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Chapter 4: A Skirmish in Vale! Painting the Town.

"Penny, I-I don't understand..." Ruby stated, followed by Greene saying, "I think I do Ruby, but it would be best if we let Penny Explain."

Penny nodded before she began her exposition, "Most girls are born, but I was made. I'm the world's first synthetic person capable of generating an Aura."

"I'm not real..." Penny stated sadly.

Ruby however took Penny's hands in her own, before countering with a genuine smile on her face, "Of course you are. You think just because you've got nuts and bolts instead of squishy guts makes you any less real than me?"

Penny was confused at her statement and it wasn't helping that Greene was grinning at the scene as if it didn't faze him; she examines them a bit closely as she says, "You two are... taking this extraordinarily well."

"You're not like those things we saw back there," Ruby reassures as she pokes Penny's ribs, "You've got a heart, and a soul; I can feel it!"

"As for me, I've seen and been through much weirder things than finding out a friend of mine is actually an android; it doesn't even make the top ten list of weirdest things I've experienced," Greene explained before adding his own two cents, "Besides, I know for a fact that even though you are by human standards, for lack of a better term, awkward… you are still a living being with emotions and a soul; something that you have demonstrated to Ruby several times before and now me."

At this statement, both Beacon students could see that Penny's eyes were welling up and before they knew it the orangette had them in a, quite literal, bone-crushing hug as she tells them, "You guys are the best friends anyone would ask for!"

Ruby said through muffled groans, "I can see why your father would want to protect such a delicate flower!"

Followed by Greene's pained grunts, "Agreed! Though I think this flower actually has quite a few thorns!"

Upon releasing the both of them, Penny said, "Oh, he's very sweet! My father's the one that built me! I'm sure you would love him! And I thank you for your kind words Greene."

Greene simply chuckles and nods, not sure if he wanted to tell Penny his comment was slightly sarcastic; Ruby on the other hand giggles, "He built you all by himself?"

"Well, almost! He had some help from Mr, Ironwood."

That bit of information surprise them, causing Ruby to shout, "The General?!"

Followed by Greene asking, "Wait... Is that why those soldiers were after you?"

Penny however didn't realize the mood had shifted and continued with her happy mood, "They like to protect me, too!"

Greene scoffs, "What, do they not think you can protect yourself?"

"They're not sure if I'm ready yet... One day, it will be my job to save the world, but I still have a lot left to learn. That's why my father let me come to the Vytal Festival. I want to see what it's like in the rest of the world, and test myself in the Tournament," Penny answered passionately.

Ruby and Greene shared a knowing glance as they realized that Penny was built to combat a global threat, one that likely had allied themselves with the Time Breakers. With this in mind, the two silently decide to subtly keep an eye on Penny knowing that she would eventually run into something that was many leagues above her level if what Manami had told them is true. Ruby then turned back to the orangette and pretended to be the very naïve girl she once was, "Penny, what are you talking about? Save the world from what? We're in a time of peace!"

Penny raised an eyebrow at this, "That's not what Mr. Ironwood said..."

Before either Ruby or Greene could retort, they heard someone order, "Check down here!"

"You guys have to hide," Penny whispered as she grabs Ruby and lifts her over her head with little effort, carrying her over to a nearby dumpster with Greene following close behind. Ruby however struggled and screamed, "Penny, wait! What are you doing? You don't have to go with them! I can help you!"

Penny interrupts Ruby by throwing her in the trash with Greene reluctantly joining her in the hiding spot; the synthetic huntress in training places her hand on the lid to close the dumpster but not before placating the young Rose, "It's okay, Ruby. They're not bad people; I just don't want to get you two in trouble. Just promise me you won't tell anyone else my secret. Okay?"

Ruby hesitated for a few moments before Greene places his hand on her shoulder and gives a reassuring nod; she turns back to Penny and says, "I promise."

The two duck down as the lid is closed, but they lift it a little to peek at the scene outside. Soon they heard a shout, "There she is!"

Penny turned toward the voice and saw the soldiers that chased her earlier, "Sal-u-tations, officers!"

"Why were you running? And what happened to the other girl?" One of the soldiers asked as if he was interrogating a criminal.

"What girl? I've been by myself all day!" Penny said with innocence before she hiccups loudly then smiled. Both Ruby and Greene grimaced at the bald-faced lie as they realized long ago that Penny hiccupped whenever she told a lie; they were hoping that the soldiers wouldn't notice. Luckily they didn't show any signs of noticing the lie as the soldier scolds Penny, "You shouldn't cause such a scene."

The other quickly asked her, "Are you okay?"

Penny shows off her "injured" palms and says, "Just a scratch."

"Penny, your father isn't going to be happy about this," the stricter soldier stated followed by the more concerned soldier tells her, "Please, just come with us."

"Yes, sir!" Penny replied and acquiesces to their request.

The two watches as Penny and the soldiers walk away while Ruby looks on in sadness. Once again Greene comforted the young huntress in training, "Don't worry… we'll see her again, she'll be watched by Atlasian military personnel. They'll make sure that she stays out of any unnecessary fights until the tournament."

Ruby saddened smile grew a bit brighter… until a rat screeches from below their feet, causing the two Beacon Trainees to fall and close the lid on themselves as Greene shouted, "HOLY-"

That evening at the Red Light District…

The sound of an engine roared as a motorcycle pulls into an almost empty street, save for a car or two, and stopped in front of a seemingly modest building; the motorcycle turned out to be Bumblebee and its riders were none other than Yang and Neptune. From outside they could hear club music blaring from the building; they took their helmets off before Yang proceeds to lead Neptune inside as she announced, "Come on, my friend's right in here!"

"Cool, but… where exactly is... here?" Neptune asked, a hint of worry laced in his words.

Inside his club, Junior was behind the bar adjusting his cuffs as his henchmen stock the bottles, carry boxes into storage, or stand around casually having a conversation, until two more men rush in from the entrance and moved to shut the door as one shouts, "Hurry, close the door - she's coming!"

Seeing this scene causes Junior to leave the bar and move closer, enough to shout, "What are you two idiots doing?!"

The two henchmen shout incoherently, trying to explain the situation; sadly their efforts were in vain as an explosion knocks them away from the entrance and forces the doors open, allowing a familiar buxom blonde to walk in through the smoke as a remix of the song "I Burn" starts playing in the background. Once she made her entrance, she smiled and posed as she shouts, "Guess who's back!?"

The answer turned out to be eight guns aimed at her face with an equal number of angry Henchmen behind them. Though this doesn't faze her, she stops and glares at the recording studio where the track is messing up until the frightened bear-headed DJ takes the needle off the record and retreats under the table. Neptune peaked from behind Yang as the Henchmen continue hoisting their guns, asking (deadpanning), "Yang could you please define your definition of "friend" for me? 'Cause I think our definitions of "friend" might be different."

"Stop, everyone stop! Nobody shoot!" Junior commanded as he made his way to the front of the crowd; once he could clearly see the new arrivals, he says "Blondie, you're here! ...Why?"

"You still owe me a drink," Yang reminds Junior as she grabs his arm and pulls him toward the bar and through the crowd of gun-toting henchmen.

"Whoa-ho-ho-ho, what a woman..." Said a lovestruck Neptune admiring Yang's confidence before turning to his left to see the twins, Melanie and Militia Malchite, beside him before said, "'Sup?"

Melanie and Miltia however were analyzing him the whole time while he was watching Yang and the second he greeted them told them all they needed to know. They turned away huffing, walking away as they said, "Whatever."

Meanwhile, at the White Fang's Warehouse…

Blake's fingers trace three scratch marks on a wall before peeking around its corner and seeing a pair of horned Faunus as they are ushered into a building by a bearded man. She turns to Sun next to her and informs him, "This is it."

"Usually I'd ask to be sure, but since I can sense a massive crowd in there, I'm just gonna take your word for it," Sun replied. The two walks up to the man and who raises his eyebrow at the two in question before Blake simply undoes her bow and Sun shows his tail. The man nods before ushering them into the building where they received a half-mask.

"I don't get it. If you believe what you're doing is right, why hide who you are?" Sun asked as he held up his mask.

Blake's expression changed ever so slightly, having hints of sadness as she explained "The masks are a symbol. Humanity wanted to make monsters out of us, so we chose to don the faces of monsters."

"Grimm masks... That's kind of dark," Sun replied with a frown.

"So was the guy who started it," Blake sighed before putting on her mask and heading into the main room with the recruits.

"Always sunshine and rainbows with you..." The monkey Faunus muttered as he follows her lead.

The recruits to the White Fang are moving in a line to the side of the stage, a mere few dozen compared to the hundreds of white-vested, black-hooded soldiers to their left and up above in the balconies. Blake and Sun look around themselves when they stop, and a man wearing a full-mask - that likely symbolizes his status as a White Fang Lieutenant - with tattoos on his arms standing on stage in front of a large sheet emblazoned with the bloody wolf and claw marks. He announces, "Thank you all for coming. For those of you who are joining us for the first time tonight, allow me to introduce a very special comrade of ours! I can assure you, he is the key to obtaining what we have fought for all these years!"

Many in the crowd were wondering who the man could be, but the recruits' mood immediately changed from curious to outrage once they saw the bowler hat, orange hair, sleek clothing, and cane that belonged to none other than Roman Torchwick, who was smiling confidently even as the crowd starts protesting.

He was waving mockingly as he shouts to the crowd, "Thank you, thank you! Please, hold your applause!"

From behind the sheet that held the White Fang's insignia appeared a short woman with neck-length hair that was a mix of strawberry pink and chocolate brown wearing a whitetail jacket with a pink interior and one wide broad tail, brown pants, black gloves, and black and white boots with very high heels and multiple buttons on each side. Under her jacket is a brown corset, curved in the middle and at the bottom, exposing her hips. She also wears a multitude of necklaces, which hang haphazardly around her neck. The woman had an air of mystery around her but those that did notice her had assumed that she was affiliated with the most wanted human criminal.

An Antler Faunus in front of Sun and Blake yells, "What's a human doing here?!"

Roman, still wearing his shit-eating grin, replies, "I'm glad you asked, "Deerie"! Now, I'll be the first to admit, humans... are the worst."

He salutes to the crowd, using himself as an example, as he explains, "Case in point. So, I understand why you would like to see us all locked away, or, better yet, killed!"

Sun leans over to Blake to ask, "So, is he going somewhere with this?"

Blake simply ignores him in favor of listening to Torchwick who continues his opening speech, "But, before the claws come out, I'd like to mention the fact that you and I all have a common enemy: the ones in control, the people pulling the strings, the dirty, rotten humans that run our kingdoms!"

At this moment, the crowd changed their tune and began agreeing with him as Torchwick continued speaking, "Government, military, even the schools: they're all to blame for your lot in life!"

The crowd cheered as the two heroes share a look, not liking where this meeting is going. The most wanted criminal ended with, "And they're all pests that need to be dealt with! Fortunately, I'm the best exterminator around... No offense to any rodents in the room."

With a snap of his fingers, the curtain behind Roman falls, and the whole mass of Faunus applauds at the sight of the Atlesian Paladin-290 behind it, the mark of the White Fang painted on its shoulder.

"Whoa, that's a big robot..." Sun muttered in shock.

Blake's face subtly changed to one of worry as she wondered, "How did he get that?"

"As some of you may have heard, this right here..." Torchwick began to explain, tapping the giant mech, "...is Atlas' newest defense against all the scary things in the world. And thanks to my 'employer', we've managed to snag a few before they, uh, 'hit the shelves'. Now, many of your brothers have already moved down to our new operation in the southeast. If you'd rather stay within the city, that's fine... But if you're truly ready to fight for what you believe in, this is the arsenal I can provide you. Any questions?"

The crowd roared with applause, answering his question. Blake, figuring that was all they were going to get, turned to Sun and said, "We need to get out of here."

Unfortunately at that moment, the White Fang Lieutenant announced, "Will all new recruits, please come forward!"

The crowd began moving forward, taking the two heroes with them. Sun whispered to Blake, "Well, I'm open to suggestions cause the only one I've got is 'Vanishing-step' out of here and we both know that will attract unwanted attention real quick."

Unbeknownst to them, two people had been keeping their eyes on them from behind the scenes. One a large, pale, and muscular man with a long braided ponytail that was wearing a brown brassard and belt combination, large brown gloves, a long green man-skirt, and yellow and black. Next to him was a shorter, darker-skinned man that was wearing a large green hat with a red ball on top. He has a black and white tuxedo shirt with a dark yellow and blue overcoat. He also wears a large red bow tie that had a white 'R' on both ends. He also wears baggy light blue pants and black boots.

"Those two are acting weird, whatchu think 14?" the midget asked the brute.

"14" simply said in a cold and calculated tone, "That if those two are trouble, they will be eliminated… agreed, 15?

"15" chuckled sinisterly, "Fo' sho' mah man! Fo' sho'."

Back at the Club, Junior puts down his glass as he sits behind the bar separating him from his interrogator. He was asked about where Torchwick hiding out but unfortunately for Yang…

"I don't know!" was Junior's answer.

"How can you not know? You made a deal with him!" Yang rebuts.

"I haven't talked to him! I haven't even seen him since the night you first came in here," Junior explains, irritation seeping into his tone, "He paid upfront, I lent him my men, and none of them ever… came… Back!"

"So you have no idea whatsoever about where they went?" Neptune asked as he walked up to the bar.

"No! How many times do I have to say it to get it through your thick skulls!?" Junior exclaimed before asking Yang, "Who is this guy?"

"Don't worry about him; worry about me if I don't find out what I want!" Yang threatened as she lightly pushes Neptune away.

"I already told you everything! Torchwick hired my boys, and I guess he wasn't happy with them…" Junior answered with finality before turning to his men in the club and shouting at them, "…Which is something I can relate to!"

"Come on Neptune," Yang called out as she turns from the bar and walks away.

Neptune asked as he followed her, "We get everything we need?"

Yang sighed, "Well, we got everything we can. Hopefully, the rest of the team is having better luck."

At the warehouse, the White Fang is still cheering loudly as the recruits are marched to the stage, with Blake and Sun having no choice but to follow along. As they kept getting closer to the stage, Sun whispers to Blake, "What are we going to do?!"

Blake's eyes darted all over the room to find a way to get them out of the situation without using their Ki abilities as she replies, "I'm thinking..."

Sun however kept his eyes on Roman, watching the criminal lean on the robot, smoking his cigar, and laughing with the girl beside him before he zeroes in on the two, frowning as he points them out to his associate. Sun mutters with worry, "He sees us..."

As he said this, Blake spots the junction box on the wall to her right, pointing out, "He can't see in the dark."

With that, Blake unsheathes Gambol Shroud, transforms it into a pistol, and shoots at the box, making the lights go out for the whole building, making it hard for those without natural night vision to see.

At this moment, Roman orders the members of the White Fang, "Don't let them get away!"

Blake shouts out, "Sun! The window!"

Unfortunately, as they were about to go, the mechanized sound of running power signals the Altesian Paladin's activation, making their retreat more necessary. The two student Huntsmen jump through the window and began fleeing from the warehouse as fast as they could, shortly followed by the Paladin as it crashes through the wall of the building in pursuit of the runaways, who leap off of a car and manage to get on the roofs. The Paladin follows beside them on the street as Blake and Sun run, jump, and flip from rooftop to rooftop.

As the scene played out, "14" and "15" kept watch from behind the scenes. "15" snarked, "It seems those two rascals were troublemakers aftah all… Whatchu say we silence them 14?"

The stoic "14" merely nodded in affirmation, but that was all that was needed as they suddenly vanished, moving faster than the eye could see.


Trunks was now flying overhead that it was night; people are less likely to notice an airborne object this late and he needed to find some kind of clue to where Manami is. He looked all over Vale the whole day but the only clue was the docks, so he tried searching for her Ki, only to find that there was a small concentration of high power levels close to the buildings a saw that rested near the cliff on the other side of the city that he assumed was Beacon Academy. Although none of the Ki were close to Manami in terms of power with a few surprising exceptions, it was a start. That was his destination, keyword being was. As he made his way there he noticed two people racing down the middle of the street… with a large mech chasing them down. While it was none of his business he decided to watch closely, after all, he had seen the damage that machines could do... he just hoped that he wouldn't have to step in…

Red Light/Industrial District Outskirts

Blake and Sun had made it to the highways after running several miles going from the industrial district into the red-light district; They jumped down into the busy street and continuing their escape by hopping on cars while the Paladin follows them by pushing vehicles out of the way. Sun pauses to look at their pursuer's path of destruction and lets out a quick "Whoa!" before leaping onto more cars, much to the anger of Roman who was piloting the mech. Yang and Neptune can follow the mech suit on their ride, coming up next to it as it runs.

Yang shouts out, "We've gotta slow it down!"

"On it!" Neptune replied as he reaches for his gun, however Roman notices the pair on his sensors; he crashes into a multitude of cars with the Paladin's strong bulk, sending them flying towards his chasers.

Yang yelled, "Hold on!"

Neptune mutters as he notices the debris, "Uh-oh..."

Yang swerves, leaning her bike to the side in avoidance of flying debris while Neptune flails in a panic. After a few moments of close calls and swerving through the chaos and the two managed to come out unscathed; this allowed Neptune to unsling his weapon and take aim as sparks start flying, firing several bolts of blue electricity at the Paladin and rocking it enough to jar its occupant and groan in slight pain from the force of the attacks. Switching strategies, Neptune flips the gun and it grows a shaft and an energy blade at the end, then jumps from Yang's bike as the spear's head splits in three and drives it into the top of the Paladin. Roman noticed and began to twist and turn to shake off the new rider; Sun and Blake pause in their car-hopping to look back.

A concerned Sun shouts, "Neptune, hang on!"

Neptune is trying his best, but the mech keeps bucking and threatens to make him fall. Closing his eyes, Sun smashes his palms together, and from the golden Aura around him, his Semblance creates two glowing outlines that copy their creator, leaping off and going back over the tops of vehicles to collide into the Paladin's front. They explode into blinding light upon contact to let Sun leap forward with Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang held high, but Roman finally turns enough to send Neptune flying off and knocking into his leader, sending both of them off the highway.

"Sun! Neptune!" Blake shouted as she looks on from the car she stood on; luckily, she hears several voices from her Scroll in quick succession.

"Don't worry, we're fine! Greene just arrived and caught us." Sun assured.

"We got your Ki signatures locked! We'll follow you guys via flight as soon as we sort out this mess on the highway," Neptune added.

The Cat Faunus sighed in relief before Weiss calls out on her scroll, "Blake! I'm in position!"

The Schnee Heiress jumps from one of the upper highways, twirling and landing in the middle of the road, brandishing Myrtenaster at the approaching Mech. He smiles as his robot charges the girl, but Weiss spins and plunges her blade into the ground, summoning a circle of ice across the pavement that causes the Paladin to slip and crash, actually flying over the young Huntress and falling off the highway, landing further down before Ruby, already having her Crescent Rose out in scythe form. The Paladin stands back up, and the rest of Team RWBY falls beside their leader to take up positions. Roman chuckles, moving the robot slowly towards the girls. Ruby suddenly shouts, "Freezer Burn!"

Ruby and Blake jump back out of the way, while Yang leaps into the air as Weiss produces another floor of ice, but backs out of the Blonde Bombshell's way as she slams back down with her Ember Celica, creating a wave of mist that surrounds Roman. Immediately, the Paladin activates its laser sensors to make up for the lost sight, but it barely sees the afterimage of Blake and narrowly misses the dashing Yang. A gun manages to fire at the area between Blake and Yang, but out from the blast comes Ruby, who slashes the metal with her blade, causing it to falter. Once again, Ruby calls out a command, "Checkmate!"

Blake and Weiss go in this time, each girl going for the feet before Weiss jumps up and stabs a sensor then leaps off of a white glyph. Roman lifts the Paladin's foot to crush Blake, but Weiss summons another glyph under her teammate to launch her backward before the crushing blow can land. Roman growls and fires off the missiles, but Weiss and Blake flip backward as the explosions merely hit where they were. To evade, both girls leaped away but Weiss jumps up too high; Roman noticed this mistake and fires the twin energy cannons at her. Weiss in turn raised her power level a bit to tank the shots and blocked with Myrtenaster, but the attack was still strong enough to have Weiss thrown back. However, while she was still in the air, the Schnee creates a beam of light from her weapon to the ground under Blake, casting another glyph, empowering the now glowing Faunus girl, speeding up her reaction and movements. Roman launched a barrage of Missiles at Blake who merely watched the explosives approach her in slow motion before she began to slice through each missile with ease in a flurry of lightning-fast slashes, setting off a string of explosions around her. Once they dissipated, Ruby runs into the fray as she gives another command, "Ladybug!"

Ruby shoots herself forward and slashes at the robot's legs, then turns as Blake aims herself at the giant's feet as well. They both dash forward and attack at the same time, circling each other around the Paladin with each strike until they both launch themselves into the air and come down together on the shoulder, cutting off the left arm entirely. Yang doesn't waste a second, jumping onto the Paladin's back, raising her power level a bit, and punching the top with fiery shotgun blasts. Roman is knocked around in the cabin, but seeing as he can't reach her with his remaining mechanical arm, he runs backward through two columns and leaves her embedded in a third before backing away and turning towards her. Just as she is falling, the remaining arm extends a closed fist, and when it punches her, she flies through the column and doesn't get up.

"Yang!" Blake called out with worry but Ruby calms her saying, "Don't worry! With each hit, she gets stronger, and she uses that energy to fight back! That's what makes her special."

[Music Start – "Die" RWBY Vol. 2 OST]

Yang slowly gets back on her feet, hair burning a brilliant pale blonde as she clenches her fists. Sensing victory, Roman throws a punch, but Yang catches it in her own hand (despite the ground cracking beneath her) and, eyes red with rage, smashes her knuckles into the second arm, obliterating it with great force. Getting desperate with his armless robot, Roman immediately kicks Yang to the side, but as she passes her sister and teammates...

"Bumblebee!" Ruby commands, Blake throws her Gambol Shroud in Kusarigama mode for Yang to catch while flying, and the Faunus uses the momentum to swing the angry blonde around for a final hit on the mech. Roman, however, steps out of the way just in time to avoid complete destruction. Seeing this, Ruby points out, "We have to slow it down!"

"And how do you propose we do that?" Weiss asks as she turns to Ruby, who smiled as she says, "Ice Flower!"

Twirling their weapons so they both point at Roman, Weiss creates a series of glyphs in front of the scythe's sniper barrel, and a single shot through the circles creates a dazzling spiral of energy that creates large icicles upon impact with the Paladin. Ruby continues to shoot as Weiss empowers the shots, and as the ice completely envelops the robot's body, Blake swings her partner around in a circle one more time, but with Roman unable to move, the Paladin is hit by the speed and power of Yang's fists, flying into the air before crashing down in a hundred pieces and a defeated criminal. Roman starts getting up, slightly dazed but unharmed. As he inspects the damage while brushing himself off, he mutters, "Just got this thing cleaned..."

He looks up just in time to see Yang, still burning with her absorbed power, fire a single shot at the defenseless thief, but he's saved at the last instant when the two-toned girl seen before drops in front of him and merely opens up her pink umbrella, deflecting the blast entirely. The new arrival hangs the weapon over her shoulder as a smug Roman addresses the victors, "Ladies, Ice Queen..."

An indignant Weiss shouts, "Hey!"

Roman ignores her as he continued speaking, "Always a pleasure! Neo, if you would..."

The pink-and-brown girl gave her enemies a mocking bow, but Yang will have none of it, charging forth with fists raised to strike the outlaws... only to break their image as if made out of a mirror.

[Music End]

They turn just in time to see them escape in a Bullhead. The rest of team RWBY runs up to Yang's side, as she raised her hand to fire a low powered Ki blast, strong enough to knock the vehicle out of the sky while keeping occupants alive. She fired it as Roman and Neo could watch with horror as the blast hurtled towards them; luckily for the criminals, two new arrivals, a tall pale muscular man and a short dark man, assisted their escape, reflecting the blast at Yang who quickly fired another blast to cancel it out. Team RWBY watched the two as they put away their weapons and got ready for a fight between Ki Users. Blake narrowed her eyes as she and her team prepared their Ki senses but could not find anything on them; the Cat Faunus questions them, "Who the hell are you two?"

[Music Start – "Mountain Stage Theme" Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 OST]

"The two of us are androids, little girl!" The short man said, shocking the four; from what Manami told them, no Ki can be sensed from a machine as they are synthetic life forms, making them realize that their Ki senses were completely useless. The short android continued, "You and your girlfriends have been a pain in our asses long enough!"

"It is time to correct that mistake!" The tall android announced.

"We'll see about that!" Yang called out before she roared as she unleashed some of her power. She then step vanishes multiple times towards them before reappears behind the tall android to deliver a haymaker to his face. Only for him to dodge and grab Yang as he tossed the girl to the sky before reappearing above her and delivering a devastating rush attack before blasting her away. The brute was about to chase her and go for a few more hits but was interrupted as a volley of Ki Blasts slammed into him. The source was none other than the remainder of Team RWBY as Blake rushed him at Full Power, Gambol Shroud in hand in Cleaver Form while Weiss once again empowered her with her Time Dilation/Speed Glyph. The new burst of speed plus her full strength actually forced the brutish android to take the Cat Faunus seriously as he dodged the initial horizontal slash, flying above her, before attempting to counter but was forced to block as she used the momentum of the slash to turn around and fire a Burst of Ki that engulfed him and causing an explosion. Blake utilized her other senses to try and anticipate the android's movements but failed as he materialized behind her and knocked her away before chasing after his quarry.

Meanwhile, Ruby and Weiss learned from Yang's mistake and rushed the short android at full power, engaging him in CQC. The two young huntresses pushed him back a bit before he took their clash to the sky and forcing them back with a local burst of energy. Ruby and Weiss took forced themselves to stop in the air before they could crash into something and returned fire with a barrage of Ki Blasts. The short android spread out his arms and created a spherical energy barrier, protecting himself from attacks at every angle; the Ki blasts hit the barrier creating a symphony of explosions and blanketing the area surrounding the barrier with smoke. The blast barrage soon ended allowing the android to lower his barrier before he rushed the red reaper, who quickly vanishes and leaves behind an afterimage that took the punch from the android. Weiss then came in with her own rush, forcing him to block and clash with the Schnee heiress. However, the clash was very short as a shout was heard…


The android got distracted for a split second as he noticed a large yellow energy wave was heading towards them from below, long enough for Weiss to kick him downwards and knock him toward the blast. He quickly rights himself before turning to catch the energy wave, holding it back with some effort. Before the short android could deal with it, however, he was hit by another barrage of Ki blasts from behind as Weiss kept firing more and more at him. He felt himself getting pelted by many Ki Blasts that kept him in place before he felt the onslaught end. He was about to redirect the energy wave at the Heiress, but another call out caught his attention…


The android then felt many Ki blasts hit at once, finally forcing him to waver and take the full force of Ruby's Masenko and causing yet another explosion. Ruby and Weiss kept their guard up in case their foe tries to get a jump on the two as they wait for the clouds of smoke to clear. It soon cleared enough to reveal that the only damage that was dealt was the incineration of the android's hat revealing a glass dome showing his CPU, the left lens of the short android's glasses destroyed which revealed his robotic eye, and the singes on his clothing. All of this plus the two's refusal to die was starting to irritate him; he gave a guttural roar, as he was encased in clear white aura increasing his power, not to his maximum output but just enough for him to speed blitz the two and overpower them by his calculations. As the two witnessed this, they quickly realized that they may need to utilize the Kaio-ken. Just as the android was about to charge he was once again hit with another Ki blast, this time from above. The three looked above to find that it was Neptune as he was in Tien's Tri-Beam stance. This only served to make the android angrier as he rushed the new arrival.

Meanwhile, Blake is dodging and weaving all of the large android's punches; however, she could feel Weiss's Glyph wearing off. With this she vanishes, leaving behind an afterimage, which resulted in the android's fist flying through it. He looked around him to try and locate her before he started looking up; it wasn't until he looked below him that he found the Cat Faunus. Sadly as it was too late as she was already surrounded in an energy sphere before she raised her arms and fired Trunks' "Heat Dome Attack", sending a large yellow energy wave at the android. The blast engulfed him causing another cloud of smoke to erupt from the attack. Once more Blake kept her guard up in case the android tried to slip past her guard again. This time, however, he just went for a head-on rush; fortunately for her…


A familiar blue energy wave slammed into him, followed by a smaller, but still powerful, blast as they caused another burst of smoke to blanket the sky above Vale. Blake quickly turned around to see who fired the energy wave to find Yang with Sun, both holding their stances from when they fired and more importantly, angry. Blake sighed in relief before Sun announced, "Greene sent us ahead when we started to sense your power increase. You okay?"

The Cat Faunus nodded but before she could say anything they all heard the android, gaining their attention as they saw the smoke quickly dissipate away from him; the three could see that the android was surrounded by a clear white aura, indicating that he increased his power output. They quickly realized that the battle was heating up and that they would need to kick things up a notch…

[Music End]

Earlier at Beacon…

Manami was on the last hour of her Friday session with her available students in Ki Control and Martial Arts. Throughout the session she wondered if Team RWBY, Sun, Neptune, and Greene's mission was going well; she checked with her Ki senses from time to time and saw that their power levels were kept to a minimum. The Saiyan Huntress was satisfied, knowing that the mission was going well yet she kept her guard up knowing that could change at a moment's notice. In fact, she had noticed that Weiss's power along with Yang's had increased within the last few minutes, though it was only a small increase. In the end, she's glad that she did as she suddenly felt Team RWBY's Ki skyrocket, quickly reaching max for 3 of the 4. Manami dismissed the teams early as the situation was now going bad and kept on getting worse as she couldn't sense what team RWBY was facing; that meant one thing: Androids. She rushed to her locker to get the R-Blade, just in case she needs it; as she did she felt Yang's Power reach max while sensing Sun and Neptune's power increase as well. She finally rushed to her room to grab Capsule 3 from her case of capsules; Unfortunately, that's when things had come to a head…

Present Time: The Skies of Vale…

Ruby and Weiss were currently clashing with the short android, same with Blake and Yang against the brutish one; the entire team was currently utilizing the Kaio-ken x10 against them. Sun and Neptune, fired hi-powered Ki blasts at the androids whenever there was an opening to distract the synthetics. The battle was a stalemate at the rate they were all going. Yang came to realize this as she backed away once again as Sun unleashed a Full Power Energy Wave at the android. She concentrated, putting all her focus into this next attack; her fierce red aura increased in size, as she roars, "KAIO-KEN TIMES TWENTY!"

Just as the technique took effect, Sun's attack stopped giving the android a moment of rest. However, Yang wasn't allowing that to happen as she materialized in front of him, doing a quick spin to her left to give her more momentum for a strong roundhouse kick to the android's face and knocking him away, sending him flying past the other trio. Yang wasn't finished with her assault as she suddenly switched targets and rushed the short android, delivering a series of devastating blows before doing Goku's Dragon Toss to send him alongside his fellow android. Yang quickly materialized in the brutish android's path before once again knocking him away, sending him crashing into the smaller android. She vanishes once again, appearing several yards below them while they were still recovering as the blonde cupped her hands to her side and began charging a full-powered blast, forming a familiar blue ball of Ki and chanting, "KA…ME…HA…ME…!"

The androids finally recover before noticing a bright blue light from below; they look down and saw Yang as she fired the infamous technique, roaring, "HA!"

The Kamehameha Wave quickly engulfed the two androids but not before their eyes flashed a sinister red. The massive blue beam shot into the night sky, illuminating the city below it and a few miles more. Moments later the attack dissipated, leaving behind a pillar of smoke. Ruby and the others had watched Yang's assault with awe and looked on wondering the same thing, "Did she finish them?"

Their answer came, however, when they heard the androids roar, indicating that they are still alive and are increasing their power output once again; this was shown to be the case when the clouds of smoke had parted from the force of the Androids' power increase. That was not what scared the Huntsmen and Huntresses in training…

[Music Start – "Open Field Stage" Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 OST]

The Androids were now emitting a sinister black aura, the very same aura that was seen on the Super Grimm, the Ginyu Force, and Cooler. RWBY, Sun, and Neptune may not be able to sense how much their power had increased but they knew that even their combined powers would not be enough to even scratch the androids as they are now. This was proven to be the case when the android duo speed blitzed all six of them before blasting them back down to the sight of the Paladin's wreckage. All of them crashed into the ground leaving behind a few impressions that would be hard to explain before finally stopping in a cloud of dust; once the cloud dissipated, it is reveals team RWBY, Sun, and Neptune all bloodied, beaten, and battered with a good chunk of their clothes in tatters.

Ruby's Slayer outfit now had rips in her stockings on her right thigh and left knee, her pinafore is completely ruined, her shirt is missing its right sleeve, her skirt is ripped on her right side. Weiss's Duality clothing had rips on her pants and was missing the right legging below the knee, her scarf was missing and was likely disintegrated, and the bottom half of her jacket was destroyed, exposing her abdomen. Blake's Intruder outfit was missing the ribbons on her arms, her shirt was missing the left sleeve, her pants had several rips and tears, and her boots had a few cuts as well. Yang's Hunter clothes were missing both sleeves, the vest was completely destroyed, there's a cut on her miniskirt on the left side, and there were tears in her stockings as well. Sun's shirt was gone and his pants were now tattered while Neptune's jacket was destroyed, his left glove is gone, and the padding he had over his pants were ruined. A moment later, as the six were getting up, fighting through their pain, they watched as the androids floated down just enough for them to be able to blast all of them at once without having to level the entire area.

"You kids should've stayed outta our business, but Naw… Y'all had to be goody-two-shoes heroes. Now it's time for you to start pushing up daisies…" the small android announced before glaring at Blake, readying a hi-powered concentrated blast and saying, "Starting with the Kitty-Cat!"

[Music End]

The small android fired a dark red blast at Blake in an attempt to end the Cat Faunus; the others could only watch in horror as their injuries would not allow them to save her… except one buxom blonde. At the last moment, Yang materialized in front of her partner to move and try to block the attack; she even utilized the Kaio-ken x20 to give herself the best chance of keeping Blake safe. The blast exploded and sent her flying through another pillar; though they could still sense Yang's Ki, it was faint and was now gradually growing weaker.

"Pathetic…" the brutish android muttered, as his smaller partner announced, "Admirable as your friend's attempt to protect you was, it's futile… It won't happen again."

He quickly fired off another shot to kill Blake; everyone was holding onto hope that help would arrive, but that was quickly fading away. Just when hope was lost… another Ki blast obliterated the android's attack. Out of shock and anger, the midget android shouts, "Who blasted mah blast!?"

His answer came in the form of Manami, who was currently engulfed in the fierce red aura of a Kaio-ken x10, knocking him down to the ground with an axe kick before vanishing above his brutish comrade and slamming his partner down with her fists. As the two came crashing into the ground, creating a cloud of dust, the Saiyan huntress appeared in front of the group as the effects of the Kaio-ken ended to help them, starting with Blake.

"You alright?" Manami asked to which the Cat Faunus responds, "Yeah, but Yang's hurt bad!"

"Kuso!" The Saiyan cursed as she sensed her adopted sister's fading Ki before activating capsule #3. In a puff of smoke appeared a small case; she handed it to Blake as she tells her, "Inside this case is ten Senzu Beans, give everyone a bean and feed Yang one."

"But what about you?"

"I'll take care of this… you just worry about the others."

Blake nodded in acknowledgment before tossing her team, Sun, and Neptune a bean as she was rushing off to help Yang. Manami on the other hand turned around as just as the dust cloud cleared, revealed the androids standing, seemingly unharmed by her attacks. Immediately she recognized the two, announcing, "Android 14, the brutish yet stoic android. And Android 15, the snarky midget android. I thought you two were destroyed; you two were left in pieces by Trunks and Vegeta."

"Hmph… we don't answer to you, Saiyan!" 14 answered, but was quickly interrupted by 15, "But since you're about to die anyway, our… employers brought us back to deal with anyone dumb enough to be a hero that would get in their way. That includes you and your friends."

Manami retorts, "Tch… If you think that I'm going to die then you are sorely underestimating me!"

"Oh really from what we've gathered from the information given to us, our newfound powers should be more than enough to kill you many times over!" 15 bragged.

"Then let's find out if you can back up your talk!" Manami announced before she crouched down and roared, "HAAARRRGGGHHH!"

A blinding gold light surrounded her as she unleashed her power before she transformed; in an instant, her hair turned golden blonde with her eyes turning teal. The golden aura Manami emitted was sending off waves of power, kicking up dust and sending gusts of wind around her. Once she finished, the Super Saiyan immediately leaped into action…

[Music Start – "Defiance" Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 OST]

Manami dashed towards the two androids; they immediately tried to anticipate her next move but were not expecting the Saiyan to disappear. The androids looked around to find her but end up seeing multiple afterimages surrounding them. 14 tries to punch Manami but ends up hitting an afterimage, causing his fist to pass through it. She appears next to him as she gives him rapid-fire punches to the face and gut before literally sending him flying with an uppercut. She was about to follow but was interrupted by 15 as he rushed her, forcing her to block a series of punches. The Super Saiyan blocked all of his attacks before he tried to hit her with a haymaker to the face but easily caught it. She pulls him in before giving him a headbutt, dazing the midget before punting him into the sky. She reached for the hilt of her sword before vanishing and reappearing above Android 15 and prepared to slice him to ribbons. Unfortunately, she was once again interrupted as a blast knocked her away from 15.

Manami quickly recovers to see that it was Android 14 who fired that blast. She quickly fires a barrage of blasts at the brute who answered with his own volley of blasts. The clash was a stalemate until The Saiyan Huntress fired a Full Power Energy Wave, annihilating all the blasts 14 had fired before it reached said android who caught it and began to hold it back. Manami poured more power into her blast which became too much for 14 to hold back and engulfed him, causing an explosion and leaving behind a pillar of smoke. Before she could investigate to see if the android survived 15 once again rushed her; this time Manami vanished and left an afterimage that he hit before reappearing farther away from the pillar of smoke which was now dissipating, revealing a damaged android 14.

"Still think that this is going to be an easy fight?" Manami taunted, which Android 15 rebuts, "Never said that I thought it was going to be easy, I just said that we had enough power to kill you many times over!"

"So?" Manami asked.

Android 15 retorts, "So, that fact still holds true as we weren't using our full power! But now seeing as you gave 14 a few good hits, we're gonna have to take you on seriously."

The midget android roared as he unleashed his full power which was quickly followed by his more brutish fellow android. As Manami witnessed this, she concluded that she would definitely need to use her full power to keep up; if she had full control over her semblance then she could increase her power in quick bursts, but she had only begun training to learn how to use her semblance so she couldn't reliably use it in the fight. Soon the androids finished charging their energy; Android 15 was smirking as if he was sure victory was in their grasp. However, a blast from above slammed into him, causing a small explosion that lasted a second before dissipating just as quickly. Everyone looked to find the source and found a familiar Super Saiyan in his Burning Attack stance.

"Trunks!" Manami shouted in both surprise and joy. The Androids however felt nothing but malice upon seeing the son of Vegeta; 14 due to how he was beaten by the sword-wielding Saiyan and 15 due to his defeat at the hands of the father. Despite this Android 15 just smirked and said, "So the son of the prince has arrived! Too bad it won't make a difference as we've gotten much stronger than you could've imagined!"

"I wouldn't count on it! You're not the only one who has gained new levels of strength!" Trunks remarked. He brought a hand to the hilt of his sword before he proclaimed, "You Androids won't win! I won't let you destroy this world!"

Trunks then drew his sword and vanished before reappearing above Android 14, who had his back to the Super Saiyan, and swung in an attempt to cleave him in half. Sadly the Android anticipated this and dodged before countering with a point-blank energy blast. Trunks was quicker however and he knocked away the blast toward 15, forcing him to cancel out the attack with his own energy blast. The son of Vegeta tried to slash at 14 once more but was instead met with a strong kick that knocked him toward the small android. 15 dashed to meet the Saiyan mid-flight but not before firing a single power blast, stopping him with an explosion; the midget android flew through the cloud of smoke, doing a literal flying kick, only to hit nothing and just fly straight through. He looked around to locate Trunks before his sensors detected that the Saiyan was behind him. Trunks tried to grab him but 15 reached out and grasped the Saiyan's hands. 15 used this opportunity to… educate the Saiyan of the Future.

"You got a lot of spirit kid, but we don't plan on destroying this world!" 15 said smugly.

"What?" Trunks muttered in confusion.

"Like I told your lady friend over there, our employers only want us to eliminate anyone who dares to get in the way of their plans. Whatever they plan to do with this world, destruction ain't in the cards… yet," 15 reveals.

With that Trunks unleashed his full power and head butts the android before knocking him towards Manami. He then proclaims, "It doesn't matter whatever the hell you plan to do! Ana and I and all of our allies will put an end to it!"

Android 14 suddenly rushed Trunks as he retorts, "You'll have to defeat us first!"

However, before they could even clash, a green containment shield had surrounded the Android, stopping him in his tracks for a few seconds, just enough time for multiple explosive green constructs to be slammed into him just as the shield was lifted, creating a pillar of smoke.

[Music End]

[Music Start – "Force of Justice" Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 OST]

"What the…" Trunks muttered before he heard someone say "So you're Trunks…"

Said Saiyan turned around to find a young man with a green aura of some kind surrounding him like a second skin. He then says, "Ana told me a bit about you during some of our training sessions. You can call me Greene."

Trunks merely nodded not knowing what to say to the Green Lantern turned Huntsman-in-training. Before they could continue they smoke cleared to reveal a relatively unfazed Android 14; unfazed but very irritated. Greene smirked then says, "What do you say we turn this Android into scrap metal?"

Trunks returned with his own smirk as he answered, "Let's…"

The two then rushed the Android to finish their fight for good. Meanwhile, Manami is currently clashing with Android 15. Their exchange of punches and kicks resulting in a stalemate as each blow caused powerful shockwaves. Their stalemate finally ended when 15 overextended with one of his punches; the Saiyan Huntress exploited this opening by firing a point-blank concentrated Ki Blast that quickly expanded and blew away the small android. Manami continued her assault with a barrage of Ki blasts at the synthetic being which resulted in yet another round of explosions. Once her barrage ended, she kept up her guard, waiting for a counter-attack to come. Android 15 appeared behind her with a kick aimed at her head; the Super Saiyan ducked before she unsheathed R-Blade and gave a rising slash. 15 however managed to dodge before firing a concentrated point-blank blast that Manami blocked with the flat of her sword. The blast forced her back a few meters before it exploded and sent her flying.

Android 15 wasn't finished as he unleashed a Full Power Energy Wave at the Saiyan of Remnant. Manami however had quickly recovered as she saw the attack coming and fired her own energy wave. The two blasts met and exploded on impact, creating a cloud of smoke. The Super Saiyan then rushed through and firing several blasts before vanishing. Android 15 quickly blocked and knocked away the blasts, however as he finished defending himself, he hears a call from above…


A crackling condensed ball of Ki came crashing down on him, exploding on impact. Before the smoke cleared, however, 15 rushed her before vanishing, reappearing above her to go for a downward smash. Manami was quicker however as she left behind an afterimage before reappearing at the androids side and attempting to smash her foot in his face; unfortunately, 15 crossed his arms in front of his face and blocked it but being the trained warrior she is, Manami kicks him with her other foot and sends him flying before she raised both her hands with back of her right in front of her left, quickly charging the attack before unleashing it.


The blast engulfed the android almost instantly and ended in an explosion. The android however was still active and kicking as he released a burst of energy to clear the smoke and showing that he was now livid, his face clearly emulating the emotion. He then rushes her once again this time with much more power put into his attacks.

Meanwhile, Android 14 is currently clashing with both Trunks and Greene. Normally Greene would stay out of fights that are out of his league, however, The Green Lantern is currently capable of keeping up with the Super Saiyan due to the intense training he had under Manami with the help of the boost his power ring is giving him based on his will power. Unfortunately, he is solely relying on the boost because he only had so much training under his belt compared to teams RWBY and JNPR. However, the android is still stronger than the two when alone, so they're combining their powers to make up the difference and it is working so far. Greene suddenly ends the clash by utilizing a construct of a cage emulating the strongest metal in Zeno-sama's multiverse. He turns to the Super Saiyan, yelling, "Now!"

Trunks nodded as he brought his hands to his left side, placing the back of his right to the palm of his left, charging an attack that he learned from his father. It was only a few moments that violet energy was shining in his palm before the sword-wielding Saiyan thrusts his hands forward and fired his attack.

"Galick Gun!"

The violet energy wave quickly engulfs the android just as Greene allowed his construct to fade. The result was an explosion a few seconds later; however, the android rushed out, firing multiple energy blasts as he closed the distance between him and the two heroes. Trunks merely fired his own blasts to counter while Greene created a shield in front of him to block the ones aimed at him. Android 14 then vanishes before reappearing behind Greene, using his left hand to grab him by the neck as the Green Lantern turned around. He was struggling in the android's grasp, trying to break free as the android prepared to fire an energy wave through his chest. However he was so focused on eliminating the "weaker" of the two, he failed to notice Trunks rushing him in silent rage. The Super Saiyan slashed the android's arm off freeing Greene who quickly unleashed a burst of power in the form of a green energy blast to knock away 14. Trunks appeared in the android's path and knocked him in the direction of a clashing Manami and Android 15 before he shouts, "Ana! Heads up!"

Manami saw the now one-armed android flying in her direction from the corner of her eye and ended her clash with the angry midget android by kicking him back to gain space to use one of Tien's techniques, bring her hands in front of her face, "SOLAR FLARE!"

Android 15 was caught when he tried to close the distance she created and it disoriented his sensors, giving the Saiyan Huntress time to grab him and Dragon Toss him into the path of Android 14, causing the two to collide. However they quickly recovered and attempted to locate their quarry; it wasn't long before 15 shouts in frustration, "You punks are DEAD! Where are you!?"

His answer came in the form of bright blue, yellow, and violet lights below them; they turned to the source to see Manami's arms stretched out in front with her bottom of her palms touching and her fingers spread out, Greene had his hands cupped at his right side, while Trunks had his at his left. The two Androids realized that they were about to finish the battle and began charging their own attacks to try and stop them; they couldn't power up their blasts much because the trio fired their energy waves a few moments later as they roared…


The three energy waves fused together creating one giant blue beam crackling with yellow and violet lightning; the Androids fired their own energy waves which also fused into a giant reddish-purple energy wave. Both attacks crashed into each other, each side trying to overpower the other but they were in a stalemate… until the two androids began pouring every ounce of energy they had to the point it would cause their destruction in one final attempt at victory. Their beam slowly began to overcome the trio's. As the three were straining, Manami shouted, "Give it everything you've got!"

The Androids noticed that they were winning the clash and 15 took this opportunity to gloat, "Well, well! It looks like this is the end for ya punks! We had a good run but this is the end of the line! Farewe-"

Android 15 couldn't finish his sentence as he and Android 14 were suddenly hit by several Ki blasts from above. They looked up to that the attackers were none other than Team RWBY, Sun, and Neptune as they were glaring at the androids. 14 just glared at them while 15 gritted his teeth and shouts, "You punks just don't give up do Ya!?"

However, this gave Manami, Trunks, and Greene the opening they needed to end the two androids as their beam was no longer being pushed back. The Super Saiyan of Remnant shouted, "NOW!"

Their energy wave grew larger as they poured every ounce of power they could into the attack, overcoming the androids' energy wave and easily pushed it back. The Androids noticed the beam too late as they were swallowed by the blast as it disintegrated the two while team RWBY, Sun, and Neptune move out of the line of fire the second they heard Manami; the beam continued into the skies of Remnant before disappearing.

[Music End]

"It's over…" Manami muttered as she was trying to catch her breath before returned to her base form which was soon followed by Trunks. She then turned to her old partner who smiled at her; she returned it by giving her brother figure a hug as she said, "Trunks… you came to Remnant… thanks for your help…"

"Hehe… Anytime partner. Besides I could never forgive myself if I lost another friend when I could help them," Trunks replied. Meanwhile, Greene could see just how happy Manami was to see Trunks; it made him smile yet he could not place what the other feeling he had was in the pit of his stomach. However, the moment soon ended as Manami and Trunks broke off the hug as soon as they heard, "ANA!"

Manami looked toward the voice to see Ruby rush toward her before getting tackled by her younger sister; luckily Manami was still strong enough to make sure she didn't go flying. As usual, she was amazed by the fight as she considering she was rambling, "ThatwassocoolhowyouwereabletofightofftheandroidsandthenyourfriendshowedupandbegantokickbuttbeforeGreenejoinedandyouguyswerelikehyah!wah!bam! It was so AWESOME!"

"Woah settle down Ruby! Give Ana a chance to breathe," someone else said as they joined Greene, Trunks, Ruby, and Manami. They all saw that it was Yang who was followed by Blake, Weiss, Sun, and Neptune. They all noticed the lavender haired Saiyan, but Sun being Sun, he was the one to voice everyone's thoughts, "Who's the new guy."

Manami smiled as she introduced them to him, "Everyone I'd like you to meet Trunks, he's a great friend of mine and someone I consider a brother."

"Hey everyone," Trunks greeted before Manami continued, "Trunks I'd like you to meet team RWBY, which is R-W-B-Y by the way, starting with their leader and my younger sister, Ruby Rose. She's the one who tackled me."

"Hi, there!" Ruby greets awkwardly due to how she acted in front of the new arrival.

"Next to her is her partner, Weiss Schnee, Heiress to the Schnee Dust Company," Manami gestured to said heiress as she says, "Nice to meet you."

"The lovely young lady with the bow is Blake Belladona," the huntress announced followed by Blake giving a meek wave, saying, "A pleasure."

"Next to her is the ball of sunshine that is my other sister, Yang," Manami said before said ball of sunshine greets him by giving him a peace sign and a mere, "Sup."

"The shirtless dude with a tail is a Faunus named Sun," The Saiyan of Remnant said pointing to said Faunus who greets, "Hey there."

"And finally we have the bluenette with the goggles, Neptune," Manami gestured to said bluenette who greets, "What's up dude."

"And I believe you've already met Greene Gale, the one you fought alongside with," Manami gestured to the Green Guardian of Remnant who simply gave a two-finger salute.

"Nice to meet you all," Trunks replied before giving a slight bow. Manami smiled at the moment but she then put on her serious face before she said to RWBY, Greene, Sun, and Neptune, "Now then, on to business. What did you seven learn?"

They turned to each other one by one, moments pass before Weiss spoke up first to begin the long story, "Well…"

A/N: Well that's the end of the chapter but DON'T click/tap away if you're interested in what my new story maybe, because here's a short preview...

{New Story Preview}

New York City, Year 2009. 8:15 p.m.

The bustling metropolis of New York City. From the flocks of pigeons throughout the city to the children and teens going to school to the average worker, this city isn't idle… not even at night. Many people in the streets of New York are just your average John or Jane Doe trying to get by in their life as they work toward their dreams or move on to bigger more fulfilling businesses. However there are those that have fallen from grace and into the underbelly of the city where… a different kind of business occurs, one that is questionable at best and horrifying at worst, to put it mildly. Sadly even the criminal underworld pales in comparison to the real horrors that lurk in the shadows…


One of which is now taking place in an alley where a young man was tossed into a pile of trash. Said man was your stereotypical gangster, wearing loose pants, sneakers, a black shirt, hoodie, and a hat; as he was getting up, he looked at his attacker. At first glance, he looked like another gangster, someone from a rival gang, a brutish enforcer. However, when he took a closer look at the enforcer, he seemed to only have a single eye. The gangster quickly realizes who his attacker was as he was getting up.

"I don't know why you are doing this you one-eyed freak! We're loyal to Eternal! But I know this, you fucked with the wrong guy!" The gangster sneered as he took out what looked to be a red USB drive that had a rib cage design and on the label was the letter "M" stylized to look like a volcano. This was the Magma Memory, one of many powerful memories known as Gaia Memories. He then presses a button on the device…


As the announcement from the Magma Memory was made, the gangster then pulls up his left sleeve, revealing a circuitry-like tattoo located on his forearm before "inserting" the into the tattoo; the second he did, the device was absorbed into the man's skin. He soon became engulfed in flames before he transformed into a burning monster. His torso was mostly orange flames with his abdominal and pectoral muscles looking like a volcanic stone, his left arm was the same except that he had a gauntlet of a kind past the elbow, his right arm was mostly just volcanic stone and the same is said for his legs, but his head was a volcanic skull surrounded by a mane of fire. He had transformed into a monstrous being called a Dopant, specifically the Magma Dopant. With his transformation done, the dopant shot fireballs at his attacker, hoping to burn him and causing a small explosion to erupt.

"HAHAHAHA! That's what you get for messing with me jackass!" The Magma Dopant shouted with glee. However, his tune changed when he noticed something from the fire. The fire dissipated quickly just as fast as it came, revealing the one-eyed enforcer had remained unharmed, though some of his clothing was burned off. Shocked, the dopant shouts, "Impossible! You should be a burning husk!"

The figure soon began to step toward the dopant. However before he could do anything to the magma monster, a similar announcement to the Magma Memory was heard…


Suddenly, five elongated yellow arms had stretched out and begun smacking around both the Magma Dopant and the enforcer. The arms soon stopped as two voices shout…

"Joker Strange!"

Not even a split second after that, the figure of a man – no half a man, specifically the left half – rushed down the alley, delivering an energy enhanced karate chop to both "the enforcer" and the dopant, disintegrating the former and exploding the latter before the half body quickly retreats down the alley. The explosion soon dissipated to reveal the gangster, now unconscious and back in human form as his Magma memory land next to him before shattering. A new figure approached him, one that was wearing armor that was split down the middle with a silver strip. The left half of the figure was mostly black and had purple accents on the chest piece, shoulders pad, wrist, and ankle. The right half, however, was yellow with orange accents in the same place. The helmet was also split down the middle, had red bug-like lenses, and had an antenna, not unlike a praying mantis's; however, if one looked closely, they would see that the middle of the antenna was forming a "W".

"Kuso! This is the fifth case of Eternal's forces attacking one another," a male voice states as the figure's left eye flashed. Another voice was then heard but this time it was a female's as the right eye flashed when she added, "On top of that, every case was a Dopant that was attacked by a Greek Monster."

"Either there's a lot of infighting that we've failed to notice or…" The left half starts, with the right half finishing, "…there may be a few defectors hiding amongst the Gaia Memory users, and Eternal is trying to root them out."

"Maybe… but for now let's drop this guy to the proper authorities, aibou…" The left half says pointing to the unconscious gangster, "Besides, we've still got to report back to Chiron about our cases."

The right half figure didn't say anything, but she knew that her partner was right; their mentor, Chiron, needed to know about this. They picked up the ex-Dopant and head back the way they came.

Now I know what you all are thinking: "who that mysterious half and half figure is, how is he so powerful, and why were there two voices: one male and one female?" In that specific order? Well… have you heard about the urban legends called Kamen Riders? If you haven't… I suggest you look them up, but if you have… they're real. And the half and half figure is Kamen Rider W (Double). Their power comes from their belts that we call "Drivers"; W's is called the W (Double) Driver and it utilizes the USB looking devices we call Gaia Memories - Memories of the Earth, each one taking on a different aspect the memory is based on. That is one of the reasons they are powerful. As for why you hear a male and a female voice… Heh... Well… we are called W for a reason. You see, my partner and I each became one half of the rider: I am the Left half and she is the right. Whenever we take the form of W it is usually my body that is used and her mind works in conjunction with mine to fight as W. Whenever her body becomes W… well, that's a story for another time if you wish to hear it.

Who am I? Ore wa Percy Jackson… and this is the story about how my aibou (partner) and I became W and our adventures as the two-in-one Kamen Rider. And if you still wish to learn about it… well you'll find my stories somehow…

[BGM – "W-B-X (W Boiled Xtreme)" Kamen Rider W (Double) OST. Performed by Kamiki Aya w/ TAKUYA]




Percy Jackson and the Olympians








Kamen Rider W








The PJO Collection: Futari de Hitori Edition

[BGM End]




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But now you might ask, how did this idea, PJO x Kamen Rider W, pop up? Well, I was going through some Reading Stories of PJO - stories where the characters of the PJO universe read about Percy's adventures and there are many stories done by many authors - and one of the characters pointed out how Percy can notice the subtle details but not the ones that are obvious as hell. Because of that, I thought "wow Percy, if you weren't such a seaweed brain, you could be a detective." And that's when it hit me. Kamen Rider W is about the story of two detectives solving cases; some minor, with the major ones involving Gaia Memory users. So I thought to make Percy a little different - can't say how because of spoilers - and throw in Kamen Rider W which is how I got the crossover.

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1) Trunks can somewhat keep up with the androids, because before he left he utilized the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train and make himself stronger for a few real-time days. Also after the Zamasu incident, Chronoa had installed a few Hyperbolic Time Chambers in Conton for emergency training under the authorities of Chronoa herself, Elder Kai, or Trunks. Updated Ch. 2-2 as well.

2) Greene can keep up with Trunks because of his power ring and a lot of will power on top of the training he had received, but mainly due to his power ring and will power. The minimum training he received in Ki Control and Martial Arts played a small part as he still relied more on his power ring. Over the course of the story, I will have him utilize it less as his main weapon and more of a utility that he'll use every so often.

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