Chapter 5 - Mending Relationships

A short time later, Anakin knew he needed to apologise to Ahsoka and he asked her to come to his office where she now sat opposite him as he sat at his desk.

"It has been pointed out to me that some of the things I said to you could be construed as offensive" he explains "And I would like to offer you my sincerest apology" he informs her. Ahsoka stares back at him, hearing the tone in his voice as sincere

"Thank you Jedi Skywalker" she replies however Anakin wasn't finished

"Additionally, you should know that the temple has mandated that I take an online sexual harassment seminar so that this sort of thing doesn't happen in the future" he reveals as Ahsoka nods

"Okay" she agrees as Anakin still wasn't finished

"Now, unfortunately, my time is much too valuable to waste on nonsense like this, so I'm going to need you to take it for me" he informs her. He pushes his datapad towards her and gets up from his seat moving around as she sat there stunned. He then had one more thing to add "Oh, and you'd better ace it, they're pretty mad" he warns her exiting his office leaving her stunned. Clearly, Anakin hadn't changed much with regards to understanding this whole situation.

That evening over at Obi Wan and Anakin's apartment, Obi Wan was having a night with Padme and they had just finished dinner. Obi Wan was starting to clean the dishes as Padme brought hers over. She was wearing a cloak over her outfit and wanted to speak to him about her worries

"I was thinking about that stuff with Ahsoka" she reveals as Obi Wan sighs, taking the plate from her

"Would you stop worrying about that?" he asks her having assured her that he only loved her as Padme shook her head

"I can't help it" she admits "But I figured I could sit around and feel insecure or I could do something about it" she explains "So I took a trip to the Jedi Temple to look around and see if it would help me understand you more" she tells him as Obi Wan was surprised

"That's great" he replies as Padme shook her head

"No, it isn't. It's extremely boring" she confesses "I don't understand how you not kill yourself like every day!" she exclaims before she brings herself back to her point "Anyway, I decided I'm not going to ever be a Jedi, but I can just look the part" she explains.

Obi Wan then watches as she undid her cloak revealing a cream coloured Jedi tunic she was wearing and brown boots. He had never seen her like this and never thought he would. She then shows him a small training saber on her belt "So, I borrowed this" she reveals. Obi Wan looks back at him

"You borrowed a Jedi uniform and training saber, you really think that's gonna change..." he was then cut off when he sees Padme ignite the saber. His eyes widen

"Oh my god, you look so smart and hot!" he exclaims as she grins

"I know right?" she grins "Watch this!" she exclaims performing a small fighting stance. It was then Obi Wan was turned on even more.

"Okay, come with me" he tells her taking her hand as she deactivates the saber

"Where are we going?" she asks giggling as Obi Wan leads her towards the bedrooms

"To my bedroom so I can take everything off" he informs her "Except the utility belt with saber" he tells her "And the boots" he adds. It was clear to say, that Padme and Obi Wan's relationship was safe and his feelings and love were only for Padme and she has nothing to worry about.

The end. I hope you all enjoyed this. This was my first Big Bang Theory story other than a Friends one. Perhaps the first of many!