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Chapter 4

Chapter 4: A Stark introduction

The morning, easily one of the most beautiful times of the day should one be outside. Throughout the world were morning's embrace touches it, people are just beginning to wake up and start their days. Some love it, others are neutral to it, and then there are those who curse every waking moment of it.

For Team STRQ, well let's just say it's split. Summer and Taiyang both are enthusiastic and energetic in the morning. Raven being indifferent to it. Qrow is the odd ball out.

Qrow still laying in bed with a slight hangover as per usual, trying to cover himself with his blanket while silently cursing out the sun for peeking into the room. Though this attempt was in vain as Raven merely dragged him off the bed and onto the floor.

"Get up, we have to meet our commander soon," Raven told her brother in an irritated manner.

"Why must we?" Qrow retorted.

"Well, he did tell us that we were going to be meeting at his classroom at 7. It's 6:45 Qrow," Summer interjected.

"Eh, Really?" Qrow sighed out in response, "Alright, Alright I'm up now. Happy?"

"I'd be a lot happier, had you not have that flask in your hand already in the morning Qrow," Raven retorted.

Qrow grunted in response before getting up and heading to the shower.

Short while later

The members of STRQ were making their way to Naruto's classroom.

"Today's just introductions before we make our way to our next class at 8?" Taiyang asked of Summer.

"Mhm, yep! Then we come back to his class at 4. His class is the last of the day but it's also the longest. Given the requirements to pass his class, it's not at all surprising," Summer replied to Taiyang.

"What do you mean? Are the requirements to pass his class different from the other professors?" Qrow wondered.

"I'm not sure, but I've heard that the requirements to pass are the highest among all professors. Being a minimum of 85% comparatively to the others who have their minimums at 70%."

"85%?! And how long is his class?" Taiyang inquired.

"2 Hours in length. From 4-6pm. Luckily it's the last of the day. The subject is Survivalism Tactics." Summer listed off what details she knew about the class.

While the 3 were conversing, Raven who had been silent the entire time had been planning on unraveling the mystery that was Beacon's youngest professor.

Soon enough Team STRQ found themselves at Naruto's classroom. Opening the door, they came to the site of their commander sitting on his desk. Rummaging through a folder.

Naruto looked up hearing a commotion in the classroom. Upon recognizing his team, "Ah, there you are. Have a seat. I won't keep you long for the introductions," he told them.

Each member of STRQ took a seat in the front row of desks.

"Sooooo... How are we going to do the introductions?" Summer inquired.

"It will be: Your name, likes, dislikes, and dreams" Naruto told them.

'Kakashi-sensei's introduction method works the best in this situation.' Naruto thought to himself.

"Well I shall go first. My name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. Likes are Ramen, Training, and my friends. Dislikes are people who bully others because something is different about them, rapists, and stuck up assholes. Dream is to bring about peace through co-operation and understanding," Naruto introduced himself to STRQ.

"How about you go first Summer," Naruto told Team STRQ's young leader.

"Okay! My name is Summer Rose. I like cookies, friends, cookies. Dislikes are people who don't like cookies and mean people. My dream is to become the best huntress I can!" Summer excitedly introduced herself.

Naruto smiled already liking her but sweat dropped when she mentioned cookies twice.

'She must really like her sweets,' Naruto mused.

"Her liking cookies is comparable to you and ramen,"Kurama told him.

Naruto grunted inwardly but smiled nonetheless.

Naruto turned to the blonde of the team," You are up"

Taiyang grinned before hitting his fists together, "My name is Taiyang Xiao Long. Likes are adventures, my gauntlets, and nature. Dislikes... don't really have any. My dream is to travel the world over while being a huntsman."

'So an adventurous one. Though his track record from Patch seems to make it that trouble and him go hand in hand,' Naruto thought.

"Just like someone else we know,"Kurama quipped, citing the trouble his partner has gotten into.

'Yeah, Yeah.' Naruto thought back.

"Your next," Naruto told Qrow.

"*sigh* Well I'm Qrow. Qrow Branwen. Likes are booze and pretty girls. Dislikes, don't have any. Dream is to try every kind of booze that is out there," Qrow introduced himself while taking a few shots from his flask.

'I've got a sugar bomb, adventurous troublemaker, and a drunk so far,' Naruto thought, 'Well I'll take it over another avenger like Sasuke any day.'

"Alright and you are last," Naruto told the younger Branwen.

"Raven Branwen. Likes are strength and getting stronger. Dislikes are the weak. Don't have any dreams," the younger Branwen told them.

'Oh dear, seems like we have one who values strength over all else. Not the worst but not what I was hoping for. I'll have to break that way of thinking. That kind of thinking will tear this team apart at some point down the line,' Naruto thought to himself as Raven finished her introduction.

"Okay! Now that we have the introductions out of the way. I want to inform you to come back here after Thursday's class. There we will do some testing to see where you are at right now and if any improvements need to be made afterwards. I won't keep you any longer since your next class begins in 7 minutes," Naruto told the team.

With that said the four got up and began to make their ways to their next class.

Once they exited the class room Naruto sat back into his chair and slumped down.

'I have one hell of an interesting composition of students in this team. Each have their own issues, well Qrow's seems to work more in his favor than the other three. Raven's well certainly need to be addressed as soon as possible. Summer's well... She'll grow into the position as leader of the team. After all not everyone is a natural born leader. Taiyang's actually isn't so much of an issue at all. Heh, certainly a better composition than Team 7 ever was," Naruto mused to himself.

"You are right about it being better than Team 7. I never liked that damnable Uchiha and that pink haired teammate was annoying. Your sensei didn't seem all that impressive at first. You had your own damn problems as well," Kurama all but growled out the blonde's raven haired teammates last name.

'Yes we had our own faults as well, after all that IS what makes us human,' Naruto thought back to his partner.

Several Hours Later in Naruto's class

Naruto stood at his desk getting things ready for his class.

'Hmm, this will do. I'll have to get the idea pitched to Ozpin and see about getting permission to do it,' Naruto thought as an idea for his class came to him.

"What kind of idea did you have in mind for your class, Naruto?" Kurama inquired.

'I was going to make a gateway to the pocket dimension then have a series of Fuinjutsu arrays alter the terrain to simulate different climates/scenarios that the students I'm teaching can experience while taking my class.' Naruto relayed to his partner.

"That is very interesting, but have you started on the Fuinjutsu arrays yet?" Kurama asked.

'I've been drawing up the theories for them. As for the gateway, I already have that done. The gateway is a Jikukan Fuin that where placed it, on something like a doorway. It will upon being activated will provide a different destination so long as you program it into the array itself.'Naruto replied.

"Heh, alright." Kurama told Naruto before going back to sleep.

'I haven't heard anything from the other Bijuu in a while. Kurama's been the one to reply. Strange. I'll look into it later' Naruto thought.

Just as Naruto finished that conversation with Kurama, students began to file in to his classroom.

'Time to face the music,' Naruto thought to himself while seeing the students enter and sit down at the desks.

Two hours passed

"Just as a reminder to all of you. The requirements to pass this class are 85% or higher. Everything you learn here will help you survive during your career as a huntsman or huntress. Even if it is one tenth of one percent to survive. It will help you in some shape or form. That will be all for today's class," Naruto explained to his class.

Just as Naruto finished saying this the bell rung to signal the end of the day.