I ain't much of a writer, but I wanted to try out writing some short stuff

Yang was never a huge fan of homework, but with a little help from her teammates, it usually got done, one way or another.

Today was not one of those days. She needed to finish an entire essay within the next thirteen hours.


The library being mostly empty by the time she entered, except for a few stragglers, most studying.

In the back corner, she spotted a frantic and exhausted teen on the floor, surrounded by papers and books, most likely working on the same essay as her.


Not the brightest, definitely not the strongest...But maybe he could be of use.

Making her way to him, she paused a couple feet away from the mess, she leaned down, hands on knees.


Glancing upwards momentarily, face illuminated in pale blue light from his computer, the boy squinted.

"Yang?" He asked, almost as if he was unsure if she was a hallucination, a combination of stress, caffeine, and teenaged libido.

"You busy right now?"

"Um…kind of?"

"Oh, well I was wondering, blonde to blond, if you could," She paused, smirking slightly as she lowered her voice to a flirty tone, "help me out with the paper."

However, the empty husk of a man that was Jaune Arc simply choose to stare blankly at her boobs.

Attempting to change tactics, Yang decided to push further.

"Alright. Fine. I see how it is, Vomit-boy. I suppose we could trade; I get to copy your paper, and you get the best prize of all: me."

"Yang, are you sick? Do you need me to get Ruby?"

Shocked at his apparent indifference, Yang's eyes shifted slightly pink, before returning to normal. Deep breaths, Yang, you still got this.

"Fine, we do things your way."

She slowly got down on all fours, crawling her way towards Jaune, pushing aside papers as approached, hours of his work going up into smoke.

Pushing him against the back wall, Yang moved her way up Jaune's sitting figure, eventually straddling him.

"Yang, I- "

Immediately, he was cut off by her lips, engulfing his mouth for what felt like forever.

She pulled back only to breath momentarily, panting.

"Nuh-uh-uh, no talking, this is your payment, take it."

Not exactly sure what was going on, Jaune simply nodded.

By now anyone else still in the library had left out of embarrassment, so Yang chose start stripping her newfound victim.

"W-what are you doing?"

"What did I just say? Hold still and stop squirming, and don't forget to give that copy of your paper."

Several hours later and both of them were sweaty and tired.

"T-thanks. For this."

"No problem, Jauney boy. I should be thanking you, after all, you have another paper to write."

A soft groan emitted from the now mostly nude boy, as Yang dressed up and left the library, now with a spring in her step. One way or another, her homework always got done.

wow that was shit sorry y'all had to read that