Two Lonely Souls ch. 1

Waking up to a cold, hard floor of my apartment is nothing new and I gotten used to over the last eight years with my mother whoring herself to anyone that pay enough for her next fix while my sperm donor's playing house with my step-monster. The last time that I heard from him was when I was six, yelling at Ma that he didn't want to continue being somewhere that he was miserable but I knew that real reason that he left was because he couldn't stand looking at me. He despises me because of something that I couldn't control because I came out the way that I did, a freak or monstrosity or any of the names that he spat at me over the years but he left without a word or looking back but I couldn't care one way or another because I know what I am.

My only salvation during all of this is my music or else I would've cracked a long time ago but one day I'll show him, I'll show them all that I mean something, that I'm worth something but until then, I'll bide my time. I pushed myself off of the floor, stretching my arms over my head effectively cracking my back when I hear someone banging on front door, opening it to see the sleazy landlord Mr. Davis with his dirty yellow tool belt around his potbelly and his Yankee ball cap over his receding hairline. I hate this guy because he's always coming around looking to see if he get a glimpse of Ma because he has a thing for her and the only reason why he hasn't kicked us on our ass is because I'm sure that she's sleeping or at least blowing the guy. He thinks that he can treat his tenants any kind of way and say whatever he wants but I haven't knocked his blocked off yet because I prefer not to be living on the streets but I'm starting to rethink my decision.

"What ya want, Davis?" I asked frowning.

"Is your mother home? She owes me rent for last month and this month" Davis said adjusting his pants.

"She's not here but I tell her that you stopped by" I said attempting to close the door in his face but he stops it.

"But why don't we handle that minor problem, just the two of us" Davis said chuckling perversely.

"Look I don't know what you think is going to happen but I'm going to stop you right now before I catch a case cause unlike Ma, I'm not a whore so you better turn right now and go back to the hole that you crawled out of" I said slamming the door in his face.

I shake my head so I go back into my room to get ready for school before grabbing a banana then heading out the door, heading for the shithole with a bunch of shitheads or preppy rich kids with silver spoons in their mouths. The only reason why I go to Barden High is because I score on my IQ tests and going there on a full scholarship but it fill of rich kids whose parents used their money to get their 'prodigal' child in but I'm not there to impress anyone. Once I graduate, I'm buying a one way ticket to LA to start my career as DJ without looking back as I walked on campus to see kids pulling up into the parking in their expensive car, wearing latest clothes when I'm pushed back to see that I'm standing in front of Tom Chatsworth, captain of the guys' basketball team.

God, here we go. I hate this guy with a passion as he finds a reason to bother me just because he can and he's a big deal at this school but I could care less but the only reason why he messes with me is because we have history together and no, we didn't date. The basketball player and I went to middle school together before his Dad's company grew and he had a crush on me back then but I turned him down because I didn't like him like that but he didn't take it too well and it didn't help that there was a crowd while this was going on. It wasn't my fault he got embarrassed and his friends clowned him for it but from that day on, he made it a point to make a life at school a living hell making up rumors about me, pranking me.

"Hey freak" Tom sneers.

"Sup dipstick, sported a brain yet" I asked coolly.

"You wanna repeat that again" Tom said through gritted teeth.

"Don't tell me that you misplaced your hearing your hearing as well as your intelligence. I'm starting to think that you have more air between your ears than the basketball you play with" I said smirking.

His friends snickers behind him as his anger radiates off him in waves, grabbing me by the collar of my red plaid shirt as he cocks his arm back to strike me before his fist could connect with my face, I easily redirect the punch then sweeping his feet up under him. Tom landed hard on his butt as I quickly make my way inside before his friends could realize what was going on as they help their oh-so fearless leader onto their feet, making my way towards my locker when someone calls out. I turned to see that it's some guy with a goofy smile on his face but I could remember his name but I know that he's in the AV club as he makes his way towards me.

"Dude, what you did out there was amazing. I'm Jesse Swanson by the way" Jesse said holding his hand out.

I look down at the offer hand before looking up at Jesse with a raised eyebrow as he quickly realize that I wasn't going to shake his hand, redrawing it and stuffing it in his pockets. He doesn't seem to be bothered that I didn't shake his hand as the goofy smile stay plastered on his face and I continue walking down the hall but he walks in step with me, talking about how I stood up against Tom and his lackey and how I should join the AV club.

"Okay look, I'm not interested in joining the AV club or any clubs for that matter so you can run along to the next one"

"I'm sorry but I've seen you around and you never hang out without anyone so I just figure that-"

"That you try making friends with the school's biggest loser but news flash, I'm not here to make friends and if I was, you wouldn't be my first pick for that matter so later" I said walking away from him.

"I'm not many people's first choice but I think that you can learn to like me and to be honest, I don't think that your this school's biggest loser but if you were then we're in the same then. Us losers should stick together" Jesse said wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

"You just don't quit do you?" I asked frowning.

"No, no I do not" Jesse said grinning.

I groaned as I walked to my locker and I could tell that this was going to be a long day.

I woke up to the sunlight seeping in through my blinds as I stretch, yawning into my hand when my door is opened by my older sister Candace walking in with her eyes and hands glued to her phone. I rolled my eyes because the only time she comes in my room is to take yet another one of my shirts that she wants to wear without asking but I know that there's no point in telling not to because she's just going to do anyways and she's my ride to school. Oh my name's Chloe Beale by the name. As to why I don't have a car of my own so I can drive myself to school is because my parent don't see the point in giving me a car cause when my sister goes to college in the fall, they're giving me her old Honda Accord so they can give her a new one.

You see Dad is a brain surgeon and Mom is a Engineer for Microsoft and they're normally too busy with work to be interested in their children's lives. There was an array of nannies coming and going before they thought that Candace was old enough to watch me and Charlie but she would have her friends, leaving me to take care of the house. I think at some point she grew to resent me because she would have to bring me along with her, trying me like I was a burden and the main reason why she couldn't do everything that she wanted to do. I climb out of bed when I'm tackled by my little sister Charlotte who honestly is the only one in my family that seems to care about me as I scoop up in my arms, ruffling her messy red mane as she giggles.

"Ready for the last day of school, Charlie?" I asked kissing her button nose.

"Yeah" Charlie said grinning.

"Lets get ready and I'm going to let you pick your outfit"

"Yay!" Charlie said jumping out of my arms.

"Just make sure that you and the brat are ready or I'll leave the both of you here" Candace said leaving without a single glance.

I rolled my eyes as I search through my closet for something to wear when my phone dings and I open it to see that I have two massages from my boyfriend Tom and my best friend Aubrey. I read Bree's message first to see that she's telling me that that the school is talking about Tom getting into with Beca Mitchell again and I couldn't help but shake my head because it's always the same things between those two as it's almost like he's obsessed with her. I can't see why every time conversation that I see to have with him leads to the brunette in one way or another but he needs to get over it his vendetta against her. If I'm honest with myself, I'm not all that into Tom and the only reason why I'm within him is because he's familiar but I'm not happy with him cause he's rather bored and the sex isn't all that great either. I open the message from the basketball player to see that he's asking me to go to the end of the year party with him and that we need to talk as I raise an eyebrow at the 'we need to talk' part cause I don't have a good feeling about that. I can tell that this is going to be a long day but I get the feeling that tonight might be the start of something that may change my life.

~Nicole The Dragon Rider signing off

End of ch. 1