Uhura was beginning to learn a lot while being stationed on the Enterprise. Namely that theory always went out the door when it came to field work. She had studied countless foreign and local languages. She knew three different Klingon dialects. She had mastered every language (modern and ancient) that the Earth had to offer, and even still she was learning new words and applications every day.

But none of that mattered if she didn't know how to handle herself when diplomacy was no longer an option. She was trained in combat, of course, all Starfleet officers were, but it was never her favorite use of her time. Wasn't humanity supposed to have moved beyond that by now?

Uhura and the rest of the Enterprise crew stood at their posts in the, awaiting Captain Kirk to take his position and begin the agenda for today. Apparently there had been an escape down on earth. Some kind of-what was it that Starfleet had called him?-time terrorist.

Drew Bigsby. A man obsessed with finding a way back to the past. No one knew what his real objective was, or why he even cared so much about Earth's previous misgivings. Hell, why move backwards when there was so much to look forward to? Did this guy really want to relive the war, savagery, and illnesses that plagued mankind beforehand? Did he really want to remember that injustices that happened? Uhura wasn't sure, but all she did know was that Bigsby needed to be stopped, and the Enterprise was the only crew that could see to that.

Moments later Kirk and Spock entered the bridge. Kirk's uniform was wrinkled around his collar, and his shirt was barely tucked into his belt. Spock, on the other hand, stood with the pristine shine of a fresh Starship. Clean, orderly, and more manufactured than anything Starfleet could whip up.

"Captain on the bridge," Sulu said as and the rest of the crew stood. Uhura knew the drill.

Kirk took his place at the captain's chair, and Spock stood by his side.

"Status report," Kirk said.

Uhura responded. "All systems are ready captain, we can depart at your order."

Kirk nodded, "Alright. Let's launch this son of a bitch."

The engines revved up, the world began to ascend and Uhura felt her stomach begin to flip in her body. She always hated the ascent into space, just as much as she hated the descent back to earth. She had never liked roller coasters as a kid, the feeling of not being in control of yourself, or your body was a terrifying thought. But...great expeditions always came with discomfort. At least, that's what they preached back at the Academy.

"So team" Kirk said as their ascent slowed, "According to Starfleet our boy Bigsby was last seen in the Alpha Quadrant. Some of the guys back home he may have set up shop there."

"Really?" Uhura asked. The Alpha Quadrant wasn't that far from Starfleet, if this guy wanted to hide wouldn't he have done it in a sector that wasn't in Starfleet's backyard? "Doesn't that seem a little too easy?"

Kirk just shrugged, "Apparently this guy's not that smart." He typed a few coordinates on his captain's chair and grinned. "Well, doesn't make much difference to me. Sooner we get him the sooner I can get back to sleep."

He means sleeping around, Uhura thought. That probably wasn't the proper thing to think about your commanding officer, but Uhura didn't really care. Kirk hardly qualified to lead anything, let alone an expedition to find a time terrorist.

Reaching the Alpha Quadrant was easy for anyone with basic piloting skills. The enterprise reached their destination within hours. When the ship docked on the outer reaches of an asteroid (that intel had told them Bigsby was hiding) Kirk grabbed his phaser, and got to work.

"Alright team, here's the plan. If we split up and take different corners of the asteroid, we may be able to find Bigsby." He turned to Uhura, "You and Sulu will take the easternmost part of the rock, me and Sulu will take the south."

And Spock raised his eyebrow, and that could only mean one thing:

"Are you sure that's the most logical course of action?" Spock asked. "Wouldn't it be more beneficial if we kept our unit whole and went in stronger?"

Kirk just waved him off, "You have your orders everyone."

Great, Uhura thought, Another plan by Captain "Shoot First Asks Questions Never" Kirk. But, she did have her orders. But even if Kirk didn't want to think for a second didn't mean she had to follow suit. There was too much about this that didn't make sense. And you didn't have to be a Vulcan to realize it. Normally, Spock was more open to questioning Kirk's decisions, but lately, Spock seemed to find more satisfaction in watching Kirk's plans blow up in his face.

Uhura grabbed her phaser from her holster and set it to stun. If Bigsby was in that Asteroid, she wouldn't be caught off guard. She turned to Sulu and he nodded. They were ready for this.

The asteroid had clearly been tampered with. Spock's instruments could pick up on it easily. The within the cracks and rock were small atmosphere emitting organisms that made the place habitable. Technology like that was still a ways off, but hey, Bigsby was a time traveling terrorist. It wasn't far off to assume he had pilfered tech from eons into the future. Maybe even from other planets. Who could tell? All Uhura was interested in was taking the guy down, and getting back to earth.

Sulu and Uhura approached cautiously, Uhura's left hand on his phaser, and her right feeling the cracks of the asteroid wall. It's always important to remain in contact with something solid while visibility is low. Survival training was a bitch at the academy, but she was glad she paid attention.

"Do you see anything?" Sulu asked as they approached the ending of the cavern.

"No," Uhura replied, "But I'm not liking this plan at all. For all we know, this could be some kind of a trap."

That was just like Kirk, leading them from one mess to an even bigger one. Shit, she should be captain. At least then-

"Wait," Sulu said. Uhura jerked to a halt, and raised her phaser on impulse.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Do you hear that?" Sulu placed his ear close to the cavern and steadied his breathing. "Something's moving…"

"Do you think it could be Bigsby?" Uhura asked.

Sulu shrugged, "I'm not sure, but I need to be cautious."

Uhura nodded and reached for her communicator badge, "Uhura to Enterprise. Sulu and I have found the suspect in the Eastern part of the Asteroid's cavern, do you copy?"

"They can't hear you my dear," came a weak moan. A shrill pitched cry that was more of a feeling than an actual sound. "I've made sure to jam all communications."

Uhura and Sulu raised their phasers to into the dark shadows, "We are Sulu and Uhura of the Starship Enterprise," Uhura said, "Come out." Her voice deepened with a demanding gravel that she only used when she needed to convince herself of her own certainty. She wasn't sure if it was working.

Like the clouds parting from the sky, Bigsby stepped out of the shadows and into the light of emitters. Bigsby fit every bit of Starfleet's description. Caucasian, dark hair that bolted in all directions and crooked teeth that looked like they would fall out at the slightest word.

"You're coming with us Bigsby," Uhura said.

"I don't think so," Bigsby said. "See, I've already got what I've come for. And in a few seconds, I won't even be here." He clasped his hands behind his back.

"Put your hands where we can see them," Sulu demanded, "I won't ask a second time."

"No," Bigsby said, "You won't get the chance." And as by request, Bigsby's body began to shimmer. A wave of light encircled him, as if he were being transported to another vessel, and out of Uhura and Sulu's grasp. Shit, was there someone on the outside aiding him? Why hadn't the Enterprise noticed?

He was going to get away, Uhura was sure of it. Being able to speak three different dialects of Klingon wasn't going to aid her. Diplomacy was out the window. Communication was no longer feasible.

So all that was left was action.

Uhura bolted towards the light, her fists pumping against her arms, she pushed her heels into the hard ground of the asteroid, and catapulted herself straight into Bigsby's chest.

And just as suddenly as Uhura had acted, the light swirled, kept the darkness at bay, and then left nothing in its wake except a confused Hikaru Sulu.