The following is a teaser for the next story Summer Abroad. The first chapter is up on my profile now!


The whirring of Prompto's camera woke Ignis from his slumber. He rolled over on his bed to see the young man scoping out the seaside, eagerly capturing every inch he could in the device. The warm salty air permeated every inch of the room, a gentle breeze capturing the drapes and setting them about in a hypnotizing dance that lulled Ignis back to sleep.

Prompto had been up for a while now. He still didn't quite have the right one yet. He scanned through his photos trying to find out exactly what was missing from all of these pictures. There was no pop to them, nothing that made them unique. A million other photos existed of every shot he'd taken himself. No matter what filter or lens he used he wasn't able to create something unique out of the tapestry of nature afforded to him. At least not at this very moment.

He sighed and set the camera down on the hotel desk, leaning back in the chair and trying to think. The only other person up at this hour was Gladiolus but he was out doing his morning training on the shore. Ignis wouldn't be properly up for another half hour or so and Noctis would definitely be longer still. They'd been in Galdin Quay for the past two nights now staying at the lavish, and quite expensive hotel as a sort of treat. They were flush with gil after a series of difficult hunts and had decided to treat themselves – despite Gladiolus mentioning how much Cup Noodle they could have purchased with the money.

They had one more night here and then would be heading down the coast towards Cape Caem and eventually, and finally, on to Altissia. After months of traversing around the continent they were finally able to move towards what had been at their goal at their initial outset. They were only able to finally able to formulate a plan with Cid to repair an old boat of his to bypass the travel restrictions and even then the timing had to be just so. It made sense to take these last few days to rest and relax in preparation for what would probably end up going poorly – if their previous adventures were any indication.

Prompto sighed and decided that dwelling on their problems would only exacerbate them. He grabbed his camera and made his way out to the restaurant. This early in the morning there wasn't much activity, just a few old timers enjoying an early cup of coffee on the docks and a group of chatty early birds sitting in a far corner.

"You got a Sunrise Special ready?" Prompto asked the cute server.

"I can have it ready in just a moment," she nodded with a smile.

Prompto handed over some gil and she set to work, first handing him a glass of orange juice. There was some movement behind him and Prompto turned, expecting Gladiolus but finding a tall stocky man with a flashy fauhawk.

"Hey Dino," Prompto said, greeting their perennial acquaintance. The freelance goldsmith looked to be in good health and even better spirits, but then he always wore a conspiratorial smirk of self-assurance.

"You enjoying the early morning too, eh?" Dino asked.

"I will as soon as I get some bacon and eggs in me," Prompto replied. "How goes the shiny things?"

"Shiny things always sell well," Dino laughed. He rapped on the counter and the server turned, though her smile seemed a bit more forced upon seeing him. "I'll have what he's having."

"You got it," the server replied curtly.

"She still won't go out with me," Dino whispered. He then gestured to one of the waiters who was pouring coffee for chatty table. "Neither will he."

"Hard luck, huh?" Prompto asked, taking a sip of his juice.

"Well, I'm thinking about moving on to greener pastures. Maybe try to find some way out to Lestallum. Could use a little more spice in my life," Dino sighed leaning back in his chair. "But what would I do without this place?"

"Maybe annoy less of the patrons," Prompto replied.

"You're cute," Dino said, patting him on the back.

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