This takes places after season 4 of TVD, except that Bonnie didn't die resurrecting Jeremy but ended up in a magical coma instead.

Sleeping Beauty

Klaus was still in Mystic Falls when he heard the news. The Bennett witch had defied the spirits once more and brought Jeremy Gilbert back from the death. That she managed to do such feat does not amazed him, she's a Bennett witch after all. Bonnie Bennett had a way of surprising him. He couldn't deny that there was something about the little witch that intrigued him.

Her friends were at lost on what to do. It seemed the little witch fainted and never woke up. No one knew why or how. The doctors didn't know either. The girl was a medical mystery.

Klaus felt rather curious and decided to visit the Mystic Falls hospital before he left for New Orleans.

Bonnie laid on the hospital bed, sleeping like a babe.

Klaus sat on the side of the bed, contemplating the sleeping witch. She looked so peaceful and rather beautiful, he thought as he watched her with curiosity. "Did you magically exhaust yourself?" He wondered out loud. "Or is this the spirits' punishment for defying them again?"

There was no answer of course. Bonnie slept like the dead and it seemed that she would never wake up again.

Klaus couldn't help but feel angry. In a way, he had always assumed that he would be the one to end her life. In his mind, he and Bonnie Bennett would have many confrontations in the years to come, many battles to fight, until the day when he would ultimately deliver the final blow. It seemed only right after all. Despite her youth, the girl had proven to be a worthy adversary for him. He felt angry that he was robbed of the chance to end her. But he also felt angry that she was robbed of the chance to reach her full potential.

Bonnie Bennett had done what no other witch had been capable of doing in his one thousand years of existence. She had managed to put him in a coffin. And now, there she was in a hospital bed. She had met her end by her own doing. It was pitiful. It was not what a Bennett witch deserved.

So much potential, so much power, all wasted on that stupid, pathetic boy. That was perhaps what angered him the most. That while she laid there in that bed like a vegetable, that stupid boy got to live and continue with his life. Jeremy Gilbert should be the one in the bed and not her.

Klaus shook his head and listened quietly to the steady beating of her heart.

An idea struck him then.

What if? He though suddenly.

Klaus bit his wrist without thinking. He forced her mouth open with his other hand and fed her his blood. His one-thousand-year-old powerful, rich, hybrid blood, surely it could wake her. A smirk formed on his lips as he thought of what face she would make, if she were to be woken up by him. Bonnie would be in his debt then, a debt he would be sure to exploit to the fullest.

Klaus waited and waited for his blood to take effect. For his powerful blood to be the catalyst needed to wake her. He waited in vain, for nothing happened.

It didn't work.

His powerful hybrid blood did not help Bonnie at all.

Klaus felt disappointed and strangely sad. He didn't really understand why he felt sad. He didn't care about the girl but he had to admit that their encounters had been rather interesting. Bonnie had entertained him. Her stubbornness, her fierceness, and her determination to kill him and protect the people of Mystic Falls had been rather fascinating.

Bonnie Bennett had a warrior's heart and even a monster like him could appreciate that.

This should not have been her end. Bonnie Bennett deserved better.

He contemplated her for a couple more minutes until he finally stood up.

"Goodbye little witch," Klaus whispered. He gave her one last lingering look before he left the room.

Klaus had more important things to worry about than Bonnie Bennett.

In the years that followed, Klaus took back New Orleans, the city that he once called his home. He fought, he conquered, he destroyed, and became the father to a beautiful little girl. He ruled over New Orleans with an Iron fist and created a sanctuary for his daughter. A place for her to call home. A kingdom. A legacy.

In the first three years of his daughter's life, Klaus fought vampires, witches, and his own demons. Esther and Mikael came back to life and so did his brothers Finn and Kol. Klaus even met his long-lost sister Freya. Who had been kidnapped as a child by their aunt and was now an immortal witch. Klaus fought said aunt in order to protect his daughter from the same fate.

When everything was said and done, he and his sibling came out victorious.

It was not easy, there were many battles, and many deaths but in the end, it was all worth it.

Klaus had his hands full with New Orleans, being a father, and slowly bringing his family together once more. In those years, Klaus didn't think about Bonnie Bennett, not until he received a desperate call from Caroline.

Despite his better judgment, Klaus felt an overwhelming happiness when he saw her name flash across the screen of his phone. He hadn't seen or heard from Caroline since that day in the woods when he finally made her his-even if just for a brief moment. He felt a thrill run down his spine. Has she changed her mind? He wondered foolishly.

"Hello sweetheart," he greeted with a fond smile, memories of their last time together flashing through his mind.

"I need a favor," Caroline told him softly.

Klaus sighed. Of course, why else would Caroline be interested in calling him if it weren't because she needed something. Disappointment, anger, bitterness, it left an acid taste in his mouth. "Which Salvatore is dying?" he asked in a rather cold tone. How foolish of him to think that she would want him for something else.

"Neither," Caroline responded with a weak laugh. She sounded sad and tired. "I almost wish that was the case." There was something in the tone of her voice, more than the sadness and the tiredness, Caroline sounded afraid. Klaus didn't like that.

"What's wrong?" Despite the disappointment, despite the anger he felt at being used again, the worry in her voice got to Klaus. As much as he hated it, for it gave her a certain kind of power over him, Caroline had a special place in his heart.

"Do you think we can meet somewhere?" Caroline asked almost shyly. "It's very important."

Klaus agreed to meet her.

Mystic Falls had been taken over by a group called the Heretics, vampires who were apparently also witches. They had somehow escaped their prison and found their way back to Mystic Falls. Klaus didn't know all the details nor did he particularly care, it had something to do with the Salvatore's stupidity and that was more than enough. The town was no longer safe and Bonnie was placed inside a coffin for her own protection while her friends battled the new residents trying to take over their town.

Bonnie had originally been kept inside the Salvatore boarding house but when the Heretics decided they wanted to syphon her magic, she needed to be moved to a safer location. And that's when Caroline thought of calling him.

Klaus and Freya met with Stefan and Caroline outside of Mystic Falls. It was the first time the hybrid saw the witch in three years, since that day he had visited her at the hospital and fed her his blood.

Bonnie Bennett had not changed at all.

His sister seemed fascinated by the sleeping witch. "I can feel her magic." Freya murmured while looking down at Bonnie's sleeping face. "It's incredible." Freya herself had been under a sleeping spell courtesy of their aunt Dahlia but this was different. There was something so fascinating about Bonnie's coma. The gears in Freya's head began turning, wondering if she could maybe find a way to wake her.

"The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her," Stefan told them placing his hands inside the pockets of his jeans and watching them warily. He and Damon didn't think it was a good idea to give Bonnie to Klaus but Caroline insisted that the hybrid would keep her safe and even Elena had agreed to go with the plan much to Damon's chagrin. "No one knows why she doesn't wake up." They tried giving her vampire blood but that hadn't work. Bonnie continued to sleep, completely oblivious to the chaos that had descended over her hometown. If only Bonnie were awake, Stefan thought. They would have defeated the Heretics by now.

"A magical coma," Freya murmured.

"Do you think she'll ever wake up?" Caroline asked in a hopeful tone.

"Perhaps…" Freya replied as she studied Caroline's pretty face. She had heard many things about Caroline, about her friends, about the time her siblings lived in Mystic Falls. "Magic works in mysterious ways." She shut the lid of the coffin and placed her hand over it, murmuring a protection spell.

Caroline nodded before she turned to face Klaus. "Thank-you for doing this." Her eyes bore into his for a few seconds. She seemed like she wanted to say something more but she didn't. "I will come back for her when all of this is over, I promise."

"I'll watch over her until then." Klaus reluctantly agreed not because he cared about the witch but because there was a promise that Caroline would be back for Bonnie. As long as he had Bonnie, Caroline would eventually return to him.

"Thank-you," Caroline repeated, surprising Klaus by throwing her arms around him and kissing him on the cheek. It was quick, a brief touch like the gentle caress of a butterfly.

Klaus watched her go and savored the moment, feeling a strange pang in his heart. It felt like a goodbye, a real goodbye.

If only he had known then.

Klaus kept Bonnie's coffin in the basement of the compound. He had no time for sleeping witches. He had a kingdom to rule, a daughter to take care of, and old enemies to face.

Soon, his family was once again at war.

Lucien, Tristan, and Aurora, the first sired vampires of the Mikaelson siblings arrived in New Orleans, bringing with them chaos and a prophecy of destruction for their family.

The next year, was spent trying to prevent the prophecy from coming true, battling old foes, former lovers, and struggling to keep his family intact.

Klaus fought for his daughter, for his family, for his home. But in the end, it was all in vain.

When Hayley was killed by Tristan and Klaus's sire line was broken he had no choice but to go into hiding. He had to protect Hope at all costs. He had never liked running away from a fight but he had to keep his daughter safe. Hope had already lost her mother and Klaus was determined that she would not lose her father. His little girl would not grow up as an orphan.

Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, Finn, and Freya stayed in New Orleans, fighting their ever-growing list of enemies.

Klaus took Hope and Bonnie's coffin and left New Orleans one rainy Tuesday night. He made a promise to Caroline after all, a promise he intended to keep.

And so, under the protection of Freya's powerful magic, the three went into hiding. Never to be seen or heard from again.

The call came one cold November day.

Hope was taking a nap and Klaus was in his study painting. They were in Switzerland then, far away from any vampires or werewolves that wished them harm.

Klaus absently picked the call, his mind still on the canvas in front of him. He couldn't seem to find the right shade of red. He had spent hours struggling to find the perfect hue. He was rather frustrated and annoyed.

"Caroline is dead," Stefan said his voice breaking. "I couldn't save her…"

Klaus's whole body went rigid and his throat clogged with emotion upon hearing the news. The paint brush fell to the floor with a soft thud.

She can't be dead, not Caroline. It must be a mistake.

A huntress, Stefan explained on the verge of tears. He was marked for dead as well, having no choice but to run and hide.

Klaus didn't pay any attention to anything else Stefan told him after that, the grief was too much.

Caroline was dead and it hurt. It hurt more than he had ever thought possible.

His first instinct was to burn the coffin, to take out his anger and his pain on the sleeping witch. It was her fault, if she had been awake she would have protected Caroline. If Bonnie had been awake none of this would have happened. Because Bonnie was the savior, Bonnie was the warrior, the protector of Mystic Falls and its people. If Bonnie had been awake, Caroline would be alive.

He flashed towards the room where the coffin laid with murderous intend on his mind, but the minute his enraged and watery eyes stared at her soft sleeping face, the anger deflated. It came and went just like that. As much as he tried to put the blame on her, it was not Bonnie's fault that Caroline had died. It was Stefan's, it was the Salvatores', it was Elena's. It was their fault, not Bonnie's. She was innocent. Perhaps the only truly innocent and noble person from that hell of a town.

And no matter how angry he felt, how much he wished to destroy everything in his path and let out the grief he felt, he didn't. He couldn't destroy her, he couldn't hurt Bonnie.

Klaus told himself that it was because he had promised Caroline. It was easier that way than to admit that perhaps he had grown used to having the sleeping witch around. That perhaps he had come to care.

"Caroline is dead," Klaus told the sleeping witch before he shut the lid of the coffin and ran out of the basement.

He did not visit Bonnie Bennett again.

Days turned into weeks, weeks became months, and the months became years.

They moved from Switzerland to Paris, and from Paris to Hungary. They even lived for a few months in Greece.

Klaus did not visit Bonnie again. He focused on raising his daughter and never gave much thought to the coffin he always carried with them. He didn't know why but he couldn't leave her behind, wherever Klaus and Hope went, so did Bonnie Bennett.

It was rather ridiculous for Bonnie would never wake up. Freya had tried to wake the sleeping witch when they had been in New Orleans still but her attempts had been in vain.

Bonnie Bennett was condemned to spend the rest of her life asleep.

Why did he care?

Hope eventually found the coffin.

She was a girl of seven. One who loved to explore their new home.

They lived in England then. A mansion in the country side but for Hope it felt like a castle, with the endless corridors, and big rooms adorned with antique furniture. There were so many places to explore, to hide, as her mind conjured up adventurous tales of princesses, dragons, and evil witches.

Klaus indulged her every night with a different tale. He could never deny her anything. Hope was the apple of his eyes and the reason he kept on living after all the tragedies and the pain he had to endured in the previous years. Hope was the reason he stayed far away from supernatural affairs, concentrating on being the best father he could ever be.

She came running into his study one morning.

Hope was breathless, cheeks pink, and eyes filled with wonder and excitement. "Daddy! Daddy!" she exclaimed happily.

Klaus easily caught her in his arms. "What is it, love?" her nanny was probably running worried sick all over the house. It was not the first-time Hope ran away from her and hid for hours. He just hoped this nanny would stay longer than the previous six.

"I found sleeping beauty!" Hope proclaimed, her bright blue eyes filled with pure joy.

Klaus frowned. Sleeping Beauty was his daughter's favorite fairytale, he knew. He had been forced to watch the film a thousand times and knew every single line, not that he would dared to admit it.

"Come!" she tugged at his hand the minute Klaus set her on the ground and dragged him out of the study, through the halls, and down the stairs to the basement (or dungeon as Hope liked to call it). In that moment, Klaus knew exactly where she was taking him. In that moment, Klaus knew who exactly was Hope's sleeping beauty.

Torches illuminated the cold and damp room.

"See," Hope pointed to the silver coffin, the lid had been open. "Isn't she pretty?" She muttered as she peered down at the witch. Hope was obviously fascinated by the sleeping girl inside the coffin. Her adventures had let her straight to sleeping beauty herself and she was over the moon with joy.

The thing about Bonnie's magical coma was that she hadn't aged a day in the past seven years. She still looked the same as Klaus remembered. Bonnie was frozen in time during her coma, retaining the same youthful appearance of a teenage girl.

"You must kiss her, daddy." Hope told him with all the seriousness and conviction any seven-year-old could muster.

"Must I?" Klaus raised an eyebrow with incredulity. He wondered how he was going to get out of this. Hope was stubborn to a fault, she would pester him endlessly until he did as she wished, that he knew for sure. His daughter as young as she was, knew exactly the kind of power she had over him.

"So, that she wakes up," Hope told him, her eyes filled with excitement. "Kiss her." She ordered, pointing to the sleeping witch. Hope hated to be denied anything. It was his fault, Klaus knew. He had spoiled her far too much. But how could he not when she was his everything.

"It doesn't work that way sweetheart." Klaus tried his best to explained it to her, but Hope was stubborn just like him and refused to listen.

"You must kiss her." Hope pouted as her big blue eyes stared pleadingly at him. It was the wounded puppy look she had mastered to perfection. The look she knew would sway him.

Klaus knew what came next. He could deal with Hope's tantrums but he had never been able to deal with her tears. His heart twisted upon noticing the watery eyes.

"Daddy please…" a single tear rolled down Hope's cheek and Klaus knew he had lost. He had never been able to deny her anything. And he couldn't stand the sight of her tears.

Klaus sighed and got down on his knees in front of the coffin. He couldn't believe he was about to do this.

She's a master manipulator Nik, Kol had said during the last family Christmas. I think she's even better than you, he added with a mischievous grin.

Klaus had felt proud then, not so much now that he was letting his little girl manipulate him into doing her bidding.

Hope's eyes lit up with excitement, her heart pounding loudly against her chest. "Do it," she urged.

Klaus looked down at the sleeping witch and stared at her lips.

"Go on," Hope encouraged him with a soft smile, her crocodile tears all but forgotten as anticipation pumped her veins.

Klaus lowered his head towards Bonnie's face and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. It was quick, like lightning. "There," he said pulling back immediately and turning to stare at Hope. "I kissed her."

"Daddy!" Hope was outraged. "That's not a real kiss," She protested furiously. "You have to give her a kiss on the lips, silly!" she sounded so sure. She was utterly convinced that a kiss would wake sleeping beauty. "It won't work if you don't."


"You have to wake the princess!" Hope insisted. She placed her hands on her hips and gave him a stern look. She could be rather intimidating sometimes. "Only true love's kiss can break the curse. A real kiss, Daddy. Now hurry, who knows how long the poor princess has been asleep, we have to help her."

Klaus pressed his lips together and resigned himself to the fact that he had to kiss Bonnie Bennett. Once Hope saw that she didn't wake up, she would put her fairytale ideas behind her, and forget about the sleeping witch in their basement. He was already planning to move her away, perhaps put her in a storage or another one of his houses, so Hope wouldn't get any other silly ideas about waking her up again. Freya's magic had not been able to help Bonnie after all. The young Bennett witch was condemned to spend the rest of her life in a coma.

"Daddy!" Hope got his attention once more. She crossed her arms over her chest and gave him an exasperated look. "Kiss her," she ordered again as she pointed her finger in the direction of the witch.

Hope was the only person in the world that could command the ruthless Klaus Mikaelson as she pleased.

"The things I do for you," Klaus muttered as he lowered his head and stared at Bonnie's sleeping face once more. She looked so peaceful, almost as if she belonged in another world. She could easily pass off as a fairytale princess under a horrible curse. Technically, Bonnie Bennett was a witch princess.

Very carefully, Klaus lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers.

It was a soft, gentle touch. It was a quick press of his mouth on hers. He pulled away quickly, almost as if he had been burned. His lips certainly felt warm from the contact. And to his surprise his heart quickened. Why? He wasn't really sure. There was certainly nothing romantic or magical about the kiss. Or so he thought.

Hope watched and waited, her heart pounding so loudly that Klaus stared at her with concern.

Nothing happened, just like he knew.

Hope's face fell. Her bottom lip trembled and her eyes watered with real tears as disappointment filled her veins.

Klaus opened his mouth, ready to offer his daughter words of comfort when he saw the widening of her eyes and the way her lips parted into a perfect O. He frowned.

"It worked!" Hope squealed as she jumped up and down. "Daddy, you did it!"

Klaus immediately looked down and stared at the coffin. To his complete astonishment, he watched as the young witch's eyes fluttered open.

A loud gasp escaped her lips at the same time her eyes snapped open.

"You broke the spell!" Hope exclaimed happily. "You did it daddy! Your kiss woke sleeping beauty."

Bonnie sat up. There was a wild look in her green eyes as her entire body was invaded by sudden trembles. She was afraid and confused. She looked around in bewilderment, the erratic beating of her heart resonating around the room. Her eyes finally landed on Hope who was staring at her with the brightest, happiest of smiles. Bonnie frowned, she clearly had no idea who Hope was, or where the hell she was, or what had happened. She opened her mouth but no sound came out.

Klaus stayed on his knees in front of the coffin. He was completely rooted to the spot. He eyed the witch cautiously. This was something he clearly had not been expecting.

Bonnie Bennett was awake.

His kiss had awakened the Bennett witch from her coma.

This surely was some sick joke, Klaus thought. It had to be. Hope's idea had worked. Fate or nature had a twisted sense of humor.

Bonnie slowly slid her gaze from Hope to Klaus. A flicker of recognition flashed across her wide viridian eyes as she stared at him. "Klaus…" she whispered. Her voice sounded strained. She even looked surprised to hear her own voice after so long.

The two of them stared at each other in shock and confusion. They were both too stunned to say anything. It had been years since the last time they had seen each other. A lot of things had happened since then.

Seconds, minutes, neither was sure how much time passed as they continued to stare into each other's eyes.

Bonnie's heart rate slowly returned to normal.

Klaus's mind swirled with all kinds of questions but he couldn't find the strength to voice them.

The silence that had descended over the basement was only interrupted by Hope's sweet and happy voice.

"You guys have to marry now."

Both of their heads jerked in the direction of the little Mikaelson witch almost at the same time.

Hope gave Klaus and Bonnie her most beautiful, innocent, and radiant smile-showing the dimples she shared with her father. "It's tradition," she told them, placing her hands behind her back and practically bouncing with joy. "You must marry now and live happily ever after."

The minute Bonnie heard those words, she snapped into action. She didn't think, she acted on instinct.

Bonnie stood up as if she had been struck by lightning and proceeded to run out of there.

Klaus and Hope were stunned at how fast she moved.

It was a very bad idea.

Bonnie's legs felt like jelly and while she managed to get out of the coffin, she couldn't really run out of there. She felt like a newborn babe and the adrenaline pumping her veins only got her so far. She would have fallen flat on her face had it not been for Klaus's quick reflexes.

"It's quite alright love," Klaus muttered as he easily picked her up in his arms. "I got you."

Bonnie squealed and had no choice but to hold on to him. Her fingers clutched his dark henley as if her life depended on it. She stared at him with wide eyes. She was still in shock, her mind still trying to comprehend her new situation. She had been on the other side with Grams and now she wasn't there anymore.

Why? How?

What's going on?

Where were her friends?

"You…" Bonnie whispered looking up into Klaus's face. "I…" her heart was racing, her face was flushed, and she couldn't even form a coherent sentence. She felt so confused and disoriented.

Klaus's lips twitch into a grin as he looked down at her face. "There is no need to fear sleeping beauty, I don't bite." He carried her bridal style out of the basement. He felt momentarily surprised at how light she was. She was very tiny and delicate and fitted quite perfectly in his arms. He frowned at that.

"We're going to take care of you," Hope promised as she happily followed them out. "Right daddy?"

"Of course," Klaus agreed.

Bonnie glanced at the little girl, her brows furrowing in confusion. Klaus had a daughter? What the hell was going on here?

"You're going to get better in no time," Hope said to Bonnie, her bright blue eyes filled with excitement. "You must, we have a wedding to plan."

Bonnie's heart skipped a beat as she turned to stare at Klaus. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Under different circumstances it would have been comical but the hybrid frowned upon hearing his daughter's words.

"She's very stubborn," Klaus muttered under his breath. "If we're not careful, she'll marry us herself."

Bonnie didn't know what to say to that. She felt disoriented, as if she were having an out of body experience. She let herself be carried in the hybrid's arms, engulfed in his scent and warmth. There was a hurricane of emotions and turmoil inside of her. She didn't know where to begin. All she knew was that she was in Klaus's arms.

"We have to call uncle Elijah, aunt Freya, uncle Kol…" Hope continued happily. "I have a big brother named Marcel, he must come, and aunt Bekah can help us with the dress and…" she continued making plans for her father's wedding to sleeping beauty, completely oblivious to the discomfort and confusion the Bennett witch felt and the frown her father had on his face.

Hope had found the princess of her dreams. She felt determined to give sleeping beauty the happily ever after she deserved. Sleeping beauty would marry the wolf king (her daddy) and together the three of them would live happily ever after.

A/N: This is something that I needed to get out of my head because it was driving me crazy. I'm thinking of writing a second part with Bonnie dealing with the aftermath of waking up from her coma and the new world she finds herself in with Klaus and Hope but I don't know. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you for reading!