Chapter 2

The enormous and beautiful manor glistened in the morning sunlight. In a large room on the second floor, an eleven-year-old boy was sleeping peacefully without a care in the world, but his peace wasn't about to last for long. The door of the room opened quietly and an identical looking boy slowly crept forward towards his brother. Once he was close enough, he leaned forward towards the boy's ear and shouted –


The boy known as Harry woke up with a scream and fell down from the bed, making his brother laugh himself sick. The boy on the ground blinked owlishly for a few seconds and glared at his younger brother.

"Why do you always have to do that?" snarled Harry.

"Because it's fun?" replied Alex with an innocent smile on his face.

"Well then, you're not getting your birthday present from me today" said Harry.

"If you don't give it, I'll take it from you" declared Alex.

"Just try it!" said Harry, pushing his brother to the ground as they wrestled on the floor, occasionally throwing punches at each other. Suddenly, the bedroom door opened again and a red haired woman walked in.

"What's going on in here?" she demanded with her hands on her hips.

"Nothing" replied the twins at the same time, though it was clearly far from the truth considering that Alex was clearly in the process of throwing a punch at his brother while sitting on him, therefore ensuring that Harry couldn't move.

"Guys, how many times have I told you not to fight early in the morning?" asked a tired Lily Potter. She had quite frankly grown tired of playing referee with the two boys.

"Two thousand six hundred and eight," said Harry brightly.

"But it never gets old," said Alex grinning.

Lily shook her head in amusement at their antics. "Come here you two," she said smiling raising her arms as the two eleven-year-old boys rushed into the arms of their mother.

"Harry birthday, boys" she whispered, kissing their forehead.

"Thanks, Mum" they chorused.

Lily looked at them both and smiled. They had grown into adorable young boys. Their silky black hair was messy since they had just got up from bed. They had thankfully not inherited the bad eyesight from their father (though James had finally been able to get it fixed about five years ago, so he didn't need to wear muggle spectacles anymore) and their green eyes were filled with innocence and amusement. They were clearly very good looking for their age and were quite tall. She mentally chuckled, wondering how she and James were going to deal with them once they started dating.

The past ten years had flown by quickly. After the attack on the night of the 31st of October, 1981, James and Sirius had discreetly released into the masses the news that Voldemort had been defeated at the hands of the Potter twins. Needless to say, they had become instant celebrities. James and Lily had been adamant not to contact Albus Dumbledore for anything and avoided him at all costs. It's not like the man had an ulterior motive, but the Potters had lost most of their trust in their old mentor. He had sent Hagrid to collect the boys to send them to Petunia Dursley of all people! He had suspected that the Potters were under attack and didn't bother to help them. He had then painted a target on Sirius Black, informing others that he was the Secret Keeper. Barty Crouch had, in fact, tried to arrest Sirius for being a Death Eater and throw him directly in Azkaban until James stepped in and brought the man down a peg or two. He and Sirius had also immediately resigned from the Auror Corps, not wanting anything to do with Crouch anymore. Lily didn't understand Dumbledore's motivation. She knew that he was a good man, but his actions said something else.

Another thing that had happened a week after their attack was the attack on the Longbottoms by the Lestranges and Crouch Jr. Since Lily had informed Alice about the attack by Voldemort, the Longbottoms had thought that the risk had decreased. But even though the wards around their Manor were fully charged, Voldemort had employed the best of the best to break them down over a long period of time to avoid detection, so the attackers were able to slip in. When the Longbottoms realised what had happened, Frank had been able to send a brief message for help. But by the time help arrived, some of the damage had been done, though it would have been horribly worse had no one arrived on time. Lily, Alice and Amelia fought against Bellatrix Lestrange and Barty Crouch Jr with all they had while James, Frank and Sirius fought against the Lestrange brothers. In the end, after a lot of injuries, the four Death Eaters were killed.

Unfortunately, due to the horrible exposure to the Cruciatus Curse and other dark curses like the organ-liquefying curse, Alice and Frank had to quit their jobs as Aurors. They didn't have the ability to fight like they used to before, at least at the time. They had since recovered, but Alice had permanently lost her ability to bear more children while Frank had been in a coma for a month, though thankfully, he had recovered from the ordeal and had since taken up his family's seat on the Wizengamot like James.

Remus Lupin had been another sore point during the past ten years. When James and Sirius had cut off all contact with Dumbledore, Remus didn't seem to believe that the Headmaster and Chief Warlock would do anything to harm the boys and said that they should listen to Dumbledore and introduce Harry and Alex to him. Naturally, this upset James and Sirius, so while they were still good friends, the tension between the werewolf and the other two remained.

What else happened was that Sirius had finally gotten married to Amelia Bones. While Lily hadn't been very close to Amelia during their school years as the woman was a year older than them and was in Hufflepuff, she had grown to really like the new Mrs Black or Lady Black, as she was called for the past few months. Sirius' grandfather, Lord Arcturus Black had been ecstatic about his grandson's choice of bride and had passed on the Lordship to his grandson, making Sirius take on the mantle of Lord Black recently. The two of them had a daughter Cassiopeia Dorea Black who was born three years after Harry and Alex. Lily had been pregnant at the same time as well, and had given birth to twins again – Belladonna and Camellia Potter. Two years later, Amelia had given birth to Rigel Sirius Black.

Raising two pairs of twins had not been easy; not in the least. This was sibling rivalry to the max and Lily thought she had it bad with her sister. James and Lily had lost count of the number of times they had to stop them from fighting each other or play peacemaker. Thankfully, Harry and Alex didn't seem to get a big head over the Boys Who Lived title. Lily had ensured that they knew of the consequences that would have followed if something had gone wrong that night. To make sure they understood, she had disillusioned them and taken them to Privet Drive to watch the Dursleys. After seeing the 'perfect' family and how Petunia treated them when they announced their presence, the twin boys were more than happy to just have their parents alive instead of being orphans and living with that horse faced harpy (their father's words).

James had also ensured that the boys were well trained for their age. He didn't care if they got bored at school; he himself had studied ahead after all and so had Lily. But he wanted them to be able to defend themselves in case there was trouble. After all, much to their frustration, a majority of the Death Eaters had escaped, bribing people left, right and centre and pleading the Imperius Curse. Even Snape had been let go, as he was vouched by Dumbledore himself, making James lose respect for the old mage. Sometimes Lily thought it was too much, especially the way James would make the boys run around the large estate around Potter Manor, but she knew he was only doing so that they could be prepared. The other sore point had been Peter Pettigrew. The man had been missing for the past ten years and was a wanted criminal. James had declared the man a traitor of the Potter family, as the man had enjoyed the friendship of the family and had betrayed them. The family magic had accepted the claim and the ancient blood wards around Potter Manor were modified so that if Pettigrew were to every try to enter the grounds, he would be burnt to a crisp. They could do it only for him and not any stranger, as Pettigrew had been considered to be a brother in all but blood by James and the man had willingly betrayed the Potter family.

Even though the Potter family never ventured out in public without heavy disguises, Harry and Alex did have some friends. Neville was practically a brother to them considering the amount of time they spent with each other and of course, there were Susan Bones and Daphne Greengrass. Ever since James had been unhappy with Dumbledore's behaviour, he had dropped his support for the Leader of the Light and had instead, moved over to the Potters' traditional grey faction, where the Greengrasses were a prominent figure. Needless to say, over the years, the Potters had befriended the Greengrasses and Daphne and her sister Astoria were good friends with the four kids.

Lily was snapped out of her musing when she heard someone screeching "MUM!"

The door of Harry's room banged open and an eight-year-old girl ran into the room. She had dark red hair and bright emerald eyes. All of the four Potter children had inherited Lily's green eyes, something which made James extremely happy. While all the four kids had inherited the looks and features from both parents, the boys had more features of their mother while the girls had slightly taken after their father; though all of them had inherited James' pranking ability.

"Mum, Bella stole my Weird Sisters music crystal!" said the eight-year-old Camellia.

"I did not!" said Belladonna indignantly, coming into the room. "I just borrowed it!"

"Why is my room suddenly a place for everyone to banter this morning?" asked Harry sarcastically.

"Your room has this weird aura to it," said Alex smirking. "It makes people want to fight."

"You want a fight, Alex?" asked Harry, smirking back. "Bring it on, little brother!"

"Don't call me that!"

"Why not? You are the younger one."

"By less than a minute! It's not my fault you blocked the path and decided to go first!"

"That's sixty seconds too late, little brother."

"Enough," said James, entering the room. He smiled and went over to hug his sons. "Happy birthday, boys"

"Thanks, dad" they chorused again. After the girls wished them a happy birthday, they went down to the dining room where they had a hearty breakfast prepared by the House Elves who were more than happy to prepare Harry and Alex's favourite food.

"Looks like there is something special for you guys," said James smiling mysteriously.

"What is it?" asked Harry with his eyebrows raised. His eyes went wide as Alex suddenly remembered too. They hastily made a dash to their rooms and much to their delight, they saw a letter waiting for them on their desks.

"It's here! It's finally here!" said Alex excitedly. Harry smiled at his brother's enthusiasm as he opened his Hogwarts letter.

"Can we go to Diagon Alley today?" asked Harry, looking at his parents.

"Well," said Lily, looking at her husband. "I suppose we could go today before it gets too crowded later on. But if we are planning on it, we should do it soon as it's going to take the entire day. Bella, Lia, do you want to come?"

"No, mum," said Bella, shaking her head. "Uncle Padfoot is taking us and Cassie to that concert today, remember?"

"Okay then," said James. "Go wash up, boys. We have a big day ahead as have an important meeting at Gringotts."

With barely concealed glee and enthusiasm, Harry and Alex headed to their rooms to take a bath and change. Once they were wearing their casual robes, they came down to the drawing room, waiting for their parents. Once they arrived, Lily spent a couple of minutes putting a complex glamour charm on all four of them. Once they were ready, they stepped into the fireplace and said, "Diagon Alley"


Once they stepped into the Alley, they decided to finish the majority of their shopping as their appointment with their account manager was after lunch. They went to Madam Malkin's and got themselves expensive and good quality uniforms. Of course, Lily couldn't help but try to make James buy more clothes, so when she had dragged her husband aside, Harry and Alex were talking to Madam Malkin while checking out the new designer clothes.

"Hmm, I like these," said Harry, as he saw a deep red and black pair of dress robes.

"Good choice" muttered Alex as he went to examine it.

"That is very expensive, Mr Evans," said Madam Malkin. "It is made of Acromantula silk."

Harry looked at Alex with raised eyebrows as his younger brother shrugged. "I think we'll wait for our parents to come, though I'm not sure they will mind."

"Evans, huh?" said a pale boy while slick white blonde hair. "That's not a family I recognise. You must be a muggleborn. You don't belong here. I bet you cannot afford anything in the shop let along those dress robes" he sneered.

Harry and Alex simply stared at the boy with raised eyebrows. They knew who he was of course as they had heard Neville mention him several times about how arrogant the boy was when they had met in several parties over the years. Even though their parents attended several parties and Ministry functions along with Belladonna and Camellia, they still hadn't shown their faces in public, wanting to do so only when they started Hogwarts. This was nothing peculiar as the Potter family was notorious for its secrecy and this phenomenon wasn't unheard of, though it didn't stop certain people from trying to meet them like the new Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge or Albus Dumbledore.

Harry slowly smirked as he met his brother's eyes. Their disguises were different so they couldn't pose as twins, but that didn't mean they couldn't have some fun with the idiot.

"I'll take two of these Actromantula silk dress robes, Madam," said Harry smoothly, taking out a charmed wallet filled with galleons. "One each for my brother and me."

Madam Malkin was filled with joy as she fitted the robes for her two customers while Draco Malfoy was standing there in shock as the boys smirked back at him.

"I would observe people before judging them, you know," said Alex with a fake smile. "You might find it hard to make friends at school with an attitude like that, Mr Malfoy. Very un-Slytherin of you"

"That's Heir Malfoy to you!" said Draco angrily. "And what would you know, mudblood?"

Madam Malkin gasped, though the twins didn't say react, choosing to instead smirk at the blonde.

"Aww, did we hurt little Dragon's feelings?" asked Alex with a mocking voice.

"Oh, he's not a dragon; more like a ferret," said Harry with a smirk.

"Just who do you think you are?" asked Draco, his eyes bulging in shock. "Do you know who I am?"

"A poncy git?" suggested Harry.

"A buffoon?" said Alex.

"I was going to say mama's boy"

"Ah, from what I've heard he's daddy's boy"

Before Draco could say anything more, James and Lily arrived with their purchases. "Boys, are you done?"

"Yes, mum," said Alex. "But James wanted these dress robes and I like them too. Is it okay if we buy them?"

James and Lily looked at it and after thinking for a few seconds, nodded in approval. "Of course, Charlie"

Completely ignoring a spluttering Draco Malfoy, they paid for their purchases and left the shop. Once they shrank all their purchases, they went over to Flourish and Blotts and bought the necessary books. Harry frowned and rolled his eyes at the Boys Who Lived merchandise. The books and toys were made for the pure enjoyment of the public and a considerable amount was deposited into their trust vaults from the sales. His parents had tried to fight it, but Cyrus Greengrass had managed to convince them otherwise. As much as it was annoying, it was a golden opportunity for politics. Besides, they didn't have a legitimate reason to be offended anyway. They never used the names Hadrian or Alexander in the books; just the shortened version and it was clearly mentioned that it was fiction.

Once they bought the other things required like a magical telescope, several rolls of parchment, high-quality quills and other necessary items, they headed for the apothecary, where Lily, being a Potions Mistress herself was able to buy the best of the ingredients and cauldrons necessary. Once done, they headed to get a pet.

Harry was searching for something different when he saw a beautiful snowy owl. He smiled as he picked her up, while Alex chose a Crup who was still a puppy. The crup barked and licked Alex and Harry's fingers as they laughed while the owl hooted in a reassuring manner to both of them. Being siblings, they did have to share stuff even if their parents bought them separate things. So it was their owl and their dog.

Once they called an elf to take back all their purchases to the Manor, they went to the Grand Elixir Restaurant and had a birthday lunch. This was why Lily had wanted the girls to come along too, but she knew that they would not want to be denied the experience of shopping for their first year by taking away the thrill now. Once done, they headed to Gringotts. As they entered, James bowed to the teller and handed him a slip of parchment.

The goblin looked at the parchment carefully and said, "Very well. Griphook! Take them to Bloodfang's office."

With that, the party of four went to the office of the Potter family account manager. When they entered, they all bowed in respect to the goblin who bowed back.

"Greetings, Master Bloodfang," said James in a dignified voice.

"Greetings, Lord and Lady Potter," said the goblin. "How may I help you today?"

"Today is the eleventh birthday of my sons and I wanted to make the Heirship official today," said James. "I had informed you about this before."

Bloodfang nodded and took out a sheet of parchment. He looked through it and said, "Everything seems to be in order, Lord Potter. Once you sign it and give the ring to your son, it would become official. I have taken the liberty of keeping the Heir ring here after you removed it from your family vault during your last visit."

"Thank you," said James as he went through the official form. Once he was satisfied, he turned to his eldest son. "Harry, I want you to understand the seriousness of this responsibility," he said sternly. "This isn't a laughing matter. Once you place the ring on your finger, you are responsible for your family, which includes your brother and sisters. I want you to promise me that you will behave responsibly and take care of the family when the time arises."

"I promise, father," said Harry trying to hide his nervousness. As much as he didn't like it, there was no denying the fact that it was the eldest son that got to become the Heir Apparent of the family and future Lord. Only in rare cases did the elder son get passed over for the younger one and in this case, Harry was scared that this might ruin his relationship with his brother. This was a big step and Alex was very dear to him and they were very close even if they bickered a lot, so he was very confused and scared.

Just as he swallowed his nervousness, he felt a gentle squeeze of his hand. Harry turned and saw the smiling face of his twin, who nodded to his brother, telling him to go ahead. With a smile in return, Harry put on the Heir ring on his right ring finger. The ring flashed and resized to fit his finger. It was a thin band made of platinum, with a small red diamond ring with the Potter crest on it.

"Congratulations, Heir Potter," said Bloodfang. "Please drop five drops of blood on this parchment. It scans the family magic present in your blood. It is just to confirm that the family magic has indeed accepted you."

Taking a deep breath, Harry cut his palm and let the drops of blood fall on the parchment. Once done, Lily healed his cut with a gentle wave of her hand. The goblin looked at the writing on the parchment and frowned.

"This is most peculiar," he said, frowning, as he spoke to his assistant who was sitting next to him.

"Is something wrong, Master Bloodfang?" asked Lily nervously.

"Not really sure," said Bloodfang. "Hadrian Potter has been accepted by the Potter family magic as the Heir Apparent, but there seems to be another active family magic present in his blood."

"Another?" asked James in surprise. "I'm guessing this isn't the dormant Gryffindor or Peverell family magic?"

"No, this is different. The Gryffindor and Peverell magic were combined with the Potter family magic when the lines were merged, but this is active" said Bloodfang, frowning. "Lady Potter, are you sure that you are a muggleborn? Have you had any indication to see if you were adopted?"

"Adopted?" asked Lily in surprise. "No, my parents had never said anything, but I'm afraid it is too late to find out as they are dead."

"Hmm," said the goblin. "If you are agreeable, I would like to perform a full blood ancestry test. We can only verify from the blood of the families we have as our clients and thanks to the increased security measures, we can trace your roots back up to three hundred years. It will reveal if you are indeed a muggleborn of if you are adopted with magical parents with family magic."

Lily looked at James who nodded as he himself was curious. Harry and Alex had confused expressions on their faces. Bloodfang barked instructions to his assistant who brought a shimmering parchment to him.

"I must tell you that this test is expensive," he said. "Do you still want to go through with it?"

"Yes please," said Lily. She didn't say that at this point, she was curious too. She let several drops of blood fall on the parchment until the entire glowing parchment was covered in blood. The goblin dropped the parchment into a shimmering basin which looked similar to a Pensieve and started muttering in a strange language. After several minutes, the parchment glowed and floated out with writing written on it.

"Looks like I was right," said the goblin. "Look for yourself, Lady Potter."

Lily took the parchment with brimming curiosity and her eyes went wide when she saw it.

"Ashwood?" she whispered as Harry and Alex looked at it too. It gave Lily's name along with the names of her grandparents. Unfortunately, they didn't know the name of her parents as they weren't registered at Gringotts.

"I remember reading about them when I was a child," said James with a frown. "They were supposed to have become extinct in the 1900s if I'm not mistaken after all the members of their family were murdered by the Gaunts. They are a Most Ancient and Noble House as well, said to have been descendant from Salazar Slytherin."

"Exactly," said Bloodfang. "The Ministry records state that Marvolo Gaunt Sr murdered all the members of the Ashwood family. The Ashwoods were a prominent family while the Gaunts were not. In fact, the Gaunts always claimed that they were the descendants of Salazar Slytherin, while the Ashwoods actually had proof of their claim of being related to Slytherin. The two families had always been bitter enemies, though the Ashwoods never considered the Gaunts worthy of being called their enemies, from what I am told. But in 1918, Marvolo Gaunt Sr was sentenced to the Dementor's kiss for the murder of all the members of the Ashwood family. The family has since been considered extinct, though it looks like a few of the members survived and fled underground."

"You were probably orphaned at an early age" continued James. "Something must have happened to your parents. Maybe your adoptive parents found you in an orphanage."

"I cannot believe this" whispered Lily. "All my life I have been ridiculed for being a muggleborn; I have consciously tried to mend my relationship with Petunia over the years and you tell me now that I am a pureblood? And that Petunia isn't my blood sister?"

Harry and Alex were in shock as they stared at each other. Their mother's life had just been turned upside down and they didn't know what to do.

"Since the term of hundred years isn't over, the vaults are still present and haven't been turned over to the Ministry in the case of extinct families. You'll find that the wealth inside to be considerable" said Bloodfang. "The family rings should be inside as well as the magic of the rings will ensure that they are recalled after the death of the Lord or Lady."

"Thank you for your time, Master Bloodfang," said James. "We would like to see the Ashwood family vault."

Bloodfang nodded and the still shocked Potter family went to the cart and got in. They started moving and went deep underground. Harry knew from past experience that the Potter family vault too was deep inside the bank. Finally, they stopped and Griphook said, "Vault 127, Ashwood family vault"

They got down and everyone saw the crest on the great stone door. Two stone Ashwinders were facing each other with a large 'A' in the middle.

"These are very high-security vaults, similar to the Potter family vault," said Griphook. "A blood ward is in place, but Lord Augustus Ashwood had added some other ah, unique protections as well."

Just as Lily approached the door, the Ashwinders came to life. "Who sshall want to gain entry into the Asshhwood vault?" hissed the snake.

Lily hissed back, much to the shock of the goblin. "I am Lady Lily Potter, the last of the Assshwood line. Thessseee are my sonsss."

Harry and Alex bowed. "I am Alexander Charluss Potter" he hissed.

"I am Hadrian Jamess Potter" hissed Harry.

Once Griphook disabled the Goblin wards, Lily pressed her hand to the stone, which sucked blood. Once she passed the blood ward, the door opened with a hiss, revealing a mountain of treasures and gold and books.

"He wasn't kidding when he said the Ashwoods were wealthy. Not as much as the Potters, but with careful planning and investments, it can be brought up to speed" said James.

Lily went inside and removed several books. She saw a pedestal which had a ring on it. She took the Heads' rings as well as the Heir ring and come out. Once again, they were seated in front of Bloodfang.

"Put it on, Lady Potter," said Bloodfang as he prepared the necessary documents which were supposed to be sent to the Ministry of Magic.

Lily took a deep breath and put on the ring. It was a platinum band with a blue diamond with the crest on it. It flashed and fit her finger as information flashed into her mind. She was now the Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Ashwood.

"Your turn, James," she said softly. While she was the Head of the family, James too was now the Lord, just like she was the Lady of House Potter. James took the ring and wore it. It took several seconds, but finally, it resized and fit him.

"Alexander, the speech is the same for you," said James. "I hope you realise the magnitude of this. You will be responsible for your family in the future when you become Lord Ashwood. Do you understand?"

"Yes, father," he said, but Alex was bouncing with excitement. He didn't hold it against Harry for being Heir Potter; it was something he knew would happen. But that didn't mean that he wouldn't love having a Lordship of his own! He took the Heir ring and placed it on the right ring finger. With a flash, it fit him. Alex couldn't stop smiling and his smile widened when he saw the beaming face of his twin brother. At least they knew now that they were on an equal footing as always.

After thanking the goblin, they left the bank and headed to Ollivander's as they still had a wand to buy. When they entered, Mr Ollivander appeared suddenly from the other side, making the kids jump.

"Ah, I knew I would see you someday, Mr and Mr Potter," he said smiling at them. "James Potter, eleven inches, mahogany and dragon heartstring; excellent for Transfiguration, isn't it?"

"Yes, Mr Ollivander," said James with a small smile.

"Lily Potter, ten and quarter inches, willow and phoenix feather; excellent for charms."

When she nodded, Mr Ollivander turned his attention to the boys. Since the glamour charms were removed when they entered the shop, the scars on their foreheads were quite clear, even though they usually covered them with their bangs. Harry's scar was a red coloured lightning bolt on the forehead, while Alex's scar was more of a V shaped scar and much lighter in colour. James and Lily had taken them both to Elizabeth Greengrass, a Healer herself because they didn't want to take them to St Mungo's. Elizabeth had detected an unusual amount of dark magic concentration around Harry's scar, while Alex's was a regular magical scar, possibly caused due to the magical backlash or falling debris or what was most probably true, a combination of both. Lily, who was secretly (at least, to the public) an Unspeakable at the Department of Mysteries, had been researching about what had caused the magical backlash and how they survived along with what was present in his scar along with Alice Longbottom who had applied for a job there as well. Harry used to have trouble sleeping when he was a child and the scar would bleed occasionally and throb or burn horribly, but it wouldn't trouble him as long as he had his parents or twin brother nearby. Even now, after all these years, whenever Harry would feel uncomfortable due to his scar, he would go to his parents or brother and sleep next to them for the night. It would greatly alleviate any pain or discomfort or negative emotion it caused.

"And there" he whispered, looking at the scar on Harry's forehead and the same on Alex's as well. "Is where he cursed you if I'm not mistaken. I'm sorry to say I sold that wand. Yew and Phoenix feather, thirteen and a half inches."

After that, Ollivander measured Harry and Alex and started handing out wands to each of them simultaneously. The wand pile grew larger and larger, but Ollivander seemed to get happier with each passing wand. James and Lily were now worried; their wand hadn't taken this long.

"An unusual combination, holly and phoenix feather, eleven inches," said Ollivander, giving it to Alex. The boy took it but when he waved it, a glass bowl in the corner shattered.

"No, no, definitely not," said Ollivander, shaking his head. "Why don't you give it a try, Mr Potter?" he asked Harry.

Harry took the wand. He definitely felt a connection to it, but it didn't feel right. Something was wrong with it, he was sure of it. A few sparks emerged from the tip, but he returned it.

"I don't feel comfortable with it, Mr Ollivander," said Harry, fidgeting. "I feel like something is wrong with it. It makes me uncomfortable."

Ollivander looked at him in surprise but didn't say anything. "I have a few exotic wands which I want you to try," he said, emerging from the back of the shop. "These wands were crafted by my ancestor Geraint Ollivander a few hundred years ago, but I rarely find good matches for them as the materials are hard to come by and the wands are more ah, quirky and temperamental, if I may. But my family has sold them on rare occasions. Why, the last one to purchase such a wand in your family was your great-great grandfather, William Potter. But let's see if these wands choose you. Here you go."

Alex took a wand and suddenly he felt a huge magical connection with it. He swished it, and blue and green sparks came out of the wand as they all cheered for him.

"Oh, bravo!" said Ollivander. "Though, how curious. That wand, Mr Potter, is fourteen inches, Willow and contains a heartstring of a Ukrainian Ironbelly with thin strips of basilisk fang on it. Such a wand is not available these days at all, as parts of a basilisk are extremely rare to the point of being non-existent. They can be found in old wands which are passed down through the families and such but are still rare. This wand, while good for duelling, would excel better in the field of Healing, Potion-making and Alchemy, if I may say so. You will do great things in life, Mr Potter, great things indeed."

It was now Harry's turn and he grasped a similar looking wand and immediately felt a connection. He closed his eyes and he felt the wand connect with his core. He waved it and red and silver sparks came out of the end.

"Extraordinary, Mr Potter," said Ollivander happily. "This wand isn't any less rare. It is made of Aspen and is fourteen inches in length. It is an outstanding duelling wand. The core is a thunderbird tail feather and it has thin strips of Nundu fang on it. Again, while wand makers used to experiment before, the materials are very rare today so that it isn't possible, especially considering there are essentially no Nundu parts in the market. That's why the wands today are simpler in nature; that and because of the mass production of wands, it is quite wasteful to use two cores in one wand. You'll find such cores only in old wands. Take care of them well."

After paying for the wands and buying the best wand holsters, the silent family of four flooed home, each lost in their thoughts.


Harry sat on his swirl chair at his expansive desk in his room, twirling his wand in his fingers. It had been quite a day. The door of his room opened and his brother came in and took a seat on the desk, facing his brother.

"Let's see it," said Alex. Harry showed his wand to his brother while Alex compared it with his. Both were light in colour, had the same length and had three strips of fang that ran from the end of the handle to the tip of the wand. The wands certainly had a regal look to them.

"Not something we expected, huh?" asked Harry dryly. "First the new Lordship and now the wands."

"Yeah," said Alex. "But I'm not complaining. Besides, the wands might be rare, but that doesn't make them super-wands. But I found it funny when Ollivander described what the wands were most useful for. It's like he knew . . . the same when he described mum and dad's wands too."

"True," said Harry, nodding in agreement; wands were magical foci. While the power of wands differed due to the personality of the owner and the materials used, even the most powerful wands would be useless if the opponent was highly skilled. He chuckled when he remembered Ollivander's description of the wands; potions and duelling . . . how apt.

"I wonder if mum and dad are going to announce the Ashwood Lordship soon," said Alex, staring at the red and silver wallpaper of Harry's bedroom.

"They will have to go to the Ministry to claim it," said Harry with a shrug. "So it will be announced very soon anyway. I wonder if this will cause quite a storm."

Alex chuckled. Just then, a House Elf popped in and said, "Master Hadrian, Master Alexander, your parents be calling you to the family Ballroom."

"Thank you, Tippy," said Harry, as the boys went downstairs. Once they entered the room, they were greeted by people yelling "SURPRISE!"

Harry and Alex grinned brightly as they saw their friends and family gathered there to celebrate their birthday. They could see their parents, Belladonna, Camellia, Sirius, Amelia, Cassiopeia, Rigel, Frank Longbottom, his wife Alice, Neville, Cyrus and Elizabeth Greengrass and their daughters Daphne and Astoria, along with Susan and her parents.

Once they all wished them a happy birthday, the party began and people started celebrating.

"So, you finally met the infamous Draco Malfoy," said Daphne with a smirk.

"I told you he was an idiot," said Neville shaking his head.

"Hmm, I wonder how he would react if he knew that we were the ones in the shop" mused Harry.

"Oh, that would be hilarious" laughed Alex. "I can't wait for the train ride!"

Finally, it was time for presents. They had both got some necessary items and some cool books for their time at Hogwarts, but the best was from their father and Sirius.

"Now," said James. "Although Neville liked our present yesterday, I know the two of you wouldn't like the same thing, so we got you something more to your liking. This is from us men."

With that, they passed both boys wrapped presents. They eagerly unwrapped them to find brand new broomsticks.

"The new Nimbus Thousand," said Harry in awe.

"This is the fastest broom in the world at the moment" whispered Alex, running his hands on the handle.

"I know you can't take them to school yet, but there is a loophole," said Sirius with a wink. "If you do get on the team as first years, no one can bar you from playing on your own brooms. It's just that usually first years aren't good enough to get on the team when there are more experienced players there, but I'm sure you can manage."

"Now, this is from us," said Alice, as Elizabeth levitated two large boxes. "Now, I want you both to know that this is dangerous and that you are not to use them without adult supervision. These will last you for a decade at least, which is why we bought them for you. The eleventh birthday is very important, after all."

"Aww, you're getting us adult presents, Aunt Alice?" asked Alex innocently, but the adults coughed in embarrassment. Without waiting to respond to her godson's question, Alice flicked her wand and the wrapping paper disappeared.

"Is that the state of the art duelling dummy?" asked Harry in awe.

"That's the advanced potion making kit!" said Alex happily, looking at the various cauldrons and rare ingredients.

"I added some really nice plants too," said Neville with a smile. "You'll find them to be of better quality."

"Aww, thanks, Neville" said Alex.

"Remember boys," said Lily sternly. "While we may have got these for you, you still aren't trained for them. You are not to use them without us, is that clear?"

"Yes, mum" they chorused, clearly impressed with their gifts.

When the party was over, the boys went to their room, happy that they had a wonderful birthday.


Three days later, the news broke out. Thankfully, anticipating the reaction this would generate, James and Lily had used their influence to ensure that the facts were printed. It had been expensive, but it was worth it in the end.


Yesterday evening, Wizengamot Administration Services released information that Lord James and Lady Lily Potter of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter had been to the Ministry of Magic to claim the Lordship of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Ashwood.

Speculation has been raised as to how this is possible, as Lily Potter is a known muggleborn. But inside sources tell us that on the 31st of July when Hadrian Potter was officially declared the Heir Apparent of the Potter family, the goblins discovered that there was another active family magic present in his blood. This caused an investigation that led to the discovery of Lily Potter's true magical family. It has been revealed that she is in fact, the last daughter of the Ashwood family and was adopted by her muggle parents. This shows that Lady Potter isn't a muggleborn like she and all of us believed, but is in fact, a pureblood daughter of an Ancient family.

The Ashwood family were prominent figures in the British magical world, as they were old and well respected. They had connections with several other families as well, the most famous being their irrefutable connection with the great Salazar Slytherin himself. Unfortunately, the Gaunt family, a highly unstable and inbred bunch who were ostracised by everyone in social circles for centuries and had claimed that only they were the only descendants of Slytherin, couldn't handle the fact that someone had taken the spotlight from them. This had let to Marvolo Gaunt Sr being sentenced to the Dementor's kiss in 1918 for killing all the members of the Ashwood family. The family has been since thought to have been extinct.

But it seems to be untrue, as more investigation into the matter has shown that Lily Potter's grandparents seem to have escaped along with their child and one other young extended member of the family. The two children seemed to have married later and Lily Potter nee Ashwood was born in 1955. It is unknown how Lady Potter's parents died, but sources say that they might have been the first casualties of You-Know-Who's reign of terror, as the Dark Lord had always claimed that he was the Heir of Slytherin. It is quite ironic that Lord James Potter, the son of the Potter family, who are the direct descendants of Godric Gryffindor himself is married to the daughter to the Ashwood family, who are the descendants of Salazar Slytherin.

The Boys Who Lived have been officially confirmed to be the Heirs of the families. Hadrian James Potter is the Heir Apparent of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter while Alexander Charlus Potter is the Heir Apparent of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Ashwood.

How will this new addition affect the balance of power in the Wizengamot? For more, turn to Page 10

The Boys Who Lived to finally come out in public on the 1st of September, Page 12


On the first of September, Harry and Alex had packed their trunks and were ready. They were already dressed in their Hogwarts uniforms as they entered the dining hall for breakfast.

"Aww, you boys look so adorable" gushed Lily, hugging them.

"MUM!" said Harry and Alex, pushing their mother away.

Lily huffed. "Well, excuse me if my babies are looking cute."

"Okay," said Harry. "Since we are going to be in public, there are a few ground rules."

"First," said Alex. "No crying"

"And second, no calling us babies or worse, that new phrase you created recently where you call us your little men," said Harry, shaking his head in exasperation.

Lily looked slack jawed. "Why don't you just rip my heart out?" she said morosely.

Just as she sat on the chair, there was a loud farting sound as everyone laughed. Bella came forward and high-fived Alex and said, "That was a classic!"

Lily rolled her eyes as she disabled the charm on the chair. "I should know by now to scan everything I see" she muttered.

"Okay boys, enough pranking," said James, though his eyes were twinkling in amusement. "Remember to be careful with the cloak and map, understood?"

"Yes, dad," said Alex with a smile.

Lily also looked at them and said sternly, "And don't ever reveal that you are parselmouths; all four of you."

All the four kids nodded, knowing that it would be a disaster if the public found out about it, even if a few people suspected it after the article in the Daily Prophet announcing the Ashwood Lordship. "Harry, if you ever have a problem with your scar, you tell me immediately, is that clear?" she said.

"Yes, mum" he replied.

She extended her arms and both boys rushed into her arms, hugging her tightly as they hugged their father and sisters as well. With that, the family of six flooed to the platform and once they arrived they found everyone staring at them and immediately started whispering and pointing at the boys. It is very unnerving for the kids as they went over to the train. James levitated the trunks and helped them find a compartment. Once done, they headed back out.

"I don't like them staring," said Alex, fidgeting.

Lily sighed. "It can't be helped, Alex," she said. "They haven't seen you boys since that night, so it natural that they stare. Talk to everyone, but don't come off as a snob. Let them know that you are normal eleven-year-old kids, okay?"

"And be careful with new friends," said James with a frown. "Some might want to take advantage of you just for your celebrity status and others for political influence. Don't shy away from the attention; it won't work. Do your best to accept it and if it becomes too much, just give us a call and we'll be there immediately."

"It's fine," said Harry. "We have each other."

"Oh, and practice your Occlumency every night, especially you Harry," said Lily.

"Yes mum"

As tears glistened in her eyes, Lily pulled her boys into a tight hug as James did so as well. Bella and Camellia were crying softly. Once they bid them goodbye, the boys boarded the train. They were very glad that the media hadn't hounded them, although it looked like their parents weren't so lucky. They entered their compartment and soon, Neville, Daphne, Susan and her friend Hannah entered the compartment.

They were finally off to Hogwarts!


AN: Yes, I know. Lily being adopted is so cliché that even I cringe, but it can't be helped. I really like Lily and I want her to be special and let's face it, it is so much cooler when she is a pureblood. And no, there is no separate Gryffindor or Slytherin Lordship.

I wonder; Snape said that Potions doesn't require 'silly wand waving'. But we see that even Potions require spells and such as it is mentioned in Book 6. Either way, the brothers have different interests, which is what I was trying to show. If you want to know more about their personality, read about Willow and Aspen wand wood. Special thanks to a. for suggesting them to me.