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CHAPTER 3: Hot and Sticky

Mihashi stood nervously outside his bedroom door as he plucked up the courage to enter his room where all his team mates where waiting for him. He slowly opened the door and poked his head around the corner to see what was going on.

The boys had just finished another round of the game and unfortunately it had entailed Hanai to sing the song Hit Me Baby One More Time while doing the dance moves. The problem was that poor Hanai was tone deaf and sang off key, he sounded more like screeching tom cat when it's on the prowl.

Many of the boys covered their ears in an attempt to save their poor ears drums from Hanai's voice, while Tajima was holding onto his sides as he laughed at the site before him.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...OH...MAN...HAHAHAHAHAHA...YOU'RE KILLING ME HEAR HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Okay you can stop now Hania otherwise I'm gonna die of laughter"! Tajima said as he did his best to control himself.

"Hey what's so funny? I didn't think I was that bad"! Hanai said as he sat down from doing his routine.

"Bad is not the word for it more like terrible yeah that's it you where terrible"! Tajima said while holding his sides

"I'd say it was horrendous, I never knew you where that bad at singing Hanai"! Izumi said

"Hey I was only following the kings orders so you can't blame me"! Hanai said while sulking due to the insults

"Hey man at least you had the guts to do it , even if you did stink at it"! Abe said

Tajima was about to make another snide remark about Hania's performance when he noticed a honey blonde head poking around the door to the room.

"Hey there Mihashi I take it you've finished changing then"? Tajima asked with a sly smile

"Urm...y...y...yes b...but urm...I feel...kinda ….em...embarrassed …..." Mihashi said as he tried to hide behind the door

"Don't be embarrassed Mihashi come on we wont laugh at you or anything and besides you're still apart of the king game. And you know what that means the kings orders are absolute"! Tajima said as he walked over to where Mihashi was and opened up the door , took the young boys quivering hand and lead him into the room where everyone could see him dressed up.

As Mihashi stood in the middle of his room , he couldn't help but notice that the room had suddenly become quiet. All of the boys stared at Mihashi, they couldn't believe how cute and adorable he looked dressed up in his mom's sexy negligee.

"Urm...i...is...every...everything ok "? Mihashi asked while fidgeting with the thin layer of material which now cover his upper body

Tajima was the first to speak

"Yeah everything's okay you just look so damn cute that it kinda took us all by surprise right guys"!

"Yeah you're right there, I mean wow you look great Mihashi " Sakaeguchi said with a blush on his cheeks.

"So... I …...do...don't …...look weird ,,,,,,,,,,or anything" Mihashi said nervously

"Are you kidding? You look amazing doesn't he Abe"? Tajima said while looking over to wear Abe was sat who seemed to be averting his gaze from Mihashi. He couldn't believe how cute and sexy he looked. He just wished he was alone with the cute honey blonde boy so he could devour him while he was still wearing the negligee.

"Yeah I guess he does look kinda cute" Abe said all the while trying to hide his face. In fact Abe was doing his best to keep his composer in front of the other boys. He wasn't about to let the fact be known that he had gotten turned on when seeing Mishashi dressed up and that he had become hard.

"See Mihashi Abe thinks you look cute isn't that great news" Tajima said

Mihashi stood in front of Abe as he spoke

"D...do...you...really th...think...I..'m...c...cute..."? Mihashi said as he blushed

Abe could feel his heart pounding in his chest, he could feel the temperature in his body rising and it was because of the boy that was now standing in front of him wearing that god damn sexy outfit. If only he was alone with Mihashi, if only it had been just the two of them then he could have...

"Abe...hey earth to Abe …...hey are you even listening..."?

"Huh...what you say" Abe had been brought back to reality by the sound of Tajima's voice bellowing out his name

"I said that we're gona have another round, or has the sight of seeing Mihashi in the negligee got you all hot and bothered"? Tajima said with a smirk

"Shut up you damn pervert" Abe said as he got up to leave the room

"Hey where do you think you're going"?

"To the bathroom idiot" On saying this Abe left to go to the bathroom

"HO HO GOING TO TAKE CARE OF SOME BUSINESS ARE WE"! Tajima said with a wink and a smile

"Tajima that's enough, stop messing around" Hanai said

"You really need to stop taking things too far Tajima otherwise one of these days he will hit you and if not Abe then someone else will" Hania said with a sigh

"Oh come on Hanai , Abe knows I'm only joking around with him and besides he's fun to tease.

"Just don't go too far is all I ask" Hanai said

"Yeah yeah well any way since Abe is taking care of some business lets get on with the game shall we" Tajima said

This time around Nishihiro had become king and a wicked idea popped into his head.

"Looks like I'm the king, and I order no.4 to lick honey off of no.2's nipples"!

Sakaeguchi and Chiyo both looked at each other and then back at the chopsticks they were holding and blushed crimson. They couldn't believe that they both had to be apart of something so embarrassing and to do it in front of their fellow team mates as well.

"So who's the lucky pair" Nishihiro said

Both Sakaeguchi and Chiyo raised their hands

"I'm no.4" said Sakaeguchi and "I'm no.2" said Chiyo

But before the two of them could say another word Hanai came forward


"What's the problem Hanai I think it'll be fun" Tajima said grinning like the cheshire cat

"Of course you wouldn't see a problem since your head is filled with perversion, however that kind of act should be done in privacy with the person you love. It shouldn't be made into a spectator sport for all to see."! Hanai said his captain like voice

"But the kings orders are absolute you know the rules Hanai"! Nishihiro said who still wanted to see the nipple thing play out.

Just when it looked liked there was going to be an argument between the two boys it was none other than Mihashi who spoke out.

"Urm...I...have...an …...idea...how about...Sakaeguchi...licks honey...off of...Chiyo's cheek …...instead..." Mihashi said in his usual way

Nishihiro and Hanai both looked at each and then back at Mihashi and smiled

"So is that ok with you my captain? Nishihiro said

"Sure that works for me besides we can't exactly go against Mihashi now can we" Hanai said while smiling.

Hanai looked over towards Sakaeguchi and Chiyo who both breathed a sigh of relief.

"Hey is that ok with the two of you"?

"Yeah that's fine with me, what about you Chiyo"? Sakaeguchi said

"I'm ok as long as it's the cheek, I'll be fine" Chiyo said as he blushed, even though it was only going to be his cheek he still felt nervous about it.

"Hey Mihashi do you have some honey" Nishihiro only now thought to ask the all important question of whether or not Mihashi's house had any honey to begin with

"Urm...I urm...think we may... still have some …...but if not would urm...maple syrup do"?

"Yeah as long as it's sweet and sticky, could you go get it for us please"?

Mihashi smiled one of smiles that could light up the room before getting up to go to the kitchen

"Hey Mihashi before you go, I think you should at least put on your night robe or something" Tajima said

"But urm...wont I be breaking the rules of the game"?

"Of course not and besides what if someone came and knocked on the front door, you can't very well answer it looking like that now can you" Tajima said reassuringly

"Besides you don't have to wear that get up anymore Mihashi, after all you only had to wear it for that round of the game" Izumi said

Mihashi hadn't thought about that, true he only put on the negligee for that round of the game so why hadn't he changed out of it. But maybe it was because he wanted Abe to see him in it again, to hear Abe call him cute, to hold him tightly and do all sorts of things to him. As Mihashi's mind wandered he was suddenly brought back to reality when the Phone rang.

"Hey Mihashi the phones ringing I think you should answer it"! Hanai said

"Oh ….urm...yeah..." Mihashi said as he rushed over to pick up his mobile phone to answer the incoming call.


"Hi dear so how's it going, I hope everything's going okay and you're having fun" Mr's Mihashi said as she spoke to her son

"Urm...yeah we're having a great time, we're even in the middle of playing the king game" Mihashi spoke to his mother with ease

"Ha …...I remember that game …...hope you haven't been ordered to do something too outrageous. Believe me that game can get out of hand, you wouldn't believe some of the things I was made to do when I played the game back in my high school days"

"Hahahaha no …...no...nothing at all...urm...just silly things like singing or dancing or doing impersonation's that kind of stuff." He could never tell his mother what they'd been doing let alone that at this very moment he was wearing her frilly black lace negligee while he was speaking to her. No he would keep this a secret and take it to his grave.

"That's good, I was worried for a moment but it seems you're having fun. I just called to see how things where going and to let you know that me and your father will be back late Monday night or early Tuesday morning if the weather permits it. I've spoken to Abe's parents and asked if he could stay with you until we get back and they've agreed. I did want to ask Abe himself but he hasn't answered his phone, is everything ok with him"? Mr's Mihashi said while Mihashi listened to his mothers long winded talk.

"Urm...that's fine mom and everything's ok with Abe he's just in the bathroom and didn't take his phone with him."

"Oh I see, well I hope he's feeling ok? There's some medicine on the top right shelf in the bathroom cupboard ok. Well any way see you soon love you sweetie"!

"Yeah love you too mom bye" Mihashi said as he hung up.

"Wow Mihashi that's the first time I've heard you speak without stammering it's awesome dude" Tajima said as he through an arm around the young boys shoulder.

"Yeah man now you just need to talk like that with the rest of us and you're all set"! Hanai said in his captain like manner

"Yeah guys sorry to burst this happy bubble but are we going to finish this round any time soon, I mean I'm dying to see Sakaeguchi lick honey off of Chiyo here come on I wana take some great pictures of it"! Nishihiro said who was holding his mobile which had been set for picture mode.

"Oh …... urm...sorry I'll... go get the honey... right now" Mihashi said reverting back to his usual stammer as he rushed out of the room to go to the kitchen to get the honey. Completely forgetting to put on a robe or shirt to cover himself, leaving him to dash about the house wearing only the frilly black lace negligee.

After about 5minutes had passed Mihashi was back in his bedroom holding the jar of honey.

"Her...here's …...the... honey...it's …...the squeezey kind …...I...hope...that's...okay..."? Mihashi said while breathing heavily

"Great man that's just what we needed..." Tajima said as he took the squeezey honey jar from Mihashi and threw it to Nishihiro who caught it like a pro.

"Okay you two you know what you have to do so let's see you two in action"! Nishihiro said with glee

Sakaeguchi and Chiyo both stood up as they prepared themselves for what they were about to do, poor Chiyo was a bag of nerves as he stood face to face with the object of his affection. The young boy couldn't help but blush as Sakaeguchi came closer to him.

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