This is just an idea I had earlier this week. "What if my sister and I tried a VR game together?" However, I won't be using our names, lol. :) I hope you enjoy this fun story. I'm listening to "Good Time" by Alan Jackson, "Check Yes or No" by George Strait, "Should've Been A Cowboy" by Toby Keith, and more on Pandora while I write this.


Alexis heard a knock on the front door, and she walked over to open it. The mailman was halfway back to his truck. "Thanks," Alexis said, bending down to grab the box that was delivered. She brought the box inside. "Bella, guess what?" Alexis looked up to find her sister coming out of the kitchen.

"What?" Bella was a 5'5" tall woman with dark red hair, forest green eyes, and lots of curves. She looked at the box in her older sister's hands. "What's in there?"

"You know how I've been wanting to try VR?" Alexis saw her baby sister nod, "Well, I emailed a company about a VR game, and they talked to their Japan counterpart. They sent us both a copy of their VRMMORPG, Sword Art Online." Alexis put the heavy box down on the couch. "They want us to try the game out to see if the game will be a hit in the US." She opened the box with a knife. Inside, were two NerveGear headsets, two games, and a manual. "Wow!"

Bella walked over and looked. "That's some cool stuff!" She glanced at the dog at her feet. He was dancing in place. Checking her phone, she saw it was three o'clock. "Would you take Hoover out? I'll grab us some snacks and then we can start trying it out."

"Alrigh'." Alexis grabbed the halter and leash. She hooked the pug up and slipped some shoes on her bare feet. Out the door she went with the eleven year old dog.

Bella shook her head. She wrote a short note for her mom. 'Lexi took the dog out at 3. We're trying out a new game for a company. We should be out by 6, for Dinner.' She left the note on her mom's computer, and went back to the kitchen. She grabbed two bananas and two sodas, before heading to their room. She set a banana and a soda next to her sister's bed, and placed the others next to her own bed. She went back to the living room to move her computer to the bedroom. They couldn't afford the newer computers of the time, so they all had old computers. Bella then opened her computer. She heard Alexis walk in with Hoover.

Alexis unhooked the leash from the dog and hung it on the back of the door. She scooted the dog out of her way. Reaching for the treats, she gave him one and put the bag to the side. She saw the note on their mom's computer and smiled. Then she grabbed the box that came in the mail. She walked into their bedroom, put the box at the foot of her bed, and grabbed her older computer. It had a disk drive, unlike her newer computer, so that was the one she'd be using.

The sisters set up everything, making sure that the computers were installing the game, and looked at the NerveGear. It had a cord, not to charge it, but to connect to the computer to be connected to the network. Unfortunately, the end of the cord was round, so the only place it could be plugged in was the power slot. "I hope the NerveGear charges the computers," the sisters say at the same time. Then they laughed. They never got over the fact that they sometimes spoke the same thing at the same time. Crossing their fingers, the girls unplugged their computers and plugged in the NerveGear. They open the game on their computers and set up their characters. They snacked as they worked. Then they put on the headset, and had to pat themselves down for 'statistics' the manual said.

Alexis sat down on her bed and looked at her sister. While her little sister was a little heavyset, pale, and average in height, Alexis was different. She was 5'1", had dark brown (almost black) hair and blue-gray eyes (legally hazel, but they change from blue-gray to green-gray to green to blue-green... sometimes brown when angry), olive skin, and she had a tiny upper waist with curves. She was a little overweight, but she was trying to lose twenty pounds to be healthier. Alexis smiled when she noticed that her sister was looking at her. "Ready?"

"Ready," Bella replied. She laid down, and tried to relax. She made sure to select the English language for the game. "Link Start!" Her eyes closed.

Alexis sighed. She read the manual again, and it said to close the game on the computer, but she saw her sister still had hers open. Alexis saw that the computer screen showed her sister looking around at the world. Alexis decided to leave the game open on her computer too... just in case, and she laid down on her bed. She selected 'English' and said, "Link Start!" Her eyes closed, and she was transported to a new world where she hoped to fit in.

I thought about leaving it here, but I just couldn't. :) I'm having fun writing this... and I hope you enjoy reading this!


Chapter 1: SAO

Alexis blinked slowly. The Town of Beginnings was beautiful! She looked around, and her hair fell in her face. The avatar she went with had honey-brown ringlets that fell to the middle of her back, jade green eyes, 5'6" tall, slender form, C-cup breasts, flat stomach, and sun-kissed skin. She wore low-cut hip-hugger jeans, knee-high black boots, and black corset with a cream crop-top/off-the-shoulder shirt over that. Alexis suddenly wondered where her sister was. She walked through the crowd, looking for her baby sister. She passed a guy dressed in all black, and a guy with red hair and a bandana around his head. The guy with red hair was looking at knives. Alexis kept looking, not noticing a few looks from guys here and there. Then she saw her sister. She was at a weapons stall. Alexis ran over, her chest bouncing slightly. "Bella."

Bella turned. "Lexi?! How'd you know it was me?" Her avatar was 5'6" as well, had red-gold hair (super short in back, just below her chin in front, with two longer locks - one on each side), green-gold eyes, and she was curvy (but not as curvy as real life). She was wearing a pale green kimono top, medium brown leggings under a cream knee-length skirt, and she had light armor on.

"Heya. I glanced at your computer screen. Wow! You look good, sis!" Alexis looked her sister over.

"Thanks. Well, in here I go by Ember. What do you go by? And you look good too." Ember took her sister's appearance in. "Simple and flattering."

Alexis smiled. "Thanks, sis. I go by Pyra." She noticed that her sister was holding a glaive, and had knives and a steel fan (called a Battle Fan). She turned to the weapons stall. She found another Battle Fan, and a really beautiful sword. It had a thin, but strong, blade and a hilt that fit her hand perfectly. She tested the weight of the sword. It was a good weight. Pyra paid for the fan and sword and turned to her little sister. "Well, Ember, I need to get a bow and arrows... just in case. Shall we stick together?"

Ember nodded. "Yes, let's. Sisters always stick together." The sisters smiled at each other. Then Ember led Pyra to a stall that held everything she needed. When that was done, the girls went to a field to practice. Ember saw two guys practicing on a wild boar. "Hey, y'all! Can we practice with you?"

The two guys turned, and the one in black blinked his dark eyes. They were slightly taller than him, maybe a few centimeters? He mentally shook his head. "Yes, sure." (To him, they were speaking Japanese... so he didn't think that maybe they might be American) He waved them over, and he told them how to attack, just like he told Klein. "My name's Kirito, by the way."

"I'm Pyra," said the golden-brown haired girl. "And this is my sister, Ember."

The red-gold haired girl waved.

Klein stared at the two girls. "H-hi. I'm Klein." He blushed slightly.

They all practiced how to attack for a little over an hour. The sisters even practiced with their backup weapons. Lying on the ground after that workout, Ember spoke, "So, what are y'all doing after this?"

Kirito replied, "I'm going to continue to level up. Otherwise, I don't have anything else planned."

"I have a pizza coming at 5:30," Klein said.

"We have to leave shortly after that, to make it to Dinner at 6:00," Pyra replied to the readhead.

"Then, you all have a problem," Kirito said, "It's 5:25."

Everyone looked at the clock in their menu. "Ah! My Pizza!" Klein was horrified. "Well, I better go. See you, ladies; Kirito." Everyone waved at him in goodbye. He tried to log out, but the log out button was gone! "What? I can't log out!"

"What?!" Ember and Pyra exclaimed at the same time, jumping up at once.

"That's impossible!" Kirito checked his menu, and the log out button was gone there too.

Everyone looked at each other. "Maybe it's an error?" Pyra offered, worried.

"And maybe they'll send out a system message saying that they will fix it?" Ember finished.

"I don't know," Kirito replied. He looked at his companions, and then they all heard the echoing gongs of a large bell. Then all four of them were surrounded in a bright light, before they were transported to the square in the Town of Beginnings. Kirito looked around in confusion.

Pyra looked around. "What?" Then the sky filled with red 'Warning' tiles that turned to 'System Update'. Pyra looked relieved for a moment until a red liquid dripped from the dome and formed a person.

"Many of you have noticed that the log out option is missing. This is not an error. I repeat, this is not an error. This is all part of my design. I designed a world that only I can control.

AN: Kayaba's speech is the same here as it is in the anime. :) I hope you like the Prologue and first chapter! I'm trying to get back into writing, so please bare with me. The next chapter will be out soon, I hope. This is fun! :D