On the west coast of Japerica lies a jewel of a city, with its towering glass skyscrapers and clean energy windmills floating above the buildings. San Fransokyo is the home of the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge and one of the most prestigious science universities in the whole country. But beneath all that glitter and renown lies an underbelly seething with brutality and violence.

The Bot Fight Arena. A deceptively plain circle of paint drawn on the floor of many a derelict building and back room, with a tatami mat on either side for each player. Surrounded by a mob of yelling, screaming, betting punks, this meagre circle might not compare to the great arenas of the Romans or the Sumo wrestling arenas of Ancient Japan, but the battles are no less real, if more centered on circuitry than contusions. And on one particular night, in one particular corner of the side of the city most respectable citizens never lay eyes on, Yama held court.

Hands flicking switches, pushing buttons, the humanoid mountain on one side of the arena crushed his latest opponent. The Samurai robot in front of him didn't bother to sheathe its lethal-to other robots-saw blade behind the shield-shaped concealer. The pink haired punk picked up her robot. It had been impressive at the beginning of the fight, but with a huge rip in the robot's back plate where his saw blade had landed the finishing touch, that poor pink excuse for an electronic warrior wouldn't be intimidating anyone any time soon. But he had won yet another round, and the cash was rolling in. "Who's next who has the guts to step into the ring, with Little Yama?" He smirked to himself as every other challenger backed down. While it wasn't good for business, it certainly stroked his ego.

"Can I try?" A young-really young, so young it shouldn't have been anywhere near that side of town-spoke up. The crowd of now curious punks parted and a scrawny kid, barely into his teens, came forward. "I have a robot, I built it myself."

Yama took one look at the tiny black, segmented robot, and burst out laughing. If this was a joke, it was dead funny. Everyone else seemed to think so too, because the whole room filled with derogatory laughter. The kid shrank into himself, unsure. The officiator of the fight took pity on the poor teen. "Beat it, kid. House rules, you gotta pay to play." Hopefully that would scare him off before he brought the cops down on their heads.

But he reached into his sweatshirt pocket. "Oh, uh, is this enough?" He asked, offering the small pile of crumpled bills.

Yama looked the kid over. The money wasn't nearly as impressive as his usual stakes, but he'd been fighting all night. It was time to have at least a little fun. "What's your name, little boy?" he patronized.

The boy seemed encouraged by that. A cautious smile turned up the corners of his mouth. "Hiro. Hiro Hamada."

Oh yes, he would be fun to crush. "Prepare your bot, Zero!" He deposited a thin bundle of cash into the dish, slammed his bot into the center of the ring, and thumped down onto the tatami mat.

Hiro felt the braces shift on his legs as he sat down with his legs crossed opposite the man who cricked his neck for emphasis. Really, another one of these types? He was so sick of intimidators. They really should learn to let their bot do to talking. And those guys behind him were probably the added security on the place. Ugh, Hiro hated sore losers.

He played along for that first round so he could play it up. Really, if the guy couldn't recognize magnetic bearing servos, it was his own fault if he got whipped by a kid. Okay, he admitted to himself, maybe most kids didn't know what those were either, but the point still stood. Well, time to play 'innocent kid' again. He let his arms support him as he leaned towards his downed robot. "That was my first fight, I…Can I try again?" he was careful to keep the tremor in his voice.

"No one likes a sore loser, little boy." Hypocrite. "Go home." Not just yet. I get to tear you apart first.

"I've got more money." He offered the bundle of cash he'd won last night. That player had actually let him walk away without accosting him. Maybe he should fight there more often. But the fat bundle got Yama's attention easily enough.

"Fighters ready? Fight!" Yama whirred his saw blade and as the tiny black robot reassembled. Well, he'd draw this out a little longer, put up a better fight, and then call it a night.

"Megabot, destroy." And in that instant, everything about Yama's challenger changed. The robot's face changed to a bright red, still kiddish, but slightly more terrifying face. Its arms whirred as it closed in on its opponent. The boy Zero pulled his controller apart and one of the bystanders saw the advanced touchscreen with commands written into the sidebars on each side of the screen. His eyes were lidded, his hands deft, as if he was bored. Yama, on the other hand scrambled as the black robot began its assault.

Hiro was very tempted to take out the legs first. See how he likes it. But that wouldn't be sound strategy, and he had to get out of here before Tadashi showed up. He didn't need another lecture on handicaps and dangerous situations. So he dodged out of the way and ran circles around the souped-up toy. It flipped over the saw blade and separated into the three segments when the saw blade tried to hit him between one of the joints. His robot dodged a few more swipes before it got in close enough to do some real damage.

He taped the "climb" symbol on the side of the screen and moved his ring, pointer, and middle finger upwards on the touch screen. The three segments of Megabot did the same, climbing up the flailing robot easily. He moved his fingers to the right and tapped the 'clench' symbol on the side. The three segments tightened their grip and the arm popped right off. Quickly, he pressed the 'ladder' and 'hold' symbols and jerked his fingers. Off went Little Yama's other arm. A few more touches, with the punches added in for fun, and Yama's robot's head flew off. Easier than rocket science.

Megabot linked back into his original shape. Hiro switched the face and bent the robot at the waste. He smirked. "No more Little Yama," he goaded as he collected his cash.

On the other side of the ring, Yama held the head of his former warrior. "What?! This is not possible!"

"Hey, I'm as surprised as you are," Hiro said as he pocketed the bundles of cash. "Beginner's luck." He didn't notice everyone backing away from him as the mountainous man approached. "Do you want to go again?" Then he looked up and realized just how close the man was to him. He could probably hear the mechanics in his braces. "Yama?" Then the big man grabbed him and dragged him out the door and into the alley behind the building. The three thugs from earlier followed. Oh, he was in such trouble.

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