Hiro was just a little bit starry-eyed by the time Tadashi pulled him towards his personal workspace. They worked with lasers here? And it looked like they got to pick their own projects, from what he'd seen of that bike. There was no way something like that was an assignment. "So how much do you guys get for supplies?" he asked Tadashi as he looked around the main area again.

The taller boy shrugged. "That kinda depends on what you're working on, and how much you impressed the teachers when you auditioned. Honey Lemon got in with a great performance about chemical solutions to stop things like rust and corrosion easily, so she has a huge research grant. Wasabi has the least amount of the four of us, but he uses every dime."

"So that's why he's so uptight," Hiro muttered.

Tadashi laughed. "No, he's always been like that. Gogo drives him crazy."

He finally opened the door to his personal space and Hiro followed in after. "So," he asked as he fiddled with the arm of what looked like a plastic printer, "what have you been working on?"

Tadashi looked up at his little brother and paused for a second with a smile on his face. "I'll show you." He opened up the roll of duct tape and ignored the sarcastic comments as he ripped off a piece, plastered it on Hiro's arm and then ripped it off quickly.

Hiro's legs quickly scrambled backwards and the braces couldn't quite keep up so he ended up flat on his butt. "Dude, Ow!" He glared at his brother but then stopped when he heard a beeping followed by a whoosh of air.

Hiro stopped protesting as a huge white marshmallow-man inflated from the small red case sitting by the opposite wall. Tadashi gestured towards the white blob. "This is what I've been working on," he said with a hint of pride and a small smile. Hiro watched carefully as the bot stepped out of the red case and walked towards him with a squeaking sound from his legs rubbing together. It's legs bumped up against the rolling stool, but instead of just walking past it and pushing it out of the way, the robot stopped, bent down, and picked up the stool. It looked around for a moment, identifying the open space next to it, and put the stool down out of the way. Wow, Hiro thought, that's some pretty impressive cognitive functions. Pretty cool. Then, problem solved it continued walking towards Hiro.

The mechanics in the bot's arm made a gently whirring sound as it lifted its arm in a loose approximation of a wave. Then it introduced itself. "Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion." Hiro watched how it tilted its head, leaned in slightly, and blinked what Hiro guessed were supposed to be its eyes. All were human gestures that the robot didn't need to do but were meant to put him at ease. And they did a pretty good job. "I was alerted to the need for medical attention when you said 'ow'."

"A robotic nurse," Hiro commented. Now all those little human gestures made sense.

The bot looked down at its front and Hiro watched as a screen showing various faces popped up. The bot must have a projector or something inside it. "On a scale of one to ten," Baymax continued as he looked back at Hiro, "how would you rate your pain?"

"Physical or emotional?"

Tadashi mock-pouted at Hiro's glare from his position behind Baymax but the robot didn't seem to notice. He continued undaunted. "I will scan you now." On Baymax's internal server, two spots lit up as he scanned the boy in front of him, his forearm and the base of his spine. "Scan complete." Another image popped up on his front, this time the figure of a man with the two spots Baymax had identified as problem areas highlighted in red. "You have a major spinal fracture and a severely damaged spinal cord. You must seek medical help immediately. Would you like me to contact the emergency room?"

Tadashi's eyes widened and he jumped forward. "No, Baymax, that's not necessary."

The robot blinked, seeming not to understand. "Spinal fractures must be treated immediately if the hurt individual wishes to retain use of their legs. The patient must be treated." With that the bot took several more steps forward, trying to get past the older boy. Hiro got to his feet and backed away quickly. Baymax paused. "The patient should not be able to walk with those injuries. I do not understand."

"Baymax, he's already been treated for those injuries. That's why he can walk," Tadashi explained hurriedly. This was not how he'd expected this to go!

Mercifully, that seemed to compute with Baymax. "Alright," he acquiesced. "But the patient should still sit down." Then the robot closed in on Hiro, scooped him up and a surprisingly gentle carry, and deposited him on the stool from earlier. "You also appear to have a slight epidural abrasion on your forearm. I suggest an antibacterial spray."

Reaching for Hiro's hand, he gently pulled the abused arm forward and was about to start spraying when Hiro halted him. With a bit of a smirk, he asked, "Whoa, whoa. What's in the spray specifically?"

Baymax answered, "the primary ingredient in bacitracin," he answered without hesitation.

Hiro decided to have just a little fun as payback for the scare earlier. He clicked his tongue. "That's a bummer. I'm actually allergic to that."

But Baymax just tilted his head to the side and, sounding rather puzzled, stated, "you are not allergic to bacitracin. You do have a slight allergy to peanuts," he added, pointing in the air to punctuate the point.

"Not bad," Hiro said to his brother over the big bot's shoulder as his forearm was sprayed. "I think some of his coding could use a little work though."

Hiro almost laughed at the expression on Tadashi's face. His lips were pulled back in a grimace and he nodded painfully. "Yeah. Maybe I put in too many procedures. I need to teach him the difference between old wounds and new ones." He scratched the back of his head and started pacing as Baymax finished up with Hiro and offered him a sweet.

When Baymax backed up Hiro got off the stool and started to circle the bot, poking him in the back. "Vinyl?"

"Yeah," Tadashi answered as he stopped his pacing. "Going for a non-threatening, huggable kind of thing."

"Looks like a walking marshmallow," Hiro remarked. "No offense," he added.

It was Baymax who answered. "I am a robot. I cannot be offended." His intelligence rose a couple notches in Hiro's mind. His brother had created a self-aware robot? That alone was pretty cool, even if the thing had almost landed him in the hospital.

The boy went up on his tiptoes and pulled Baymax's head down so he could get a closer look. "Hyperspectral cameras?" he asked. How had his brother gotten a hold of something like that?

"Yep." Tadashi confirmed. And he smiled as Hiro plunged his face into Baymax and questioned him about the skeleton and the materials he'd used. "Alright Baymax," Tadashi said after Hiro had finished geeking out, "We're satisfied with our care." Baymax nodded and walked back to his charging station. Hiro looked quizzically up at his older brother. "That's the command for him to deactivate."

"Burning the midnight oil, Mr. Hamada?" A voice said through the open door. Tadashi saw that it was Professor Callahan. A mere five minutes later, Hiro was desperate to attend.

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