Hayami was running through a dark forest something was chasing her. As she ran she tripped over a something. A root maybe? As much as she tried to get up she couldn't and the figure grew closer. Daniel. She tried to scream but nothing came out her throat felt dry and torn. She felt tears roll down her face as he took out a quinque. Finally her voice came as he aimed at her stomach and she screamed and she managed to roll out of the way in time before it hit her. "Run run fast as you can I'll catch you my young reaper~" He said as she ran from him gaining control of her body again. As she ran she prayed for Bill or someone to save her. She heard a voice it was Bill's. "Bill help me!" She sobbed as she ran. She fell again. She heard his voice again "Hayami! Hayami!" He yelled and then she awoke. "Whats wrong? You were crying and screaming?" Bill asked. Hayami then remembered Bill slept over last night he was helping her watch the triplets. "D-Daniel he was chasing me through this forest and I f-fell." She took in a deep breath before she continued.

"Hey its ok take your time." He said trying to comfort her. "Hey called me young reaper and I don't understand why please Bill I don't know what to do.." She said a couple tears rolling down her cheeks. "Don't worry I'll take care of this.." Bill said hugging the shaking girl. Hayami sniffled "Thanks Bill I don't know what I'd do without you.." She said hugging him. "I'm sure you'd be fine you're one tough girl." He said smiling and ruffling her hair a bit. "Thanks.." Hayami said smiling up at him. "C'mon lets go get you breakfast wanna go to Greasy's diner for breakfast?" He asked. "Sure." She said smiling. "I'll let you get ready your parents aren't home still so we have to take the triplets." Bill said as he walked out. "Ok are they up yet? If not get them up then I'll help them get ready." Hayami said. "Ok they're up and they actually already dressed themselves and let me say they have some interesting fashion choices." Bill said laughing. "I bet so." Hayami said. Bill went downstairs and Hayami quickly got ready. She then proceeded to trip down the stairs tiredly to were an amused Bill waited with some interesting looking triplets. They decided to walk there and once they ordered. She stared tiredly out the window. "Food!" Lazy Susan declared setting down there food. "Thanks!" Hayami said smiling tiredly. "Of course!" Lazy Susan replied back cheerfully before walking off to serve other costumers. The triplets excitedly devoured pancakes while Hayami drank coffee and Bill ate eggs. Soon they paid the check and began to walk home. Hide and Kaneki drove by then and offered to drive the triplets home. They happily accepted since Miki was being a huge pain. "You guys gonna hang out around town?"

They asked before leaving. "Yeah probably explore the woods a bit." Hayami said. "Ok have fun and be safe!" They said and drove off. They continued to walk in silence. "Sooo what do you wanna do?" Bill asked breaking the silence. "I don't know just chill I guess." She said with a shrug of her shoulders. They walked along some more before Bill suddenly pushed Hayami to the ground. "What the-" She was cut off as she saw a quinque fly through the air. A man that looked like Daniel stood there eyes flaring red. Hayami screamed. "How the hell did you get here?!" Bill asked standing protectively in front of Hayami. "Now you know I can't tell you that dear brother." Daniel said. "Don't call me that you fucked up son a bitch." Bill snarled. "Now that's not very nice." Daniel said faking hurt. "What do you want?" Bill demanded. "Can't I just go to see my little brother and a pretty girl?" Daniel asked with faux innocence. "Cut the shit and tell me what you want." Bill said annoyed. "Her." Daniel said pointing at Hayami who stared at him terrified from behind Bill. "No." Bill his eyes beginning to flare up. "Why not?" Daniel asked. *Because she's not yours to take." Bill said angrily. "Why does she already belong to someone..perhaps you?" Daniel asked again with that faux innocence.

Bill turned red at those words. "NO! She doesn't belong to anyone but herself!" Bill yelled. "Well you seem to care for her a lot she is just some puny mortal why care? Is it because you maybe love her? Ever since you set eyes on her." Daniel teased but not playfully it was threatening. "SHUT UP!" Bill screamed running at Daniel flames covering his hands. "Ah brother you always did have a bad temper that's what makes you so easy to defeat." Daniel said dodging Bill's attacks with ease. "HAYAMI RUN FROM HERE NOW!" Bill yelled as Daniel knocked him to the ground. "BILL!" Hayami screamed ignoring his words and scrambling to her feet to help him. Just as Daniel raised a flaming hand over Bill Hayami knocked Daniel over. Bill looked at her with shock. Her eyes glowed and her hair was a galaxy purple just like when they were in Tokyo. "Shit..." Bill whispered. The girl knocked Daniel into tree after tree. "YOU BASTARD!" She screamed. Daniel then realized it was time to leave and disappeared. But Hayami didn't calm down. "Calm down! He's gone! I'm ok! Its ok!" Bill yelled to her. She didn't pay any mind to him. "Hayami please calm down!" He yelled running towards her as flames surrounded her and began to spread. If she kept going like this she might burn the forest down.

He ran straight to her. "Please calm down. Its ok. I'm ok." He said hugging her and the flames went out. Her hair and eyes went back to normal. Then she collapsed. "Oh Hayami.." He worriedly said. He carefully picked her up. Then with a snap of his fingers the fire was out. He cautiously walked backed to his house. He never knew when Daniel might reappear. When they got to his house he sat her down on the couch and began getting bandages and wet cloths. Her skin was burned and clothes were ripped and burned. He ran upstairs and grabbed her a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. When he got back downstairs Hayami was slowly waking up. She started coughing. "What happened..." She whispered her throat sore. "You don't remember?" He asked surprised.

"No the last thing is remember is Daniel about to hurt you then nothing else." Oh..that's probably for the best." He said handing her a glass of water. "Why can't I know?" She asked narrowing her eyes. "Its something you don't want to know trust me." He said. Pleading yellow eyes met curious silver ones. "Promise you'll tell me eventually? If not now eventually?" She asked. "Promise." He said. "Fine then." Here are some clothes to change into also go get a shower you smell." He teased her. "Whatever so do you." She said smiling. "I'll get one to now you know where the guest bathroom is so go!" He said ushering her off. Then he texted Will. "We have a problem bro. A big one." He sent it then ran off to shower before Hayami teased him about smelling.

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