This is my first time writing a drabble,i attempted to write a stroy before but i had a hard time writing it,i couldn'think of a way to write myself into naruto of all things(i was not going to be a ninja,i was to be a summon),I might retry it someday. anyway,this story will be harry potter and the nightmare before christmas crossed over with other things lightly mixed in,examples include coraline, paranorman, scary godmother, and other things if it fancys my muse.

The first thing Harry Potter remembered of his life was an Evil Laugh. Even now, years later, the Evil Laugh was clear and distinct,if he ever heard it again he'd recognize it anywhere. The second thing he remembered was a color,green. After reaching hogwarts and learning of the killing curse,harry would realize it wasn't a spell he saw,it was cloth. when he saw the sorting hat for the first time he was startled,the hat reminded him of his early memories,of that green cloth,of a face made of cloth,a face the sorting hat reminded him strongly. As he though of the green cloth,his mind played the sound of that Evil Laugh.