Chapter 1

There had been many conspiracies involving the Baskerville research facility. Some involved aliens. Others involved mutating animals into monsters. However, while these theories were incorrect, there was a dark secret that Baskerville was hiding... Experiments involving the access to another world. Experiments that nobody before Doctor Brenner had attempted... But the main experiment involved a young girl. A girl born with strange abilities. A girl who had grown up in this hidden laboratory...
And this girl was finally making her escape.

It had been weeks since the Baskerville case... And Sherlock Holmes was, once again, bored out of his mind. Which resulted in his flatmate and best friend, John Watson, being annoyed out of his mind by the detective's nearly constant complaining and pacing. John searched and searched for a case that would interest Sherlock, but all of his suggestions were turned down with the same word: "Boring."
One rainy evening, John was looking through the newspaper again, looking for anything that would interest his friend, who was stretched out on the couch in his bathrobe, staring at the ceiling.
"Anything?" the detective murmured.
"Nothing you'd find interesting," John replied with a small sigh, his eyes still scanning through the paper for something that may grab Sherlock's attention.
"Of course not..." the consulting detective muttered in an annoyed tone, turning over on his side and curling up like a pouting child. Just then, John noticed something.
"Huh... Another missing person," he said. "That's the third one in the past-"
"Those are generic, dull cases, they do not interest me," Sherlock said. "You should know that by now, John. At least I hope you would know it, you can't possibly be that idiotic..."
John sighed again, getting annoyed. He'd been having to put up with Sherlock's constant whining for what felt like months.
"You never know, they could be interesting," he said.
"If there were anything interesting enough about the case to deserve my time, it would be in the paper and, therefore, you would have read it to me, I would look into it, and we wouldn't be having this conversation," Sherlock answered. "So far, it hasn't been anything but ordinary missing person cases."
John was silent for a moment before speaking once more.
"Sherlock, why don't you just take one of the-"
"NO, John, I am not taking one of those cases," Sherlock interrupted. "Do you honestly think I'm going to waste my time on that? Don't be an idiot, John."
That was it. John needed a break. He inhaled and exhaled sharply, setting the newspaper to the side and standing up from his armchair, walking toward the door and grabbing his coat and umbrella.
"... Where are you going?" Sherlock asked, his tone switching from angry to curious.
"I'm going out for a while, I'll be back later," John said, clearly irritated, before walking out of the flat, down the stairs, and outside into the rain. He opened his umbrella and began walking.

She had been running for days. She had barely eaten anything. She was exhausted. Lost. Afraid.
Now, she had found her way into a city. The presence of that many human beings made her nervous. She hadn't been in such a populated place before... Then again, she hadn't been many places. The only places she had been other than the lab were the few small towns that she had passed through on her way here, and she hadn't stayed in any of those areas for very long.
People were rushing up and down the sidewalks, trying to hurry back to their flats, or trying to get into a restaurant or shop. However, quite a few people still slowed down to stare at the thin, dirty child walking through the rain.
"Are you okay, young man?" one man asked the girl. He assumed that the girl was male, and so did everyone else. She had a shaved head and wore a boy's clothing. Clothing that had been given to her by a man she stayed with for a very short while before she had made her way to the city. That stay didn't last long... The bad people almost caught her there.
The girl simply stared at the man with a curious, frightened expression before hurrying on. She hated all the looks people were giving her. She didn't want attention on her.
Eventually, she made her way into a less-busy part of the city and down an alley. She sat down beside a dumpster. It wasn't very comfortable, but at least nobody could see her from where she was sitting. She hugged her knees up to her chest, closing her eyes and slowly calming down...
That was when she heard a commotion in the alleyway.

John grunted as he was shoved against the wall of the alley. He struggled to fight against the men who were attacking him, but he was outnumbered. There were three of them, two of them much taller than him. He cried out in pain as he was punched in the face, being knocked to the ground.
"Just give us your money, and this'll all be over..." one of the men said. Another chuckled darkly.
"Fuck off..." John growled as he slowly got up, punching the man who spoke. Another man grabbed him, shoving him onto the ground harshly.
"Watch your mouth," he snapped, kicking him in the side. Hard. John grunted in pain, struggling to get up. The men had him surrounded...
"Now hand over your money... And we won't have to do anything else," the first man said, glaring at him, but grinning. John tried to get up again, but was kicked in the side.
"No... Stay there. Get your wallet out of your pocket," the first man demanded.
"No..." John growled. The first man sighed.
"Well, then, we'll have to do this the hard way..." he said, taking a knife out of his pocket. John slowly got up as the man approached him. He was ready to fight back... When suddenly, the man was thrown onto the ground. The other two men looked just as confused and shocked as John. All of them looked in the direction that the force that knocked him down came from. To their surprise, a little boy stood there, glaring at them.
"You little..." one of the men growled, stepping towards him. The boy jerked his head to the side, focusing on the man. There was a snapping noise, and the man cried out in pain. The man's arm had been bent in an odd angle, clearly broken. John's eyes widened in shock.
"What the hell..." the third man muttered, stepping back.
"Go," the child said. "Now..."
"How the hell did you do that you little frea-" one of the men said, rushing towards the child. Suddenly, he was frozen in his tracks... And then thrown back to the end of the alleyway, crying out as he landed. As this was happening, John watched in shock... This couldn't be real. Could it? This wasn't possible, he had to be seeing things...
The child's nose had begun to bleed.
"Go," they repeated, glaring at the men. The men, clearly frightened, rushed away, helping their friend up at the end of the alley and rushing off with him. John watched them go before turning to the child. He or she appeared to be around 11 or 12 years old, their hair was shaved, and they wore a boy's clothing, but had a more feminine voice, which made John confused about whether or not this was a male or female.
"How... How did you do that?" John asked. "Is it some sort of magic trick or-"
He stopped speaking as the child collapsed.