Luke Skywalker


4 years after the battle of Yavin

An X-Wing flew at full speed towards the swamp planet of Dagobah. here, Yoda, a Jedi Master resides here. Luke remembered the first time he met Yoda. He remembered how he didn't realize who he was at first, only to be flabbergasted when he had finally realized. He remembered the Force training. Finally, he remembered how he abandoned his training with the Jedi Master to save his friends in Bespin, only for the opposite of what he had expected happen.

"Hold on, R2. We're breaching the atmosphere." The young man said to his droid. R2 beeped in affirmative.

The ride through the planet's atmosphere was not so pleasant. The starfighter rattled by the immense friction as the head shield below burned. When it all ceded, Luke was greeted by the familiar foggy and swampy atmosphere of Dagobah. He searched for Yoda's hut and landed his X-Wing near it. Fortunately, he didn't on the swamp like last time.

"Stay here." Luke commanded his droid and walked into the hut. What he saw was something unexpected that shocked him.

Yoda was feebly laying on his bed, definitely very weak.

"Master!" Luke exclaimed as he knelt down to the green Jedi.

"Hmm… that face you make. Look I so old to young eyes?" Yoda feebly asked but his cheery tone remained, which confused Luke.

"No… of course not."

"I do, yes, I do!" Yoda chuckled, but coughed. "Sick have I become. Old and weak." He pointed a crooked finger at the young man. "When nine hundred years of you reach, look as good you will not." Luke couldn't think of what he should say. Regret started to flow through his veins. "Soon I will rest. Yes, forever sleep. Earned it I have"

"Master Yoda, you can't die." Luke finally mustered the courage to speak. Strangely, Yoda chuckled once again.

"Strong am I with the Force… but not that strong! Twilight is upon me and soon night must fall. The way of things this is… the way of the Force."

"B-but I need help! I've come back to complete my training!"

"No more training do you require. Already know you that which you mean." What? Upon the sadness and anxiety that engulfed Luke, confusion once again sparked. He barely started his training and he doesn't need more?

"Then I'm a… Jedi?"

Oh, not yet. Only one more thing remains… Vader. Confront him, you must. Then, only then, a Jedi you will be." Luke was in agony when he heard what Yoda had just said. He stood silent for a long moment. Should he ask what had been circulating around his mind? He decided to.

"Master Yoda… is Darth Vader my father?"

"Mom… rest I need." Yoda simply said as his eyes shut.

"Master, I must know." Every second felt like an eternity.

"Your father, he is…" multiple emotions hit Luke like a proton torpedo. "Told you, did he? Unfortunate, you are. Remember, a Jedi's strength flows from the Force. But beware, anger, fear and aggression. The dark side are they. You must never underestimate the power of the Emperor. Or suffer the fate of your father, you will… but there is one more thing… one more…"

"Master…" tears started to will in Luke's eyes.

"The rift… another war there is… a fleet the Emperor sent. Sense I can…" Yoda coughed again. His voice seemed like it was being expelled with great effort. "Your help… they need."

"They? Who?"

"The ones… be...behind the rift… another galaxy, there is…Luke… Luke… the last of the Jedi you will be… when gone I am… Luke…" Luke leaned closer to Yoda. "Pass on you must… and… and… there is another Sky...Skywalker…" the Jedi Master finally spoke before his eyes shut without strength. Luke watched in silence as his body slowly disintegrated into dust.

Despite R2 beeped at him in greetings, Luke ignored it and walked to where his X-Wing landed. Depressed by the fact that his master had died, he sat on a log to mourn the passing of Yoda. No spark of light seemed to be visible for him…

No. He had to somehow return to the Rebel Fleet. He stood up and helped R2 back up in the X-Wing.

"I don't know, R2. I can't go there alone." Luke mumbled.

"Yoda will always be with you." A voice called from afar. Startled, Luke turned around.

Obi-Wan. His form radiated light as if it was a ghost. In fact, it was a Force Spirit.

"Ben…" Luke said behind his breath. "Why didn't you tell me? You told me that Darth Vader killed my father!" The spirit sighed and walked closer to the young man.

"Your father was seduced by the dark side of the Force. He ceased to be Anakin Skywalker and became Darth Vader. When that happened, the good of your father was destroyed. Thus, in a certain point of view… I'm right." Obi-Wan replied. A tint of anger and the wish to punch the spirit in the face surged in Luke's mind, but he pushed it away. He instead turned away.

"A point of view!" He scoffed.

"I don't blame you from being angry. If I was wrong in what I did, t certainly wouldn't have been for the first time. You see, what happened to your father… was my fault." Luke turned back to the Force spirit, silent for an answer. He walked to a stomp next to the fallen Jedi and sat. "Anakin was a good friend. When I first knew him, your father was already a good pilot. But I was amazed of how strongly he was with the Force, so I took it upon myself to train him as a Jedi. I thought that I could instruct him just as well as Yoda, but I was wrong." Obi-Wan sighed. "My pride had terrible consequences for the Galaxy."

"There's still good in him."

"That's what I thought back then. He's now more machine than man."

"I can't do it, Ben." Luke said pessimistically.

"You cannot escape your destiny." Obi-Wan simply replied.

A talk ensued. Luke questioned Obi-Wan everything he had been holding back in his heart, along with the thing about 'Another Skywalker.' No shock seemed to have matched the young man's flabbergast when he finally realized that Leia was his sister after processing the spirit's cryptic hints. Luke also learned of the story behind how his sister became what she was now. He was overwhelmed by the truth. The only thing that seemed to be left in his mind was… the Rift.

"Ben, Yoda told me about a rift… does it have to do with anything about the Tarlan System anomaly?" He asked.

"Indeed, Luke. You'll be surprised if you knew why that rift is so important to the Emperor. You see, the Emperor sent two fleets inside there and…"


" lead them to an entirely different galaxy, far far away."

'Oh my god.' Luke said in her mind. Another galaxy? Was that even possible? Once again, he felt overwhelmed by the information. "What's behind that rift?" He asked.

"There is another galaxy, void of the Force. A part of space different from where we are spans there. The Emperor has sent the fleets there without knowing until they found… sentient beings. Immediately, he ordered them to kill anything that stood in the Empire's way in desire to expand the Empire into an intergalactic scale."

"Can we close the rift and…" Obi-Wan placed his hand on Luke's shoulder.

"Luke, do you not remember what Yoda had just said? They need help. Without knowing anything about the Empire, there's little chance that the ones behind the rift can stand." The Force spirit started to fade.

"...I don't understand." Luke replied.

"You will see. You will."

Admiral Ackbar

Home One

Somewhere in deep space

4 years after the battle of Yavin

The conference room was bustling with people chattering with each other about what was going on. Admiral Gial Ackbar, the brown skinned Mon Calamari naval commander of the Rebel Alliance, stood next to Mon Mothma, the leader of the Alliance. They stood and waited until a door hatch opened, revealing Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian enter. Whe four took their seats, Ackbar turned to Mothma.

"We should begin the conference." He said. Mothma nodded as she stepped forward to the crowd. She signaled everybody for attention and silence.

"Soldiers of the Alliance, you may have heard of the rift in the Tarlan System, have you not?" Only a few of the people agreed while the rest didn't. "I see." Mothma nodded. "Admiral, please notify the crew."

"There is a space rift in the Tarlan System that the Empire has acquired interest into. Spies have confirmed that it is a type of wormhole! The imperials have sent two fleets inside and their intel is being transmitted in a highly encrypted code to the Emperor himself!"

"Admiral, if I may, but what does this rift have to do with the war?" Lando asked.

"We have intercepted some kind of signal from the Tarlan System! Here it is…" Ackbar pressed some buttons on the central holographic display and the intercepted signal sounded through the halls.

"This is Emperor Valerian Mengsk of the Terran Dominion. The enemy fleet is attacking Korhal as I speak! They are about to land on the planet's surface and their ships are attacking the civilian infrastructure! If any idle fleet can hear this signal, return to Korhal immediately! The fleet around our capital is not holding very well! Come back to Korhal and reinforce the fleet!"

The conference room started to become noisy, with each person asking the other about what could this signal be talking about.

"You know a planet called Korhal around here, buddy?" Han asked Lando.

"No idea." The dark skinned man replied. Chewbacca gave a passive roar in response.

"Dunno, Chewie." The smuggler replied.

"The coordinates given in the signal does not match with anywhere in the Galaxy. There could only be one thing…" Ackbar took a deep breath.

"It could have come from the Tarlan Rift." The chatter with each other became noisier to the point Ackbar couldn't hear his own words. Mothma once again ordered the room for silence.

"If this signal is not a trap, then it could mean that the Empire is attacking interstellar nations behind that rift. This could be an opportunity that we may never see again." The rebel leader stated. Just as Mothma was about to continue, the hatch opened again, revealing Luke Skywalker.

"Sorry that I'm late. Were we talking about the Tarlan rift?" Luke asked.

"Yes. How did you know?"

"I have my ways." The young man replied as he took a seat.

"Anyways, Ackbar and I have made an arrangement for a small fleet that will go through the rift! This could be a chance to gain new allies for our fight to restore the Republic!" Ackbar nodded at Mothma's words. He had arranged a small fleet and a group of defected Imperial engineers. In his Mon Calamari mind, however, he was nervous about what was behind this rift. He decided to let the future answer that.

MC80 Wingless Cruiser: Fraternity

Preparations were made for the fleet. It consisted of a Wingless MC80 Cruiser Fraternity, two Liberty-Class MC80 Cruisers Equality and Humility, three Nebulon-B Frigates and four CR90 Corvettes. Along with that, two squadrons of ten X-Wings, a squadron of ten Y-Wings and the Millennium Falcon. Luke was selected as the leader of one of the squadrons, Silver Squadron.

"Commodore Veldin." Ackbar called to his communications device.

"Yes, admiral?" A Mon Calamari officer responded.

"I'm leaving you in charge of the Rebel Fleet while we are gone. The fate of the Alliance temporarily lays on your hands. Understood?"

"Y-yes, admiral! I will never fail you!" Veldin frantically stuttered. Ackbar gave a sigh of concern. He would leave the entire Rebel Fleet vulnerable as soon as he engaged the hyperdrive routed to the Tarlan System. Plus, seeing himself in the smaller Wingless Cruiser, it felt awkward to command a ship other than the Home One. Just as the Mon Calamari admiral was drowned in deep thought, Mothma approached him and tapped his shoulder.

"Admiral, it'll be okay. We won't stay there for too long." She said.

"Ma'am, I don't know what's behind that rift. What if the Imperials set a trap?" Ackbar asked.

"We'll see."

"Admiral, all ships are accounted for." An officer said from a control panel behind Ackbar. He nodded, then opened his mouth.

"All ships, engage hyperdrive." The fleet disappeared in a blink.

A group of ten ships exited hyperspace near the planet Tarlan V. When the blueness of the hyperspace disappeared, Ackbar was greeted by a giant swirling rift that was the size of the first Death Star. The gas giant Tarlan V loomed behind the rift.

However, the rift wasn't the only thing that the Rebel Fleet saw.

Four Star Destroyers, facing his ships dead ahead, gave the chills to every Rebel personnel.

"Activate the alert level! All hands to battlestations!" He yelled. At the same time, sirens wailed and red light radiated around everyone. He turned to Mothma. "Ma'am, please get to safety."

"No, admiral. I shall see the fight myself." The Rebel leader refused. In his heart, Ackbar was impressed by her bravery. He nodded and turned back to the bridge windows. He saw a swarm of TIE Fighters and Bombers en route to the Fraternity.

"Launch all starfighters! All ships, engage full speed! Do not stop until we get through the rift!" The crew responded with positivity.

"Silver leader, engaging!" Luke yelled through the communicator.

"Titanium squadron, engaging." The leader of the second X-Wing squadron said.

A lethal battle ensued between the Rebel Fleet and the Imperial flotilla. Turbolasers of red and green flew across the cold space between the ships and hit the deflector shields of their opponents. X-Wings brought the noise to the TIE fighters, their non-existent armor being punctured by the X-Wings' lasers. One unfortunate TIE collided with the shields of the Humilty, ending up in a orange fireball.

"Titanium 7, cover my back! I got two TIES on my seven!"

"Roger, on my way!"

"Any casualties so far?"

"Negative, we're still alive… I'm taking fire!"

"Hang on, Silver 3! I got him!"

The Rebel fighters were punching a big hole on their Imperial counterparts. It was satisfying to see just twenty fighters pulverizing fifty.

"Y-Wings, launch! Engage one Star Destroyer at a time!" Ackbar ordered. Immediately, the squadron of ten Y-Wings left their hangars and sped towards the enemy ships. Meanwhile, the Rebel ships were slowly moving closer and closer to the rift.

'Almost there.' Ackbar assured himself.

"Admiral, one of our Nebulon Frigate' shields are down! It's engines four and three are destroyed!" An officer said. Startled, Ackbar looked at the window to see the frigate being hit hard by two Star Destroyers. Instead of blue shield ripples whenever a Turbolaser hit, it was greeted by small explosion. The admiral knew that the ship won't last long at this rate.

"Order that ship to get behind the line of fire!" With that, the damaged frigate slowly changed course and flew to the side of Fraternity opposite the turbolaser volley.

"ETA twenty seconds to the rift!" Another officer notified.

"Keep moving!" Ackbar replied. Just as he thought everything was going smooth… the Fraternity seemed to slow down and stop. The other ships were still moving, though.

"Admiral, our ship's been caught by the tractor beam!" What?! The Mon Calamari quickly looked through his computer to find the words true. His ship was caught by one of the Star Destroyers! He had to act quick before the ship is dragged away.

"All ships, concentrate fire on that Star Destroyer!" With that, the scattered red turbolaser bolts shifted towards the said Star Destroyer, its deflector shields glowing bright my the sheer impact of a thousand bolts. Twenty seconds later, its shields failed and explosions replaced the enemy ripples. The once occupied Y-Wings swooped to the ship and bombarded it with proton torpedoes. As one wasn't enough, they flew around for another run. That did the trick. With the help of the Rebel turbolasers, the Star Destroyer exploded, freeing the Fraternity.

"We're free!" An officer cheered.

"No time to waste. Continue to the rift!" Ackbar ordered. "All starfighters, return to the hangars!"

"Copy, admiral." The squadron leaders said in unison as the thirty small crafts returned to the ships as the fleet entered the rift.

The Rebel Fleet exited the rift to be greeted by bright lights coloring the space around them. This was very different from where they came from. For Ackbar and Mothma, it was so beautiful to see something they've seen for the first time.

Of course, the two commanders did not forget the fact that they were still being chased by the remaining three Star Destroyers. They might have the firepower to take them on, but most of the ships weren't in good shape, especially the disabled Nebulon-B frigate.

"We're here." Ackbar said to Mothma. "The Star Destroyers have followed us into the rift and are opening fire on us!"

"Do we know where this Signal was sent?" Mothma asked, referring to the distress signal.

"Our galactic map isn't getting a hint of where we are! We may have to perform a blind hyperspace jump towards to the coordinates!"

"Then do it!" Ackbar nodded and activated his communication device.

"Ackbar to all ships! Engage hyperdrive towards the given coordinates!"

"Admiral, our corvette is heavily damaged! Our hyperdrive is still operational but our engines are down!" A voice of the captain of one of the CR90s said.

"Engage hyperdrive!" The admiral yelled. Immediately, white lines appeared at the bridge window followed by the blue hyperspace tunnel.

'I hope we know what we're doing.' He thought. 'May the Force be with us.'

Matt Horner


Space above Korhal IV, Koprulu Sector


"Admiral, the enemy is sending strike craft towards our fleet!" An officer shouted. Red alerts sounded everywhere and the TDN Hyperion rocked every time a green bolt of laser hit.

"Reinforce bulkhead 13! Form up a battle line and prepare for a saturated Yamato volley!" Horner ordered.

The battle above Korhal was roaring with lasers, autocannons and missiles. Green and orange plagued the space around the Terran Dominion's capital planet on one side, the old Behemoth-Class battlecruisers Hyperion, two Gorgon-Class battlecruisers, twelve Minotaur-Class battlecruisers, five refitted Hercules light carriers and fifteen Freedom-Class frigates. On the other side were twelve dagger-shaped ships. The space between the belligerents was considered as the space of death where fighters of both sides clashed against each other with lasers and missiles. In the ship battle, the unknown assailants were seeming to have the upper hand. On the fighter haywire, however, the Dominion Viking fighters were demolishing the enemy fighters.

"Are they even trying?" A Viking pilot smirked at Horner's radio.

"Easy ace title." Another said followed by a missile fire noise. "Make that eight." The admiral gave a small sigh of relief. At least his fighters were doing their job properly. What he was concerned about was the ships of his fleet. Matt knew that the shields of the Terran ships were laughable compared to the Protoss and even this enemy. However, not known Protoss ships were able to match the armor plating that his species used. The green lasers that the enemy fired seemed to be stronger than the lasers the battlecruisers fired, but their hull seemed to buckle relatively easily when their shields were overrun.

"Sir, the Argo is gone!" An officer said as one of the battlecruisers exploded.

"This isn't good. Where are the reinforcements?!" Horner snarled. Pessimism seemed to exist in the air around him…

"Warning: space anomaly detected near the edge of the gravity well." The robotic adjutant said. What?! The enemy is bringing reinforcements?! That seemed to have increased the fear factor for the admiral.

"Intensify firepower! How long until the Yamato cannon?"

"Five seconds, sir!" The officer replied. Five seconds passed as if it was five days.

"Good! All ships with an active Yamato cannon standby for firing! Charge the cannon!" With Horner's orders, nine out of the remaining eleven battlecruisers started to charge their ultimate energy cannon. The hammerhead bow of the ships started to glow bright orange. The reactor wailed as the cannon gathered energy in an immense rate.


Nine giant orbs of pure energy escaped the grasp of their battlecruisers and zoomed through the space. Each one directly hit the enemy ships, resulting three of them to explode and two to cease firing. 'What's up with them?' Horner wondered as the crew cheered. Just as optimism returned, ten ships that wasn't recorded in the Terran database appeared out of nowhere.

"Sir, more contacts! They have no IFFs!" An officer said. Matt looked at his tactical map to find the signatures of the new contacts and magnified. He saw ships with designs he had never seen before. The biggest three had rounded shapes, unlike the daggers the Dominion was fighting against. Two of the three had wing-like structures. Among the seven smaller vessels, three of them was shaped like a sub-machine gun while the rest looked like Envoy ships. The ships opened fire with red lasers…

...On the dagger-shaped ships.

"They're attacking our enemy?" Horner asked himself. "All ships, mark the new contacts as neutral! Do not fire at them until they fire at us!" He ordered. The holographic silhouettes of the new ships were marked as yellow as the dagger-shaped ships were continued to be marked as red. 'What the hell is going on?' He asked himself.

"Incoming transmission. Unauthorized code detected." The adjutant said on the map. Should he answer it? What if it's the enemy taunting him? Clenching his fist, the admiral accepted the communication. A holographic screen popped up, showing an alien he had never seen before wearing a white uniform.

"This is admiral Gial Ackbar of the Fraternity! We have received what seemed like your distress call!" The alien said.

"What the… who the hell are you?" Matt asked, utterly confused. He snapped out of it when his ship rocked.

"We've come from the Tarlan rift and come to this planet. We shall engage the Star Destroyers now."

"Okay, I have no idea what's going on. For now, thank you for your… assistance. Do you mind if we leave the communications on?"

"As you wish. All ships, engage the Imperials!" Ackbar ordered his men from behind the screen. Matt looked at the bridge window to find the new ships engaging with the ships.

' that's what they're called. Star Destroyers, huh?' He thought. He activated a channel to his fleet. "All ships, this is the Hyperion. Mark IFFs of the new contacts as friendlies! Prepare for another Yamato volley!"

"Hephaestus to Hyperion, our Yamato cannon isn't charged yet! We need more time!" A captain replied.

"How long until so?"

"Thirty seconds, sir!"

"Alright. We'll wait until every ship has its Yamato ready!"

"Admiral, this is Ackbar." The alien commander said.

"Admiral Horner here. What's the status?" Horner replied.

"The Imperials are sending five squadrons of transports with escorts! Our fighters are moving to engage them at the planet's atmosphere!"

"Understood. I'll inform the ground command to not engage your fighters." Matt nodded. 'What a day…' he thought.


Augustgrad, Korhal IV


"Nova, the quadrupedal walkers is moving towards the Palace square!" Riegel's voice resonated from Nova's earpiece.

"Got it, Reigel. Send me some Banshees and let's get on with it." Nova replied as she took cover behind a neosteel barricade. The soldiers wearing white armor suits were swarming around in the streets. Their weapons spewed out red laser at the Dominion forces. Their weapons' accuracy was perfect, but their protection was lackluster, as seen by three marines easily taking care of ten of their soldiers. A Crucio siege tank behind Nova fired an artillery shell, destroying two anti-infantry walkers and a group of enemy troops. However, it didn't seem to matter as the enemy continued to advance. The banshees that Nova ordered arrived and started to mow the enemy down with rockets with two strafing runs, but a squadron of fighters swarmed the gunships, forcing them to cut off the attack and retreat.

"Damnit! Where are our reinforcements?" The ghost swore.

"Ma'am, the big walker is incoming!" A marine ran to her and said.

"I noticed." Nova replied, aiming her rifle at a soldier and pulled the trigger. Her bullet tore through the helmet and continued on to impale two more soldiers. "Anything else?"

"Uh… HQ said that reinforcements are coming… but they also said that it'll be awkward."


Luke Skywalker

Skies of Korhal IV

"We've successfully breached the atmosphere!" Silver 4 said as the shuttering of Luke's X-Wing stopped.

"This is Silver leader. All fighters report in!" Luke said.

"Silver two, standing by."

"Silver three, ready." The reports continued until Silver Ten.

"Titanium squadron standing by." Titanium one said.

"Yellow squadron, we're locked and loaded!" The Y-Wing captain said.

"Alright, people! Remember to prioritize your attacks on the AT-ATs! Try to destroy the TIE Fighters…" Luke paused when he saw a two heavily-armored fighters destroy an entire squadron of TIE Interceptors.

"Luke, what's wrong?" Silver Three asked.

"Nothing. The Dominion seems to have the TIEs under control. Take care of the walkers!"

"Copy, Silver Leader. All Y-Wings, follow me!" Yellow One shouted, and the ten Y-Wings split from the X-Wings and dived to the city.

"Look at the size of this city!" A pilot whispered.

"Multiple fighters incoming!" Another said.

"All ships, engage!" Luke said.

"Titanium Squadron, engaging!" Thus, the slaughter started. The X-Wings split to engage their individual targets above the smoke filled skies of Augustgrad. Accompanied by the confused Dominion fighters, the X-Wings fought the numerous TIE Fighters. The Rebel pilots realized that the allied fighters had two disadvantages: speed and ammunition. Although heavily armored, their fighters were sluggish and their missiles had to be rearmed at the base. The TIEs turned their attention from the Dominion to them.

"Watch it, they're targeting us!" Luke said as he opened fire. The unfortunate TIE Interceptor that was on his sights burst into flames and tumbled down to the ground.

"Hey, who is this?! I don't remember the Dominion having those kind of fighters." A Dominion pilot asked by the communicator.

"Didn't your commander tell you guys?" Titanium leader asked back.

"Well, they did… wait, it's you, isn't it?"

"You got that right." A voice of Han Solo replied. Luke looked up to find the Millennium Falcon diving from the clouds and shooting its deck lasers.

"What took you so long?" The Jedi asked.

"Eh, was busy supporting the fleet." Han replied. "You guys seem to have a TIE problem."

"TIE? That's what they're called?" A Dominion pilot asked. "Well then, let's unite their knots, should we?"

"Fortune favors the bold!" Another said. Luke heard Han sigh.

"I really need to stop hearing these puns." The smuggler said.

The battle continued in the sky of Korhal as usual. Dominion and Rebel fighters mowed the fragile TIE Fighters while the Y-Wings made short work of the AT-AT's shields. The artillery vehicles made short work of the quadruped walkers. Soon, the Y-Wings and the vehicles managed to coordinate their movements together and destroyed the last AT-AT. With no more heavy armor support left, the Imperials started to retreat.

Matt Horner

Orbit of Korhal IV

Meanwhile in space, the new friendly fleet rendezvoused to the Dominion Fleet and continued to engage the so-called Star Destroyers. Freedom-Class frigates continued to charge forward into the enemy fleet and fired their burst missiles at the ships with overrun shields, which didn't prove quite effective as the missiles were meant for lightly armored ships. Horner commenced another Yamato Volley and destroyed three more Star Destroyers. Losses on his side was heavy with only five Minotaur-class battlecruisers left along with the two remaining Gorgons. The Gorgon-Class battlecruisers, the newest additions to the Dominion Armada, were armed with the state-of-the-art laser batteries that equaled the power of two Minotaur batteries. Along with that, it had two Yamato cannons and two 1000cm railguns on the hammerhead bow. Its hull was reinforced with sixteen layers of neosteel armor, with its outermost layer covered with vanadium plating. Although still laughable, its shielding was slightly better than those of the Minotaur-class battlecruisers. All of these specifications made Matt envy the ships, but stood firm for the Hyperion as it was the ship of his former commander, James Raynor. Oh, how he missed him.

The enemy was now down to three Star Destroyers with their shields still active.

'Jesus, how much can those shields take?' Horner swore.

"Fraternity to Hyperion!" Ackbar's voice called him.

"Copy. This is the Hyperion."

"I will send you the data of the Star Destroyers to you right now." Immediately as the alien commander said, a second holographic screen popped right next to the main one, showing the schematics of the enemy ship. Matt noticed that the two sphere-shaped structure above what looked like the bridge was the bridge's shield generators. Targeting those two would leave the ship's brain vulnerable. A good plan.

"All ships, target the spheres on top of their bridges!" The admiral ordered. Immediately, the weapon fire concentrated to the Star Destroyers' shield generators, destroying them one by one. With that, any weapon impact on the hexagonal structure left burning marks. They were vulnerable.

"Open fire on the bridge!" Ackbar commanded his ships. The strange fleet focused their red lasers to the structure, with one of the Star Destroyer's bridge blew into pieces, leaving the rest of the ship immobilized.

"One down! Oh yeah, we're doing it!" A crew member cheered. Just then, Horner saw the last two ships turning. Was it… it was. They were retreating.

"Don't let 'em escape! Take no prisoners!" Horner yelled.

"Warning: Warp signatures detected." The adjutant notified. It was in front of the retreating enemy… Matt smiled when he knew what it was.

The Protoss.

With blinding blue flashes, the Spear of Adun popped into existence along with twelve carriers and twenty Void Ray ships. The main holographic screen that showed the alien commander split in half, showing Selendis, the commander of the Protoss fleet the other side.

"En Taro Tassadar, Apologies for the tardiness, Admiral Horner." The female Protoss said.

"En Taro Tassadar, Selendis. The enemy was about to retreat. Glad to have you here." Matt replied. He saw Ackbar's face, who was surprised and shocked by the sudden appearance of the Protoss.

"Wh-who are these people?" The Mon Calamari asked.

"They're called the Protoss. We don't have time for talking. Let's finish them off."

"Templar, show the might of the Daelaam! Open fire!" Selendis bellowed. With that, energy beams of blue and orange spewed out from the Protoss fleet, showing no mercy to the helpless Star Destroyers as they disintegrated into scrap.

CODEX: The Dominion Armada of 2510

Since one year after the Defenders of Man incident, new types of ships have been introduced to the Dominion Fleet such as escort ships. Here is the current arsenal:

Minotaur-Class Battlecruiser


Armament: (x12) Heavy Laser Batteries (A/N: based on the Nova Covert Ops battlecruiser. Consists of 6 ATS, 2 ATA and 4 Laser batteries on the bow.)

Yamato Cannon

Emergency Defense Matrix Generator

Multiple Anti-Strike Craft defense turrets

Gorgon-Class Battlecruiser/Battleship/Dreadnought

(A/N Judging by the sheer size, I don't think the Gorgon should be a simple Battlecruisers. Among the three, what do you guys thing would fit the Gorgon the most?)


Armament: (x22) Heavy Laser Batteries

(x2) Yamato Cannons

(x2) Hammerhead-mounted 1000cm Railguns

EMP Shockwave Generator

(x20) J23 Cruise Missile Launchers

Multiple Anti-Strike defense turrets

Hercules-Class Transport/Carrier refit

A/N- In this AU, the Dominion refitted some of their Hercules transports with fighter hangars for carrier support due to the Galactic Empire's invasion.


Armament: (x4) Heavy Laser Batteries

(x100) Viking Fighters

Freedom-Class Frigate

A/N- In this AU, The Dominion took the design of the Liberator, increased its size and made them into escort ships. They attack the same way as the Star Trek's starships.

Length- 140m

Armament: (x70) Light burst anti-ship missiles

Multiple Anti-Strike Craft burst missile batteries

Main A/U: Wow, the first time the Rebel Alliance made contact with the Koprulu Sector! As this is my first crossover combined with the first war fic, this was quite difficult for me to pull off. I hope you liked it. If you need any questions, please ask and remember to leave a review!

Thank you from Aperture!