So after a refreshing cold shower that got rid of the sweat and dirt from my morning exercise- fishing- I prepared my school bag which was non-surprisingly ready. I was still an organized young man before this time loop fiasco and with my uniform on, I was ready to attend breakfast in the cafeteria and for the remainder of the day wonder around until class started.

When reached my room I note that my bunk mate Eugene isn't here-which was expected of course.

I didn't dislike him, it was more that I didn't trust him enough, but hey everyone here couldn't be trusted, not anymore, not unless they give me a reasons to. It was that I still till this day and many loops before, considered him my friend, possibly because we were in the same class since the first day of academy, being bunk mates in first year solidified that and most of all how many times he had saved me from earlier deaths in my previous loops-a lifesaver.

What can I say he was talented with his Freezing, even after all the loops I went through and experience I acquired I was still below him in that class, after all he was a limiter that could handle a Legendary Pandora Stigma, and actually formed an Ereinbar Set.

Speaking of Ereinbar Set, reminds me of another problem, when the Stigma is implanted it is carved deep within the Pandora's nervous system, it is a passive impulse unnoticeable but the change is there, sending subtle orders to the Pandora to be attracted to someone with stigma in thier body.

Something I don't very much like since there is only one person in the world which can use this impulse and it isn't me, and it's none other than someone related to fucker who made everything possible Gengo "Dick" Aoi's grandson Kazuya Aoi, and if what I read in his file is true he has a 30% of stigmatic body, only his dead father surpassing it-which if his files are of any use he happen to possess a 49% of stigmatic body.

I also read how he's father died making me think of either commending his father for his defiance or insulting him for being an idiot and a coward- what sort of idiot doesn't seem to appreciate being born with such convenient position.

Though I can use that system, it is still way behind him, with many flaws if it wasn't used by Kazuya due to not being natural born with body stigma not developing in large quantities and if I had it would be less than 15% to stably use the ability.

An average limiter develops less than 8% of body into stigma within them, the ones I know are Eugene having 3.5%, Leo with 2%, Abel 1% and don't forget about yours truly which developed at least a 0.5% which is many times behind my fellow Limiters.

I went out of the door and took the stairs again. The mere reason why I take them instead of the elevator is because they serve the purpose of keeping me much further away from my death -unlike that hateful elevator which is has a sign saying deathtrap-, just a mere ounce of less stamina in run while a marathon of people are behind your tail is good encouragement to the idea that paranoia is such a good drive to take care of one's body.

I really hope to find the bastard that said that dying is painless and kill him 60 times over so he can tell me if it doesn't hurt.

As I was walking through the path to the main building I was looking at my cellphone which was provided by the school, with the purpose of providing entertainment and means of communication between students and the staff, it comes with unlimited internet and unlimited calls throughout the world… Though those are the superficial purposes of the device which could be looked at as goodwill in the eyes of naïve young children, its underlining purpose was one that would be something naïve children still would accept because it kept them safe, surveillance-and nobody is stupid enough to say no to gifts.

This hand sized device with holo-interactive screen served as eyes, ears and locators to the administration of West Genetics if not all other Genetics academies. My device is connected to a server which is connected West Genetics interface, which said interface and any other Genetics academy collectively are connected to a server connected to Chevalier main interface.

To me it was a bad thing being watched as it is steered the paranoia within me, but I could shrugged it off at the prospect that this very device was the key to unlock my main source of information since the 8th loop, the Main interface to Chevalier itself and along it all the motherfuckers managing the organization.

How sweet.

For this I would need at least to tinker with the phone-hardware and software- keeping me outside of the surveillance, a more powerful computer to create a multi-purpose computer virus armed to the core, a collection of all the viruses of 1 year and 8 months from now in one file- with the special function of activating like a time bomb-making it execute in an exact date- which would be sent consecutively to all student of genetics around the world in the form of a message announcing a tangible-real- event which would render the interface managing the server useless, resulting in said interface consuming its resources uselessly, giving me enough time to create a server which is a backdoor using the tinkered phone to connect to the interface of genetics giving me privileges of administer to all genetics computer systems and then rile them all together to enter Chevalier interface through its main server.

But just in case create some decoys, scapegoats and intermediaries for the chevalier to be busy with, than me-better be safe than sorry or in my more stylized way better living longer than dying earlier again.

And when the error is corrected I'll still be there leeching from Chevalier interface information without anyone knowing.

Thought that would be for later as I require at least 3 month for preparations and it will cost at least 100,000 dollars of investment in software and hardware-this part is cheaper- which I didn't have, luckily for me I have some unwilling investor's credit card numbers, bank accounts, passwords of some absurdly wealthy people, and unfortunately for them, they without realizing it will invest in an illegal activity-maybe as a backup plan I may use phising and troyan viruses to receive incomes from their victims.

I smile handsomely at the prospect of stealing and screwing some rich people financially.

That mere smile made the Pandora around me giggle at such a handsome smile, as if they were on the receiving end of it.

And without anything else to say I was in cafeteria holding an empty tray in line for my turn to pick my food.

If there is one thing I do like about loops would be the food I start, out of the many choices I get to eat at to start the day I always find that…seafood is the best.

It doesn't have useless fat; it had high amounts of Omega3 which serves prevent sever brain deterioration diseases.

Like Senility and Alzheimer which may put your life upside down making you forget all that you lived.

And I practically need my brain functional with my memory or else, bye bye life-again.

Speaking of life…

What I wanted to do with my life or the goals in life before some cosmic force of nature found out it would be amusing to pull me into one of their twisted version of the games of ancient Rome?

Well I thought after graduating from Genetics and meanwhile serving in Chevalier for a few years to pay my studies in a long term career such as lawyer, engineer or doctor and maybe even be successful CEO in a finance corporation. Along my way I would marry, have kids and grow old.

Well I guess those were the naïve thoughts of a naive boy before being smacked hard by reality or as I find myself so keenly to refer to my least favorite thing, death- I really looking forward to kill the person who said death was painless.

Right now what I want the most is to leash to my side every person that can contribute to make me escape an early grave. Even if to leash them I need to cheat through their tests of trust, manipulate their feelings and blackmail them to do what I want.

Well it could be said that my goal in life is still the same as before, though with a different approach.

Oh, speaking of a different approach, I see a chance for one at a corner.

I walked from the counter to a corner near the window, approaching a table where a lone Pandora second year sitting alone eating her breakfast while watching some videos on her cellphone. So I did the most common sensible thing a French gentleman like I should.

"If you don't mind may I sit here?" I ask with a soft voice which may be considered from her point of view to be gallant with such a handsome smile posted on my face.

"S…s...sure." She shyly says while hiding her blushing cheeks on her beautiful face with those smooth delicate hands of her.

I have to say Finland knows how to brew them.

I set my tray at the other side of the table I perfectly calculated, widen my eyes enough to feign a face of surprise and pose in apologetic manner by side stepping out of the seat.

"Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce myself, mademoiselle." I extend my hand toward her a gesture of a hand shake.

"Andre Francois, first year." Never ceasing to peer into her eyes, while seeing her shy grey eyes I could not help but see a clear reflection of mine again.

So why do I bother to introduce myself, after all, I happen to already know this particular Pandora?

"T…Ticy Phenyl, second year, it's a pleasure to meet you Francois-san." as her hand hesitantly reached for mine.

I took the chance that was presented to give her a greater first impression of me and of course make a dramatic display in the cafeteria without shame or hesitation.

So I kneeled on one leg took her hand kissed it like a princely knight in a romantic novel and smiled with even less shame.

"No, the pleasure is mine Ticy-Sempai." I seductively giving a brief pause as I said the "no" with my eyes never ceasing to let go of hers.

And with that done I saw how her tone of skin turned from fair to red and her body temperature raised as her face started to sweat bullets and… she spaced out.

So I stood up giving a glance to my surroundings, inspecting if my display got its intended effect.

And it surely did with most girls blushing looking at this gentlemen, it felt great. Though being seen with a frown didn't bother me.

After all I was marking-odd way to say yellow rain.

So I sit on the table with my tray with food in front of me with a still spaced out Ticy Phenyl looking at me.

I hope to be the one on the top of her Hit-list.

After all, I was sitting in front of the Hitmen who is also known as Chiffon's Lap Dog and 3rd place of second years.

And one of my 4 out 5 Pandora in my survival graph.

She is in the third 3 place of that graph.

I hope this isn't going to last all of the morning.

Because I feel my expectation of this day keeps getting better at every passing moment, and so is this fish.

"I think its smoked salmon, but which style?" and so I look at Ticy and I guess it out.

Maybe Finnish?


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