Warning: This story will have cussing. I'm sorry if that offends you. Also, if you read 'A World Apart', then you know what this very short chapter is about... :(

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Chapter 13: Devastation!

A few days later, Alexis was waiting to hear news about her paternal grandmother, who was having surgery that day back in America. She was currently on her computer, looking up the reviews for the new game that Kirito was trying out. Man, she needed to start using their real names instead, but it was just habit to call them all by their SAO character names.

"Alexis," her dad said, "Your grandmother came out of the surgery just fine. The doctor said that it's looking good."

Alexis smiled. "I'm glad." When he left, she went right back to reading the reviews. She wasn't sure she wanted to play the game, but she could now at least have a knowledgeable talk about the game instead of just sitting there with no clue. Then she turned to playing one of her computer games, just passing the time till Dinner.

A few hours passed, and Tim walked into their house with food and a long face. He gave his wife a sad look which expressed everything he couldn't say in that moment.

"She didn't make it?" The older redhead asked.

Tim shook his head. "It happened about twenty minutes ago."

Alexis and Bella shared a look of shock and sadness, before looking at their dad as he passed out the food. Alexis couldn't believe it! The doctor said that her grandmother's recovery looked good! How dare he say that, and she die afterwards! Luckily, her face didn't show her anger, and fear, only her sadness. After dinner, Alexis ran to her room and fell onto her bed, crying herself to sleep.


The next morning, Klein came to talk to Alexis. He was allowed in, and he asked Alexis, "What happened yesterday? You didn't show up at the party." His English was much better after having studied furiously with Agil.

"My grandmother died yesterday," Alexis said. Her voice came out as a monotone and her face was blank.

Klein frowned, sadly. "I'm sorry, Alexis." She shrugged, and he pulled her into his arms. He tucked her face into the curve of where his neck met his shoulder. It didn't take long before her slight frame started shaking. He rubbed a hand up and down her back, murmuring in Japanese to sooth her.

Tim and Bella watched the couple with sad smiles. It was the first time they saw her cry this hard in years, and they knew that Klein was good for Alexis. Maybe they could all heal from this tragedy. Tim only wished his wife could also see this, but she was at work at the closest hospital.

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