Astrid freezes. Hiccup feels his body flush cold at the sudden interruption as he leans half naked against his desk.

A flurry of hands and feet blur around the desk as Astrid snatches up clothing and hurriedly attempts to dawn her garments before the interrupter makes their way through the door. Hiccup is slow to the pitch, hopping around the corner of the desk and plopping himself into the chair and ruffling some additional papers over his desk to look busy. Astrid skips applying her leggings but manages to fit her skirt around her waist well enough to be acceptable if need be and cover her chest with her shirt before ducking underneath the desk. His prosthetic clatters against the side of the desk as Astrid rounds the corner and ducks under the desk.

A flash of blonde hair over Hiccup's lap disappears just as the heavy, dark oak door to his study is thrown open.

"Hiccup!" Tuffnut screams as if they were flying in formation.

Hiccup winces at the loud, buoyant personality entering without knocking or otherwise being considerate of the smallish space. "Uh… Yes, Tuff?" Hiccup chokes out, vainly preferring to not engage.

"You've got to do something about Ruff. The woman's gone loony," Tuff rants.

Hiccup gives him a confused look, "What now?"

Astrid crosses her legs under his rather sizeable diskspace, coming to a comfortable seat in front of her lover. She pauses a moment as she listens to the conversation, but a wry grin spreads over her face as she realizes the extent of Hiccup's predicament.

"She's taken over the house for her musical project! I have no space, no sleep, and no privacy!" Tuffnut continues.

Hiccup shakes his head and snorts loudly, "Ha! Wait, so you aren't involved in the latest debauchery?" A relieving grin graces Hiccup's perturbed mood. "Well, that is news." He pauses a moment as he sits back in his chair and recognizes Tuffnut seeming to give no ground. Hiccup throws his hands up in an exacerbated dissuasion, "She's your sister. The only one as crazy as her is you. If anyone can figure out a contrived plan to shut her out, it is you."

"It's been three days," Tuffnut responds flatly with a flaccid look, unswayed by Hiccup's argument.

Hiccup pauses in thought, considering the circumstances. "You look better rested than, 'Not having slept,'" Hiccup observes pointedly.

Astrid fingers creep up Hiccup's leg.

"I slept outside!" Tuffnut yelps back in response.

Hiccup muses again, trying to find a way to disengage, or at the very least, deal with it later. He opens his mouth to start but is distracted by a tug at his softening schlong as Astrid's fingers finish their deliberate creep up his thighs and reach his undergarment.

Hiccup stutters. Tuffnut squints at him.

"Ah… Sh- Have you tried reasoning with her?" Hiccup responds detractedly.

Tuffnut's face sours immediately, clearly irritated, and unsatisfied with Hiccup's curt and shortsighted response.

"Ohh-kayy. Uh, what about outdoing her? Hmm? You love doing obnoxious stuff like that." Hiccup attempts to recover his reasoning against the warm, wet slip of Astrid's lips over his member. He catches eyes with her as she tips her head sideways with his cock in her mouth to keep under the desk.

Tuffnut's eyes roll with his head, "You think I haven't already tried that?!" Tuffnut stamps the ground fervently. "She's completely engrossed in this thing! It's her baby! She's only put it down to eat, I doubt she's even slept." Tuffnut sounds with a deep frustration.

"Okay? I mean, maybe it's something she just needs to work through. Give her time." Hiccup attempts again.

"For what? It's a passing fascination! It isn't some deep-seated holdover from our childhood!" Tuffnut throws his hands up in defiance of Hiccup's latest poor attempt of decoupling from the situation.

"Well, maybe it is."

Tuffnut looks at him blankly. "What the fuck does that mean? It's just some stint!"

Astrid snorts loudly, attempting to choke back an ironic laugh before she heartily throats him again.

Hiccup shrinks, his diaphragm contracting as he too tries to stifle a laugh and cover Astrid's prominent utterance.

Tuffnut looks at Hiccup in confusion, lost as to what the hell just happened in Hiccup's mind and whatever that other sound was. "What?"

Hiccup sees no out but a last throw of the dice. He picks up his leg, upsetting Astrid by forcing her to withdraw as he clips his amputated leg around the edge of the desk and slaps it down on the tabletop. "Can it wait, at least?" he says exasperatedly.

Tuffnut grunts heartily and begins storming out of the room angrily, "Fine."

A brief pause as Tuffnut leaves with the door still ajar.

Hiccup sighs loudly, then glances down at Astrid. "Really?"

She finishes a lap up his shaft and flicks his thigh without responding, a curt grin spread widely over her face. Her fingers wrap around his shaft and massage upward, pulling him toward her lips.

Hiccup coos at the pleasurable sensation of his skin being fondled so erotically.

A brief flick of her tongue over his head broaches her response, "What? So, I'm still horny. You didn't cover yourself; you can't blame me."

Hiccup laughs, "No, I mean my leg! Did you really have to take my prosthetic, again?"

Astrid shrugs, "Hey, it got you out of that conversation."

"Yeah, we know that now!" Hiccup's voice jumps humorously, "That had nothing to do with you crippling me."

Astrid corkscrews her hands up his shaft in a long, measured drag. She dips her head down to let his heavy mass rest against her head as her tongue coats over his balls, "Oh, so you're not interested?" Hiccup can see her making a pouting, cutesy face from the divided view of her face.

"Ohhh, no. Don't play that card!" Hiccup disputes loudly, "You can't even l-"


Hiccup feels his spine shiver irritably again as yet another intruder seeks him out, his expression souring sharply.

His gaze sweeps up to the open door, then back down to Astrid, who clearly remains intransigent as she continues stroking him and nibbling at the base of his shaft intently.

Hiccup groans loudly in anticipation of yet another unwanted conversation.

Fishlegs strides in swiftly. "We're out of iron!"

Without pause, another "Hiccup!" call sounds through the hall into the room.

Hiccup facepalms without restraint. Astrid tips her head forward and absorbs his head under her lips. His legs flex under the desk.

"The twins are late again." Gobber steps through the doorway with his own temper. "I told em' two days ago that if they're that irresponsible again that you'd be doing something special about it. Are you going to follow through this time?"

Hiccup looks at Gobber strangely, "What? What did they do this time?"

Fishlegs pivots to Gobber as he explains, "They've been building some lopsided contraption on the other side of the island."

Hiccup frowns as he struggles to ignore Astrid's sensual advances, his skin beginning to tingle and tense under her touch despite the divisive attentions.

"Ehh, what? Tuff was just in here complaining about Ruff doing something in their house? What are they actually doing?" Hiccup squeezes his words out quizzically.

Fishlegs turns back to Hiccup, interjecting the conversation with his own fervor, "I assured Heather and Dagur a new set of iron axes. They were due two days ago."

"Chief, ya' gotta handle them. We can't be this exposed when they get up to their shenanigans!" Gobber continues complaining about the Twins.

Hiccup scruffs his unkempt hair in frustration. "Enough!" The pair in front of him stand straight, caught off-guard by Hiccup's aggressive call. "I'm busy now. Come back later."

"The door was open. And som-" Gobber starts, but Hiccup cuts him off quickly.

"It shouldn't be! Yet another thing Tuff is responsible for." Hiccup huffs irritably, "Come back later. I have my own shit to deal with."

Fishlegs frowns at Hiccup. Gobber begins complaining, looking over his disheveled desk, "You aren't doing anything… meanwhile we've bee-"

Hiccup returns a stalwart frown at the two of them, further upset with the apparent obviousness of his papers strewn over the desk. Gobber stops.

A moment of silences passes between the three, as unbeknownst to the stocky pair, Astrid wraps her hands around Hiccup's shaft in a calculated stroke. Hiccup's eyelids fade back and his face drops.

Hiccup covers his face, resting his elbows on his desktop, "Later."

The pair stand silently for a moment. Hiccup's head shifts downward, looking into his lap in an outward depressive mood. An uncomfortable, uncertain pause passes as the two decide how to respond while blue and green eyes meet silently under Hiccup's veil of hair and fingers.

Fishlegs is the first to turn, shortly followed by Gobber who kindly closes the door behind him.

Blue and green eyes remain locked as Astrid works another massage up his length, sucking in his head once more with a deliberate twitch. Hiccup pushes away from the desk and Astrid inches forward from under the desk. His breathing deepens, growing heavy as he feels Astrid effectively drop the walls around him in their welcome privacy.

Astrid tips her head back as she pressures her head down his mass, cupping his balls as she feels them withdraw.

Hiccup's head stirs in an overwhelming sensation of pleasure from his waist. Astrid's lips touch against his hips, hold for a brief moment, then recede to his head. Her hands follow swiftly, wrapping around his base and corkscrewing up behind her lips.

Hiccup's head rolls around absently.


Hiccup slaps the desk immediately in a fit of frustration.

The door beings to open and Hiccup preempts any further interruption. "Not now! Go away!"

The door stops as the actor considers their options. Hiccup doesn't hesitate. He picks up the nearest solid object and flings it at the door. The straightedge bounces off the door with a light thump. A fraction of a second passes as the door closes in as much as of a hurry as Hiccup hoped for.

His eyes meet with Astrid's. She raises her brows in a surprised interest at his energy.

His toothy grin answers her puzzling over the door's status, though his aim was sourced from his nearing climax and not so the state of the door.

Astrid's lips pop off his head as she continues massaging his hardened staff. "Oh, well so much for another interruption," her teeth brush against the underside of his head as she grins cheekily.

Hiccup grunts in response, rolling into a groan as he is continually lost in the sensation of Astrid teasing his climax far more so than satisfaction over privacy. "Woman," he grits in response to her continued teasing.

Astrid's eyes widen briefly, "Yes, Babe? You… want something?"

Hiccup's eyes roll and flutter. His teeth grit together.

"Can I… do something… for you?" Astrid staggers her words between taunting nibbles.

A hand combs through her hair as his emerald eyes look into her intensely. A firm grip pulls her head backward.

Astrid's lips purse gratefully. She springs up slightly, feeling the joyous pain sweep through her scalp and down her back. A brief moment passes before Astrid corrects him tastefully, "I can't continue if you keep holding me back."

His grip relaxes. Her head bobs forward.

Astid's lips seal around his head and her grip around his shaft narrows. Her fingers stroke up and down with a growing pace, coaxing his seed forward into her waiting mouth.

Hiccup's breathing heats rapidly as his eyes fade in and out of connecting with hers while his climactic waters ebb and flow around in his head.

A long, firm stroke up his shaft finishes the job – Hiccup groans longly as a flood of euphoria wraps around his head and his cum shoots into Astrid's mouth. His fingers grope lazily into her hair, then suddenly push her down, forcing his throbbing staff into her throat.

Astrid obliges, albeit with some disappointment with only a few spurts floating around in her mouth. She rolls her head around as he continues throbbing in her throat.

A few seconds pass and his grip slackens, eyes fluttering open. Astrid stays down for a moment, then pulls off and swallows noticeably. Her lips press against the underside of his head and her tongue flicks against his mass.

His eyes meet with hers.


Hiccup hums in agreement, nodding his head lackadaisically.

"Good." She stands swiftly. "You ready for another?" she asks rhetorically, not anticipating an answer, nor planning for one.

A quick flick of her wrist drops her skirt to the floor. Straddling him, she sweeps in over him, rubbing her valley against his slightly softer mass. Hiccup's head tips back against the chair languidly.

"Mm.." Astrid muses over her inner desire and Hiccup's slow response.

She backs away, pushes his chair farther from the desk, then backs into his lap. Hiccup finally catches on and sits up straight, a hand against her side and the second on the armrest. Astrid feels around behind her, searching for his schlong before catching the protrusion and guiding him into her.

Hiccup's free hand presses against his staff, supporting himself as Astrid pushes him into herself at a comfortable pace.

She grits her teeth as the initial pain washes over her. Her eyes cross as the pain dissipates to pleasure. A long gasp flows from her throat as she finishes lowering herself onto him. His hands grasp her sides enthusiastically.

Astrid chuckles to herself, then turns to him partway, "Oh? Now you want to play?" she taunts him. Hiccup pauses, unsure if she wants to lead or follow.

Her weight settles on him fully, then fades as she lifts herself. Repeat. Question answered.

Astrid continues with a slow, deliberate pace – the pleasure and intermittent spikes of pain initially almost too overwhelming to pursue aggressively. Occasional grunts and moans trickle from her mouth as Hiccup gently holds his ground on her sides.

Her pace gradually quickens, stuttered by attempts to find a new, comfortable angle to stroke herself over his erection.

Hiccup notes her poor pacing and recognizes a point where he knows her better than she knows herself.

His grip on her side tighten after several more attempts fail to bear her expectations. He strains his body, flexing into her as he attempts to press her toward the desk and rise from the chair using his one leg and free arm to lift himself.

Astrid immediately hums as she feels Hiccup's girth press into her warmly. She shuffles forward toward the desk in conjunction with Hiccup's guidance.

Reaching the desk Astrid swipes away a flurry of papers. Hiccup stands to his full height while tediously balancing on one leg and leans into her, pressing her to the desk and filling her cavity graciously.

Astrid's eyes roll up into her head as her breasts plaster against the lukewarm mixture of wood and parchment on the desk. Hiccup leans into her and palms the desk to support himself as he begins stroking himself within her depths.

A sharp, "Oh!" sprouts from Astrid's lips unexpectedly as Hiccup presses himself back into her in a smooth stroke. He freezes, fearing having stepped afoul and pushed too far too quickly.


She preempts his inevitable concern with an energetic and hearty, "No, no! Keep going!"

Hiccup returns to his pacing, firmly stroking his mass through her in long measures.

Astrid's chest rises and falls against the desk in long, heavy heaves as her head swims. Her fingers wrap around the far edge of the desk, her legs spread unevenly over floor beside the desk. Hiccup's smooth movements dip suddenly as Astrid's shift causes him to lose balance.

Hiccup reaffirms his tall stature with a firm tug on the desk, then continues the moderate angle with a deep penetration as Astrid's body falls farther to the desk and drops asymmetrically, throwing off his balance again.

Astrid's body suddenly tenses, legs striking a straight-line flex as her arms pull her forward on the desk.

Hiccup freezes a moment again concerned over misstepping, but quickly recognizes her orgasm as an uncoordinated jumble of groans and moans pour over the desk and onto the floor. He feels a drip of fluid against his leg. Her body seizes, back to front, in a series of waves seemingly disjointed with her audible pleasure. Hiccup can see her arms whiten as they press against the desk emphatically, shaking under the intense floods of chemicals surging over her body.

Astrid's legs suddenly snap straight again in a rapid moment of clarity with a sonorous inhale. Hiccup groans, gritting his teeth as he begins having greater difficulty restraining himself against the provocative onrushing feeling of her walls tightly collapsed around him. His grip on her waist tightens to a fever pitch as his release builds up against his mental wall and bursts through.

Hiccup pounds himself into her in a frenzied flurry of his hips, still gripping onto her waist accurately as his cum pours into her.

Astrid hums steadily as she feels herself warm internally. Her head tips to the side and she looks at him through hazy eyes.

Hiccup shakes his head side to side, unkempt brown hair fluttering over his forehead as his head clears and eyesight clarifies.

His fingers scrape against Astrid's scalp in a loving grope of her silky hair. Astrid's nostrils flair.

An unusual silence purveys the room.

A minute passes in silence as the two disconnect and scrape together their articles of clothing from around the desk.

Astrid's lips purse tightly as they coincidentally turn and bump into each other face to face. Hiccup grins down at her, taking the care to brush a disordered clump of hair from her eyes.

Astrid grins at his attention to detail and caring. Hiccup brushes his forehead against hers and sighs heavily.

Picking up on his returning anxiety, Astrid runs a hand through his fuzzy hair. "Y'know, the sun is still low in the sky. We could still call it a morning flight if we duck out quickly," Astrid suggests a loophole to escape his duties for some more time together.

Hiccup's brow lifts, glad to have something else to hang onto other than dealing with the chaos and distemper of the twins and the busywork of Fishlegs. "Mm, yes. Let's go, quickly before someone else wants something."

Astrid presses a finger to his chest and gently pushes him backwards a step. "Mnnn, race ya!" and she darts out of the room in a flash, leaving Hiccup a step behind.