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Summary : "For fuck sake I ride bitch with you! And I hate riding bitch. Fucking hate it!" Juice's face scrunched and a small crease appeared between his eyebrows as he took in Lottie's words. "Jesus I had Jax teach me to ride as soon as possible, I wasn't going to be one of those girls, the ones in the clubhouse who hang off the guys every word. I'm a Teller and I can do anything they can! I ride bitch for no one… but with you… I ride bitch with you. Only you Juice. And that- that means something. So whatever it is, whatever you've done, I'm not going anywhere."

Rated M for language and possible mature content in the future, but if you watch the show you expect that.

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Riding Bitch

Chapter 1 – Homecoming

By Rue Dawn

It was hot in Charming, at least, in comparison to New York it was. A whole ten degrees hotter and Lottie Teller felt every single one of those ten degrees as the sun beat down on her dark black leather jacket. Strolling through the main street of her childhood hometown whilst being cooked to death by the sun hadn't been on her list of things to do today. She'd actually expected to get dropped off at her new apartment and spend the rest of the day unpacking her worldly possessions.

Blowing out a puff of air which made some of her blonde tresses lift and fall to the side she muttered, "Crazy ass taxi driver."

So far she'd managed to avoid her family and their various associates whilst systematically moving herself back into Charming but strolling down Main Street bold as brass, a leather jacket on her back and a cumbersome duffle bag slung haphazardly across her shoulders was certainly a way to get their attention if there ever was one. It was only really a matter of time now, eventually she'd hear the rumble of a Harley Davidson engine and inevitably the biker's eyes would be drawn to the leather clad woman and even if that biker didn't recognise her, he'd be sure to mention it to one that would. Bikers in this town were notorious gossips after all, and nothing really stayed secret for long around the Sons.

She amused herself for a moment imagining what would happen should she be seen by a biker who didn't recognise her. Depending on who he spoke to and what he said, that could be a very explosive conversation. Snorting to herself over the unlikelihood that a biker in this town wouldn't recognise a member of the Teller family on sight, she stepped into a patch of shade and hefted the duffle of her shoulder with a groan, throwing it at her feet. For some reason Main Street was a lot shorter in her memory.

"My, my, my if it ain't little Lottie Teller and one huge ass bag! I didn't realise you were visiting sweet'art." The smooth voice cut straight through Lottie's musing on Main Street, as she turned with a sigh; she'd been hoping to last just a touch longer before she had to have this conversation.

"That's because I'm not." Her voice was resigned, expecting the questions to follow after.

Eyebrows quirked, the dark haired man in the leather bikers cut shifted nervously on his feet, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he approached. "Right. Figures. Your Ma would have mentioned it if she knew. She's always complainin' about how her baby ain't been back in five years." His bright blue eyes pierced straight through Lottie, he'd always been able to read her like a book. "So what exactly are you doin' strolling up Main Street then?"

Lottie ran a hand through her long blonde hair, her sharp blue eyes twinkling with frustration as she clicked her tongue against the top of her mouth. "It would stand to reason I'm heading somewhere don't you think?" She asked smartly.

He let out a light chuckle and fixed her with a penetrating gaze. "Cut the crap kid."

Huffing slightly and crossing her arms over her chest, giving herself the appearance of the moody teenager she'd been five years ago, suddenly feeling that young again before one of the men from her childhood she replied, "I'm moving back Tig."

Tig did his best to control his expression and not let his surprise show. Five years ago he'd been one of the guys that went with Lottie to drop her off at college and he remembered her glee vividly. She'd told him in no uncertain terms just how happy she was to finally be out of 'that shithole' whilst shooting her older brother a steely glare. Back then Lottie had been itching to get out from under her family's careful watch. Back then he would have put money on her never coming back; he'd never been too surprised when Gemma, Lottie's mother, would announce with a frown that once again her daughter wasn't coming home for the holidays. He couldn't imagine what could have happened to bring Lottie to this decision but as he thought about it he realised he probably didn't actually want to know. It was no secret he had a soft spot for the kid and anything that could convince her to move back to Charming couldn't be good.

Pressing his lips together tightly in an attempt to keep the frown off his face he glanced at the bag by her feet. "No one knows then?"

She shrugged. "Not yet." Scowling at the disapproving look she received, Lottie toed the ground with her heavy black boot. "I'm going to tell them." She insisted. "I just thought it would be easier if I got all moved in first, a nice surprise or something."

"Right." Tig was clearly unconvinced. Throwing an amused smirk Lottie's way he grabbed the strap of her duffle in his hand. "Where to kid?"

"It's just up here." She nodded in the direction of her apartment her hair lifting slightly as it was caught by the breeze. "And I can take my own bag."

Lottie reached out to grasp the strap herself but was stopped by Tig who dove in front of it. "Now what kind of gentleman would I be if I let the lady carry her own bag?" He grinned.

Lottie snorted. "You a gentleman? That's a laugh." Smiling despite the annoyance she felt at being found out so quickly she began strolling up the street again, after a few steps she paused and turned. Tig wasn't following her. "You coming or what?"

"Bike." He gestured with his thumb over his shoulder to his Harley.

"Okay." Lottie marched back with a smile, stopping in front of Tig with her hand outstretched.


"Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha."Tig enunciated every sarcastic 'ha' clearly. "Think you're a regular comedian don't you? Not a chance."

"Fine then we walk." Lottie replied with absolute certainty.

"It's been five years." Tig moaned, rubbing a hand over his face in frustration. "You cannot be serious."

Lottie shook her head and rested her previously outstretched hand on her hip, eyes hard. "I don't ride bitch. With anyone."

Tig thought about arguing with her for a second but, recognising the stubborn look on her face as the same one she had always displayed in her youth, he merely ran a hand over his curly black hair and responded with a sigh. "That way?" He nodded in the direction she'd began walking earlier.

Face filled with triumph, Lottie clicked her tongue again; a habit she'd picked up from her brother Thomas when he'd been alive. "Yep. Come on macho man. I'll even let you carry my bag." She teased.

Tig's lips pressed into a rueful grin, she'd clearly played him, she never intended on carrying the bag once he'd offered. Ruffling the hair on her head with his left hand, large rings glinting in the sunlight he muttered, "Good to have you back kid." Before heaving the heavy bag onto his right shoulder, "God damn woman, what you got in here? Bricks or something?!"

"Or something." Lottie replied, a wry smile on her face. Deftly she hooked her arm through

Tig's free one. "Come on Tiggy, I'll show you my new place."

"This place is a fuckin' disaster." Tig's lips curled as he surveyed the complete chaos of the small apartment.

After Lottie had spent a fair few minutes cussing out the dodgy lock on her door which Tig was certain he could have picked faster, they'd finally made it inside only for him to almost trip over a stack of tiny cardboard boxes. The young woman had expertly weaved her way through the chaos, removed the leather jacket and thrown it over a box before collapsing on the faded fabric sofa inspecting the mess with a disinterested gaze.

"Yeah well this time I didn't have my rag-tag bunch of biker movers did I?" She quipped.

"Besides it's not that bad."

Tig snorted as he cautiously began tiptoeing through the apartment towards the couch. "Your mother would have a heart-attack."

Lottie flashed him a wide smile. "My mother wouldn't have ever let it look like this in the first place."

Finally reaching the sofa he flopped down with an exaggerated sigh, dropping the duffle on the wood-panelled floor beside him. "So this is…" Tig frowned as he looked over the apartment again. Honestly it was all right but it didn't really hold a candle to the one he'd moved her into five years ago.

"It's a roof with a kitchen, working toilet and bathroom, one bedroom and this living room. And cheap, dirt cheap." Lottie bit her lip a look of contemplation on her face. "It'll be nice." Her face scrunched as she glanced at the chaos. "Eventually."

Standing up and stretching making her back pop so loudly lesser men would have flinched,

Lottie looked over her shoulder at Tig. "You want a beer?"

"Please." He responded, following her lead and hoisting himself up from the couch.

Whilst Lottie carefully manoeuvred around her boxes in the direction of the kitchen, or so he assumed, Tig took the opportunity to take a further look around the tiny apartment. She'd been spot on in her description; there really wasn't anything besides the living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. Shaking his head when he saw the 'bedroom' consisted of two suitcases, two duffels, a mattress with a thin quilt thrown over it and what was obviously the actual bed frame leant against the wall he wandered back through the assault course to the kitchen.

"You realise the mattress goes on the bed frame right?"

"Listen here nosey." Lottie passed him a beer with a grin. "The second I find those tools I'll have the mattress on a bed frame but for now, no tools means no bedframe. Besides," She took a big gulp of her beer. "The mattress on the floor ain't that bad."

"Lotts you don't even have a pillow!" Tig exclaimed waving a hand for emphasis.

Her electric eyes met his and he was pleased to see their intensity and unique colouring hadn't changed a bit, there was still a mixture of pale blue and white flecks he'd liken to lightning bolts running through them. A small shiver ran down his spine at her intense and earnest gaze. He was suddenly reminded of how young she really was, whether or not her maturity went beyond her years, her eyes held an innocence his hadn't for a very long time.

"Yeah I do. It's in a box." She waved a hand at the mass of boxes which were placed haphazardly on every available surface. "Somewhere."

"Okay that's it." He gulped his beer down before placing the empty bottle in her sink; there wasn't really any other free surface. "I'm going back to the garage, I'm getting my tools and then I'm gonna help you set up."

"You don't have to do that." Lottie bit her full bottom lip.

Tig felt a tug of affection in his heart for the baby of the Teller family; she was never the type to put anyone out even when she truly wanted the help. "Yeah I do." He said striding towards the door. "Don't move, I'll be back."

Lottie snorted. "All right terminator, whatever you say." Eyes widening, she jogged towards the door, careful not to knock into any boxes. Swinging her head out around the doorframe she called after the man strutting down the hallway. "'Ey Tig!" He turned, pausing to look at the small girl, propping the door open with the hand clutching her beer bottle. "Don't tell anyone I'm here right?"

A disbelieving grin wormed its way onto his face and the force of the glare he was met with made him chuckle, throwing his hands up in defeat. "All right, all right, not a word Princess. Promise."

"Thanks." She smiled, waiting for his nod, before going back inside to try and make an actual walkway through the boxes. There was one thing she had always loved about the bikers in Charming; they knew how to keep a secret.

Six hours later and one MC of highly suspicious bikers who were now getting seriously concerned about what Tig's fetishes may entail; Lottie and Tig had finally got her apartment in some sort of order. There were still a few boxes of knickknacks that needed to be emptied out as well as a few boxes of books and DVDs but mostly she was moved in.

Both the biker and the female were exhausted. They flopped down onto the couch with heavy sighs, their entire bodies feeling weighted. "Well, that would have been considerably harder than I thought to do alone." Lottie muttered.

"How the hell do you even have so much stuff?" Tig's eyes were closed as he complained; slightly bewildered at all the junk the young girl had managed to collect. "I don't remember moving half that much junk before."

"It's been five years Tig. I buy things. I like stuff." Lottie cracked one eye open and glanced at the man beside her; he looked beat. "I'll buy pizza for your troubles." She coaxed, feeling a little guilty at taking advantage of his offer of help now.

"With anchovies?" His voice was whiney and childish, Lottie let out a loud laugh as she dialled the phone.

"Yeah, sure. I hope you appreciate this Tig, my apartment is going to stink for weeks now." She tried her best to sound annoyed but she couldn't be truly bothered, the man had wasted a whole day helping her.

As she pushed herself up on the couch ordering pizza, the air in the room seemed to become heavy, she could feel the little hairs on the back of her neck stand up as Tig's eyes opened and met her own. Ending the call with the knowledge that she'd have their pizza in thirty minutes or she wouldn't have to pay for it, Lottie tried to mentally prepare herself for the conversation she had felt coming all day. Her eyes watched Tig carefully as he pushed himself into a seated position. Lottie flicked her long blonde hair over her shoulders so it fell down her back and curled her legs underneath her leaning into the corner of the faded tan couch, getting as comfortable as possible.

For a few moments, neither of them spoke. The air seemed to become thick in a little bubble around them; almost as if the walls were closing in from all sides. Lottie's tongue felt heavy in her mouth it seemed like it had grown two sizes too large in the space of three seconds. Tig twisted one large gold ring around on his finger, his eyes flicking awkwardly from the ring to Lottie a few times before finally settling on the girl.

"So, back to Charming huh?" He began. "What brought that on?"

Lottie laughed the sound wavering slightly with an oddly bitter undercurrent to it. Tig's tongue shot out and wet his bottom lip as he waited, trying to keep his forehead from crinkling as he recognised the tone.

"Mum was right." Something in the way Lottie said it sounded…odd. Not hollow as such more bitter, like the laugh. Yet nothing like that fit, Tig knew for a fact that Gemma hadn't convinced Lottie to come home.

He swallowed, a slow sigh leaving him making the only sound in the room. His eyes assessed Lottie as she fiddled with the hem of her shirt, her head bowed. "Right about what?"

Lottie hesitated, her heart pounding. Pulling her bottom lip between her teeth she shrugged her left shoulder. "Charming is home. I guess I just needed to grow up a little… realise that."

Tig scrunched his eyebrows, tipping his head to the side slightly as he considered her words. "Why haven't you told anyone you're home then?" He asked.

Lottie's eyes snapped up to meet his, her eyebrows were drawn down as if she was turning over a particularly difficult math problem in her mind. "I-"

A shrill bell rang throughout the apartment, Lottie shot to her feet, stumbling and almost losing her footing in her haste to get to the door. "Pizza's here." She mumbled, snatching a purple purse from the table as she went. Tig's muscles tensed as if a weight had been dropped on him, something with Lottie seemed… off somehow.

A few moments later a box was dropped on his lap the heat of it warming his old jeans and a beer was placed in front of him on the recently assembled coffee table. Lottie tucked a strand of long, golden blonde hair behind her ear as she settled into the sofa again. Once she'd placed her own box on her lap she busied her hands, removing a slice of pizza, pushing away the cheese which stretched between the slice and the box. "I just need to work out how to explain things first." She said before taking a bite. "Jesus that's hot!"

"Explain what?" Tig asked his voice light as he began eating his own pizza. "You just call and say, hey mom I'm coming home. How hard can that be?"

Lottie chewed slowly, swallowed and responded. "It's not that bit. It's the bit that comes after."

"What's the worst that could be? At most she's going to want to know where you live, where you work and why you moved back."

Lottie's blonde hair bounced and swayed slightly as she nodded, picking up another slice.

"Sure, but it's not that simple. It never is with mom."

"True that." Tig grinned and his shoulders slumped, feeling light again. "Your mother is a very opinionated woman; she'd probably complain whatever school you're teaching at isn't good enough." Reaching a hand out, he grasped his beer and took a long swig.

"I'm not teaching."

Tig's eyes flew open and his upper body pitched forwards, the beer bubbling in his mouth pushing forcefully against his lips as he struggled to keep them closed. Gulping down the frothy liquid he turned his head to face Lottie. "What the hell do you mean you're not teaching? What did you go to god damn college for if not to teach?!"

"See that-" Lottie pointed one delicate, feminine finger at him accusingly. "That is the reaction I'm afraid of."

"Well no wonder." Tig hastily threw his pizza box on the table, turning fully to face Lottie who hadn't moved an inch and didn't seem to think her throwing away her college education was a big deal in the slightest. "I remember the arguments Lotts. You picked New York to get away from us 'criminals'." He used his fingers to make air quotes around the word. "To be completely unassociated so that you wouldn't get caught up in anything to stop you from teaching. I remember exactly what you went through to make sure that happened; hey I was even supportive of it. Better that than-"

A sharp glare which made him feel like ice was running down his spine cut him off. "Yeah all right, let it go I know."

"You haven't-"

"No I haven't told anyone, look that's not the point. The point is I remember how desperate you were to get away from Charming. How desperate you were to do that job, and now you're suddenly coming home and apparently no longer a teacher. Nah." He shook his head, strands of his black hair stinging his cheeks. "Doesn't make sense."

"It makes perfect sense." Trying to ignore the harsh pounding in her head and the speedy thump of her heart Lottie fiddled with the crust of her last slice, picking bits of the bread off and dropping them in the box. "It didn't work out for me; I didn't like it as much as I thought I would." She pulled a particularly large piece of crust off, her pale hand flew out of control slightly, the back of it hitting the sofa. "I trained in something else and came home."

"Something else?" One side of Tig's mouth scrunched and his eyebrows pulled into a frown.

"Mmmhm." Lottie's eyes met his for the first time since she'd admitted to the job change. "Dental hygienist."

Tig snorted. "You hate the dentist."

"And now I work for one." Lottie grinned, the expression looking anything but happy. "Funny how life works isn't it?"


"Look, isn't it enough to say I wasn't happy and now I am. There done." Lottie's shoulders hunched and she slid the pizza box onto the table bringing her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them.

"Lottie." Tig's head gave a slow shake from side to side, his eyes clouded and dark apart from a small spark of emotion. "He's not coming back to Charming."

"Oh for god's sake!" Lottie groaned, dropping her head onto her knees. "This isn't about him Tig." She lifted her face, looking him directly in the eye. "That was never more than what it was. This is precisely why we didn't tell anyone you know?"

"I'm just looking out for you." He ran a hand through his curly black hair. "Giving everything up for him would be stupid."

Lottie smirked. "Yeah I know, I promise, this isn't about that." She stretched out again leaning back against the couch and splaying her arms out to the side. One tiny pale hand rested on his creating quite a contrast with his tanned skin. The soft pads of her fingers brushed against the back of his hand, so lightly he almost couldn't feel it through his thick skin. "It's about me being happy. I'm happy in Charming."

"Okay doll." He moved his hand, flipping it to grasp hers, squeezing gently. "Whatever you say."

"You tell your mom soon okay sweets? And make sure you don't mention I knew first. I don't want Gemma on my ass." Tig's lips were pulled into an easy grin as he stood in the doorway to Lottie's apartment later that evening.

Although he'd never admit it, Tig had enjoyed spending a night catching up with Lottie and laughing over things that had happened in both their lives a lot more than he would have enjoyed a night in the clubhouse surrounded by croweaters. Lottie had become a bit of a pseudo daughter to him over the years and he was filled with a warm sense of happiness to finally have her home.

"Yeah, yeah I know." Lottie rolled her blue eyes, a lazy smile on her face as she leant against the wall with her arms crossed over her chest.

Pointing one finger at her Tig replied. "I mean it Baby Teller. You tell her soon."

"I will!" Lottie sounded a little indignant at not being believed in the first instance. "Just give me a few days all right?"

Nodding in acceptance Tig reached out an arm and caught Lottie's small shoulder with one rough hand, pulling her into a tight hug. "Missed you around here B."

"Don't do that Tig. Don't start the Baby Teller, B, BT, thing up again. It'll never go away." Lottie pulled back, her eyes trying to convey a sense of threat but looking far too warm to really hold much sway.

Tig chuckled, pressing a soft kiss to her temple. "To some of us you'll always be Baby Teller. Sorry sweetheart." That said, he released Lottie from his grasp and stepped out of the door. One last "Soon!" making it through before the door banged shut behind him.

Letting out a heavy sigh Lottie turned back to the apartment, picking up two boxes she'd left to the side full of knickknacks, she walked from the door to the living room and began to put the personal touches on her new home.

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