Title: New World, New Life
Pairing: Undecided, All27
Rating: T (For safety)
Genre: Action, Friendship, Family, Drama, Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Being in a new body and new world, Vongola Decimo/Neo Vongola Primo, Sawada Tsunayoshi can't denied the facts that trouble will always follow him no matter where he goes.
Warning: This story would be SLASH/SHOUNEN AI/YAOI. I have warned you that!
Disclaimer: Author-chan did not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Amano Akira-sama owns them! Author-chan just own the plot only O3O


The sound of heart machine in a silence but long beep sound made all the occupants inside of the room cries. As the only one and most respected person are now officially passed away. No matter what they do and said, the said man wouldn't come back. The said man who had just been declared pass away, is the well-known Vongola Decimo slash Neo Vongola Primo, Sawada Tsunayoshi.

He was well respected by all Cosa Nostra Famigila. He, the one who made enemy as allies, the one who save the enemy from falling far from the light, are now gone. His families, allies, enemy-turn-allies, all are now mourn over the dead man. They shed tears, throwing promises to protect Vongola and its allies, and so on.

- Other dimension -

"He's too young to die." The only female with a flowery tattoo on her face said. She is sad to see the young Vongola Decimo will die in such a young age.

"Yes, it is." A man in his mid-40's with dual revolvers on his hip agreeing.

"That's why I had made a certain decisions." All head turn towards the man in his mid-20. He has spiky golden blonde hair and his eyes are sharp orange tone. He wears a black suit with white pinstripes and a white undershirt with a black tie. He also wears long cloak with golden, decorated attachment. He was sitting in a red color royal high back chair.

"What kind or decisions is it, Primo?" Another man in his mid-20 asks.

"My guardians and I have decided to give him a second chance and we will send him into another world."

"But, won't that disrupt the flow of the world? Making a soul suddenly enter their parallel self will surely make temporal paradox." The only female, Vongola Ottavo said.

"What Ottavo said is true. You can't make a rushed decision like that." Terzo said.

"Do not worry. What I will do wouldn't disrupt any of the flows and won't make a temporal paradox." He smiles as he looks at each of the Vongola bosses one by one. "The world where I will send him will be a world where his other self would die because of accidents."

"But, to make such decision just for a 25 years old boy is outrageous!" The Secondo boss disagrees.

"I won't deny that. But, this is not just my decision alone..."


"The other Sawada Tsunayoshi had contact me and we made a deal where I will made another soul or to be specifically another Sawada Tsunayoshi to enter his body when he died. Not only that, he also want to change the world for good from falling to a wrong people hands. That is our deal." Primo explains. The other bosses sigh. "So, before I summon Sawada tsunayoshi here, any complaint at all?"

"No." Ottavo smiles.

"Me too. I agree with your decision. This young Tsunayoshi need a second chance for him." Settimo agreeing with him.

"I also had none." Sesto and Quinto said together.

Quarto and terzo just shook their head and when Primo look at Secondo, he knows that the latter would disagree with him.

"Hmm, even if I choose to disagree, my decision is overwhelm with the majority of what you had choose, so I had none or whatsoever complaint about it."

"Thank you, Secondo. I appreciate it." Secondo dipped his head towards Primo. "Now, I will summon Tsunayoshi here."

Moment after that, a bright and pure flames suddenly appear and when the flames disappear gradually, Sawada Tsunayoshi stand there.

"Decimo, Sawada Tsunayoshi, we welcome you here."

Sawada Tsunayoshi opens his eyes and is surprised to see Primo and the other bosses gather in one place. He was sure that he had died so why was he here? Question after questions appear in his head but instead of panicking he decided to calm down and get the answer from them.


"Do not fear of us since we have summoned you here for something important, Decimo."

"Something important? And may I know what is it?"

"A second chance for you, dear." Tsuna turn his head to look at the beautiful Ottavo. He had always admired and respects her since she was the first female boss of Vongola.

"Second chance?"

"A second chance for you to live again." Tsunayoshi is surprised to hear it. He had just died, yes he know he had died. But, suddenly, appearing in front of all the Vongola boss and given a second chance to live again, he was delighted of the offers.

"Then, I can still live? I can meet with all of them?" Seeing the teary eyes Tsunayoshi, they know what they had decides for him is the right one.

"Yes, but..." Tsuna look at Primo. He knows each decision would have a 'but' in it. "You would be in a parallel body of the other you. Mean, when you wake up, you will be in a new world and a new life. You understand it right?"

"Yes, I understand."

"It looks like our time is running out already. I still didn't give you the full information, so I'll meet you there Tsuna." Primo smiled.

"Wait, you will be there, Giotto-san?" Giotto nodded his head.

"My guardians and I would be there for you. Now, it's time for you to wake up from your slumber, Tsuna."

"It's great meeting you, Decimo." Ottavo said as he saw them disappearing by time.

"We all wished you luck in your new adventure."

"Remember that you had our blessed."

"Do not afraid of the obstacles you will encounter, face it with bravery."

"I hope you can adjust to the new world. We'll pray for you."

"Be strong, Decimo."

"Even though I mostly disagree with all of this, just know that I will always give you my supported."

"We will meet again at the new world, Tsuna."

And with that, a bright flame wraps his entire body as he felt the tug on his core. And he knows, he had been pulls to the other world, into his new body.

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