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Chapter 5: Internal Affairs, Extracurricular

It has been several weeks since the Highway Incident. Team RWBY, with the help from Greene, Sun, and Neptune had completed their mission as deputized Time Patrollers and found some information that may shed some light on the White Fang situation. However, not all went according to plan. Blake and Sun were caught infiltrating a White Fang faction meeting and were forced to make a noisy exit. Things escalated as Roman Torchwick gave chase in a prototype mech stolen from Atlas. Fortunately, they were able to quickly turn the tide of battle and destroy the mech, forcing Roman to flee. The team was about to give chase before two enforcers had arrived: Androids 14 and 15, summoned by the Time Breakers to stop anyone from interfering with their plans. Their arrival forced them to utilize the full scope of their training, but it still wasn't enough. When all hope was lost, Manami had shown up and engaged the two androids. Trunks had arrived as well and tipped the scales in their favor, resulting in the android's demise once again.

Later at Beacon, the deputized Time Patrollers had told Manami the results of the investigation. She praised Team RWBY, Sun, Neptune, and Greene for their excellent work. However, it was clear she was worried about the White Fang's plans. Although they were just prototypes, they had multiple Atlesian Paladins in their grasp, a huge cache of Dust being moved to the southeast along with a good amount of soldiers, and from what Greene's informant is sending, Vale is right in the middle of their crosshairs. Manami ordered the group to take Saturday off, before telling Sun, Neptune, and Greene they will have to play catch up on their training the following day.

From that point, Manami and Trunks talked for a few hours talking about what had happened on both ends during the months since she returned home. To say Manami was shocked to learn that a Time Rift that led to a future of a destroyed Vale and Beacon Academy is a gross understatement; however, this would only serve to fuel her desire to protect her home and its future. As the weeks pass, Manami kept teaching the handful of students Ki-control and left Trunks in charge when she was working on controlling her semblance. The full-blooded Saiyan however couldn't help but think about what the Time Breakers had in store. Regardless, she couldn't dwell on it forever and she had duties to fulfill and classes to attend. Although Manami was worried about Blake since she noticed that the Cat Faunus started extra time training, much more than she should. Manami would have to deal with that sometime after class.

This brings us to the current sparring match in front of her: Pyrrha Nikos vs Team CRDL. Manami kept a close eye on both sides but mostly on team CRDL, making sure that they didn't use their Ki in this match. And though they put up a valiant effort thanks to their new training regiment, it was still not enough to beat Pyrrha, although the redhead was happy that they actually made her break a sweat in a fight, even though it was at the level of a huntsman.

"And that's the match," Professor Goodwitch announced shortly after the buzzer that signaled the match ending went off.

"Ugh… for someone who's light on their feet, you sure hit like a truck," Cardin complimented before he collapses in exhaustion, his teammates groaning in agreement with Pyrrha chuckling at that remark.

Glynda let her stoic mask fall just a tad, letting a ghost of a smile through, at how much CRDL has changed since the Forever Fall incident. She quickly glanced at Beacon's Resident Saiyan to see that Manami sees the same thing if her own smile was any indication. She looked to Pyrrha praise her, "Well done, Miss Nikos. You should have no problem qualifying for the tournament."

Pyrrha nods her head in appreciation as she says, "Thank you, professor."

Alright, now I know that's a tough act to follow, but we have time for one more sparring match. The Combat professor announces as she was tapping her Scroll. She looks around at the observing students before asking, "Any volunteers?"

Her eyes scanned the class before landing on… "Ms. Belladonna?"

Blake sat up straight when she heard the professor call her name. "You've been rather docile these past few classes. Why don't you–"

Mercury raises his hand, interrupting Professor Goodwitch, "I'll do it."

The professor narrowed her eyes a bit at the boy. "Mercury, is it? Very well, let's find you an opponent."

As she began typing out a few commands on her Scroll, Mercury announces "Actually, I wanna fight... her."

Mercury points to Pyrrha, who was surprised at his declaration, "Me?"

Goodwitch shook her head in disapproval, "I'm afraid Miss Nikos has just finished the match. I recommend you choose another partner."

However, Manami sensed something was off. She felt ill intent from him; she could feel something similar off of Emerald but could not pin down why. Glancing at Mistralian friend, the Hero of Tokitoki could see she feels the same thing. Manami quickly sent a mental message to Pyrrha, "Don't freak out Pyrrha but it's me, Manami. Act normal and listen carefully. Something is off about Mercury, I'm getting ill intent off of him. Accept his challenge, Pyrrha, I want to see his plans are."

Pyrrha subtly nods and announces, "No, it's fine! I'd be happy to oblige."

A few minutes after he got his gear, Mercury struts into the arena, visibly sizing up Pyrrha. Their spar begins when he makes the first attack, throwing out a spinning sidekick with his right foot; Pyrrha blocks with her shield before executing a spinning slash at Mercury's exposed foot, knocking him down. He recovers quickly and does a series of backflips to gain some distance. A few seconds pass before Pyrrha rushes in begins trading blows with Mercury until she knocks him back with her shield.

As Team RWBY and JNPR are watching from the stands, they kept a close eye on Mercury since Manami had quickly sent a mental message to them, appraising them of the situation. Ruby kept up appearances by turning toward Emerald sitting behind her, falsely complimenting, "Hey, your friend's doing pretty good."

The little show Ruby put on worked as Emerald gives a fake smile before she rolls her eyes as the young Rose turns back to the fight.

Mercury unleashes a series of powerful strikes, beginning with an aerial axe kick, flowing into a leg sweep followed by a roundhouse kick. Pyrrha manages to block the first, dodge the second, and block the third before rolling away to gain distance. Mercury rushes in with a bicycle kick, before unleashing series of alternating kick strikes. Pyrrha allows his one of his kick to slam against her forearm before Mercury manages to disarm her, a kick impaling her blade into the ground. He then tries to roundhouse kick her but Pyrrha uses her Semblance to redirect the direction of his attack. As she charges him with her shield, he does a dropkick but before he could actually drop, he shoots off of Pyrrha's shield and turns his back to her. Pyrrha tries to rush him again. However, Mercury nonchalantly says, "I forfeit."

Pyrrha almost stumbles as she stops beside him. She turns and asks, "You... don't even want to try?"

The bluish-silver-haired young man shrugs and replies, "What's the point? You're a world-renowned fighter. We're obviously leagues apart."

Manami scoffed at that, from what she had seen, Mercury was casing Pyrrha, seeing what the Red-head capable of. She had learned the tactic from Goku and the others; quickly glancing at teams RWBY and JNPR, Manami saw that they had seen it too, as she had passed on to them the combat knowledge she had gained from Universe 7. There only a few questions left: why was Mercury doing this? And is Emerald a part of it? Is their friend in on this as well?

She and the two teams would have to ponder this as Glynda announced, "In that case... Pyrrha Nikos is the victor of the match... again."

Emerald smirks and Mercury sneers smugly. Pyrrha has an annoyed and disappointed look on her face, as she places her left hand on her hip. The Aura displays for Pyrrha and Mercury are shown as Mercury's is changed from green to red indicating his loss. Glynda turns Mercury and scolds him, "Next time, you may want to think a little harder before choosing an opponent."

Mercury, without turning back, replies, "I'll be sure to do that."

The alarm signaling class ending sounded which jolts Blake who has nodded off. Glynda announces, "That is all for today. And remember, the dance is this weekend. But you all have your first mission on Monday. I will not accept any excuses." As everyone leaves, Mercury stops beside Emerald. He tells her jokingly, "Learning is so much fun."

Outside, Team SSSN is standing at the entrance as Team RWBY walks past. Sun notices Blake and runs after her, calling out, "Hey, Blake!"

He taps his fellow Faunus on her shoulder, but when he sees she's looking tired when she turns around, he asks, "You uh, doing okay?"

Blake replies too quickly, "I'm fine."

Sun raised his eyebrow as he says, "Really? Sure it's not the extra training you've put in that's tiring you out?"

"Nothing a Senzu wouldn't fix."

"Bad idea. Remember Scarlet's brilliant idea to go on a Senzu diet three weeks ago?"

Blake winced from the memory, seeing as the scarlet-haired young man had gained visible weight from doing so, very visible. Manami scolded his irresponsible use of the beans and gave him some extra hours of training as "punishment", she even him told to start fasting for a few weeks so he could lose the extra pounds; needless to say, it was not a fun experience for Scarlet. The Full-Blooded Saiyan was also forced to make a new rule regarding the Senzu beans: for emergencies and gravity training only, infraction punishable by the "Scarlet Treatment". In short, those who break the new rule will receive the same treatment that Scarlet got.

"At any rate," Sun continued, "I think you deserve just a little bit of rest for yourself. Not like we can openly make a move against them."

Blake was about to protest but a very familiar voice called out, "I wouldn't argue right now Blake, you look like you're about to drop dead."

The two turned to see Manami walking up to them. She stopped in front of the two and asked Sun, "Give us a minute?"

The Monkey Faunus nodded and moved to a nearby bench. Once Sun was out of earshot, Manami said, "Blake, you need to slow down with the training, you need to rest.

Blake argued, "But I need to get stronger. What happened at the highway-"

"-Was out of your control and out of mine. We knew that the time breakers would have enforcers of some kind, but we didn't know who. And if those androids were any indication, I will have to use everything I have to even stand a chance in the coming battles."

"Then why are you not training more?" Blake asked.

"Because there is such a thing as too much training… something that you are going through right now Blake," Manami answered.


"But nothing! While it is admirable to want to become stronger, it useless if your body cannot keep up; you'll just be dead weight in the middle of battle, putting everyone else in more danger just to protect you. And more importantly, what about those who are trying to look out for you? Your team, your friends? You just gonna push them away while you are destroying yourself in this self-destructive quest to grow stronger?"

Blake looked down in shame. Manami sighed as she placed her hand on the Cat-Faunus's shoulder, "I'm not saying this to be a bitch; I'm saying this as a friend who is speaking for those who care about you. Rest… for all of us. You can still put in some extra training, but make sure to get some ample amount of rest."

Blake nodded in shame but put on a light smile in understanding. Manami smiled and nodded her head toward a certain Monkey Faunus, "Now go on, I think Sun has something to ask you."

Blake looked toward Sun who seemed to be restless, but when he saw Blake looking at him, he gave a light smile. She returned it before glancing back at her Saiyan friend who nodded. Blake walked off to talk to her fellow Faunus and see what he wanted. Manami watched their conversation on the bench for a few moments before her scroll started ringing. When she saw who the caller was she answered, "Yeah, Trunks?"

"I just got off the horn with the Time Nest; they're sending in the Elder Kai to assist with matters here on Remnant," the Saiyan from the Future stated.

"Really? When's he arriving?"

"The morning of the dance."

"I see; I'll let Ozpin know tonight after making sure the other students are doing well in their training."

"Alright. In the meantime, I'll be studying how the tech runs here on Remnant, see if we can improve it with some of our technology, with Ozpin's permission of course."

"Pfft, I'm pretty sure we can make plenty of improvements considering I've already to a gander at the CCT's OS. Besides, I'm good with tech after learning from you and your mother, but you're still the one I defer to on matters like that."

"Heh, well in that case I'll head to Ozpin's office now to get approval. Would you like me to inform him about Elder Kai's arrival?"

"Sure, it'll kill two birds with one stone."

"Alright then, good luck with the students."

"And good luck to you if General Ironwood is with Ozpin."

The call ended there, as Manami headed toward the transport hub – a medium-sized, simple dome building with teleporters that Trunks had put up a few days after the Highway Incident. With Manami's help, he set up a second transport hub at the Training Grounds on Patch, connecting it with the one at Beacon Academy. On top of that, the building had a biometric scanner that only lets authorized individuals into the building, i.e. Manami, Trunks, Greene, RWBY, JNPR, Goodwitch, Ozpin, the students learning Ki control, and… Ironwood.

Manami sighed at remembering the day she added Ironwood to the transport hub's registry. Though she respected the tenacity and heart of the General, she disagreed with how he handles situations from what she has so far seen. All shows of strength, no discreet tactics. Brute force can get the job done, but the same could be said for a well-timed, precise strike; the same amount of damage, but less energy and resources put into it.

Oh well, no use crying about it. She has students to train…

Later that evening, Team RWBY's Room

"What?" Blake asked, sitting on her bed.

"We want you to go to the dance," Ruby answered, sitting next to Weiss on her partner's bed.

"Blake, we're worried about you. You've been putting in a lot of extra training, more than your body can handle," Yang followed up, standing next to Weiss and Ruby.

"While you've been eating a lot to give you more energy without the Senzu Beans, you barely sleep and I think your grades are starting to suffer," Weiss added.

Blake gave a guilty smile and said, "I'm fine, but-"

Yang interrupts, "But nothing Blake. I know that the Highway Incident had gotten to you, shown you that you need to grow much stronger."

"We all do, no 'ifs' 'ands' or 'buts' about it. However, we also need to rest and relax so our training can be effective," Weiss continued.

"And I know we still have our investigation, but we've already uncovered the fact that Torchwick and the White Fang are operating somewhere in Southeast Vale thanks to you and Sun," Ruby added.

"And there's also the stolen Atlas military tech they've gotten their hands on," Yang put in her two cents.

"All we ask is for you take it easy for one day," Ruby pleaded.

"Weiss and I will make sure it's a fun day for you," Yang followed up.

"Then we can get back to work, rested and ready," Weiss finished.

"So what do you think, Blake?" Ruby asked.

Blake was silent for a few moments, closing her eyes in thought, making her three friends worried. However, in reality, she is just making them sweat a bit; a mean joke but one that was too good to pass up.

"Blake?" Yang called out in concern.

It was here that the Cat Faunus opened her eyes and said monotonously, "I think Ana beat all of you to the punch in pulling an intervention."

"…What?" Ruby, Weiss, and Yang said in unison, going from concerned to confused in half a second.

"Ana already gave me a lecture about resting and relaxing earlier," Blake explained.

"Then why didn't you just say so?" Weiss asked with a tiny hint of frustration.

"Because Yang said, and I quote, 'But nothing Blake.' Effectively cutting off my explanation right then and there."

Yang then realized what Blake did and smirked, "You sneaky little kitty! You were just gonna let us sweat about you overdoing your training."

Blake merely gave a sly smile and nodded. Ruby pouted cutely at this, "That's a bit rude Blake, we were worried about you."

"Sorry Ruby, but you three kinda set yourselves up for that," Blake answered.

Weiss merely chuckled as she shook her head at her teammates' antics. Unfortunately, there's a knock at the door, breaking up this beautiful team bonding moment. Weiss approaches and opens it, revealing Jaune at the door with a guitar.

Jaune began singing… a bit off-key too, though he does a good job of playing the acoustic guitar, "Weiss~!"

Sadly for him, Weiss slams the door in his face.

Jaune pleads, "Oh, come on, open the door! I promise not to sing."

Weiss sighed as she reopens the door. Jaune continued his impromptu song, "I lied! Weiss Schu-nee, will you accompany me, to the dance on... Sunday!?"

"Are you done?" Weiss deadpanned, to which Jaune replied in a hopeful shrug, "Yes?"

"No," Weiss simply says, once again slamming the door in his face. Turning around, she sees the others staring at her, prompting her to ask, "What?"

All three were standing precariously as Yang comments, "And that is why they call you the Ice Queen."

Ruby finally collapses onto the bed, while Blake just shakes her head in amusement.

"All my life, boys have only cared about the perks of my last name," Weiss explained. "Besides, I already have a date in mind."

An hour later, Roof of the Beacon Dormitory.

Later that night, Pyrrha and Jaune are sparring at their spot on the roof. These two have been using their free time to spar with their swords since the Forever Fall incident, working on Jaune's swordsmanship. What they failed to notice is that Manami was always looking out for them, supervising their spar from a distance. The two crossed blades until they clashed in a blade struggle. Jaune appears to gain the upper hand until Pyrrha sweeps his legs out from under him.

"Well done! Your swordplay's improved immensely," Pyrrha laughed heartily with praise as she helps Jaune to his feet. Jaune dusts himself off as he replied, "I couldn't have done it without you."

His red-headed partner asked, "So, are you ready to move on to Aura?"

Jaune rubs the back of his head sheepishly, "I'm actually thinking maybe we just skip Aura for tonight? Might go on a jog or something."

Pyrrha, going into mentor mode, pushed, "Come on, I know you get frustrated, but you must keep trying. I'm sure you'll discover your Semblance any day now."

Jaune sighed, "That's not it. It's just... It's dumb."

"What is it?" Pyrrha asks out of concern as she approaches Jaune, placing her hand on his shoulder. "Jaune, you know you can tell me."

Jaune hesitates a moment before saying, "It's Weiss."

Pyrrha's heart dropped at the mention of Weiss, "Oh. What about her?"

"I asked her to the dance and she shot me down," Jaune chuckled mirthlessly. "Big surprise, right?"

Pyrrha tried to make a subtle hint, "Well, I believe the saying goes: There's... plenty of fish in the sea."

Jaune commented, "That's easy for you to say. You've probably got guys clamoring over each other just to ask you out."

Pyrrha gave a half-hearted laugh, "You'd be surprised."

Jaune dismisses the thought, not seeing the hints that his partner was dropping. As he walked away, Jaune makes his bet, "Oh please. If you don't get a date to the dance, I'll wear a dress."

Pyrrha drops her smile as she watched her partner leave. It here that a certain Saiyan decided to drop in, "Well that didn't end smoothly."

Pyrrha jumped as she turned around to see Manami, "Ana!? W-What are you doing here?"

"At first, doing my duty as an assistant combat instructor, making sure that you two didn't get hurt. Now I'm doing my job, not as a student counselor…" Manami walked up to the red-head and put a hand on her shoulder, "…But as your friend. Everyone we know could see that you have feelings for Jaune, Pyrrha. We're just wondering when you are going to make your move; I can see you tried to get him to ask you out by dropping subtle hints, but that move never works on someone as dense as Jaune."

"…So what do you suggest?" Pyrrha asks, not having anything to lose.

Manami smiled at Pyrrha's question…

Meanwhile in the Guest Dormitory…

"And finally, Pyrrha Nikos…" Emerald says as Cinder is sitting on one of the beds, sewing a black dress. The thief is sitting on the floor while looking at her Scroll, and Mercury is lying on the ground and reading a comic book. Cinder remarks, "Ah the Invincible Girl."

Mercury comments, "She's smart, but I wouldn't say invincible."

This piqued Cinder's interest, "Do tell."

Emerald explains, "Her Semblance is Polarity, but you'd never know just by watching."

"After she made contact with my boots, she was able to move them around however she wanted. But she only made slight adjustments," Mercury continued.

"Just enough to make it look like she's untouchable. She doesn't broadcast her power, so it puts her opponent at a disadvantage," Emerald finished.

"Hmm... People assume that she's fated for victory, when she's really taking fate into her own hands," Cinder surmised in amusement. "Interesting. Add her to the list,"

Mercury chuckled, "You should be able to take her no problem."

"It's not about overpowering the enemy," Cinder countered, "It's about taking away what power they have. And we will, in time."

Mercury groaned, "I hate waiting."

"There's just one problem with that Cinder. Manami Aoi," Emerald pointed out, "It's very likely that she suspects us."

"Make that 'definitely' Em," Mercury cuts in, "Manami and I had very few conversations face to face in passing, but whenever I looked into her eyes, I found something that I didn't like."

"And what would that be?" Emerald asked.

"The eyes of a seasoned warrior and a stubborn-to-a-fault investigator," Mercury answered.

"And why do you say this?" Cinder inquired.

"I have no idea if she noticed me glance in her direction during Combat Class, but when I said that Pyrrha and I are leagues apart, but I saw her scoff when I said that. I have a strong feeling that she saw through our little ruse."

Cinder contemplates Mercury's words for a moment before she states confidently, "Regardless of Ms. Aoi's suspicions we have the rest of the school fooled, so don't worry. We have a fun weekend ahead of us after all."

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