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"Okay, are you ready?"


"Your not peeking are you because if you are I'm not showing you."

Yoosung laughs at his girlfriend. "I'm not peeking, I swear." he reassured her.

"If you say so. Now when I say one, you open your eyes, understand?" Yoosung nods feeling the anticipation raising in his chest. He was curious to see what Rei was going to show him and what was causing her to act this excited. "Okay, three...two...one!"

Yoosung removed his hand from his eyes and opens them. He looks at Rei and gasps once his eyes fell to her back. Rei smiles seeing the reaction on Yoosung's face and asks him, "So, what do you think, is it nice or what?"

On her back, printed on her back on the left side behind her shoulder, was a small black star. Yoosung's eyes widened in shock seeing the small tattoo on his girlfriends back. His face suddenly breaks into a smile and says in amazement, "Wow Rei, you got a tattoo!"

"I know, awesome right? It took me a while to find the right design I wanted on my back but eventually I settled on a star. I'm glad you like it though."

"Yeah its nice." Yoosung takes a step towards Rei and gently traces his finger one the star. He laughs in disbelief and shakes his head. "You're brave to go out and get a tattoo. This is your first tattoo right? Did it hurt?"

Rei hums thoughtfully before responding. "A little I mean, its small but its nothing to worry about."

"Oh..." Yoosung breathes out. He looks down at the tattoo and gently pecks it. Rei's entire face turns red with embarrassment and she stutters out, "W-w-what was t-that for?!"

Yoosung tilts his head adorably with his eyes closed. "I just wanted to kiss the pain away, that's all." he tells her causally.

"I-I told you it doesn't hurt! And besides you didn't have to kiss it, you know thats my sensitive spot."

"I know. That's why I kissed you." Ever since they started dating, Yoosung has become more confidant with his words. Sure there were times where he would end up blushing once he realized what hen said but for the most part, Rei liked how Yoosung would find the courage to make her blush instead of the other way around. It just proved how much he's changed.

Rei snorts out a laugh and playfully slaps Yoosung's chest. "You're such a dork, you know that?"

Yoosung laughs half-heartly and pulls Rei in for a hug. "Only for you, honey~" Yoosung kisses her cheek afterwards and asks, "So why did you decide to get a black star? I figured when you get a tattoo, you'd want to get a flower or something else."

Rei nervously laughs. "Heh-heh, well...I was going to get a symbol but than I thought to myself, 'why not get a black star instead?' so...tada!" she finished awkwardly.

"What changed your mind?" he asked.

"Boy are you full of questions today." Rei joked.

"Sorry. I'm just curious."

"I thought it was obvious but guess I have to tell you. I got this tattoo because I wanted something to show how much I appreciate you."

Yoosung blushed a deep red at her words, touched that she thought about him while she was getting her first tattoo. His heart soared with love and he couldn't help but think how lucky he is to have Rei in his life. Never has anyone showed their appreciation to how much they loved him. Yoosung smiles in admiration before kissing Rei on the lips. He hums in bliss and when he lets go, jokes, "Whose the cheesy one now?"

Rei laughs.

AN: I played Mystic Messenger for the first time last week and I got Yoosung's route. As expected I fell in love with him so I decided to write this little one shot. This is my first MM Fanfiction so sorry for any mistakes like Yoosungs character. Although I think did okay.

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