Scion of Sorcery: Phase One: Potter-Strange? A Harry Potter/Doctor Strange Crossover Fan Fiction

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its associated characters: all rights belong to JK Rowling. I do not own Doctor Strange or any of its associated characters: all rights belong to Marvel. I do own any OC spells explained at the end of a chapter.

Plot: Strange Things Response: When Lily was pregnant with Harry, she knew that he would grow up to be someone special in the world of the mystic ones. But then again, why wouldn't he? After all, his Father is the Sorcerer Supreme!

Challenge Information: DZ2's 'Strange Things' Challenge: HP/Doctor Strange: When Lily's sacrifice and Voldemort's Dark Magic collided, it sent the now-orphan Harry to a place where magic is everything, will is your only limit and power is yours to learn, even if all you want is to go out and play with other kids.

Rules: All affinities are welcome

Powerful Harry

Harry MUST be raised in Kamar-Taj up until he is told to go back and discover his destiny in Britain at 11

His destiny CANNOT be to fulfil Dumbledore's 'prophecy' but something else

When he returns to the magical world in Britain, Harry sees it as a joke because of the magic he has learned

If Harry is Light or Grey, either the Ancient One, Wong, Mordo or Stephen himself MUST be Harry's mentor and guardian

If Harry is Dark or Evil, either Kaecilius, a Dark Mordo, a Dark Stephen or the Ancient One MUST be Harry's mentor and guardian

When he goes to Hogwarts, Harry's skill with magic frightens AND amazes people, though some see it as him showing off

No matter what, Harry must NOT go to the Dursleys, even if certain people try and send him there

All pairings are welcome EXCEPT Harems

Guidelines: Sorcerer-Supreme-Harry

Harry is a descendant of the Ancient One

Harry is actually Stephen's son

Dark-Lord Harry

Dark Stephen

Dormammu makes Harry his heir on Earth

Somehow, other MCU characters play a role in the story

Harry discovers an Infinity Stone


Harry is given permission to be 'master' to others at Hogwarts, teaching them the Mystic Arts

Forbidden: Weak Harry

Harry being raised by the Dursleys

Others at Hogwarts/Britain's magical world convincing Harry to leave Kamar-Taj

People managing to lessen Harry's powers and potential

The prophecy being the reason Harry goes back to Britain

Harry accepting the way of Britain's magical world

Harry using his powers in the service of EITHER Dumbledore or Voldemort

Other than that, it's up to you...

Author's Note: So, admittedly, I'm 'dusting off' a former idea and altering it in places to work with the challenge with this one, but what can I say? I couldn't resist the chance to have some fun with the challenge and use someone that is, without a shadow of a doubt, my ALL-TIME FAVOURITE Marvel character be it comic, animation or the FANTASTIC movie, so let's see what sort of fun we can have.

And, as always, if you don't like it, then don't read it.

Dedication: I'd like to dedicate this story to everyone that continues to support and encourage my ideas; my recommended reads are Harry Potter and the Lightning Lord and Harry Potter and the Power of Two by Colt01, Master Potter of Kamar-Taj by Ryuko monogatari, Agamotto's Eyes by Otsutsuki no Yami, Harry Strange: Sorcerer Supreme by VexingFate, More Than Equal by Ordinarily Prudent and Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin by The Sinister Man;

Key Pairing: Stephen/Christine;

Normal Speech




Chapter 1: The Prodigal Son

Lily Potter had always known that her son was special.

Ever since she had carried him inside of her for nine months after keeping a secret from James for a few months in the process, feeling him stirring and growing strong from her own body's energy, Lily had felt the typical signs of magical energy flowing through him, but, unbeknownst to all but a select few, she had also felt something more.

Call it maternal instinct or the bond that existed between a Mother-to-be and their unborn child, but Lily had always felt a great magic that laid dormant within her baby boy: the typical Accidental Magic outbursts that came around whenever Lily's emotions were heighted by hormones or stress usually resulted in weird, unexplainable events occurring, but there was something more to it all.

All right, so the events were weird: like the time that Lily, during her fifth month, had planned a special anniversary picnic for James and found herself on the receiving end of a terrible thunderstorm, which forced her to cancel her plans before, somehow, the storm had turned into what the Muggle news called a freak snowstorm in March, the result of which was a crisp white wasteland through the woodlands surrounding Potter Manor for Lily and James.

They still got a chance for their picnic, but something about the wintry scene just made it even better.

Coincidentally, just before the weather had taken its funny turn, Lily had felt a twinge of magic from inside her belly where her unborn son was sleeping peacefully.

When she told James, he just laughed, complimented his little buck on his creativity and kissed Lily's belly in thanks to his child's act of kindness.

However, the mood was darkened when Lily, realising that she couldn't keep lying to her husband, told him a secret that she'd been keeping from him: that her unborn son wasn't his, but that he was the son of a more-powerful sorcerer whom had been a friend and comfort for Lily when she and James had gone through a rough patch several months ago.

Although it took him four days to get over it, James knew that she'd done it not as a revenge play against him, but out of a desire for comfort from a friendly face, whom Lily also told James didn't know that she was carrying their son.

In return for his forgiveness and an agreement to raise the boy and love him like his own, James told Lily that, when their son was born, he wanted to go through the process of making him a Potter through Blood Adoption and Infusion of the Ancient Family Magic that James carried in his blood.

With the Blood Magic of the Houses of Potter and Peverell as well as whatever magic Lily said that their son's real Father possessed, it was easy for James to agree with his wife that their child would be a powerful wizard indeed.

Scion of Sorcery

Another weird event happened when Lily, just a month before her son was born, came down with a terrible case of hyperthermia that had her bedridden and left with no-one except for her unborn son for company.

While her temperature was skyrocketing with signs that had healers hoping and praying wouldn't do anything to hurt the baby – not to mention Lily making the same prayer – the weirdest thing had happened.

Lily, in a sweat-ridden state, had suddenly found her body tingling with magic and, over the course of seven minutes, her whole body suddenly became cooler, healthier and stronger.

The Healers were stumped, but Lily, James, Sirius and their close friends knew the truth: once again, the heir-to-be had sensed his Mummy's pain and discomfort and, somehow, he had tapped into the magic within him and his Mother and healed her ailment.

According to the Healers, in a child that came from such an old and powerful bloodline as James Potter's, it wasn't unusual for the unborn child to be able to possess such a skill with magic, but, on the other hand, it was unusual for him to be able to do such feats while still in the womb.

Many of the healers wanted to run different sorts of tests on the child, but Lily and James shot that idea down straight away.

They didn't want to risk someone learning the truth about the baby before James had gone through the adoption rituals and the Investiture Rites.

In a desire to help them learn more about the incredible magical potential that their son would possess, Lily made the suggestion to James that they should either consider binding their baby's core until he was old enough to understand his great power, but James shot the idea down, warning Lily that such an act could leave their son a Squib and, after what she'd told him about the child's Father, he didn't want to risk it.

The second option was for them to entrust the secrets of these strange, mystical acts, as well as the truth of their child's conception, to one whom knew what it was like to wield such great power himself.

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Supreme Mugwump of the ICW and someone that every witch and wizard worth their wand knew to possess incredible levels of magic himself.

Of course, only James knew what was partially-responsible for Dumbledore possessing such power; the wand in his hand, which had been stolen from its rightful owner over a century ago before finding itself in the hand of the Dark Lord Grindelwald until the night that Dumbledore had claimed it by rightful conquest in defeating Grindelwald, thereby transferring ownership of the wand to him.

This wand, the Elder Wand, was one-third of a trinity of magical items that were said to bestow almost-divine levels of power onto their bearer should they be brought together, creating a mantle infamously known as the Master of Death.

A mantle that was meant to be given to the Peverell Heirs of the modern age, of which James only knew one that still lived: James himself.

Of course, once the rituals were completed and his heir carried the Potter name and Peverell rights, he'd be the newest heir with all powers and abilities granted to him, including the right to become the Master of Death.

And so it was that James made the agreement to speak to Dumbledore about helping their child, but on one condition.

One that he was meant to talk about on the night that they met the old man.

Scion of Sorcery

"Albus, you're right on time. Come on through: Lily's just made some tea."

"Thank you, James," said Albus Dumbledore, stepping through the fireplace as he emerged into the lounge within Potter Manor, the many different shades of red and gold that lined the walls as well as the proud magical portrait of a pride of lions sitting atop a rocky structure that hung over the fireplace highlighting the Gryffindor tendencies of the owner and master of the house, past, present and future.

As Dumbledore emerged from the fireplace, he smiled fondly at his former Head Boy as he asked, "So, what may I ask was so important that you asked me to meet you here rather than at the school or somewhere more public? And why did you ask me to come so late in the evening?"

Swallowing hard, James coughed before he asked, "When I was at school, I always felt that I could rely on you, no matter what you said or did: if I'm to give you the full details, can I trust you to honour what I've already classed as a Potter Family Secret? Meaning that only you, me, Lily and the ones we entrust with those secrets will know about this?"

"Of course," agreed Albus, his eyes filled with curiosity as he asked, "James, I've never seen you so focused on something: is all well, my boy?"

"One moment," said James, taking a breath before he called, "Lily, are you done in there?"

To James' shock and the bewilderment of the Headmaster, there was silence from the other room where Lily had gone to provide refreshments for the three of them.

As Dumbledore's eyes narrowed, James slowly made his way towards the kitchen door where, to his fear, he heard a gasp of shock and pain.

Before he could stop himself, James gulped and, grabbing the door handle, his voice wavering slightly, he asked, "Lily-petal: are you okay?"

The welcome sound of gasps brought James' fears down again before his fear was replaced by shock as Lily replied, "J-Jay: my water just broke!"

Albus' eyes widened while, at the same time, James' smile could have lit up a thousand Hogwarts Schools.

Before he had a chance to change his mind, James turned to Dumbledore before he asked, "We…I don't think we have time to get to St Mungo's: would you mind getting hold of someone and asking them to come here?"

"I'll Floo Poppy immediately," replied Albus, already heading for the fireplace as he added, "I find it an odd, but not unwelcome coincidence that this happens on the same night that Frank and Alice are blessed with a child: has he given you the news yet?"

"Ten minutes ago," answered James, smiling proudly while Albus made the call on the Floo.

While they waited, James coughed before he said, "Albus, what I'm about to reveal will probably be recognised by her too: so, as Lord Potter, I'm asking for your trust and silence in this matter."

Albus' eyes widened as he felt an air of great magic following James' words, but as the magic wrapped itself around them, the old man looked over to James as he asked, "What is it, James? Why would you invoke your Family's Magic about this?"

"Because," replied James, shivering slightly as he said, "I think you should know that…that my son…Harry…he…"

Trembling, as he'd feared what might happen when someone like Dumbledore knew the truth, James swallowed hard as he added, "Harry's not my son, Albus! Or at least, he isn't yet…but he will be once I have made sure Lily's okay."

Albus' eyes widened while, as he looked from his old student to the door, he asked nervously, "Who…who is his Father?"

"Lily gave me a name," replied James, licking his lips as he explained, "But I can't say I recognise it."

As Dumbledore stared, James coughed before he said, "She said his name was Doctor Stephen Strange!"

Never before had James seen Dumbledore pale so quickly or so fearfully that he looked like he might faint: swallowing hard once again, James asked in a low voice, "Do…do you know the name…sir?"

"I do," replied Albus, his voice wavering with fear as he explained, "It is a name that is both feared and respected by Rameses Wulfgarden himself: the Archmage of the International Confederacy of Wizards," he added as James gave a curious look before Dumbledore, taking a shaky breath, looked again to the door as he gave his final words;

"He's known as the Sorcerer Supreme!"

Scion of Sorcery

One minute after James had given Albus the truth, both men watched as Poppy Pomfrey, matron of Hogwarts' Hospital Wing and someone that had gotten used to seeing James Potter in dire straits, emerged from the fireplace.

James didn't even need to open his mouth as the woman headed for the kitchen, but when James made to follow, however, Albus put a calm hand on the man's shoulder, earning a look from James as he told him, "If what you and Lily have told me about your son's potential is truth, James, as well as what you have shared with me just now, I would advise that you stay out here so that Poppy can cast the necessary backlash prevention wards without fear of your magic interfering in any way."

Even though his heart was beating faster than a centaur might run, James breathed a sigh and nodded, understanding what Albus was telling him, although he didn't take his eyes off the door. At the same time, he whispered under his breath, calling on his right as Lord Potter to keep the secrets of the Manor within its walls unless he gave the appropriate person the permission to share the secret.

For the next forty minutes, there was nothing but silence from the kitchen, which told James and Albus that Poppy had soundproofed the room.

Despite his nerves and concerns, James had to laugh as he thought about Lily when she was in a hormonal state.

If even half the stories he'd heard about Muggle deliveries were truth, James knew that he didn't want to know what might be coming out of Lily's mouth as she cursed the day she let the Father of her child knock her up.

To help pass the time, James got straight on the Floo once more and, minutes later, an excited and wide-awake Sirius Black emerged from the fireplace accompanied by a haggard, but hopeful-looking Remus Lupin, all three of the friends standing together, shoulder-to-shoulder, though Sirius and Remus were trying to hold James up as he suddenly looked like he might faint.

As he was supported by his two brothers-in-all-but-blood, James looked back to the fireplace as he asked, "Wormtail?"

"Out on some business," said Sirius, his voice laced with suspicion as he added, "Although what's more important than the first ever second-generation Marauder being brought into the world, I'll never know."

"I'm just glad you're here, Padfoot," sighed James, rubbing the bridge of his nose as he added, "Lily and I have decided that we'd like you to be Harry's godfather."

Sirius' eyes widened while James made a note to test Sirius' loyalty to this cause because, as magically-sworn in godparent, Sirius would also be entrusted with everything he'd need to know about his godson if the worst happened.

The truth would certainly test him, especially if what Albus said about Harry's true Father was in it of itself the truth.

Scion of Sorcery

At the same time that Lily went through her labour-induced pains, screaming as her body was racked with magic and fire, within a hidden sanctuary in the Far East, a dark-haired, green-eyed man looked up from a copy of a newspaper, his eyes shining while his hand flew to his heart where he felt a surge of incredible warmth passing through him.

Nearby, the man, known as Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme and Master of Kamar-Taj and the other Sanctuaries of Magic across the world, looked to another man, whom frowned as he saw his friend and ally looking so distressed before he asked, "What is it, Stephen?"

"I just…I felt something, Wong," replied Stephen, rubbing at his chest as he explained, "It…it feels like I…I've been hooked up to a defibrillator and someone switched on the power."

"Could there be a problem with one of the other sanctums?" asked Wong, earning a shake of the head from Stephen.

"Things have been peaceful for once," explained the Sorcerer Supreme, a note of sorrow in his words as he added, "Other than the report about Mordo ripping the magic out of Pangborn, I haven't heard much in the way of trouble, mystically-speaking."

"Except for your meeting with the Avenger about his Father," added Wong, earning a nod from Stephen before he asked, "This feeling…you say it makes you feel strong? Supercharged, even?"

Nodding again, Stephen watched as Wong's eyes narrowed – even more than usual – before he lifted a hand and, moving his fingers in a gesture of tracing the mystic symbols in the air, the Asian sorcerer frowned before he whispered, "Oh Stephen, what have you done?"

"What do you mean?"

"My readings tell me that a connection has been formed," explained Wong, his eyes looking past his magic to the Sorcerer Supreme as he explained, "Your life force and your mystic connections, they have been replicated…in short, Doctor…"

"I have a child," said Stephen, his eyes narrowing as he asked, "But when did…oh dear…"

"Stephen?" asked Wong, noticing the man's face pale in a way that hadn't been seen on the Sorcerer's face since the first time since he'd been shown the truth of the power of magic by the Ancient One. "What have you done?"

"Something…something I shouldn't," answered Stephen, rising from his seat while, at the same time, he summoned his cloak to him as he added, "I have to go, Wong: I won't be too long."

"Go where?" asked the other sorcerer.

"Somewhere I've only been once," replied Stephen, lifting his sling ring before carving a portal that seemed to fill with mystical blue light as he explained, "And somewhere I hoped I'd never have to go again."

"Stephen…" Wong began, but before he could finish, the Sorcerer Supreme vanished through the portal, leaving Wong both curious and a little uneasy about the power he'd sensed connecting to Stephen's mystical energy.

If it was anywhere near as powerful as the Sorcerer Supreme himself, then it was essential that they find it and help the owner tame his powers.

The last thing they needed was someone else like Kaecilius…or worse with powers like Stephen's.

Scion of Sorcery

Several minutes after he'd told Sirius his new duty, James watched as the door to the kitchen opened and a smiling, but sweaty Poppy Pomfrey poked her head out; seeing the Marauders standing shoulder to shoulder brought back memories as well as amusement for the matron.

However, she had a duty to take care of and, as she looked to James, she smiled warmly as she said, "Lord Potter, there's someone in here who wants to say hello to you."

With an affectionate pat on the shoulder from Sirius, James walked into the kitchen and, as he did so, his smile widened while he found tears in his eyes as he found himself looking at a sight that was both awe-inspiring and beautiful to behold.

His loving wife, Lily Alexandrea Potter nee Evans, was resting on what looked like a conjured bed, the sheets stained with evidence of her having go through labour while her hair was damp and slick with sweat and perspiration.

Her green eyes, which were one of the few things that had caught James' affection from such a young age, were half-open, but filled with a proud light as she held onto a blanket-wrapped bundle, her pale, sweaty face holding a proud smile as she looked up at him. "Is…isn't he beautiful, Jay?"

Moving towards his wife, James looked at the bundle and, gently pulling back a fold, the big, tough Auror and ex-prankster folded like a house of cards as he looked into the most-beautifully-enchanting pair of emerald-green eyes that he had ever seen, second only to his wife, of course.

Hell, the eyes were possibly even brighter and more empowering than hers, which was saying something.

A tiny bundle of black hair was peppered onto the baby's skull and, as James stared at his child, his soon-to-be-adopted son, it was like a change took hold of him. No longer did he think as a Marauder or a prankster or Gryffindor-bound troublemaker.

No, as he looked into the eyes of his son, James Charlus Potter felt every little bit of his maturity catch up to him as he reached out to Lily, taking the bundle from her arms while, at the same time that James took his son's small, weak frame into his arms, a clock in the kitchen chimed midnight.

"Welcome to the world, Harry James Potter," whispered James, cradling his son to his chest while the tiny boy opened his mouth in a cute yawn before he closed his eyes again.

Leaning over to his wife, James placed a soft kiss against Lily's cheek as he told her, "Well done, Lils: he is beautiful. And those eyes…so much like you, but not."

"Stephen…he also had green eyes…" said Lily, earning a surprised look from James as she went on, "I…I remember Filius telling me once…that a wizard's eyes are more than…than just genetics: the…the brighter their…their colour, the more…more-powerful the wizard is to be inside."

"And if your hormonal times and those miraculous moments are anything to go on, I think my little one's going to be a very powerful little Marauder, don't you think?" asked James, but when he looked up at Lily, he saw that she had succumbed to sleep, earning a small smile from James as he turned and walked out into the lounge, but not before putting a finger to his lips as he saw Sirius and Remus standing in the doorway.

Handing his son to Sirius, who was actually crying at the fact that his honorary brother and sister had created such a beautiful image of a child, James then looked to Albus before his smile faded as he told him, "Lily needs her rest, Albus: can you come back in a couple of days so that we can talk about the other thing that I wanted to talk to you about tonight?"

"Of course, dear boy," replied Albus, smiling warmly as he wiped a tear from his aged face before he added, "Congratulations once again, James: you will make a proud and noble Father, no matter what. And, I know it wasn't planned in any way, but I want to thank you for allowing me to share this proud moment with you and Lily."

Returning the praise with a nod of thanks, James turned and walked back to his two best friends; as Albus went to vanish back through the Floo, however, he took a look at the baby in James' arms, all three of the Marauders gathered around them in a moment that would have looked perfect in a picture.

Smiling softly at the thought of treasuring such a memory, Dumbledore's eyes settled on the infant before he whispered, "So that's what you wanted to talk about, is it? I understand…"

Then, as he vanished through the fireplace to return to his chambers within the school, Dumbledore took a deep breath as he emerged on the other side and, standing alone in his office, he let himself move to the Pensieve where he deposited the memory of those eyes into the pool.

"The Heir of the Sorcerer Supreme," whispered Albus, his voice mixed with pride and hope as he added, "If he's anything like Stephen, I think our world will be in for a surprise."

Lifting himself up again, Albus then drew the Elder Wand from his robes and, looking down at it, he smiled sadly before nodding once.

"It is time," said Dumbledore, his voice laced with a slightly-sorrowful edge as he added, "Your true master needs your gifts…"

As he looked again to the memory of the eyes, Dumbledore's voice became ominous, but strong as he whispered one final message;

"Now…more than ever…"

Wow, so like I said, I used the start of a story I wanted to base on the idea of Doc Strange, but when the inspirations for that one failed me, I decided to dust off the idea and give it new life in this one.

So, it looks like Albus wants to help the Son of the Sorcerer Supreme rather than see him destroyed, but will he still feel that way once Harry James Potter – or rather, Harry James Strange-Potter – comes to the school?

Also, how will Stephen react when he learns about the legacy of the Master of Death and the fact that his son may even best him in terms of magical power?

Keep Reading to Find Out

Next Chapters: As proof of his hope for the future, Albus shares a dark, terrible truth with the Potters, but James has other ideas; also, Lily finds herself on the receiving end of a visit from an old acquaintance whom wishes to keep watch over young Harry…

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