Chapter 10

"The Chamber of Secrets has been opened!" said Draco Malfoy gleefully. "You'll be next, mudbloods!"

"Twenty points from Slytherin and detention with me tomorrow, Mr Malfoy," snapped Horace Slughorn, his face red. "I won't have any of my students use that word."

"When my father -"

"Oh, I'm so scared," said Professor Slughorn sarcastically. "Don't threaten me, Mr Malfoy. I have taught both your parents, and your father knows exactly who I am. Use that word again, and you will be in deep trouble, young man."

Malfoy looked furious. Albus Dumbledore arrived at the place with a frown on his face. "Horace, what is going on here? Why -"

Albus looked at the dog and the writing on the wall and his eyes went wide. This was not good.

"Who's crup is this?" asked Professor McGonagall.

"He belongs to Harry and Alex, Professor," said Daphne with a grimace. She knew that the twins were very fond of their pet. This was not going to end well.

"Minerva, go to Gryffindor Tower and ensure that the Potters are safe and not attacked," said Albus grimly. "If the writing on the wall is any indication, they are at risk."

People started whispering as to who the might have done this. Everyone knew that the Lily Potter, being born to the Ashwood family was the descendant of Salazar Slytherin, but this showed that someone obviously didn't like that fact. Was there someone else who could trace their ancestry to the Founder?

Minerva entered Gryffindor Tower to see Harry and Alex frantically searching for their pet.

"Tango!" said Harry frantically. "Has anyone seen our crup?"

"Mr and Mr Potter," said Minerva. When they turned, she said, "We have found your pet on the first floor. I'm afraid you are needed downstairs. Please follow me, boys."

Wondering what was going on, Harry and Alex followed her to the Defence classroom where they found several teachers surrounding Professor Dumbledore who was holding –

"Tango!" said Alex, with wide eyes. "What happened to him?"

"I'm afraid your crup has been petrified," said Dumbledore grimly.

"Petrified?" said Harry in shock. He looked at the small dog. No, this wasn't the regular Body Blind Curse. This was something else; he could sense it. "But – but who did it?"

"Of that, we have no idea," said Dumbledore. "We found him in a corridor on the first floor."

"Was there no one at the crime scene? Magical residue? Ghost witnesses?" asked Harry.

"Tonight is Samhain, Mr Potter," said Professor McGonagall. "Why would the ghosts not be at the feast?"

"Not to worry, we will find out what caused this," said Dumbledore. "Professor Sprout has recently acquired Mandrakes. Once they are fully matured and are ready for cutting -"

"- a Mandrake Restorative Draught can be prepared, yes, I know," said Alex with a frown. "But those mandrakes are still babies. It would take a full year for them to mature. We have ingredients at Potter Manor. I'll get them and prepare the Draught and administer it to Tango tomorrow."

"You can prepare the Draught?" asked Professor Slughorn in shock. "I knew you were a prodigy! Just like Lily!"

"He did it just this summer," said Harry softly with a proud smile. "We had to reverse a complex bit of Transfiguration that our dad had pranked us with. I had to undo the three layered Transfiguration while Alex prepared the Draught."

"You can undo a three layered Transfiguration?" asked Professor McGonagall in shock. "Impressive!"

Nodding to the staff, Alex picked up their dog and the twins headed out. The staff huddled together, trying to figure out what was going on with the Chamber of Secrets.

"Are you sure this isn't a prank, Albus?" asked Minerva.

"This has happened before," said Slughorn, shaking his head. "The last time, a girl died. We have to be very careful."

Dumbledore nodded gravely. He had to contact his informants. Something was not right . . .


"Petrified?" said James incredulously.

"Yes," said Alex, while Harry looked at Tango worriedly. "Is the Mandrake Restorative Draught still there from when I prepared it this summer?"

Lily frowned and called an elf. A minute later, an elf appeared in front of Harry and Alex, holding a phial.

"That quantity should be enough for Tango," said Lily. "Go on"

Harry carefully held Tango up as Alex poured the potion into his mouth. The crup was still for several seconds until it started to regain its colour. Two minutes later, Tango gave a whimper and buried its head in Harry's arms.

"It's alright, Tango," said Harry soothingly. "We're here for you. You're safe."

"It was probably a seventh-year student," said James with a frown. "Such level of petrification is dark magic. Either way, why would they target a dog? It doesn't make sense."

Alex and Harry shrugged. After speaking for a few minutes, they deactivated the mirror. Tango was too terrified to leave the boys for the night so Harry kept the crup on the bed with him and went to sleep, completely forgetting the voice they had heard during dinner because of the drama that had unfolded later.


The next day, people were still whispering about the incident. Harry and Alex were quite confused when they saw various people staring at them more than usual. When they sat down for breakfast at the Hufflepuff table, Alex couldn't take it anymore.

"Okay, what is going on here?" he whispered to Susan. "Why are they looking at us as though we are going to drop dead any second?"

Susan grimaced at his choice of words. "I'll show you after breakfast" she whispered back.

When Alex opened his mouth to argue, she squeezed his hand and said, "Not now!"

Alex shrugged and began filling his plate with food. Once they were done, Susan led him to the first floor.

"This is where we found Tango last night," she explained. "Look at the writing on the wall."

Alex looked at the wording and said, "Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Chamber of Secrets is a myth".

Susan shrugged. "Maybe, but how do you explain what happened to Tango?"

"It was probably a dark curse," said Alex with a shrug. "This whole thing is probably done by someone who wants us out of the school. In fact, they sent an elf to our manor this summer, telling us not to go to Hogwarts. It bet it is done by someone who wants us out just to ensure that we can't take our seats on the Wizengamot unless we finish studying at Hogwarts. I wonder who is behind this because the attempt is quite lame."

With that, Susan and Alex disappeared from the corridor, not knowing that a first-year girl with red hair was listening to their conversation from inside the girl's bathroom. The girl's eyes were crimson.


A week later, Harry found himself wearing designer robes and staring at the mirror. He sighed.

"I can't believe I'm being made to do this," he grumbled.

"Oh cheer up!" said Alex brightly. "At least we'll have mum and dad there too!"

Horace Slughorn had decided to throw a party for his old students and had called several talented people to the place as well. He had been very impressed with the Potter twins in his class. While Harry was nowhere as good at Potions as his brother, he still scored an Outstanding in all his tests and exams, so Slughorn was fond of him, though not as much as Alex. The Potions Professor was raving about Alex's ability in Potions, telling him that he had never taught anyone so talented and considering how old the man was, that was saying something! Of course, Professor McGonagall might not say much, but Harry knew that she felt the same about him when it came to Transfiguration.

After getting dressed, Alex and Harry waited at the Entrance Hall for the girls to arrive; they didn't want to go alone, after all. After two minutes, Daphne and Susan arrived. Harry went pink in the face as he saw Daphne. Offering his arm, they went down to the dungeons. Alex, on the other hand, didn't know what was happening to him. He swallowed as he looked at Susan who looked pretty with a blue dress over her petite frame and her light blonde hair flowing. He felt a tingling sensation and wondered what was going on. He didn't like girls! They were . . . icky?

No, no, no! This couldn't be happening to him! He had teased Harry about Daphne so many times and he couldn't let him know about this. He had known Susan his whole life with both their mothers being best friends since school. What was going on?

"Aren't we going to go, Alex?" asked Susan in amusement.

"Huh?" squeaked Alex and coloured in embarrassment as he offered his arm to her. He would have to talk to Harry about this. He was confused. Was this how Harry felt about Daphne?


Horace Slughorn was looking around, beaming. This was certainly worth coming to teach at Hogwarts. He saw several students, both old and new, and some influential people as well. He turned to the entrance of the room and his eyes lit up; this was his most favourite student of all! She was finally here!

"Lily! James! So good to see you here!" said Slughorn, beaming at them.

"Professor Slughorn!" said Lily with a smile as she hugged the man. "It's been far too long."

"Indeed it has. How are you, my dear?" he asked, after acknowledging James with a nod.

James mentally sighed. He knew that Slughorn didn't care much for him except for his status, so he politely excused himself and found himself talking to –

"The book has been a massive hit, James," said Minerva McGonagall with a smile. "It was really well written. I have received several letters from Transfiguration experts abroad saying that your method is certainly a new approach."

"Thanks, Minne," said James with a smile. "Transfiguration Today seems to think so too."

"Though," she said with an annoyed expression. "I'm not happy that you boys tried to become animagi when you were barely fifteen. Imagine what could have gone wrong, you stupid boy!"

James barked out a laugh, just as Harry and Daphne came over to them.

"Hey Uncle James," said Daphne with a smile.

"Hey Daphne, Harry," said James with a smile. "Where's Alex?"

"I think he's going through a crisis," said Harry as Daphne snickered.

"What do you mean?" asked Professor McGonagall with a frown.

"I think dear Alex has finally realised that all girls aren't icky!" said Harry as he burst out laughing. "Finally! After all the hell he has given me over the past year, I can get back at him!"

"Harry," said James with a warning in his tone.

"Oh, don't worry, dad," said Harry with an innocent expression on his face. "You know I won't do anything bad, don't you? I'm innocent!" he said, making his green eyes big and wide.

"Damn you, Sirius," muttered James. Why did he have to teach that expression to his kids?


"I heard rumours that you are an Unspeakable," said Slughorn.

Lily smiled mysteriously. "You can't believe everything you hear, Professor," she said softly.

"But you don't deny it, either," he said, beaming.

"Anything you say, Professor," replied Lily, making the old man laugh.

"Always the cheeky one, aren't you Lily?" he said fondly. "I'm glad people recognise your talent. There is one girl in the second year, you know. At first, she reminded me of you, but as time went on, I realised that she wasn't anything like you," he said with a sigh. "In fact, Minerva wanted to talk to you about this, hoping you could talk to this girl."

Lily frowned. Who did he want her to talk to?


Hermione Granger mentally frowned. She really didn't like these parties. They were boring! She could talk to a few people, but they were all so immature! At first, she had been thrilled to meet the Boys Who Lived, but she had been disappointed in the first Transfiguration class. Really, how could they do that in front of a teacher? She had tried to tell people to follow the rules, but no one listened to her! This was just like primary school all over again. All of them were a bunch of hooligans. At least there, she took pride in being the first in class, but it annoyed her to know end when she was repeatedly beaten by several people in class or tests. The Potter twins always stood first and she couldn't understand how they did that! Every time she saw them, they would be goofing off with Neville! She and Ron were friends somewhat, but she wanted someone who was as mature as her. No one here seemed to have a lick of sense! Everything they did was illogical!

"Miss Granger?" said a female voice. She turned to find an astonishingly beautiful woman with dark red hair and bright emerald eyes. She had seen those eyes before.

"I'm Lily Potter," she introduced herself. "Do you have a moment to talk?"

Hermione's eyes flashed in recognition. She was Harry and Alex's mother. Until recently, everyone thought that she was a muggleborn when it had been discovered that she was actually a pureblood and had been adopted by her muggle parents.

"Hello, Mrs Potter," said Hermione with a smile. "Nice to meet you."

Lily smiled as she led the girl to the other side. She had just finished speaking to Minerva who had requested her to speak to Hermione.

"Your teachers are really impressed with your performance in class," said Lily with a smile. "You obviously have talent."

"Thank you," said Hermione, beaming.

"So, how are you handling the magical world, Hermione?" asked Lily. "I know personally how difficult it is for a muggleborn to adapt to our world. How are you fairing so far?"

Hermione remained quiet. "It is different, I guess," she said hesitantly.

"How so?" asked Lily encouragingly, discreetly casting a privacy ward around them.

Lily listened patiently as Hermione began saying how everything was so different. It soon branched on to the bigotry against muggles and muggleborns and how wizards had no common sense or logic and how they were backward as compared to muggles. Lily was glad that she had put up a privacy ward; many would have been highly offended by her words and there was no telling what the dark families would do if they ever heard Hermione sprout off her beliefs in such a fashion.

"Hermione, I would deeply advise you not to say such things in front of others," said Lily slowly. "It is only because I was muggle raised do I understand what you are saying."

"Why is that?" asked Hermione irritably.

"Because everyone here, including my husband and children, would be highly offended by your words," said Lily patiently. "Let me clarify," she said, noticing that Hermione was about to speak. "Yes, there is bigotry. I know that personally. The bigotry at Hogwarts now is nothing compared to what I went through when I was a student. I was a student here when Voldemort," Hermione gasped at the name "was waging a full-scale war. I have tolerated more bigotry than you can imagine. But the same people are now nodding in respect when they realised that I am a pureblood."

"Doesn't that show that there is nothing in blood?" asked Hermione angrily. "Surely there is no difference in blood if they thought you were a muggleborn and now a pureblood. A blood test -"

"Being a pureblood or a halfblood or a muggleborn doesn't have anything to do with blood," said Lily shaking her head. "This is a common misconception among muggleborns like us. It is the way we were raised compared to the way they were raised is what makes us different as compared to them." Seeing her confused expression, she continued. "Let me give you an example. What do you do if you want to clean your teeth?"

"I brush my teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste," said Hermione, looking at Lily as though she were insane.

Lily nodded. "What would you do if you were to clean your room?"

"I would take all my clothes and put them in my wardrobe and the books in the bookcase."

"What if you needed a glass of water?" asked Lily, much to Hermione's frustration.

"I would go to the kitchen, take a glass and fill it with water," she said.

"Okay," said Lily. "That is correct. But witches and wizards don't do any of those things. We don't brush our teeth. We have spells for that and a magical device for the younger children. We don't need to physically fold clothes as we use magic for it. If we need water, we would conjure a glass and use the Aguamenti charm to fill it with water."

"That just shows that wizards are lazy," huffed Hermione.

"That's the point, we aren't," said Lily patiently. "It is something which all witches and wizards grew up with; it is a way of life. You see magic as a tool or a special talent, but witches and wizards don't. To them, magic is a way of life. It is everything to them that makes them special and ordinary. Magic to witches and wizards isn't something you get by waving a stick; it is much more than that. They base all their beliefs and traditions on magic and such comments are what will alienate you in the magical world and validate the purebloods' claim that they should not allow muggleborns into the magical world."

Seeing her blank look, Lily sighed. She hadn't taken this long to figure it out when she had joined the magical world! "My point is that you are looking at the magical world as backward as compared to the muggle world. You also believe that wizards don't have logic, but the point is that wizard logic is different from muggle logic. I strongly advise you to not compare the two worlds – they are fundamentally different. I know that you would want to. I compared them as well, but over time, I realised that they are not comparable because they are two different societies. Think of it as essentially moving to another country, because that is what is reality and since you are here, you'll have to adjust to your new environment instead of saying wizards are backward."

"But the muggle world is so much more advanced!" said Hermione hotly. "Why, we have aeroplanes and telephones, travelled to the moon, and democracy and -"

Lily pinched her nose. "Hermione, wizards don't care about any of that," she said, trying to hide her exasperation. She understood now why Slughorn said that this girl wasn't like other muggleborns. "Wizards have had brooms for nearly two thousand years; telephones are not needed because there is the floo network as well as charmed mirrors; I know that muggles are ahead in terms of space exploration, but that subject is delicate in these circles because wizards cannot explore space without breaching the International Statute of Secrecy and they will no doubt blame muggles for it; our government isn't a full-fledged democracy, granted, but it is a mixture which works very well in our world. There has never been a monarchy in the magical world, here or internationally over the past fifteen hundred odd years, ever since the last of the magical kings died. There are elected representatives in the government too. I advise you to read books on the magical world which are there in the library to get a better understanding of the society you have entered into. Trust me, it will help."

"What about all those students who receive help before they come to Hogwarts?" asked Hermione unable to help herself. "Isn't that cheating?"

Lily smiled slightly. "Was it cheating when your parents taught you mathematics and English before your teachers taught it to you at school? Think about it, Miss Granger. Have a good day."

Lily left, not noticing the look of shock on Hermione's face. She had never thought of her studying ahead and scoring more marks to be cheating! Lost in thought, Hermione walked out of the room.


Alex climbed into bed, confused. What was up with him? Just as he was thinking about the party, the curtains to his bed opened and his twin brother plopped himself next to Alex after putting up the standard secrecy wards.

"Hello, brother dear," said Harry with a smirk, his head resting on his hand, leaning on his elbow. "Did you enjoy the party?"

Alex ignored the smirk. He knew that Harry would tease him mercilessly, and a part of him agreed that he deserved it.

"What's happening to me?" asked Alex worriedly.

Harry chuckled. "You have a crush on Susan," he declared.

"I do not!" replied Alex hotly, his face turning pink.

"Yes, you do," said Harry with a smirk. "Oh, my baby brother is growing up!" he said, wiping fake tears from his face. "I never thought I would see this day!"

"Shut up," muttered Alex as he buried his face in his pillow as Harry laughed, starting a wrestling match which ended on the floor with punches being thrown at each other. James and Sirius really should have given the boys The Talk the previous summer.


"Welcome everyone to the first Quidditch match of the season, which is between Gryffindor and Slytherin!" shouted Lee Jordan. James and Sirius were sitting next to each other in the stands for the 'important people', trying to hide their annoyance. Lucius Malfoy was sitting just a few rows in front of them.

"I don't get it," said James, shaking his head. "How in Merlin's name did he become the new Chairman of the Board?"

"Do you think we should have applied as well?" asked Sirius.

"No way," said James, shaking his head. "I'm too busy, and so is Lily. None of us has the time, Padfoot, which is why I wonder why the long-haired bastard is doing this. We know he doesn't care about the school."

"Harry told me that he has bought the entire Slytherin team brand new Nimbus Thousand and Ones," said Sirius dryly. "And guess who's who is the new seeker?"

James snorted. "I wonder how dear Draco convinced daddy to spend so much money," he said, shaking his head. "At least we got tax cuts for those brooms since they were used for the school; what does he get? I doubt he would buy them the brooms without some benefit he could derive from it."

"Oh, don't you know?" asked Sirius in surprise. "It seems he tried to get Fudge to pass an order to get a weighted deduction for donating anything to Slytherin House. He was hoping on reducing his tax liability by two hundred percent of the cost of those brooms."

"Excuse me?" asked James in shock. "Did it work?"

"No," said Sirius smugly. "I found out about it in time and was able to, ah, persuade dear Cornelius not to sign that order. Unfortunately for dear Lucy, he had already purchased the brooms. You can still see the scowl on his face."

Indeed, Lucius was scowling, albeit slightly. James and Sirius chuckled, just as the game started. It was turning out to be a really fun match, with Harry and Alex showing their usual outstanding teamwork.

"Just how do they coordinate like that?" asked Sirius in bewilderment. "The way they play; it's like those brooms of the opposite team don't even matter! Damn, the English National Team would love to get their hands on them. Maybe they can play for Puddlemere United until then; you own the team, after all."

James chuckled. He frowned when he caught sight of the bludgers. After observing for two whole minutes, he said, "Padfoot, are my eyes deceiving me or are both bludgers going specifically after the boys?"

Sirius narrowed his eyes as he observed the match. Clearly, the bludgers were rigged.

"Not again!" said Sirius. "Last year was bad enough!"

James immediately got up to talk to an exasperated Madam Hooch who was talking to Oliver Wood.

"There is clearly something wrong with the bludgers, Wood!" she said. "Do you still want to continue?"

"They aren't listening to me!" said Oliver heatedly. "They refuse to budge, saying that they want to continue playing!"

Oliver didn't say that even he didn't want to postpone the match, especially considering how well they were doing until now.

Madam Hooch sighed in exasperation. "Alright, but we'll keep an eye on it. If I feel it is getting too dangerous, I'll cancel the match and you'll have to listen to me, is that clear?"

"Yes, ma'am!" said Oliver and took off into the air. The whole time, the bludgers were still following the Potter twins who were executing dangerous flying manoeuvres to avoid them.

"You have the most stubborn kids I have ever met," said Madam Hooch angrily as James Potter came towards her. "They refuse to postpone the match!"

James winced. He and Lily were both incredibly stubborn and it had passed on to their children; all four of them.

Harry avoided the bludger by performing a Sloth Grip Roll. Just as he straightened his broom, Draco Malfoy flew over to him.

"Training for the ballet, Potter?" he said snidely, with a smirk.

Harry looked at the boy. Just behind the boy's ear, the snitch was hovering. Without waiting for a second, he raced ahead, pushing Malfoy to the side and grabbed the snitch.


Alex smiled at his brother. They had won. Unfortunately, the two brothers had forgotten the bludgers that were chasing them.


People screamed as both boys were pushed from their brooms as the bludgers hit their spine.

James and Sirius pointed their wands at them.

"Aristo Momentum!"


Alex woke up with a groan. Damn, his back hurt! He could vaguely make out the person next to him.

"Hey, Harry, where are we?" asked Alex in confusion.

"Hospital wing," said Harry grimly. "The damn bludger got us in the end."

"Where are dad and Padfoot?" asked Alex.

Harry snorted but winced in pain. "It seems Lockhart tried to heal us, but when Padfoot saw him about to heal me, he deflected it with a shield. Needless to say, the man's jaw bones vanished."

"Excuse me?" said Alex incredulously. "Did you just say that his jaw bones vanished?"

"Yup," said Harry as he chuckled. "If he had done that to me, my entire spine would have vanished and I might have died on the spot. Dad is furious; he wants to charge the man with attempted murder."

Alex grimaced. Just then, Lily Potter and Minerva McGonagall entered the Hospital wing.

"Boys, how are you feeling?" asked Lily.

"My back hurts, but I guess that is to be expected," said Alex.

Madam Pomfrey hurried over to them and with a flick of her wand, vanished their clothes and covered them with a hospital sheet.

"You both are in for a rough night," she said grimly. "Normally, broken bones wouldn't be a problem, but a broken spine is highly dangerous. A damaged spinal cord could disable you permanently as your brain might not be able to transmit information to the rest of your body. You'll be here for the next two days and no exceptions. Lily, rub this gel on their backs, please."

Harry and Alex groaned as they buried their faces in the soft pillow. When Lily had gone to speak to Madam Pomfrey, they were visited by their friends and Quidditch teammates. When the rest were gone, Daphne sat down next to Harry.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "Is it painful? Is there anything I can do?"

Harry blushed brightly. Normally, he wouldn't mind Daphne being here, but this time, he couldn't move! And what was worse was that he was covered up to the waist only in a thin hospital sheet without anything on underneath. Now Harry wasn't shy or overly modest about his body, but that was only when it was his brother or in the dorm! Sharing a dorm with five other people makes you not care about modesty after a while. But this was a girl!

Clearing his throat, he said, "I'm fine, Daphne. It hurts, but Madam Pomfrey has given us a pain relief potion. I should be fine in a couple of days, don't worry."

Half an hour later, Harry and Alex breathed a sigh of relief as Daphne and Susan finally left the Hospital wing. They were visited by many of their friends and acquaintances from all four Houses until it was nearly time for dinner. Thankfully, they didn't have to get up as Madam Pomfrey poured a couple of drops of Nutrient potions which reduced their hunger. They spent several hours talking to each other, laughing about Malfoy's stupidity until sleep carried them to dreamland.


Alex groaned as he blinked his eyes open. Someone was very close to him, touching his face. With a yelp, he flicked his wand to his hand from the holster that was still attached to his arm and fired a banishing charm.

"Alex, what's wrong?" asked Harry. He grabbed his wand which on the table next to him with his left hand.


Two wand tips glowed as they saw who was there in front of them –


Dobby had tears in eyes. "The Potter twins came back to school," he said morosely. "Dobby warned the twins to stay away from Hogwarts school, but the Potters didn't listen."

"Who do you work for, Dobby?" asked Alex with an annoyed frown. "Your master is obviously using the new law to make us leave Hogwarts and cut off the political influence of the House of Potter."

"No, sir, no," said Dobby, shaking his head. "Dobby's masters not be knowing he is helping the Potter twins. If they knew!" he said a shuddered. "But Dobby doesn't care! Dobby has to protect the Potter twins! Dobby thought his bludgers would be enough -"

"Your bludgers?" said Harry angrily, but winced in pain. "You nearly got me and my brother killed!"

"Not kill you, sir, never kill you!" said Dobby, looking at Harry and shaking his head. "Dobby just wants to protect Hadrian and Alexander Potter. Please sirs, leave this place. Dark deeds, very dark deeds are planned at Hogwarts this year. This castle be safe no more! Not now that the Chamber of Secrets has been opened once more!"

Dobby froze, terrified that he had revealed more information.

"The chamber has been opened again?" asked Alex in surprise.

"Does that mean it has been opened before? Does that mean it is real?" asked Harry. "But why would anyone target us, Dobby? We are purebloods, not to mention the descendants of Gryffindor and Slytherin. Why would the monster of Slytherin, even if it exists, target us?"

"Please ask poor Dobby no more, sir," said Dobby sobbing. "Dobby cannot say. Please, the Potter twins must go home!"

With that, the elf Disapparated with a soft pop.

Alex and Harry looked at each other with worry etched on their faces. Just then, they heard noises outside. Not wanting to be noticed, they turned off the light and pretended to be asleep. Alex saw Dumbledore arrive with McGonagall, who activated the lightning charms on the other side of the room. His eyes went wide. They had just placed Colin Creevey on the bed. The boy looked stiff and frozen. When Dumbledore opened the camera, Harry could smell the burnt plastic of the muggle contraption.

"What does this mean, Albus?" said Minerva worriedly.

"It means the Chamber of Secrets has indeed been opened again, just as I have feared for the last fifty years," said Dumbledore grimly. "The last time was bad enough, but this – Alex Potter was right; we can't wait for the mandrakes to mature. I'll contact the apothecary to supply matured mandrakes for the Draught."

Harry and Alex looked at each other, the shock on their faces clearly visible.


"The Chamber of Secrets?" whispered Daphne incredulously. "But that was supposed to be a myth!"

"Clearly it isn't," said Harry grimly. "Dumbledore confirmed it himself."

"What's the name of the elf that is stalking you?" asked Neville.

"Dobby," said Alex. "I feel bad for him, but damn, my back hurts."

"That name is familiar," said Daphne with a frown.

"Anyone in Slytherin?" asked Susan.

Daphne's eyes went wide. "YES! I've heard Draco complain about his elf several times. Dobby is the Malfoy elf!"


"Malfoy?" said James angrily. "You mean to say Lucius is behind this?"

"That's what we think," said Harry.

It was night time. They had returned to their dorms in Gryffindor Tower after an effective treatment.

"But what could petrify its victims?" said Lily. "The only thing I can think of is the gaze of a Gorgon, but they are very limited in number and don't exist in Britain. Besides, how could they enter the castle without anyone knowing? No, this is something else."

"I still think it is a person using some spell on people," said James with a frown.

"I agree with dad," said Alex.

"There is something more," said Harry nervously.

"What is it, Harry?" asked Lily.

"Well, my scar throbs sometimes in the evening when we are in the common room."


"Pack your bags; you both are coming home," said James flatly.

"Dad," said Alex, his eyes wide.

"NO!" said James. "This gone on long enough! I won't take it anymore!"

"But what about the law?" asked Harry.

"Screw the law," snarled James. "I am Lord-fucking-Potter and my best friend is Lord-fucking-Black! By the time we are done with him, Fudge would wish he had never crossed us! What is our family motto?"

"Dad -"

"What is our family motto? Answer me!" said James angrily.

"Natus Vincere," said Harry softly.

"And what does that mean?"

"Born to Conquer," said Alex softly.

"Exactly; pack your trunks, boys. I'll see who stops me from trying to protect my sons!" said James.

"Dad, listen," said Alex patiently. "We understand what you are trying to say. But if we have to honour the family motto, how can we come home? That is exactly what Malfoy is trying to do!"

"He's right, Dad," said Harry. "I bet there is no such thing as the Chamber of Secrets. This is probably a plot by Malfoy to ensure that we can't take our Wizengamot seats and discredit us in the process."

"We'll let you know what we decide tomorrow, boys," said Lily softly. "Good night."

With that, the mirror went blank. Harry and Alex plopped themselves on the bed, sighing in frustration.


James looked at the blank mirror and sighed in frustration. "Why does trouble seem to follow them around all the time? Wasn't last year enough?"

Lily was pacing the floor, muttering to herself. "We're missing something," she said quietly. "Something which would explain what is going on. These incidents don't connect together. Why would Lucius Malfoy send his elf to warn the boys? The Wizengamot Accession Bill is a good way to limit their power once the boys turn seventeen, but why now? What do they gain out of doing this? There is no way Harry or Alex would sit on the Wizengamot until you retire which is several decades away. And why attack Tango and now this boy? What spell are they using?"

James remained quiet. He looked at the mirror and said, "Sirius Black"

After several seconds, his best friend's face appeared on the mirror as he said, "What's up, Prongs?"

"Padfoot, compile every blackmail material you have at your disposal," said James coldly. "We're getting rid of that damn bill as soon as possible. I'll see what information my mother had gathered before she died. Ask Aunt Cassie if she has information on Dumbledore. For someone who has been in the political sphere for a century, he is sure to have skeletons in the closet; some dark secrets he doesn't want people to know about. We'll take them out before the situation gets too bad."

Sirius grinned. "I'll get right on it."

James and Lily started at the wall opposite to them, their minds racing several miles a minute.


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