Two Lonely Souls ch. 17

I was excited when Beca asked me to help her paint her little brother's room because it's been nearly a week since the last time that we've gotten to hang out but I'm a little disappointed that it's not just the two of us. Beggars can't be choosers. I still get to spends with Becs and that's what matters. When I arrive at the alt girl's apartment, the AV club are already, dressed in t-shirts and shorts with the badass in a grey coveralls with the sleeves tied at her waist, revealing a black tank top that shows off the muscles in her arms. I didn't realize that I was staring until Cynthia-Rose physical close my mouth for me with a knowing look on her face before handing me a paint roller, noticing that there was tarps covering the floors. I got to work, dripping the roller into the paint then applying it to the wall and it takes me nearly twenty to cover it in a nice even coat before applying an second coat when I feel someone next to me to see that's Beca.

She manage to get some of the paint on her pants and there was even a smudge on her cheek as I reach to wipe it away with a paper towel. Her cheek turn pinkish as she mutters her thanks under breath and to keep up the god job then moving to bark order Jesse and Luke who look like they were getting paint more on themselves than the walls. We take a breath from painting so the paint could dry before adding designs onto when Stacie and Shelia show with several brown bags filled with Chinese food before the guys and I dig into it. The leggy brunette sits down next to the song-writer, pulling out a moist towelette to wipe away the paint smudges while the shorter girl looks at her with adoring look on her face. I'm glad that the science nerd found someone that truly cares about her, not just about her outer beauty and from the conversations we had over the phone, I suspect that she might be falling for the musician.

My friend deserves every happiness that the world has to offer after going through what she went through with her parent and finding somewhere were she can be happy. As Beca sits down next to me with a spring roll hang out of her mouth before handing me a carton of lo mein, a couple of spring rolls, and a can of Coke and I couldn't help but smile because I know that I'm slowing break down the walls guarding her heart. I lean over to press a lingering kiss against the alt girl's cheek which makes her turn red as some of the guys teases her about before flipping them the bird with scathing glare. Once lunch was eaten and thrown away, we got back to work with Benji supervising the vision that he and the tiny DJ had came up with as he gives us cut outs and spray paint cans to use. I notice that the theme was music and I know that this kid is going to grow up with a deep love of music if their big sister is going to have anything to say about it as it was getting late with the guys trickling out of the apartment.

I was completely covered in paint but I have to say that I'm feeling rather proud of the work that we've done today as I turn to see Beca standing in the front of the room with her thinking face on. She moves to make sure that the room is ventilated and the fan is on before turning around to see me watching as I feel a little embarrassed that she had caught me staring at me with a raised eyebrow. The alt girl moves to close the door behind us to notice that she's covered in paint but it adds to her sexiness and before I could stop myself, I have the smaller girl push up against a wall with our lips pressed together in a heated kiss. Tongues fighting for dominance as we blindly make our way to the bedroom which the tiny DJ stops us, suggesting that we should cool off by taking a shower which I suggest that we could shower to save water with a seductive smile.

Beca's eyes darken as I lead her to the bathroom and I have to say that, I couldn't tell if we got dirtier or clean but I couldn't bring myself to care and I love the feeling of her arms around me, my head on her chest as I listen to her heartbeat, lulling me to sleep. By the time that I woken up the next day, I had several missed calls and unread text messages from Mom and Dad, wondering where I was at and why I hadn't come home last night as I know that I'm going to be grounded for at least two weeks maybe longer. I fired Dad a quick text I'm coming soon and that I had stayed at a friend's house which isn't a complete lie as I just didn't tell him which friend it was before putting my phone on the night stand, rolling onto my side. The alt girl's still asleep as she subconsciously pulls me close, snuggling into my neck making let me giggle at how adorable she is even she won't admit it as I wrap my arms around her, lacing my fingers in her chocolate locks to massage her scalp.

"You know that you're being really creep with the staring, you know" Beca said without opening her eyes.

"I can't help it that you're insanely beautiful you are. It should be illegal" I said kissing her forehead.

"God, you're such a cheese ball" Beca said rolling her eyes.

"Even so, doesn't make what I said any less true" I said snuggling into her hair.

"Are you always this… affectionate?" Beca asked propping herself on her elbow.

"Mmm I suppose so, only with the people that I care about but I've always been an affectionate person"

"Yea with an affinity for invading other people's personal space" Beca said rolling her eyes.

"You don't seem to have too much of a problem with me invading your personal space" I said nipping her neck as she lets out a low moan. "You didn't mind too much last night… or right now"

"T-That's because I-I've gotten used to it and you'll just keeping doing it regardless of what I said"

"I like you a lot Beca and you mean a lot to me" I said looking her in the eyes.

"You sure? I mean are you sure that you like me isn't because of the orgasms" Beca asked raising an eyebrow. "I know that I'm good and all but"

I know that Beca has some deep rooted insecurities because of her anatomy and because her parent making her less than worthy of anyone's love but I want her to know that feelings go more than sex. I mean I do love having sex with her and watching her come undone gets me going but I see how truly beautiful she is even she doesn't see it and I want to be the person that she comes to when she has a good day or a bad day. I want to be the person that she comes to with her fears and what makes her happy or just to put a smile on her face; I more than anything want to be her person at the end of the day. I want to show her that she's worth loving and that I'm not going anywhere no matter how she tries to push me away or run away.

"I know how I feel and it isn't because you can make me cum harder than the people that I've been with although it is an added bonus. I feel safer when I'm with you and you make me smile that sometimes my face hurts. I want to get to know you better and I…. I want you to be my girlfriend" I said caressing her cheeks.

Beca bites her lip hesitantly and I know that she's battling with herself with this because she tends run when she feels overwhelmed or is afraid of something as I don't want to be afraid of me. Too many people have hurt her that she doesn't feel like she can trust too many people so I think that it's best that I give her time as I gently press my lips against her before sliding from underneath her. I slip my clothes back on as I make my way out of the room when I feel something grab my arm to see the alt girl looking up at me fearfully and I sigh quietly as I press my lips against hers once more.

"Whatever you decide Beca, I'm not leaving you. Not ever, I can promise you that but I want you to think about what you actually want" I said taking my leave.

It takes everything in me not to turn back around and jump back into bed with Beca but I need to know what she wants out of our relationship and that I'm serious about pursuing a relationship with her. The ball is her court now and she has to decide what she wants to do. I slowly make my way home even I'm not completely sure how I got there since my thoughts constantly drifts back to the tiny DJ and what's doing right now but as soon as I step through the front door, Mom wasted no time yelling at me. I know for a fact that Dad had told me what I told him yesterday that I stayed at a friend's house as he appears in the doorway of the living room and I'm guessing from the look on my face that I wasn't up for this so he manages to get Mom back down for now. Mom huffs angrily as she marches upstairs to her study as Dad wraps his arms around me, holding me tightly because I could honestly use a hug right now before ushering me into the kitchen to fix me a plate of pancakes although I didn't have much of an appetite.

"Do you wanna talk about what's got you so down? Did you and your friend get into a fight or something?" Dad inquires.

"No, nothing like that but if it's all the same Dad, I rather not talk about it" I said shaking my head.

"Okay but know that I'm here if you want to talk" Dad said smiling slightly.

"Right, thank Dad" I said kissing his cheek.

I head upstairs to my room, flopping face down into my bed when not even two minutes had gone by when someone else flops down next to me, lifting my head to see that it's Candace scrolling through her social media. It's not often that my sister comes into my room just for the heck of it but lately she's honestly treating to be a better sister as I appreciate that she's not trying to get me to talk about what's bothering me. I smile as I place my head in her lap like I used to when we were little as her fingers make their way into my hair, massaging my scalp without looking up from her phone as I close my eyes, enjoying her company.

~Nicole The Dragon Rider signing off

End of ch. 17