Takes place during the scene in The Reunion Job. Belongs to Chris Downey and John Rogers. I only own the wolf side of things.

Sophie smirked a bit. She wasn't at all pleased with Eliot's trick with the roach and she had the perfect payback for him. She wasn't going to hurt him of course, but she was going to have a bit of fun at his expense. Nothing harmful of course just something to get her point across. Eliot? she called. Hearing the mental voice, the younger wolf's head jerked up. Yeah? he queried. Even though she wasn't really his Alpha, she was a Head Alpha and he always tried to show her the respect she deserved. Make me some tea, she intoned, the order echoing in his head. Instantly, he went to do so, his eyes flickering as listened to the others talking about their latest mark. When it was done, he brought the tray over to her. Here you go, he stated.

"Thanks, Sugar," he heard her say and he nodded as she patted his arm. I appreciate it, she told him and he gave a slight shrug. He didn't mind doing it. It'd be hard for her to get up and down out of the chair since she was sitting pretty close to Parker and Nathan. As Nathan began talking, the male wolf put in a teaspoon of sugar into the tea, followed by some lemon juice as Sophie chimed in, patting his arm.

"It's not about politics, man. Cyrus is bad business for him," he interjected. This good? he asked. Yes, thank you, the female wolf replied. Eliot than focused his attention on Hardison as the hacker laid out a plan to bring down Duberman. That sounds feasible, he thought to himself. From what he could tell, they had a pretty good chance of succeeding. And really, that was all that mattered: taking this guy down. He turned to Nathan who was asking about a Bonsai tree and started to give an answer before realizing that he didn't actually want one.

"Why is Eliot pouring your tea? Hmm? Did you brainwash him again?" he heard Parker ask. Wait a minute. Why have I been doing this? he wondered. He didn't usually do this kind of crap for her.

"Mm, neuro-linguistic programming. It's amazing what you can do with the power of suggestion. 'Sugar', 'squeezed'," Sophie replied. "A few strategic pats on the arm." Okay, time to let him go. I'm sure he gets the point, she thought to herself. Eliot started as he felt her presence leave.

"Damn it!" he growled softly. What the hell was that Sophie? he demanded, his mental voice irritated.

'You owe me for that roach business!" she told him. Just a little reminder that you're not supposed to disrespect my position, she told him.

"Damn it!" That's not cool. Not cool at all, he shot back. "Sophie, not again!" You know I hate when you take control like that, he complained, a pout entering his mental voice. Next time, don't pull mean pranks, she scolded. Whatever, he sulked as Hardison and Parker laughed. Okay, so he knew that Sophie wouldn't ever make him do something he wasn't comfortable with, but he hated it when she reprimanded him like that. It made him feel weird. And yes, Sophie taking over his head like that was a reprimand. And not one that she did very often, so he knew that she was pretty pissed at him. Okay then. He'd apologize. Later though. Right now, he was going to share his frustrations with a heavy bag at the local gym. With that, he walked out.


Yeah, I'm ending it here. I just wanted to do this scene with a wolfy twist.