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Prologue: Before RWBYverse! The Story of Manami!

Four years before the events of RWBYverse began

On the Island of Patch, a young girl is walking home from a study session with some friends at Signal Academy; this girl was wearing a blue martial arts gi with a matching skirt, a white undershirt, black fingerless gloves, and black boots. She had long black hair with blue highlights and onyx colored eyes. The sun was setting and she wanted to get home as soon as possible, though she saw that she had more than enough time for a little detour. The path that she took lead to some cliffs and near the edge of said cliff was a gravestone marked "Summer Rose."

The young girl walked up to the gravestone, kneeled, and placed her hand on it. Her thoughts were, "We miss you, mom. There isn't a day when you're not in our thoughts. We love you and I will keep my promise to take care of Yang and Ruby."

Just then her scroll started ringing, she took it out and saw the caller. She answered the call and said, "Hello?"

"Manami Aoi, where are you? It's getting late, and you know I don't like it when you're out while the Grimm are more active!" the caller asked.

The now named Manami answered, "Easy dad, I just took a little detour. I'm at mom's grave right now."

"Alright, just asking. I… we already lost your mother, I don't want to lose someone else."

"Don't worry I'm fine, I was about to leave right now anyway."

"See you soon."

"Later dad."

When the call ended, Manami put away her scroll once again. She stood up and turned around to take her leave. It wasn't even ten steps when a flash of teal light enveloped her and made her vanish that day, not even leaving a trace on the cliffs.

Toki Toki City, Universe 7, Age 850, moments earlier

In the Plaza of Time, Trunks, a young man with lavender hair and a sword on his back has gathered the seven legendary Dragon Balls and called forth the eternal wish-granting dragon, Shenron.

He proclaimed, "Give me a strong ally! Someone with the kind of power to defend the timeline! This wish I ask of you, Shenron!"

Shenron's already red eyes began glowing a brighter red as he announced, "Your wish has been granted!"

A bright teal light began shining in the plaza; the light was shaped in a humanoid form, bringing forth the warrior…

When the light died, Manami found herself in what looked like a plaza, though not any that she recognized; she also took note that the sky was dark, but what really grabbed her attention was the fact there was a massive green dragon with glowing red eyes looming over her.

It announced, "Farewell!"

Not even a moment later, the dragon disappeared, and rising in its place were seven orange orbs that were glowing. Once they stopped rising the seven orbs scattered, each disappearing into different directions. A few seconds later, the dark skies returned to normal almost instantly. Manami also sensed the presence of someone nearby and turned to her left to find a lavender haired man approaching.

Smiling he announced, "Your surprised I'm sure; I'll have to explain it all to you later. For now, let's see how much power you have."

The young man drew the sword on his back during his second sentence then charged… no, dashed through the air. Manami jumped back and dropped into her fighting stance, ready to fight. Little did she know, this bout was just the start of her adventure.

Manami soon found out that the man was known as Trunks a member of what is known as the Time Patrol. The dragon earlier was known as Shenron, an eternal wish-granting dragon, and was summoned by the seven Dragon Balls; through him, Manami was summoned to help end a threat to the Timeline of what she soon found out as Universe 7. Being the kindhearted soul that she is, she accepted the responsibility with the promise of returning to Remnant when the threat has ended.

And so, Manami began to correct the timeline by appearing at critical fights to ensure the Z fighter that originally defeated the dangerous foe wins. Along the way, she discovers her Saiyan origins, learns to control ki, and gains much more power than she ever thought was possible. She faced many foes throughout her first year as a Time Patroller but only three were the real threat: Demigra, Mira, and Towa. In order to face those threats, she trained under many powerful fighters including Piccolo, Vegeta, and Goku. Eventually, she took down Mira, leaving Towa nearly defenseless. However, Demigra was playing his game in the shadows, ensuring that those two didn't get in his way; fortunately, when he did make his move, he was killed in the Crack of Time by Manami; she was preparing to leave a few days later.

As fate would have it, the threat to the Timeline was still there. Mira was rebuilt; he and Towa were still causing anomalies throughout Universe 7's history; with this in mind, Manami decided to stay and help until the threat is gone for good. For the next two years, she and Trunks chased Mira and Towa throughout history; each confrontation led to course-correcting the Timeline, but never the capture or destruction of Mira and Towa. During those two years of chasing after the wanted time-criminals, Manami missed her family more and more, causing her to become more restless and reckless over time. Of course, when in the heat of battle, she brushed aside all thoughts except the mission.

At the beginning of her fourth year as a Time Patrol member, they sent an announcement to Conton City, formerly Toki Toki City, that a Time Patroller of their choosing would take on an important mission. That time Patroller was Akane Ryuunosuke; a girl with neck-length hair, red eyes, wears red and black with white accents and is another Saiyan like Manami. During her time as a Time Patroller in her first year, Manami had befriended Akane and went on Parallel Quests whenever there was extra time. Akane was already strong to begin with and had learned several techniques; however, it was when she accepted her special assignment that she grew much stronger, learned many more techniques, and achieved the power of Super Saiyan 3. Akane's mission was to correct the anomalies in the Timeline in Manami's place, while she and Trunks were busy tracking down Mira and Towa.

However, when she came face to face with him, Manami wasn't strong enough to beat Mira this time and was captured and placed under Towa's control. Eventually, she was freed but was erased from time due to Towa messing with recent history. Akane, of course, corrected the anomaly and eventually confronted the two, who were able to sneak into the Time Vault to steal an egg that had enough power to create a new timeline or even revive the demon realm with a lot more power left over. As a last-ditch move that caught everyone off guard, Mira forcibly merged with Towa and the egg with her and gained a massive power boost. Thankfully, Akane, with the help of SSB Goku, had beaten Mira, averted disaster, and returned the egg to the Time Nest.

In the coming days, everyone was celebrating the birth of a new history. Afterward, Manami realized that she was finally able to go home. Now she is emptying her locker and packing her belongings before she returns home.

Conton City, Universe 7, Age 853

Manami, wearing her old gi, albeit a bigger size considering she's grown the last four years, smiled as she placed her 4-Star Dragon Ball themed Gi in a duffle bag before removing her scouter and thought with a mixture of excitement and sadness, "Today's the day I return to Remnant. I honestly thought this day would never come, and part of me wishes that it never did."

Placing her scouter in the bag, she zipped it up, slung it over her shoulder, and was about to leave when she saw Akane, who was also wearing the 4-Star dragon ball gi in her usual color scheme, leaning in the doorway, arms crossed under her… modest endowment.

"Leaving already, Ana?" Akane asked playfully.

Rolling her eyes and smiling, Manami replied as she passed Akane, "I did tell you guys that I was leaving three days after the celebration ended, which I remind you was three days ago."

"Yeah, you did say that," Akane replied as she followed her.

"Is that all you came to talk about?"

"Well, that and the fact that I still wonder how you beat me in our fight that day."

"Honestly, I still think you let me win."

Akane stopped as shouted, "I was going all out as a Super Saiyan 3!"

This caused Manami to pause for a moment and turn back to face her, "Okay, that is weird."

"What's even more weird is that I sensed Goku's power within you during our Kamehameha power struggle."

This sent Manami deep into thought, "Now that I think about it, I did receive a power boost in the Crack of Time by Goku and the others. I wonder since my Aura was awakened before I became part of the Time Patrol, could it be that I… Nah. There's no way. I'll make a mental note about this though. See if it happens again on Remnant."

"HELLO!" Akane shouted right next to Manami.

"AGH, what the hell Aki!?" Manami semi-screamed as she jumped.

"Come on! Let's get to the Time Nest, they're already waiting."

A short walk later and they found themselves in the Time nest where they found Trunks, Elder Kai, Tokitoki the time bird, and The Supreme Kai of Time. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary except Trunks was holding something that had a large cloth over it. It wasn't until Manami and Akane stepped closer that the silence was broken.

Elder Kai stepped forward and announced, "We can't ever thank you enough for your service to the Time Patrol; you have saved this universe's history many times over and for that we are grateful."

Tokitoki screeched in agreement. The Supreme Kai of Time also added, "It was a pleasure to have you Manami and we will miss you; you aren't just a comrade to us, your also our friend. That being said, I believe Trunks has a gift for you."

Trunks stepped forward and said, "I know it isn't much Ana, but think of this as a farewell gift, after all, you did tell us that a Huntress needs a weapon of some kind. And from what I've seen during the times you borrowed my sword, I asked both Elder kai and the Supreme Kai of Time to help me craft this for you."

Trunks removed the cloth to reveal a sword, though bigger than the one Trunks has on his back. It took a second but Manami recognized the blade before she spoke up.

"Is this…?"

"A recreation of the Z-sword, though it is much more durable than its predecessor and has a different purpose," Elder Kai answered.

Trunks, remembering a few things that he was told about Remnant, asked, "Do you have a name for it?"

Though this confused everyone else, Manami smiled and answered while placing the weapon on her back, "The R-Blade; simple name but it references a few events here in Universe 7, don't you think?"

Everyone laughed at the thought, even Elder Kai. When everyone was done laughing, The Supreme Kai of Time was the first to speak.

"Trunks, Elder Kai, can you two go grab the Dragon Balls from my home? Us girls have a private matter to attend to."

Trunks nodded and left to do the task. Elder Kai sighed, but followed Trunks reluctantly because he doesn't want to hear girl talk; Elder Kai may be a bit of a pervert, but even he doesn't like to hear that type of conversation.

The second the two were out of earshot, Akane asked, "So are you okay?"

"What do you mean?" Manami asked.

"I mean have you experienced any aftereffects from being erased from the timeline?" Akane clarified.

Manami sadly smiled and answered, "Yeah, I been having nightmares about it these past few nights and so far I haven't experienced any hallucinations; I think I've just been lucky so far and that's what I'm worried about, for me and my family."

Chronoa smiled and declared, "Well I'm 100% sure what your going through isn't PTSD because well you "died" back when you faced Demigra and you were just erased from time, which isn't really that painful from what I've witnessed. It's not like you've suffered something so traumatic as losing a friend or family."

Manami sighed in relief and said, "Thanks, Supreme Kai."

"Please, call me Chronoa. Both you and Akane have earned the right to call me by my name a long time ago. As I said earlier, I am proud to call you my friend."

Manami's smile became a bit brighter, but before she could say anything, Trunks had returned with the Dragon Balls.

Trunks set them down and asked Manami, "Are you ready?"

Manami nodded.

Trunks then said, "Oh wait before I forget, here take this."

He took out a container that held several capsules which Manami took and placed in her duffle bag.

"I'm sure you already know this but just to make sure, Capsule 1 is basically a working replica of the ship that Goku used to fly to Namek and the very same one my father used to train in extreme gravity. Capsule 2 is a greenhouse, modified by both the Supreme Kai of Time and Elder Kai to grow nothing but Senzu beans even in capsule form; the beans themselves, thanks to the Supreme Kai of Time, fully grow within one to two weeks. Capsule 3 is basically a survival kit that comes with ten Senzu beans in case you don't have Capsule 2 with you. The rest… well you have to read the list that comes with that container," Trunks stated.

"Thank you," Manami said.

Trunks nodded then turned to 7 orbs in question, raised both his arms toward them, and announced, "Eternal Dragon Shenron, by your name I summon you!"

The seven dragon balls began glowing and the sky grew dark; two seconds pass, and a light shot into the sky. The light began to twist and turn until it formed the green dragon they were all familiar with.

Shenron demanded, "State your wish, I shall grant any you desire."

Trunks respectfully asked, "All we wish for, Shenron, is for Manami to be sent back to her home or close to, at the very least, on Remnant."

"Your wish shall be granted, but I will need a minute to gather the strength necessary to do so. I suggest you say your final goodbyes."

Manami turned to the five before her and said, "Well I guess this is it."

Elder Kai remarked, "Yes, it is, and while I hate to admit it, it won't be the same without you."

"Agreed, I hope someday that our paths cross once again," Chronoa added. Her best friend, Tokitoki just screeched once more in agreement.

Akane smiled and announced, "And I hope the next time we see each other, we can have another match."

Manami laughed at that.

Trunks finally added, "Remember, you can call us any time with your scouter when you are in trouble or you just feel the need to talk."

"I'll keep that in mind."

Suddenly Manami was enveloped by a shimmering teal light.

"Looks like I'm leaving, until we meet again."

The light suddenly grew to its brightest, forcing everyone to shield their eyes, but it disappeared just as quickly, leaving no trace of Manami behind.

Shenron announced before disappearing, "Farewell."

Trunks said quietly, "Until we meet again my friend."

After a few seconds, everyone went back to their duties: Elder Kai went back to training the new generation of Time Patrollers, Akane returned to her PQ duties as well as some meeting a few patrollers that challenged her, Trunks and Chronoa had kept a close eye on the scrolls to make sure there weren't any major changes. Unfortunately for Manami, she won't be living the quiet life she wanted as a Huntress, because an old threat had arrived on Remnant 3 years ago…

The Crack of Time, Age 850, 3 years prior to RWBYverse

After a grueling battle between himself and the Future Warrior, Demon God Demigra in his Final Form had enough of this farce. With all his rage, he put all of his remaining power into his final attack.

"NNNOOOOOOO!" he shouted as he charged Manami with a Ki Blast Thrust.

Manami, in her Super Saiyan 2 form, cupped her hands to her side and put every ounce of power she had left into the infamous technique she learned from Goku himself.


A second passed before she fired the blast.

"HA!" Manami shouted as a massive azure beam of destruction raced toward Demigra.

Both techniques met in the middle and a historical power struggle began. Unfortunately, Manami was losing and Demigra was slowly pushing back the Kamehameha Wave.

"DIE…YOU MAGGOT!" He screamed.

What he didn't see was that Manami's Power was somehow getting restored, causing a stalemate. After about several moments, Manami put all of her renewed strength into the blast, which in turn, easily pushed Demigra back and engulfed him in the blast.

In his last moment in the Crack of Time, Demigra muttered, "Impossible, I am a god! I have become a god!"

However, fortune favored him this day as a black aura surrounded him, giving him temporary protection.

A woman's voice spoke to him, "Well then so-called-god, I have a proposal. Help me in my quest and I shall save you from your fate and grant you the powers of pure darkness that I have attained. Powers that will give you more power than ever before."

"Deal, anything is better than losing my life to this Saiyan monkey!"

"Good, unfortunately, whatever external power is inside you will be left behind and you will be reverted back to your base form."

The black aura that surrounded him had then swallowed him completely and disappeared instantly, leaving behind a small orb that contained a certain bird of time…

Grimmlands, Remnant, Age 850, 3 years before RWBYverse

In a circular stone chamber, lit by candles and moonlight, a black aura popped up in the center. When it dissipated, a tall man with red hair, wearing the clothes of the denizens of the demon realm, and holding a staff with a red orb, appeared in the aura's place. This was Demigra in his base form; a second passed and he had sensed a presence behind him and turned to it.

Stepping out from the shadows was an extremely pale woman with white hair, black eyes with red irises, wearing a black and white dress.

Demigra asked, "Who are you?"

The woman chuckled and answered, "My name is Salem and I welcome you to Remnant."

[Music Start – "Cha La Head Cha La" Dragon Ball Xenoverse Intro OST. Performed by FLOW]

The scene begins with a close up of someone's eye which is closed; below the eye was a line that went down the being's purple skin into a mask-like carapace. The being slowly opens its eye to reveal that it was glowing red, more specifically glowing a darker shade of red than usual.


As the lyrics start, another close-up of something was popped up, this time it clearly showed the right side of an Alpha Beowolf, surrounded by a dark aura, baring its fangs. At "Head-Cha-La", another close up was shown, this time being an Ursa as it was getting up on its hind legs.

Egao urutora zetto de

What - or rather - who was shown next was Manami who looked like she had been through hell, being shocked at what she was seeing before she calmed down and started to smile.

Kyô mo ai-yai-yai-yai-yai… Sparking!

In rapid succession, the next few shots were of the exhausted and injured Teams RWBY and JNPR as well as Professors Ozpin and Goodwitch who were watching safely from the cliffside where Beacon's initiation begins before the final shot was of Manami giving off a bellowing roar as she transformed into a Super Saiyan. A second after she transformed, there was a flash of white that slowly faded to reveal the Opening Title.

Dragon Ball RWBYverse

The title stayed there for a bit as the instrumental part of the theme was building up to the next set of lyrics; close to the end, we see shots of Cooler in his Final Form facing down Manami, the Alpha Beowolf facing down team RWBY, and the Ursa Major facing down team JNPR.

Hikaru kumo o tsukinuke Fly Away (Fly Away)

As soon as the next set of lyrics start, Manami is seen in a clash with Cooler, while Team RWBY was seen in combat against the Alpha Beowolf, with Ruby and Blake blitzing the Grimm while Weiss and Yang were blasting away at it with their explosive and burn rounds. JNPR on the other hand was seen battling the Ursa Major, with Jaune blocking its swipe with his shield while Ren pelted it with a burst of machine pistol fire before Pyrrha jumped over Jaune and slashed the Grimm in the face with her sword, staggering it, before she bashed her shield and pushed it back with Nora blasting the Ursa with her grenade launcher.

Karadajû ni hirogaru panorama

Team RWBY was then seen being knocked into nearby trees while the one after that was of Team JNPR slowly getting up with Nora smiling like a Maniac.

Kao o kerareta chikyû ga okotte (okotte)

After that was a scene of Manami raising up her hands to charge up an attack, taking up the familiar pose that Goku used, preparing a Genki-Dama (Spirit Bomb). The next few shots were of Cooler, the Alpha, and the Ursa roaring/howling as they were charging up their power.

Kazan o bakuhatsu saseru

The next two shots were of Yang as her expression showed that she was pissed, showing that her eyes were blood-red, before she gave off her own roar, causing her Aura to give off an explosive outburst and forcing anything fragile to break around her like the broken trees and their branches. Nora meanwhile was sparking with pink electricity, before she converted her launcher from single-fire mode to multi-fire mode, popping off the front of the launcher so all of her grenades can fire at once and aiming it at the Ursa. Lastly, Manami saying a few words before she fires the Super Spirit Bomb at Cooler.

Toketa kôri no naka ni

As the next set of lyrics began, Roman Torchwick is shown to be in a Warehouse overseeing an operation with a mysterious woman with glowing amber eyes, dressed in red hidden in the shadows, watching over the "middleman".

Kyôryû ga itara tamanori shikomitai ne

Meanwhile Akane, Trunks, Chronoa, and Elder Kai looking through a Scroll of Eternity watching the events unfold before their very eyes before the camera pans up above them to show the shadowy figures of Demigra and Salem flaring their demonic red auras menacingly.


As the final set of lyrics began, a new scene shows that the sky has darkened before revealing the face of a massive green dragon.

Nani ga okite mo kibun wa heno-heno kappa

The next shot were of a group of seven glowing orbs on a grassy area; these were the wish-granting orbs known as the Dragon Balls. Chronoa, Tokitoki, Elder Kai, Akane, Manami, and Trunks had gathered in the Time Nest in front of Shenron, the eternal wish-granting dragon.

Mune ga pachi-pachi suru hodo

Trunks was then seen making a wish, though his words seemed to be inaudible.

Sawagu Genki-Dama...Sparking!

Shenron's eyes began glowing, a sign that the wish was granted before the final shot showed a light engulfing Manami, who was holding a duffle bag, as she waved goodbye to everyone at the Time Nest just as the song was finishing.

[Music End]

End of Prologue

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