Summary: Andre Francois was an ambitious young man who would do anything for his goals, from blackmailing to cheating, to manipulation keeping all under his perfect mask of loyalty and obedience on a backstage. So when he dies after discovering a terrible secret, to wake up during the start of his freshman year at West Genetic. Time Travel.

What is a Limiter? A person or thing that limits.

Then what is the meaning of limit? The maximum capacity one is capable or allowed to reach.

Now what is a Pandora? If you are thinking of the girl guarding a box holding the evils of the world, then think again!

A Pandora are genetically modified girls who undergo intense training at special military schools in order to become soldiers and learn how to fight the Nova, creatures from another dimension that are invading the Earth. In other words B.O.W. Bio Organic Weapons.

What is a Nova? They are a race of aliens from another dimension trying to invade earth. And the sole purpose why Pandoras exist.

So that leaves the Limiters: the male partner of a Pandora, whose primary role is to neutralize the Freezing field emitted by a Nova so that their Pandora may attack them.

That definition is superficial, as our roles are more versatile than limiting the movement of a Nova.

Our roles goes from being a simple bed warmer, to intermediary, to psychological anchor to the pandora's humanity-as we are practically just a normal.

Oh Excuse-moi, forgot to introduce myself my name is Andre Francois, and if you have been paying attention I am a Second Year Limiter at West Genetics.

And my Pandora partner is Elizabeth Mably a Third Year Student and School Council President at Genetics.

And if did not know… I am dying at this moment. Oui, it may sound rare that I do not sound like writhing in pain, but hey that possibly means that I am dead if I don't feel a thing right?-to contribute more as to why Moi-me- doesn't feel a thing I might be because my spine is broken leaving me unable to feel thing below my neck or I receive brain damage-but how that would work if I am narrating this.

But merde-shit- the initial pain is very vivid, as I was literally plummeted to a wall.

So guess you want a brief summary as to why Moi-me- is face-down on floor near a wall drowning in my own blood in what you may guess is a secret facility-no less in my school.

You see this French gentlemen-who is dying by the way- happened to be quite ambitious since he was young. Since first year of elementary his grades were A plus also being first place, in this military academy the story was the same though a bit tougher when competing against either superhuman and aristocrats- or both combined-, struggling I still get to the top of my peers.

I was renewed as the most esteemed limiter in my year having influence in the entire school which coursed through among the under and upper classmen be them Pandora or Limiter-even staff.

And since I had memory I had done many things my goals from blackmail-using Miyabias threat is a good Blackmail for any un-baptized limiter in the way (she has been my biggest benefactor without even realizing it should I next give her gift as a secret admirer or not bother, hmm though giving rewards to employees tend to motivate them further to their job so maybe)

To cheat-hacking on the school main server doesn't count as cheating, they have many open backdoors that are free for the public to use. It's not my fault that I have the upper hand if not all but most of the upcoming material from any class. Especially if by an absurd luck a codes designated for the staff profile access with clearance to certain information appeared in my e-mail.

To manipulating-poor Elizabeth-Sempai she had to go out of her way once or twice to please one of my whim(hey my whims are the most important part my ambition so don't judge me) or some poor fool forgetting he must repay favors when its time to show their respects.

So what has all of this to with me dying on a floor in a secret facility under my school?

Well you heard about the server having an open backdoor right and some staff clearance code appearing by casualty on my e-mail.

Well in one of those days which sooner or later the school happens to be attacked, I was browsing through my computer-a gift from Elizabeth- connecting to the main server looking what new files has been added after my recently near death experience-which might have left me blind or worse dead(like now)- and went through rehab.

After being lifted from rehabilitation I still have not the free time to spare or free time alone because I am either trying to calm Elizabeth concerns from me-though being spoiled feels good- or trying to lift her spirit up after waking up from one of those nightmare which recently have been haunting her-also being the one to spoil feels good as well.

I finally got my chance to be alone and time to spare-which by some reason made me feel alone missing being spoiled by Elizabeth- those thought aside she went out with the girls for shopping then to have a girls sleepover, she might have been against leaving me alone if it wasn't because I encourage her to go and saying "I can live one day without your cares. You on the other hand can't be stuck here with me all day." -Ironically after that said I found myself near the stair way to heaven with blood flooding my lungs and my assailant ready to finish me off I wonder if being near death make time freeze-pfft freezing.

Excuse-moi I'm getting side tracked.

Anyway I was looking for some information when I came across new files which didn't happen to have the same profile or code of clearance from the usual staff.

I thought they might have hired new staff but I remove that thought out due to recent events I doubt they would do it.

So it must be the extended guests in the academy with possible clearance access to the server, Scarlet O'hara, Atsuko Seiga and Gengo Aoi- the formers having their profiles added recently and the latter being inactive since the 40's or 50's.

So I open the files so I could get a better idea of recent events I knew there was conspiracy being cooked.

And I think that first file was the quicksand that dragged me to my death.

As within them were some thesis about humanity extinction as whole and the genesis of a new race, as I was reading the thesis which covered something about a Transcendent Will(does it refer to god?), the start of the NOVA invasion and reason, the Maria Lancelot origins (which were shocking), to Stigma's connection to the SOUL, to Pandora's true purpose (which was disturbing), to Ryuuchi Aoi fates (I feel pity for the man), to Legendary Pandora and their purpose of existence-including their designation and names listed and psychological profile(the elite broodmares), to Kazuha Aoi death and aftermath(it seems even in death the girl has a say), to Kazuya Aoi (the fucking Messiah).

And the more I looked the more I noted there wasn't a any mention about limiters.

Without realizing it was already noon. I was feeling slight headache.

When… wait this wasn't what leaded to my death what am I rambling about it was during at the 10th nova clash, no… wait was at the 11th…. no was at a car accident… no.

My Pandora is…who it was Chiffon… no… Ticy…no, Satellizer…no, Roxanne… no, Charles Bonaparte…no… Arcadia…no, Elizabeth-Senpai… neither!

Then I realize as the headache still kept intensifying as information that couldn't have been and it felt real started being processed through my brain making me feel pain, they mumbled "I have been… I have been r… "

That was as far as got as time resumed and my assailant finished me off.

My assailant, non-other than !% #... and everything went dark.

My last sight something resembling nixie tubes with the numbers arranged 005.9 turning to 006.0

And then I jump out my slumber gasping for air while looking out frantically for any sign of my murder.

Then I heard shout someone familiar-who was above me "Stop Faping, some people are trying to sleep for the real stuff"
The first thing I figured out was that I found myself sitting in… a bunk.

I took a deep breath and I started to take in more my surrounding calmly instead of looking if she was there-my assailant. I note this wasn't my bed neither Elizabeth's.

This room and arrangement-if by the person sleeping above, I assume must be my bunkmate- so strangely I ended up in the first year room. How do I know that?

Well for starter there is a big difference between 1st and 2nd years arrangement which it consist in no sharing and more privacy, -the former being a truth and the later I'm doubtful about.

I look at the clock a see what hour is it, it was early in the morning 3 hours till class starts. Wait my eyesight was clearer less foggy. So jump to the bathroom to see me in the mirror.

And what surprise I looked younger than the last time, I though this is diluted because of feeling sleep so to remove any sleepy sight I threw water to my face to wake up.

And with wakeful eyes that yes I reconfirm I was younger-because of that handsome face staring at me (what can I say I'm handsome in past, present and future as well)-, my eyesight was undamaged by that incident at the 11th Nova clash, my brown hair was of a shorter length, but my eyes were not the same as before.

Instead of looking at vibrant blue eyes, I saw they are dull as if my soul was not the same, experience thing beyond what a human should be, like death.

And that scared me because I don't remember all my previous time loops or what I did within them, but some of the habits may had tag along with me which is good and bad.

But regardless of that the real question is

What Now?

Yes, what now?

How many times has this happened again, 60, wait now I can recall how many times has happened easier.

I found myself in a freshman room, sharing it with Eugene, again, possibly repeating 1st year, again, after dying, again, to repeat all over once more, again, with memories of thing that may or may not happen again.

So I have the choice either leave everything run the same course of fate or change it, either for the better or worse?

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. - Khalil Gibran

I have great faith in fools - self-confidence my friends will call it. - Edgar Alan Poe

Once you embrace your value, talents and strengths, it neutralizes when others think less of you. ― Rob Liano


I took a break from writing my Berserk Xenophilic story "Irony-Second Chance or Bastardized Joke?"

To write this a freezing fic focusing on male character, but I didn't want to be stuck with the same concept authors use in this fanon. So I though it must not be either turning a male into superhuman like Pandora or be in neither the main cast nor an OC.

So I though why not use a time traveler using the concept of live, die and repeat, who happens to be a support character in canon with a non-existing background history.

Name: Andre Francois

Age: 15

Second Year Limiter at West Genetics

Pandora: Elizabeth Mably