shinobi world and the Shinobi System. Naruto had to cope with a large degree of emotional and physical exhaustion. Emotional as Naruto was forced to kill Sasuke to prevent Sasuke's revolution to take hold after they're battle. Physical along side that as Naruto was fighting Kaguya for 3 day's with no time to recuperate during the battle to eat any ration bars with out the Kaguya going in for the kill. Then was his near 24 hour battle fight with Sasuke after Kaguya's defeat and sealing in the false moon1.

The resulting fight forced Ashura's reincarnation to kill Indra's in the hopes of ending the cycle between the brother's and ensuring that peace will be possible.

As Naruto was making his way to the Hokage Tower, he grimaced at the thought of Sasuke. He truly did not want to put Sasuke down but he was forced to do so to protect those he considered precious.

Flashback: Shūmatsu no Tani (Valley of the End)

In Shūmatsu no Tani, the conclusion of what would be considered a battle between titans. The valley looked like a war had been fought as the statues were destroyed leaving the feet and debris littering the ground. The final fight between Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto, one which would decide the fate of the world in which path would come out on top.

After fighting Sasuke for nearly 24 hours an exhausted Naruto stands to the side of the Uchiha's corpse as Sasuke's idea to bring revolution and the end of the shinobi system pushed the 21 year old to the point of ending him to not only free his former friend and teammate from his personal hell but the hopes and dreams of all those whose bonds he has forged safe. At last the battle between the two sons of the fabled Rikudo Sennin has come to a close with Indra's chakra moving on to the afterlife. Naruto could be seen staring at Sasuke's corpse with a solemn expression as he had hoped to bring Sasuke back into the "light".

"You did what you had to Partner," Kurama told his partner. 'I only wished it could have ended differently Kurama,' Naruto thought back to the great beast that he calls friend and partner.

As the Naruto conversed with Kurama, Kakashi and Sakura had made it to the Shūmatsu no Tani to see the aftermath of the battle between Sasuke and Naruto. From the angle of where they were standing Naruto was standing in the way of them seeing the corpse. "Naruto!" Sakura called out. Though there was no response initially from the blonde, Kurama let him know that his teammate was calling out to him. "Yeah Sakura-chan?" was the blondes response. "Where is Sasuke?" she inquired. Rather than responding Naruto to her simply stepped aside bringing the Uchiha's corpse into their field of view. Kakashi, who had been silent, noticed the attitude of his blonde student took notice of the final member of team 7's dead body. The man showed sorrow at the loss of the student but was more worried over the mental state of the blonde knucklehead.

End of Flashback

By the time Naruto made it to the tower, he pretty much convinced himself that leaving to travel the world is what he desires to do. Naruto was so engrossed in his thoughts that when he reached the door to the Hokage's office he blinked. He knocked thrice on the door, almost immediately as he did he received a muffled "Enter" and did so.

"Yo Baa-chan," Naruto greeted. Right as he said that a paper weight was thrown at him and he dodged while grinning cheekily at her. "How many times did I tell you to stop calling me that Naruto. Anyways what is it that you want?" Tsunade inquired.

"I want to retire from being a Shinobi" was his reply. "WHAT?! WHY?! What about your dream to be Hokage?" Tsunade yelled out.

"After some time of thinking, I decided that I wanted to follow Ero-sennin in traveling around minus the research. Essentially I want to go travel the world and see it for what it truly is and not from what I hear behind the walls in Konrad. After the fight with Sasuke at the Valley of the End, I realized there are other things that I can become or do. I want to travel the world and spread the message of peace through understanding and cooperation," said Naruto.

"Are you sure this is what you want Naruto," Tsunade asked, to make sure he knew what he was asking. "Yes it is Baa-chan," Naruto replied. With a sigh Tsunade said, "Alright, if that is what you want then who am I to question, your too stubborn to change your mind one you're set on something. Are you going to tell the others?"

"Yes, though I will use Kage Bunshin to tell them as I leave," Naruto told her.

Naruto made his way back to his apartment to begin packing for his departure. He began packing really anything he had which wasn't much as he saw no need to get things for it out side of what is necessary. Once the young man had finished sealing things away, the blonde went over in his head on how to break his departure to his friends.

Naruto grimaced as soon as he thought of Hinata, he knew of Hinata's crush on him however growing up as he did he didn't understand why she had a crush on him though as time went and learning about relationships and signs from Jiraya he had thought about Hinata. Granted when he saw Hinata turn red and/or faint he thought she was strange.

'How are you going to break the news to her Partner' Kurama told his partner.

'I don't truly know how to approach that situation with Hinata. As it is right now I'm not looking for someone like that. I don't really see Hinata in such a manner that she is looking for from me. I see her as a really good friend but nothing more' Naruto replied to it.

'Heh you've grown a lot from the foolish idiot you were when you were younger. I have the sneaking feeling that you are still putting others happiness over your own but you seem to be actively aware of that fact. I hope you don't allow this to continue on forever Naruto' Kurama thought to itself.

Naruto arrived at his apartment and began to get ready for the night and day ahead of him. Before he went to bed he sealed up most of his stuff that he wouldn't be needing the next day when he starts his new adventure.

Naruto had gotten up before the sun rose the next day and looked at his clock which read 5:30 am. Slowly getting up and stretching he made his way to his kitchen and began to make himself breakfast as he had yet to seal away the food in a specialized storage scroll meant to preserve perishable foods for long periods of time (essentially putting them in stasis).

'Hmm, should probably get going soon if I want to make it to Nami no Kuni by the end of the day,' Naruto mused. Naruto got up then washed his dishes before sealing them and left for the gates. Naruto had made it to the gates before making Kage Bunshinand sending them off to tell his friends as he began his trek through the trees to Nami.

Naruto began his trek to Nami with the hopes of making it as soon as possible. By the time he arrived the next day thought it was in the evening, Naruto stopped at an inn and got a room for the night.

As soon as Naruto got in his room, he dropped on to the bed and promptly fell to the sweet embrace that is sleep.

When Naruto had woken up the sun wasn't very high in the sky signaling that it was mid-morning. He walked out of the inn on his way to Tazuna's house to visit Tazuna and his family at the edge of the village as the inn was on the northern shore of the island where Gato's building used to be but was demolished and an inn was built there with the proximity to the northern shore.

Naruto soon made it to where Tazuna live and knocked on the door. He was greeted by Tsunami at the door. "Naruto! What brings you here?" Tsunami greeted the young man. "Decided to stop by while I was here for two days," Naruto told her.

"Well come on in," Tsunami said.

With that said Naruto entered the small two story home.

"Inari would be ecstatic to see that you are here," Tsunami told him. "Haha, I'm well aware that he will. Speaking of Inari where is he?" Naruto inquired.

"He is with my father as he became his apprentice a year ago," Tsunami replied.

The two began to have a conversation when the door had opened.

"Kaa-san we're home!" Inari said as he entered the home with Tazuna in tow. As the two found their way to the living room, they were greeted by a blonde man. "Yo Inari, Tazuna!" Naruto greeted the pair.

"Who are you?" Inari question. "I'm shocked that you don't remember me after all the whisker birthmarks give my identity away fairly easily." Naruto cheekily replied.

"Nii-san!" Inari proclaimed as he remember Naruto after a brief pause to think about who had whiskers.

"Well the gaki seems to have grown that's for one," Tazuna remarked as he took a drink from his bottle of sake.

"Indeed ya old drunkard" Naruto quipped back with a twitching eyebrow but took joy as he saw Tazuna get annoyed from that comment.

"What brings you to here to Nami no Kuni, nii-san?" question the younger boy.

"My travel is bringing me through Nami no Kuni so I decided to stop and visit you guys before I leave," Naruto told him.

"Where are the others from your team?" Tazuna questioned Naruto. "Sakura-chan and Kakashi-sensei are still in Konoha. As for Sasuke, well he is no long among the living." Naruto replied to the old man. "When are you leaving Naruto" Tsunami asked. "I plan on leaving tomorrow, I wasn't planning to stay as long as I did," Naruto replied to her.

"Do you want to have dinner with us I am in the process of making Donburi?" Tsunami asked. "Are you sure? I hate to be a bother?" Naruto inquired. "No you won't, be a bother at all Naruto," Tsunami told him.

"Alright. I'll stay for dinner then I'm heading on back to my room at the inn." Naruto told the mother.

Dinner was certainly refreshing for our young hero, as Inari asked Naruto questions about what he had done since they last saw him and his team. Naruto had told him about his adventures in Yuki no Kuni and Oni no Kuni and all the other places he traveled to.

As he did the family payed rapt attention to his tales, though at some point Tazuna started drinking sake again which drew the ire of his daughter who proceeded to snatch the bottle from him. Naruto had paused his tales in favor of watching Tazuna and Tsunami argue with one another with great amusement. The father-daughter duo kept on arguing until Inari asked Naruto.

"What are your plans when you leave Nii-san?" the younger boy questioned.

"The plan is that I was going to the new continent that we had recently came into contact with." Naruto told the family.

"Sounds interesting, we've been getting a few tourists from those lands here in Nami. If I'm not mistaken there's a boat heading out tomorrow around noon so you came at the right time coincidentally," Tazuna told him.

"Huh well that works out really well I suppose," Naruto responded surprised, "Well I've had a lot of fun however I need to get back to my inn seeing as the time had flown by and its getting late now." Naruto had glanced at the clock seeing as it just struck 9 pm.

Naruto got up from his seat at the table and began walking to the door. Inari and his family got up from their seats and followed him.

When Naruto got to the door he turned around, "I'll be sure to visit sometime again. We could actually hang out for the day Inari." Naruto told the family.

Naruto went around and gave Inari and Tsunami a hug and Tazuna a handshake.

"Well I shall see you all around. Ja ne~," Naruto cheerfully told the family as he headed out the door to head back to the inn.

Naruto made it back to the inn and made his way to his room on the second floor. Naruto made it to his room at the end of the hall way furthest from the stairs and entered it.

"Tomorrow will be interesting for certain," Naruto mumbled to himself as he got ready for bed, "I can't wait for what I will be seeing of the new continent."

Naruto slipped into bed and fell asleep shortly there after.

Naruto woke up just as the sun began to peak over the horizon. He got out of bed grumbling something along the lines of 'putting out the sun' and stretched before taking a shower.

After Naruto had finished his shower he gathered his stuff and went to check out of the inn.

Shortly after checking out, Naruto made his way over to a ramen stall that he found when he arrived in the village.

The stall Naruto was entering was a quaint little stall over near the docks that had a nice view of the sea from the side of the stall. There was seating for 8 people.

When Naruto got there, he sat down and ordered 4 bowls of Shio1 Ramen with a side of Cashew Chicken2. A short while later and we see our blonde protagonist leaving the stall full of food and ready to go. "Ahhhhh, that was a nice breakfast," Naruto commented seemingly satisfied with it showing as a content smile on his face.

"Well I guess I should head over to the docks to wait for that boat to... Remnant I think. If what I heard about the name for the new continent was correct. Strange name though," Naruto mumbled to him self.

With that said the young man began to make the short walk to the docks. Thankfully he didn't have to wait all that long as when he got there and when the boat arrived was 10 minutes apart.

When people began to board the boat3 one of the workers at the docks yelled out "Board for Vale!" Hearing that Naruto made his way on to the boat and to one of the lounge chairs on the bow of the boat. After about 25 more minutes the boat began to make the journey to Vale.


I'm thoroughly enjoying writing this and had a blast with this chapter, even if it's only the Prologue. If you like this review it please! Constructive Criticism is welcome as it helps me grow as a writer. I will be mixing in some stuff from reality into this story as I feel as though it makes it a nice blend of the Naruto anime, RWBY animation, and reality which I liked adding (Stuff I add from reality won't be anything too far outside of what Naruto had ended up with and what RWBY already has but will be adapted to the storyline of this fanfic to fit the story as I want it to).

1) Shio ramen soup is a light, clear broth seasoned with salt. It is typically made from chicken broth, but may also be flavored with other meats such as pork. ... Miso ramen soup is flavored with soybean paste (miso), resulting in a thick, brown soup with a rich, complex flavor.

2) Cashew chicken simple Chinese-American dish that combine chicken(usually stir-fried but occasionally deep-fried, depending on the variation), with cashews and either a light brown garlic sauce or a thick sauce made from chicken stock, soy sauce and oyster sauce.

3) The boats are older style ones that were designed based on the Athenic-class ocean liners in the early 1900's in real life only outfitted to run on Dust. Unlike they're real counter parts they can reach a speed of 20 knots (~23 mph or ~37 kph) who could reach 14 knots (~16 mph or 26 kph)