Short story to inspire further fanfiction from others

Josh as the Antagonist

Brittany kissed Josh and said "I love you Josh" Josh smiled and said " Yeah, I know" as Whittany watched this her hands became fists. She hated Josh. He was a jerk she often noticed him acting egotistical in a bad way, flirting with other girl, and worst demeaning her sister.

When Whittany first told Brittany how her boyfriend was a complete jerk Brittany said " I know he a bit of a hard headed guy but I love him Whittany.. Please support me. Don't ruin this for me". Whittany tried to support the relationship but Josh kept on and on. He even tried to cheat on Brittany with Blythe. Luckily Blythe was actually cooler the she had though because Blythe rejected him out of respect for Brittany.

Today would be different though. Whittany had been following Josh. She had recorded his fliting and other behavior Brittany had not heard. Even a piece about how he hated her and was just using her for money and intimacy.

Whittany prepated her items. She wanted to see the look on his face after she outed him as the jerk he was. She went out to Josh's room that her sister had given him as a gift from daddy. She knocked and the freeloader Josh opened the door.

Whittany confronted Josh. Josh looked at her and said "Uhhh hello?" And Whittany responded "I know what your up to Josh" saying his name with complete disgust. "Oh, is that so? What exactly am I up to?" Asked Josh without a care in the world. Whittany said "Just that you are a creap who is cheating on my sister". He got up way in her face saying " Prove it!"

Whittany smiled and reached on her pocket. Josh gad a bewildered look on his face saying "You $&#&" as she took out the recorder and played the tape. After playing the tape Whittany said " I suggest you never speak to Brittany again. " she had a smile on her face until Josh started laughing obnoxiously saying " You're an idiot" Whittany replied "I'm smart enough to get you out of our lives" She laughed but stopped as he approached her.

Josh grabbed Whittany's arm saying " But not smart enough to keep your mouth shut" and as Whittany opened her eyes wide Josh threw her to the ground and took the evidence. Whittany had a bruised arm and hit her head. Whittany said "ow" quietly as Josh said "If you need me I'll be making out with your sister" as he left the room.

You decide the rest...