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"Will we be safe there?" Kaneki asked before Hide could speak. "Yes in fact me and Millie actually live in Gravity falls here in Gravity falls there are some people that secretly found our foundation but when I came here I managed to get a good job and then I met Millie so she helped support me for a while then_" She was cut off by Millie coming in and saying "We fell in love got married all that crap." She finished for Lowkus. Millie was a pretty woman certainly she had short dark brown hair styled in a almost goth way with bright red streaks cutting through her hair and a leather jacket and combat boots.

Her eyes were dark brown with a reddish color to them. "Wow mom didn't know you liked the edgy type!" Hide joked laughing. She just smiled and said "Get your things the plane has landed." She said making her way back to the cockpit with Millie in tow. "So were do you think we'll be staying?" Hide asked as he now rocked Hayami whom Lowkus reluctantly gave back. "I'm not sure but I trust them one there your mom two their associated with Anteiku so I trust them." Kaneki said as he made sure whatever belongings they left out were packed away into their bag. "Hey put a coat and some shoes on Kaneki said handing him the items he had packed prepared. "Ok can you take Hayami for a minute?" Hide asked.

"Yeah." Kaneki said taking the fragile life into his arms and carefully cradling his daughter in his arms. Hide then quickly put on the boots and coat and Kaneki then gave Hayami back so Hide had her carefully snuggled against his chest so she would be warm. "Ok I'll go tell my mom were ready to go." Hide said. "Ok be careful though I think your mom wants to keep our daughter." Kaneki said laughing. "Can I?" A yell came from the cockpit. "Sorry mom no no more babies for a bit!" Hide said laughing.

"Yeah I'm worried this one might be a handful like you!" Kaneki said fondly recalling a few memories. Soon they got off the jet and into a car. The car then drove to a nice looking house in town. "You guys will stay with us till you get a house we have a finished basement that doubles as a apartment we are one of the more wealthy residents of Gravity falls since we work for a special agency and on the side have jobs in Portland since were retiring from our current position of work."

Explained Millie as Lowkus pulled in the driveway. "Ok get your stuff were here!" Lowkus said getting out of the car and getting the door for Kaneki while Millie got the door for Hide. "Thank you guys again for doing this for us." Hide and Kaneki said as they walked into the house.

"Its nothing plus your my son Hide and Kaneki your my future son and law and Hayami here is my adorable grand Daughter who will not be experimented and can be safe." Lowkus said. "By the way there is a lot of paranormal activity in this town but I believe you guys can handle it and its very accepting of ghouls and their is a special medication that you and Hayami can take that allows you to digest and enjoy human foods so we figured you would like that." Lowkus said smiling as Kaneki's face lit up with excitement. "That's great maybe tomorrow we can go into town and get Kaneki the medication so he can eat human food." Hide suggested. "Sure!" Kaneki said.

"Ok guys let's get you to your sleeping area for however long you need to get jobs and a house." Lowkus said leading the way down to a light and airy basement complete with a kitchen bathroom and bedroom. "The crib and stuff is in your room but its a decent sized room so you won't be cramped." Lowkus said. "Ok thank you mom." Hide said walking to the bedroom to put Hayami in her crib.

As he put her in her crib she sleepily blinked and looked at Hide with big grey eyes. He Then brought her up to his chest and sat on the bed and started gently rocking her singing a lullaby he would sing to Kaneki as children. She then fell back asleep and Hide put her in the crib as Kaneki entered the room setting their bag down. "You wanna watch TV or go to bed?" Kaneki asked quietly seeing Hayami fast asleep. "I'm tired let's go to bed." Hide said yawning and crawling into bed. Kaneki followed and then once they were snuggled under there covers Kaneki wrapped his arms around his delicate human gently kissing him. Then after a few minutes they both dozed off. They woke to the sound of Millie banging two pots together telling them to get up. "Nooo."

Hide whined while Kaneki held a pillow over his head. "Get up I did not make pancakes for you to just waste them!" She yelled.

"Wait how is Hayami not crying?" Hide asked suddenly remembering. "She and Lowkus are upstairs watching TV." Millie replied. "Ok." Hide said. "Ugh! And shower both of you stink!" She said wrinkling her nose. "Fine." Hide said. Then as he moved to get out of bed Kaneki pulled him back down. "I gotta get up sorry Neki." Hide said. "Fine." Kaneki said letting the human go. "You gotta get up to ya know." Millie said. "No I don't." Kaneki said. "Yes you do." Millie said dragging him off the bed with immense strength. "Now your up good be to breakfast in 20 minutes." She ordered. Kaneki just grouchily walked to his bag of clothes in response. About 10 minutes later Hide emerged from the bathroom in a pair of sweat pants and one of Kaneki's Sweatshirts. "I packed your own clothes to."

Kaneki said smiling fondly. "I know but I like wearing your clothes." Hide said walking over and kissing him on the cheek. "Fine you win." Kaneki said. "Yay!" Hide said. "I'm going upstairs I'll meet you up there." Hide said walking towards the stairs. "Ok I'll be up soon." Kaneki said and then walked towards the bathroom. Soon he finished showering and got dressed and ready. Then he walked upstairs.

Hide was feeding the baby from a bottle while Millie finished up making the pancakes and Lowkus set the table. "Ok Kaneki I'll let you borrow my medicine so you can these fabulous pancakes I've made." She said handing him a small medicine cup filled with a clear liquid. "You sure it will work?" Kaneki asked cautiously. "Positive." Millie said.

"Ok." Kaneki said and with that drank the medicine he grimaced slightly but swallowed it. "Ok wait about 10 minutes then try eating." Millie said. "Ok." Kaneki said. No one ate in those ten minutes that passed they wanted to Kaneki to have the first bite since he hasn't enjoyed human food in so long.

Once the ten minutes passed Millie told him to go ahead and eat. So he put his fork into the pancakes covered with sugar,strawberries, and Syrup then he began eating hungrily at a rapid pace. "Taste good?" Hide asked. "It tastes Amazing!" Kaneki said happily. "I'm glad." Millie said. "It took forever to make." Millie said. "Can I have more?" Kaneki asked. "Yeah just don't eat to much." Millie said laughing. "I won't." Kaneki said. "Oh yeah by the way Neki happy birthday!" Hide said smiling. "Kaneki nearly dropped his fork he had forgotten about his birthday! "Thank you guys." He said smiling shyly a little embarrassed Hide had put all this attention on him. ""Its nothing Millie said. "Now finish up and you two can head into town." Millie said. "Ok." They said.

"We have a car seat and stroller in the other car here are the keys." Lowkus said handing them a set of keys. "Ok thank you." Hide said. "Oh yeah I like the rabbit outfit you guys put Hayami in." Hide said smiling. "I'm glad we went to Portland before we flew to Japan and bought you guys all some clothes oh yeah and here is some money for your outing." Lowkus said handing them a 100 dollars. "Wow thanks!" Hide said. "No problem you guys go do whatever me and Millie have to take care of a few things." She said. "Ok bye oh and do you want us home by dinner?" Hide asked. "Yeah that would be great." She said smiling. So they quickly got coats and shoes on and got in the car. "So were do you wanna go?" Hide asked.

"Well I saw a couple places in town I wanted to check out." He said. "Ok well tell me where to stop and we can stop there." Kaneki said. "Ok is Hayami in her car seat and buckled in properly?" Kaneki asked. "Yeah she is." Hide said. "Ok good." Then they drove off.

Up until lunch they mainly toured the town occasionally talking to its residents who all thought Hayami was adorable then a little later they stopped at a place for lunch called Greasy's diner. Kaneki ordered a burger fries and soda and Hide ordered the same thing. Then they went back to the house and left their daughter in Millie and Lowkus's care while they toured around town a bit more.

They went to bowling and for some odd reason the man who gave them there shoes was turned a certain way and didn't turn the other way. Kaneki told him to just leave it and then when they walked farther away whispered "he isn't human but he isn't a threat so we don't have to worry." Kaneki said gently pulling him towards the bowling alley. "Ok." Hide said relaxing a bit as Kaneki put his arm around Hide's waist and pulled him closer. "Hey mind getting me some popcorn and Soda?"

Hide asked when they were on there there 2nd round of bowling. "Ok." He said walking over to the snack bar. "Kaneki Hide?!" A familiar voice called. "Touka?!" Kaneki said turning around. She was with Hinami and Yoriko? "You guys are ok but where's the baby?" She asked worriedly. "Back at Hide's parents house there watching her." Kaneki said as Hide walked over placing an arm over Kaneki's shoulder. "Touka can we speak...in private?" Kaneki asked. "Sure." She said. "Go get us lane." She said pressing a kiss to Yorikos cheek.

"Kk!" She said cheerfully. "Does Yorkio know?" Kaneki asked cautiously. "Yes she does and she says that its fine so I'm glad everything worked out." Touka said looking happier then she had been in a while. "That's good." Kaneki said smiling happy his friend was happy. "So what is everyone up to now that their here?" Kaneki asked curiously. "Well their all settling in and all." Touka responded. "Ok." He said. "Well I gotta go get me and Hide some food." Kaneki said. "Kaneki your half ghoul you can't eat human food." Touka said.

"They have medicine you can you take it let's you eat and enjoy human food." Kaneki explained happily. "So I can finally eat what Yoriko cooks!" Touka said happily. "Yep." Kaneki said. "When can I get some?" Touka asked. "I'm not sure I borrowed some from Hide's step mom since she is also a ghoul." Kaneki explained. "Ok well tell me when you know." She said walking towards Yoriko. He then got the food and drinks and walked back to Hide and their lane. "I'm so gonna win!" Hide said grinning mischievously. "That's what you think." Kaneki said. After 2 more rounds Hide started to complain he was sore. "Ok let's go home then." Kaneki said throwing away all their trash. "What do you think mom made for dinner?" Hide asked. "Well I'm not sure but I always remember her making good food so I'm sure it'll be good." Kaneki said. "Yeah." Hide said. They then returned the bowling shoes and went to their car and drove home.

"Mom were home!" Hide said as he entered the house Kaneki behind him. Suddenly a figure jumped down from the high beams on the ceiling. "Millie?" Kaneki asked shocked she had been on the ceiling beams. "Yeah?" She asked as if they were talking about the weather. "Never mind." Kaneki said deciding to just let it be. "So has Hayami been good?" Hide asked. "Yeah she is napping while Lowkus cooks dinner." Millie said sniffing the air. "She hasn't let me in to see what it is and has candles burning so its a little harder to tell what it is." Millie said. "Ok." The two said. "You guys can go to your apartment for a bit but be quite the baby is asleep." She said. "Ok we will." They said. The two then went downstairs and went into the living space to watch TV and Hide and Kaneki's eye's suddenly widened with surprise. On the table was a pair of headphones a small little carefully crafted miniature house and a book.

"Hey their is a little note on the door!" Hide said pointing to the miniature houses door. "The note says to open the door." Kaneki said. "Ok." Hide said carefully opening the door. There was a key inside with a note that said the key to your new house! Surprise! Hide would've shouted excitedly if it hadn't been for their daughter sleeping in the other room. "Hey I wanna see the book real quick!" Kaneki said. "Hey their is a camera attached to it!" He said. The two opened the book. They soon discovered that it was a scrapbook. A note said fill the rest of with new memories. "Let's go thank them!" Hide said. "Yeah!" Kaneki replied. The two excitedly went upstairs to thank them. "Thank you guys so much!" The two said hugging Millie and Lowkus. "No problem!" The two said. "How did you get the money to buy another house for us?" Hide asked. "Well its a long story." She said. Suddenly their was a loud crash in the kitchen.

"Damn Knome's." Lowkus muttered walking into the kitchen. "Get the hell out of my kitchen you damn knomes!" She yelled. Kaneki and Hide looked at each other puzzled. "Go guard Hayami they have they have a habit of kidnapping people." Millie said rubbing her forehead. "Ok..." The two parents said rushing downstairs to their newborn. Sure enough down their was a knome. Neither wasted time for talk. Kaneki let his Kangune out and Hide grabbed a baseball bat. "Hey hey relax! Were only going to take her to become our queen when she becomes of age." The knome said. "Get your dirty ass hands off my daughter!" Kaneki growled advancing on the knome who held his crying daughter. "Fine! Fine!" The knome said putting the baby back in her crib. "Now get the hell out!" Kaneki said. The knome then climbed out a small window. So Kaneki closed it while Hide comforted Hayami by singing to her and rocking her back and forth. "You stay here with Hayami and scream if you need help. I'm going to check on your mom and Millie." He said kissing Hide gently before heading up the stairs. "I'll come get you when its safe." He said. "Ok I love you kick some Knome butt for me!" Hide said. "I will!" He called back.

Kaneki checked on them discovered they had already taken care of the problem. "They tried to take me for there queen once."Lowkus said. "Well let's go eat dinner!" She said cheerfully walking into the kitchen. "Ok then..." Kaneki said. He quickly ran downstairs and told Hide to come up. Since there was a playpen in the kitchen so they could keep and eye on Hayami and eat. Hide set his daughter carefully in the playpen and walked over to the table sitting with his family.

They then started munching down on fried chicken. By the end of the meal everyone looked satisfied. About ten minutes later Lowkus brought out a strawberry cheesecake pie with candles in it. They all started singing happy birthday in an a annoying manner. At the end Kaneki blew out the candles while everyone cheered. They all ate the dessert smiling happily. Then they all said goodnight and Hide quickly fed their daughter and put her to bed then curled up in bed with Kaneki and the two quickly fell asleep.

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