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When Hope regained consciousness she found herself in the arms of a stranger. A low grunt reached her ears as the person carrying her struggled to trek through the woods. Hope wrinkled her nose when the smell of tobacco and fruity perfume hit her. She felt the urge to throw up when another smell reached her, wet dog. "Urgh," she mumbled and groggily opened her eyes.

A wrinkly face and short white hair stared down at her.

Hope tried to get away.

"It's okay, Hope. You're safe."

"Let me go!" Hope struggled in the older woman's arms. For someone who looked so old, she was very strong. She was a werewolf, Hope's instincts told her. She had seen her on the day she arrived in Mystic Falls but couldn't recall her name. "Put me down!" she ordered as she began to kick and push the woman away.

"Stay still."

"Let me go!"

The woman finally relented.

Hope's vision blurred a little as she put her feet on the muddy ground, but she still managed to glare at her captor.

"It's alright," the woman said as she gently touched Hope's shoulder. "The magic took a toll on you, but you'll be as good as new soon, I promise."

Hope pulled away from her and rubbed her forehead, a million questions crawling over consciousness. "Where is Bonnie?" she looked around for the witch in question, a sinking feeling invading her when she didn't see Bonnie anywhere. "Where did she go? Where is daddy?"

A shadow crossed the woman's features.

"Bonnie!" Hope shouted as she desperately searched for the Bennett witch. She wasn't in the cemetery anymore. She was somewhere deep in the forest and there was not a single familiar face in sight. The last thing she recalled was the explosion of magic as Bonnie confronted the hollow. Was she okay? Had the hollow been defeated? "Bonnie!" she tried again. "Daddy!"

"Keep quiet!" a male voice ordered.

Hope glanced over her shoulder and took notice of the five male wolves accompanying them. She looked at them before turning to the old woman once more. "Who are you?"

"I'm Mary, your grandmother." The woman smiled sweetly at her. "We're your family-"

"No, you're not!"

"We are Crescent wolves and we'll take care of you now."

"You're not my grandmother," Hope snapped. "My grandmother was a powerful witch and she's dead."

Mary pressed her lips together not linking Hope's tone.

"We need to keep moving, Mary. Who knows how long before everyone wakes up. The sooner we leave the better," one of the wolves said while his companions kept looking over their shoulders nervously.

Mary tried to grab Hope again.

"Don't touch me," the little witch hissed, magic involuntarily flaring. It made her really dizzy. Why did she feel so tired? A cold sensation began to spread over her body as she realized that it had to do with the Bennett ancestors, she couldn't feel them anymore. Oh no, the hollow's power broke through their link. Hope began to panic.

"We don't have time for tantrums," one of the wolves grabbed Hope from behind and threw her over his shoulder.

"Let me go!" Hope screamed and began hitting his back.

"Let's go," he growled, keeping the screaming girl in place.

The panic Hope felt increased. "Daddy!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Where was her father? Why hadn't he come for her? "Bonnie!"

"Be quiet please," Mary begged Hope.

Hope pounded on the wolf's back with all her strength. "Marcel!" she desperately cried for her loved ones. "Bonnie! Daddy!"

"Shut her up," another wolf growled. "She's going to get us caught."

"Don't hurt her!" Mary warned them.

In a desperate move, Hope channeled as much power as she could muster. When she hit the werewolf on the back, she packed a good punch of magic into her hands, he screamed in pain and fell to his knees.

"Hope!" Mary screamed worriedly.

Hope jumped off the man and glared at Mary and her companions. "Don't come near me!" she warned, hands raised. Her fingertips burned with all the power she had swirling inside her. She felt tired and dizzy still, but she didn't care, she needed to escape and find her father and Bonnie.

The wolves didn't listen and circled her; they were ready to take her once more.

"Hope, sweetie-" Mary tried to reason with her.

"Get away from me!" Hope screamed and knocked them off their feet with her magic. She let out a trembling breath; a small drop of blood slid down her nose as her tired body felt the toll of the release of power. She couldn't stay there and wait to recover though, so she took running into the woods.

"Hope, no!" Mary pleaded as she struggled to get up. "Please, come back."

Hope didn't look back.

It was amazing how different things were this time around.

Bonnie felt the change instantly. When she reconnected with expression everything fell into place. It was like meeting an old friend. She felt ready to conquer the world.

When the hollow first attacked, Bonnie had been forced into a defensive position because even though she channeled the power of her bloodline, that magic was light. It was the magic of the earth while the hollow attacked with the magic that for years she had harvested; dark and destructive magic that had zero limitations. The only way Bonnie could match that terrible power was with expression. Now, the tables had turned, and the hollow was the one forced into a defensive position as Bonnie led the attacks.

It was exhilarating to have expression back.

Bonnie had not realized what a difference having expression made in a one on one witch battle until now. The power of her bloodline was amazing, but expression made her feel like she was invincible.

Years ago, when she first began using expression, Bonnie had been afraid of the strange power. It didn't help that she had been manipulated into using it. That fear always held her back and made it difficult to control in turn. Expression was a very intuitive form of magic; it had sensed Bonnie's fear from the very beginning and that resistance from Bonnie's part manifested itself all the times Bonnie lost control. When Bonnie decided to bring Jeremy back to life by combining expression with the regular magic she practiced and the other types of magic she had learned, it proved to be disastrous. She made a foolish mistake trying to combine different forms of magic. Not because the magic turned against her like she first believed in those scary moments as she lost control and fell into a coma, but because each type of magic tried to be the dominant force and she had been caught in the middle of that struggle. She should have died that night, but she didn't, because expression won. It conquered over the other forms of magic she tried to use that night and took over. Expression's victory came at a price however as Bonnie fell into a deep slumber. For years, as Bonnie's body healed slowly from the magical assault she instigated, expression laid inside her. When the hollow tried to kill her, Bonnie's desperation, her need to live and win had expression surfacing once more.

The best part about having that magic back was that she didn't have to utter a single spell out loud. Expression was in tune with her emotions, with her thoughts, and acted according to Bonnie's wishes. It was something the magic of her ancestors had not done. As powerful as the Bennett magic had been, it lacked the viciousness, the initiative, and the utter destruction expression thrived in.

Bonnie's fingertips glowed as she released wave after wave of attacks against Inadu. She had the upper hand now and relished in the fact that the other witch had been unable to land a single fatal blow. If it weren't for the fact that she was linked to Klaus, Drusilla's body would have given up by now. She would have dropped dead long ago but the hollow's cleverness couldn't be denied. Even when backed into a corner, the hollow did not give up. She kept fighting, she kept resisting Bonnie's attacks.

In the middle of their fight, a piercing scream echoed through the cemetery.

It sounded like a little girl's scream and there was only one little girl currently in Mystic Falls.


Both witches stopped abruptly.

They looked at each other, unsure if they had heard Hope scream or not.

The hollow took advantage of the reprieve to catch her breath and adjust her plan.

Another screamed echoed through the night.

Bonnie felt like a knife pierced her heart. Hope's fear slithered through her blood, turning it to ice. The little girl was terrified. She touched her heart and squeezed her eyes shut as the weight of Hope's emotions washed over her. Hold on, sweetie. I'm coming. She hoped that somehow, Hope would feel her reassurance. Everything will be okay Hope, I promise.

A sudden pulse of magic had Bonnie's eyes opening.

The hollow smirked at her and disappeared in a cloud of dark magic.

"No!" Bonnie sent a wave of her power to try and stop her, but it reached the spot too late. "Damn it." She panicked. The hollow had teleported to try and find Hope. What the hell was she going to do now?

Bonnie took off running out of the cemetery, mind racing, and magic desperately trying to track the little witch. She needed to get to her before the hollow.

But how?

Could she use expression to teleport herself too?

Yes, the answer came to her easily. Expression is an extension of your will, anything you desire can be accomplished.

Just as Bonnie was coming up with ways to do that-without hurting herself in the process- a blur slammed into her.

What the hell?

Bonnie saw stars behind her eyelids when her head connected with a hard surface. She cried out in pain as she found herself pressed against a mausoleum.

Kol smirked at her as he pinned her arms above her head. "Hello darling," he greeted, fangs flashing. His heart had finally regenerated, and he was starving, his body needed blood desperately and witch's blood had always been an elixir to him. He didn't waste any time and went straight for her neck.

Bonnie pushed him to his knees before he could bite her. Under different circumstances, sending an Original to his knees would take a toll on her but with expression it was as easy as breathing. "You never learn do you." They had been in this situation before. The difference however, was that she had full control of expression now.

Kol attempted to stand up but expression kept his knees glued to the ground. He looked up, growling in frustration as he failed to get on his feet.

Bonnie smirked.

Expression also alerted her of another vampire coming from behind. She didn't even bother to turn around, using her magic to send Rebekah to her knees with a single thought.

The original girl choked as expression forced her to the ground, paralyzing her completely.

Bonnie looked over her shoulder at her and frowned, sensing another vampire nearby. He was waiting in the woods. She turned her back on Rebekah, eyes darting through the tall trees. She knew who was there. "Why don't you come out and join our little party, Elijah?" Bonnie called out. She knew he was nearby, her magic told her so. The hollow had no doubt sent them after her; to distract her while she went after Hope. You're going to regret this trick, Inadu. Bonnie was going to make sure this little plan of hers backfired terribly. "Come on Elijah don't be a coward!" she challenged.

The only response was the rustling of the leaves as a cold wind swept through the woods.

Elijah was smart enough to realize he couldn't beat her, so he waited for a distraction in order to attack.

Bonnie had no time to play games. She stared at the darkness surrounding her and raised her hand, summoning the elder Mikaelson to her.

Rebekah and Kol watched as Elijah's body floated right towards Bonnie, who smiled at the petrified vampire. She kept him floating in midair, letting him know he was a puppet in her hands before she forced him on his knees as well.

Elijah growled but just like his siblings, he was powerless against Bonnie's magic.

Bonnie stood in the middle of the three original as they unintentionally formed an invisible triangle. I want them to be free of the hollow's control, she thought. It is my will that they break free from the hollow's magic, she called upon Expression to fulfill her wishes; deep down she knew she could help the Mikaelson siblings break free. She closed her eyes and allowed that great power inside her to float from her fingertips and into each of the three originals who cried out in pain.

Expression washed through them, cleansing them of the hollow's control.

There was some resistance of course.

Bonnie felt it when the hollow's magic pushed back against her magic, trying desperately to continue manipulating the Mikaelsons but Bonnie pushed back against it, channeling as much power as necessary to get rid of the hollow's magic completely.

A black liquid oozed out of the originals noses as expression kicked the hollow's dark magic out of their minds and bodies. They all shook uncontrollably, eyes rolling back as a new darker power took hold over them.

Once Bonnie felt sure the hollow's magic had been chased out of Rebekah, Kol, and Elijah she called expression back, retreating gently from the vampires' consciousness and allowing them to regain control of themselves.

She wasn't sure how long the whole process took but finally, they looked like their old selves.

Rebekah blinked up at her, shock written all over her face.

Kol gasped for unnecessary air and checked himself over, almost as if he couldn't believe he was in control again.

Elijah was the first to stand up, chocolate eyes focused on Bonnie. His face was a mask but there was begrudging respect in his eyes. "Thank-you."

Bonnie nodded. "I need to find Klaus," she told them. There was no time to waste with pleasantries. I need to get to Hope too, she thought worriedly. "The hollow is using him as a source of power to keep Drusilla's body alive. I need to break that connection before I kill her."

A guilty look flashed across Elijah's face. "It was me," he admitted with regret.

"What?" Rebekah turned to her older brother. "What did you do?"

"I thought I could withstand the hollow's control, but I was proven wrong. Daniel used his magic to paralyze Niklaus and I daggered him with the dagger she created."

"Help me find him and Hope," Bonnie said to them. "We need to find Freya and Vincent too; they can help us." She glanced at Rebekah and Kol. "I need the two of you to check on our forces downtown, Matt and the wolves and vampires that came with Marcel were positioned there, and I don't know if they are okay."

Rebekah nodded, wincing upon recalling how she had acted upon waking up. She had drained her own sister and attacked Marcel.

"Who the hell put you in charge?" Kol snapped.

Bonnie glared at him, magic flaring.

Kol took an involuntarily step back.

"Do as you are told and shut up, Kol." Rebekah gave him a look.

"What's your plan?" Elijah asked Bonnie.

"I'm going to kill the hollow," she replied simply. She took a deep breath and summoned expression once more. Help me find Klaus and Hope, she pleaded. I need to find them, please. She felt a warm tingle spread all over her body. It soon turned into a strong pull. Bonnie closed her eyes and relaxed her muscles, allowing expression to teleport her out of there.

"Bloody hell," Rebekah muttered as she and her brothers saw Bonnie disappear right before their eyes.

"The little Bennett witch leveled up," Kol muttered. Despite the attitude he gave Bonnie earlier, he couldn't help but be impressed by her magic.

Even Elijah was impressed by the control Bonnie had over her magic. He didn't make any mention of it of course, but it was obvious Bonnie was on another level. "Come on," he nodded towards his siblings. They couldn't keep wasting time talking. They needed to act fast and help Bonnie before she took on the hollow.

Vincent's face was the first thing Freya saw upon regaining consciousness. "What the hell was that?" she groaned, feeling like she had died and come back to life.

"Bonnie and the hollow I think," Vincent murmured while helping her up.

Freya noticed that Ansel was on the ground, his face was flushed and there was dried blood on his shoulder.

"Daniel," Ansel responded to her unspoken question.

"Are you-"

"I'll be fine," he touched his shoulder and nodded in Vincent's direction. "He healed me."

"Good." Freya turned to Vincent once more.

"They got Klaus."


"Elijah daggered him. I tried to help but Daniel blocked my attacks," Vincent elaborated. "His magic is being enhanced by the hollow." His pride was bruised as he had been unable to successfully strike the other male witch. "There was an explosion of power that knocked everyone out, so I don't know what they did with him afterwards."

"Hope?" Freya asked almost fearful to hear the answer. "She was with Bonnie, did you see-"

Vincent shook his head. There was a worried look on his face as he stared at the spot where he thought Bonnie and Hope had been. It was hard to tell with the darkness and the fog surrounding them. "The magic protecting the Bennett graves, I don't sense it anymore."

Freya felt her heart sink, she couldn't sense it either and that could only mean one thing. "The connection with the Bennett ancestors has been broken."

"We need to find Niklaus," Freya couldn't see anything past the fog surrounding the woods. She glanced at Ansel once more. "Where is Marcel?"

The wolf got to his feet. "Last I saw of him; he was fighting with Rebekah."

"He must have been knocked out like us," Vincent murmured.

"Maybe Marcel managed to get Hope and take her out of here." Ansel had promised his son that he was going to watch Marcel's back and help him get Hope to safety, but he had failed. Now, all Ansel could wish for was that Marcel had fulfilled his promise to Klaus.

"We can only hope," Vincent stared into Freya's eyes. "We could do a locator spell to find Hope-"

Freya raised her left hand and used her magic to make a cut on her palm. She didn't even wince when the skin opened, and blood began pouring freely. She was going to use her blood to locate her brother and niece. She needed to help them.

Vincent and Ansel watched her and got ready.

Hope only stopped running because she felt out of breath. Even though she had original hybrid blood flowing through her veins, she was still dealing with the aftermath of the lost connection to the Bennett ancestors. So, she took a moment to catch her breath. Of course, it was just her luck that she would end up bumping into a group of vampires and werewolves while she rested.

The wolves growled.

The vampires smirked at her.

Hope gulped. Was it just her imagination or did they seem really hungry?

One vampire took a menacing step closer, but his companion stopped him. "She said to leave the girl alone," he hissed in warning.

"I'm starving!" the vampire replied angrily.

"We can take some blood without killing her," the other one commented. "She doesn't need to know."

His companions nodded, malicious eyes settling on the little girl once more.

Hope took a fearful step back. She couldn't really come up with a plan to escape as the wolves launched themselves at her. Instinctively, Hope pushed them back with her magic. The wolves growled, frustrated that they couldn't touch her. Not to be outdone, the vampires decided to attack as well. Hope used her magic against them too. She felt a bit dizzy, but she managed to knock them off their feet. She blinked, stunned by her own power. It was wicked.

One vampire (he was probably older than the other ones) recovered quickly and came after her again.

Hope raised her hand and lifted him up in the air.

"Put me down," the vampire snarled, feet dangling as he struggled to break free.

"Okay," Hope lowered her hand, clenching it into a tight fist. She broke the vampire's neck and dumped him on the ground. She shivered a bit but felt proud of herself for what she had just done. It was a bit of distraction that cost her because the wolves had recovered and decided to attack once more.

Hope flung two of them away with her magic but the third one bit her leg. She screamed in agony. The fear and panic that gripped her was paralyzing. She forgot she was a witch, she forgot she could use her magic to attack the beast dragging her deeper into the woods. She screamed and cried and wished her father were there to protect her.

Just when she thought the pain would never end, it did.

She stopped moving all together and stared dazedly at the sky. What in the world? Hope gasped and tried to regain her bearings. Her leg throbbed painfully. She got on her elbows, panting, and stared at the bloodied body of the wolf. He laid torn in half near her feet. "...What..." her eyes went wide when she saw the tall figure standing above the dead wolf. "Uncle Finn!"

"Are you alright?"

Hope nodded and looked at her leg, it hurt still, but she could see it was healing.

Finn crouched down next to her.

Hope offered him a trembling smile.

"Can you stand?"

"I think so."

Finn grabbed her gently by the arms and helped her to her feet. Hope whimpered a bit when she set her foot down, it hurt but not as much as before. She turned to stare at her uncle, unsure of what to say or do. Her brows furrowed when she recalled the conversation she had with her father and Bonnie. They had warned her about her aunt and uncles being possessed by the hollow, but her uncle Finn seemed like his usual serious self. Was he pretending?

Finn sensed her wariness. "You have nothing to fear from me," he told her.

"Are you planning to take me to the hollow?"

Finn's lips twitched at her bluntness. "No," he answered most sincerely. "I'm going to take you to safety."

"Where?" Hope wondered.

"We need to get out of town, the hollow's forces are still attacking." He looked towards the sky before gazing at the dark woods surrounding them. "They have orders not to hurt you but as you saw with him…" he glanced at the dead wolf. "Not all of her followers will obey, especially when hungry."

Hope bit her lip. She felt unsure, recalling her father's and Bonnie's warnings. "Is she controlling you?"

"She thinks that she is," Finn answered honestly.

"Are you going to take me to her?" She asked again.

"No, sweetheart." Finn crouched down once more, so they could be at an eye level. "You have my word that I will keep you safe."

Hope took her time to decide and Finn did not pressure her at all. In fact, he waited patiently for her to make her mid.

When Hope finally took his offered hand, Finn smiled at her.

Together, they walked hand in hand.

A tingling on the back of her neck had Hope turning her head to the side. "Someone is coming."

"A vampire," Finn let go of her hand and got ready.

A blur smashed into him.

"Marcel!" Hope cried out when she saw her big brother tackling her uncle to the ground. "NO!" she winced when Marcel punched Finn in the face. The original recovered quickly, avoiding the next punch and twisting Marcel's arm before throwing him off. "Stop it!" Hope shouted when she saw Marcel attacking once more.

Finn caught Marcel's arm this time and flipped him on his back. "I'm a thousand years older than you," he hissed, stepping right on Marcel's throat. He put his weight on his foot which allowed him to keep the older vampire pinned to the ground. "You really think you can beat me?"

Marcel growled, trying desperately to break free.

Hope made her way towards them. "Uncle Finn, let him go please." She peered down at her big brother. "He saved me," she explained gently. "He was taking me out of Mystic Falls, so the hollow doesn't find me."

Marcel stopped struggling. "…Lies…" he managed to grunt.

"He's telling the truth, I can tell."

Marcel stared at Hope's face before looking up into Finn's eyes.

Finn released the pressure on Marcel's neck and backed away slowly.

Marcel jumped to his feet. "The hollow is controlling all of you."

Finn shook his head.

"How the hell can you be immune?"

"I'm not," Finn responded. "The hollow feeds on negative emotions and uses it to control people. I do not share the same bloodlust, the same rage, and cruelty my siblings possess. I never enjoyed feeding or killing. I hate what I am. I have lived with remorse my entire life. My own self-hatred helped me to combat the hollow's influence and remain true to myself."

Marcel didn't look convinced.

"I have learned how to be unassuming, how to stare blankly and pretend my mind is empty. Who would have thought that centuries inside a coffin, trapped in my own mind, would help me be mentally prepared for the hollow's manipulations?" Finn mused.

"You've been fooling the hollow this whole time?" Marcel asked incredulous. He honestly would have never pegged Finn to be that smart.

"I've always been the boring original, absorbed in his self-pity," Finn's lips curled. "Everyone always underestimates me, even my own flesh and blood. The hollow was no different."

Marcel studied his face carefully, doing his best to find any deceit in Finn's words.

"He's telling the truth," Hope said. "I can tell." She took Finn's hand and smiled reassuringly at Marcel.

"It's only a matter of time before the hollow comes for Hope," Finn reminded Marcel. "We need to get her out of Mystic Falls now."

Hope's safety came first that was something they both could agree upon at least.

Marcel walked right into Finn's space, standing inches away from his face. "You may be older and stronger," he hissed. "But I promise you, if this is a trap, if you betray us, I will find a way to make you suffer."

Finn stared blankly at him and nodded.

"Come on," Marcel got down and picked Hope in his arms. He was not going to let her out of his sight.

Daniel stared at the desiccated body of the original hybrid. He was guarding the body as the hollow instructed. Klaus was a vital part of the plan after all. Even though he hated being under the hollow's control, Daniel knew this would ensure his sister's survival. Drusilla's body had deteriorated completely, she had practically one foot on the grave until the hollow came up with the plan to use Klaus Mikaelson as a power source. Daniel hated admitting it, but it was a plan that worked to perfection. The hollow was not one foe you should underestimate, Klaus had found that out the hard way and now it was the Bennett witch's turn.

He frowned when he heard a small whimper. Daniel stared at the ashen face of the hybrid. Had he made that noise? Klaus's body was desiccated, there was no way he could move let alone make a single sound and yet…He waited and continued to stare at the desiccated body but when he didn't hear anything again, he relaxed.

Klaus couldn't be killed like other vampires therefore, Drusilla could spend decades, centuries even linked to the Original. It was why Daniel was standing guard over his body while the rest of the Mikaelsons' went wherever the hollow wanted. The hollow was smart, she knew Daniel wanted to protect his sister at all cost, it was why she trusted him to guard the hybrid, that and the fact that she was controlling him. It was a strange thing being aware that he was powerless to stop the hollow from using his body and magic as she desired. He was aware that he was a puppet, but he still had his consciousness. He knew that if he tried anything against the hollow, her power would suppress that bit of freedom he possessed and force him to do as she pleased once more.

Was this how Dru felt?

He felt a pang as he thought about his poor sister.

Daniel hated it, but he had no choice and now that there was a way his sister could live despite the hollow's possession of her body; he didn't even feel inclined to keep fighting the hollow's control over his own mind and body. Dru came first. He didn't care what the hollow did to him as long as Drusilla was saved.

Footsteps alerted him to the presence of a witch behind him. Daniel turned just in time to see Freya Mikaelson approaching him. "You still haven't given up?"

"Our fight was interrupted," Freya retorted, eyes immediately landing on her bother. Her hand rose in the air, magic crackling at her fingertips.

"Don't think about it," Daniel easily blocked her spell. "You are no match for me, not with the hollow's power flowing through my body." Not to mention the protective magic surrounding the hybrid's body. She was a big fool if she thought she could rescue her brother on her own. She didn't stand a chance.

"She's using you, controlling you, and you're letting her-"

"You don't understand!" Daniel snapped as he fired a spell of his own. There was a snapping sound behind him. He glanced over his shoulder but didn't see anything.

"You can fight her," Freya urged him as their powers clashed once more. "You are strong, stronger than your sister even."

Daniel glared at her and his attacks grew more vicious at the mention of his sister. He looked over his shoulder once more, there was something there, he felt sure of it. Did Freya had reinforcements hiding in the woods? If she did, they were more than likely cloaked. He had to be careful as he had no intention of losing this fight.

"Daniel," Freya brought his attention back to her. "Don't let her win. Don't be like my siblings-" her words were cut off by a powerful blast that knocked her down. Freya cursed and picked herself up quickly, blocking his next attack.

"I don't care that you are an immortal witch, I will keep defeating you for as long as the hollow needs me to," he warned her as they continued to trade spells back and forth.

"Then you better get ready because I'm not giving up." Freya waved her hands, summoning different spells and sending them towards him.

Daniel laughed, deflecting her attacks left and right. "You are no match for the hollow's powers." The only advantage she truly had over him was the fact that she couldn't stay dead. We can manage, Daniel thought feeling a rush of exhilaration as the hollow's all-consuming dark magic flowed through him. He had to admit that it was addictive. He was a powerful witch in his own right but having part of the hollow's powers enhanced his magic to the limit.

"We'll see about that," Freya attacked once more. She was not going to give up. She had come here to rescue her brother and she would do it no matter the price. She focused all her energy on the fight, allowing Daniel to take a more offensive position. She purposely didn't create a barrier to block his minor attacks. Each time she was pushed back, his eyes glinted triumphally. Freya didn't care, letting herself be hit a few times to make him think he was dominating the fight. One very nasty spell took the air from her lungs and had her on her back.

"Are you ready to give up?" A smirking Daniel asked Freya as she laid panting on the ground.

The witch grinned. Got you! She thought sending the signal.

Vincent stepped from the shadows and sent a blasting wave of magic towards Daniel's back while Ansel sneaked on him and stabbed him in the ribcage. The coordinated attack had Daniel falling to the ground in surprise. He tried to rise but Vincent pushed him down with his magic.

Daniel had to use his magic to heal himself and push Vincent away.

Freya stood up and started chanting in her mother tongue while Ansel rushed to Klaus's side. He was immediately repelled by the magic protecting Klaus's desiccated body. He looked worriedly at Vincent.

"We'll break him free," the Regent of New Orleans assured him. The hollow's magic inside Daniel pushed against him and he stumbled back a few times. Beads of sweat formed in his forehead as he used all his strength to keep Daniel down. He gave Freya a pointed look, he wasn't going to be able to restrain the witch for much longer.

Freya used both of her hands to channel all the power she needed to attack Daniel.

Despite the hollow's help, Daniel found himself trapped by both witches. He blamed it on the nasty wound he got, if he didn't have to use his magic to heal himself, he would have been able to break free. Damn it, he realized as he pressed his hand on the stab wound which was still bleeding. "Please…" he rasped, feeling desperate. "Dru…" everything he was doing was for his sister, to keep her safe.

Freya understood him, she even sympathized with his predicament but as much as she pitied him, she couldn't stop, not now.

Daniel looked up.

Freya continued chanting in her mother tongue.

His eyes went wide as he began choking. His human body couldn't handle it anymore. One the one hand, the hollow's power was too much to contain and on the other, Freya's curse was slowly attacking his vital organs and killing him. Drusilla! He thought in despair. His poor sister. He saw black spots behind his eyelids, he was falling into the arms of death. No… please, I need to help Dru…he managed one last coherent thought.

"Release him," a commanding voice cut through the darkness surrounding him.

Freya stopped the attack at once.

Daniel whimpered and breathed with relief.

The first thing he saw upon opening his eyes was Bonnie's face.

When Klaus was stabbed there was a lot of pain.

There was anger too.

Klaus should have known better. His arrogance got the best of him and had allowed Daniel and Elijah to bring him down.

His muscles tightened as the burning pain spread all over.

Klaus tried to fight the effects of the desiccation, but he couldn't; little by little his body turned grey and his eyes closed.

He fell into a deep slumber with one last thought…


He hated himself in that moment. All he wanted was to keep his daughter safe and now, he had left her to fend on her own.

Klaus floated in dark cold waters.

With his body incapacitated by the dagger piercing his heart, he was left trapped inside his mind.


I need to keep her safe.

He hated how helpless, how utterly useless he was in that moment. He, the original hybrid, the strongest among his siblings had been reduced to an ashen corpse, whose strength was being sucked away by the hollow's power.

How long before he would see his child again?

How long before he would wake?

The fear of never seeing Hope and Bonnie again gripped his heart.

The pain of losing the people he cared for the most, had a small whimper of pain passing through his lips.

You will never see her again, a strange voice hissed inside his mind. You failed her. You left her alone, unprotected.


So weak, so pathetic.

Mikael's voice boomed inside Klaus's mind.

You can't protect yourself boy, what made you think you could keep your own child safe?

Klaus mentally recoiled at the sound of that voice.

He felt himself falling deeper into an abyss.

He tried to struggle but it was useless, he couldn't move. He couldn't fight, he couldn't do anything but wait.

For what?

In the distance, he saw a flash of light.

It was almost as if the answer to his prayer had been heard by some powerful being.

The iciness clawing at his body melted away.

The flash of light grew stronger.

A beat of consciousness.

Klaus felt a butterfly touch against his lips.




The electric touch was felt all over his body, he came alive in an instant.

He licked his lips, savoring the tasted of lavender and honey.

He opened his eyes with a loud gasp, only to look up into the bright green eyes of his lover. "…Bonnie…" he mumbled. The numbness was gone, the demons had been chased away by her warmth and the surge of power and strength inside him was unlike anything he had ever experienced before.

"Hi…" Bonnie smiled and brushed her lips sweetly against his once more.

Klaus didn't care that they were in the middle of a battle, he didn't care that there were people watching, he wanted to kiss her again. He felt the ghost of Bonnie's smile as he grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her down once more, thumb caressing her soft skin as he kissed her deeply. He could feel the power flowing through her veins against his fingertips; it felt like little electric shocks. It was also different from before, this power inside her was far more destructive. He gave her a quizzical look when she finally pulled away from him. Klaus felt certain he had felt this kind of magic before from her but wasn't fully sure.

He sat up slowly, watching as the color returned to his skin.

Freya, Vincent, Ansel, and Daniel were all staring him.

Klaus growled and stood up, throwing daggers at Drusilla's brother.

"No," Bonnie placed a hand against his chest.

"He helped Elijah daggered me!" Klaus roared not liking that Bonnie was holding him back from tearing Daniel to pieces.

"We are going to need his help," Bonnie said to him.

Klaus gave her a questioning look.

"The hollow linked Drusilla to you, that way her body won't die."

Klaus growled.

"I woke you up but I haven't broken the link." She held the dagger the hollow had created on her hand.

"Why not?" Klaus demanded.

"I have a plan," Bonnie explained. "And Daniel will help us see it through."

Klaus snorted.

"All I want is to protect my sister," Daniel told him. "All I care about is that she makes it out of this alive." He glanced at Bonnie. "She helped me. The dark magic that was controlling me is gone thanks to her." Bonnie had saved him, she had spared his life, and he was not only thankful but hopeful that she would save his sister. "I promised to help her in turn."

"We are all going to help each other," Bonnie said glancing at everyone.

"What exactly do you have in mind, love?"

Bonnie grinned.

Klaus felt a slight shiver go down his spine. He could feel the sparks of dangerous magic floating all around her. Bonnie was more than ready to end this for good and Klaus felt thrilled to know he would witness the wrath she would bring against the hollow.

Hope, Finn, and Marcel trekked through the woods as fast as possible-without making Hope sick- as Marcel carried her protectively in his arms. They were trying to make it out of the woods, and out of the town without alerting the hollow's forces.

Finn stopped abruptly. His superior senses picking up on the subtle change in the air.

"What is it?" Marcel could have sworn the fog had grown thicker. He didn't like the cold tingle down his back either.

"Something is coming," Hope murmured.

They didn't have to wait very long for a response because a dark cloud of magic cut through the fog and a sinister figure emerged from it.

The hollow stood right in front of them, a wicked grin on her lips.

Finn growled and took a protective stance in front of Marcel and Hope.

"Damn it," Marcel cursed, arms tightening around Hope's trembling form.

"Run!" Finn ordered while he went after the hollow. All he could think about was that he had to buy Marcel some time to escape.

Marcel blurred out of there but didn't make it very far.

He screamed as a nasty curse slashed his back.

"Marcel!" Hope yelled as the two tumbled to the ground. Marcel laid face down on the grass, his coat drenched in blood. Hope got on her knees next to him. "…Marcel-" she asked in a trembling voice. "Are you-"

"…I'll…heal…" he groaned. He was shaking and despite his healing abilities the wound was still open and continued to bleed heavily.

Hope glanced towards her uncle Finn who was suspended in midair. "Uncle Finn!" she cried out.

"You are pathetic," the hollow hissed while sending a dark curse towards the original vampire.

Hope screamed when she saw Finn land on the ground, dark veins forming all over his face and neck while his body convulsed uncontrollably. Whatever curse the hollow had sent him was clearly causing him a lot of pain.

"Now," the hollow turned to Hope then, an evil grinned on her face.

Hope whimpered fearfully but forced herself to stand up. Her legs felt shaky, she was unsure yet determined to defend herself. She had no other choice really. I'm a Mikaelson witch, she told herself. I can do this. She raised her chin and glared at the hollow.

"You're quite a brave little thing, aren't you?" the hollow approached her.

"Don't touch her!" someone yelled from the woods.

Hope turned her head to the side and frowned when she saw a group of people rushing towards her and the hollow. Wolves, she realized when she heard them growl. The Crescent wolves! She felt surprised that they had come to her rescue. Hope had escaped from them, but it seemed they were truly loyal to their own cause the wolves didn't hesitate to jump on the hollow to defend her.

Mary grabbed her arm gently. "Come on," she urged Hope. She was out of breath, but her grip was firm. "We have to go."

"I…" Hope knew she had to get away from the hollow, but she couldn't leave her uncle and Marcel like that, they were hurt.

"Hope…" Mary began dragging her away.

"…Go…" Marcel muttered pitifully, his eyes nearly rolling to the back of his head. He was still shaking and bleeding as the wound the hollow inflected on him refused to heal.

"I can't leave you."


Hope reluctantly allowed Mary to guide her away from there.

The men that accompanied Mary meanwhile threw themselves at the hollow.

With a flick of her wrist, the hollow lifted them in the air. She closed her hand into a tight fist and ripped the men's bodies apart.

Mary gasped in horror. She and Hope froze as they saw the mutilated bodies drop to the ground; arms, legs, heads, feet, and hands scattered all around them.

The hollow turned her attention to Hope once more.

"No," Mary took a protective stance in front of the shocked girl. "I won't let you hurt her!"

Marcel who was still injured cried out as he tried to pull himself to his feet. No matter how painful it was, he was going to keep his sister safe. He panted as he struggled to his feet, back still bleeding.

The hollow sent another dark spell at him.

Marcel ended up on his knees screaming in agony.

"Let him go!" Hope screamed.

The hollow used a cruel spell which had thin cuts forming all over Marcel's body, his vampire abilities kicked in and healed them, but the spell had them reappearing again and again causing the vampire extreme pain.

Hope cried out for her brother. She felt scared but above all, she felt angry at the torture her brother was being subjected to. "Stop hurting him!" the anguish she felt had Hope firing an angry pulse of magic at the hollow.

The surprising attack had the hollow gasping and stumbling back as it hit her right in the stomach.

Hope stared at her with wide eyes.

"Hope…" Mary gasped in surprise.

Marcel breathed with relief as the spell stopped hurting him. With the evil spell broken, he began to heal quickly. "Damn," he muttered in amazement.

Hope's bottom limp trembled. She could feel the shock to her own system from the release of magic.

The hollow recovered quickly, nostrils flaring.

Hope gulped, expecting retaliation.

The hollow took it out on Mary, breaking the old woman's bones with a snap of her fingers.

Mary cried out in pain.

"Stop it!" Hope pleaded tearfully. She didn't like the wolves, they had tried to kidnap her, but they had also come to her aid. And while Mary was wrong for trying to take her away, Hope felt the old woman's intentions came from a good place. "Please, stop it!" She tried to summon another angry pulse of magic in order to stop the hollow. She succeeded in sending an attack, but the hollow was prepared this time and easily blocked it.

"Foolish girl," the hollow hissed. She snapped her hand and split Mary's body in half.

Hope paled and let out a heartbreaking scream when she saw Mary's body parts fall to the ground, blood and guts splattering everywhere. Mary had been trying to protect her, that was all. She didn't deserve to be killed like that. "...Mary..." she whispered.

"Hope..." she felt a gentle hand touch her shoulder.

Marcel had found the strength to stand up and made his way towards her.

The hollow's furious eyes zeroed in on him. "You're quite the warrior, aren't you?" she laughed and raised her hand.

"No, please don't," Hope begged.

The hollow twisted her hand and set the young vampire aflame.

Marcel screamed.

"Nooo!" Hope raised her own hand, attempting to block the attack.

The result was that half of Marcel's body was burned, his flesh had almost melted to the bone, but he survived the cruel attack thanks to Hope's timely intervention. He fell unconscious.

"You have been a very naughty girl," the hollow hissed and used her magic to lift Hope into the air. "It's time you were punished."

Hope's feet dangled in the air as angry invisible fingers squeezed her neck. She nearly choked.

"Get your hands off her!" Elijah came out of nowhere and slammed his body against the hollow. He went straight for her neck, biting her. He pulled away almost instantly, face twisting as he spit black blood out of his mouth. He groaned as some of the blood made its way down his throat and began poisoning his body.

"Uncle Elijah..." Hope managed to whisper. She was still floating but could clearly see the anguish on her uncle's neck.

The hollow laughed. "Really Elijah?" the bite mark on her neck healed instantly. "I have no time for you." She twisted her hand and ripped his heart out. She stepped over his desiccated body and walked towards Hope who was still suspended in midair. "Now, where were we?"

Hope struggled against the magic keeping her afloat but couldn't break the spell.

The hollow smirked knowingly. She raised her hand in Hope's direction and began chanting.

There was a blast of magic.

The hollow ended up being flipped in the air and smashed against a tree.

Hope gasped.

The hollow looked up startled by the force of the attack. There was an angry cut on her left cheek which had blood dripping down her shirt. "You..." she watched as Hope gently floated back to the ground.

The little girl seemed genuinely surprised by what had just happened.

"Why don't you pick on someone your own size," Bonnie hissed, appearing right between the hollow and Hope.

"Bonnie!" Hope yelled happily.

"So, it was you." The hollow stood up, face twisting into an angry scowl when she noticed that Bonnie was not alone. She was flank by Freya and Vincent, and much to her surprise Daniel and Klaus. That explained why Finn and Elijah had turned against her, Bonnie had something to do with it.

"Daddy!" Hope rushed into her father's waiting arms.

"I got you love," Klaus whispered as he pulled her up and kissed the top of her head. "You alright?" he looked her over. "Are you hurt?"

Hope shook her head. "A wolf bit me but uncle Finn saved me, and I healed."

Klaus noticed that Finn laid on the ground shaking violently while Elijah's desiccated body and Marcel's burned body laid a few feet away. There were also a bunch of body parts, blood, and guts scattered around.

"They were trying to protect me," Hope whispered. "She killed the wolves and Mary. It was awful daddy." Hope buried her head against his neck and whimpered sadly.

Klaus held her tightly. "You're safe," he repeated as he rubbed her back. That was the only thing that mattered.

The hollow meanwhile stared into Daniel's eyes and realized that she couldn't sense her power inside him anymore. She glanced between him and Klaus before settling on Bonnie's face once more. What was the witch playing at? She was still linked to the hybrid-of that the hollow felt sure, so what was Bonnie planning? And more importantly, how the hell had she freed Daniel-and all the others for that matter-from her control without alerting her. The minute Bonnie broke them free, the hollow should have sensed it, but she hadn't. She did not like this turn of events.

"Bet you weren't expecting this outcome," the hybrid drawled as he held Hope in his arms.

"You think I'm afraid of all of you?" the hollow snarled, hating the stupid smirk dancing on his lips. He thought he was so smart. Bastard.

"You should be," Vincent snapped. "Your reign of terror has come to an end, Inadu."

"Come on then," the hollow challenged all of them. "Have at it," she invited them to attack. She was not afraid of them. She was not afraid of anything.

"Get back!" Bonnie told Klaus while keeping her eyes on the hollow.

Klaus didn't need to be told twice, still carrying a shivering Hope, he retreated into the woods.

Vincent and Freya were the first one to launch simultaneous attacks against Inadu.

Ansel and Daniel dragged an unconscious Finn, a desiccated Elijah, and a half-burned Marcel away from the fighting.

Once the group was safely out of harm's way and under the protection of Bonnie's magic, the witch turned her attention back to the hollow who was easily deflecting spells left and right. Bonnie gave a meaningful look to Daniel, who nodded in turn.

The plan was in place.

Bonnie gave a small smile at Klaus and Hope before stepping forward. She joined the fight against the hollow, knowing that the time had come at last to put an end to Inadu's evil existence.

Matt closed his eyes. He was panting as he leaned against the wall. He took a moment to catch his breath before loading his gun with more ammunition. He was hiding in one of the shops near the town's square. The creepy crawlers as he had deemed the onslaught of creatures with sharp teeth and big heads were unstoppable. They kept coming at them, no matter how many they managed to kill they always came back. In Matt's opinion those creatures were worse than the wolves and vampires the hollow had brought. They never gave up.

Matt had lost track of Jerry and the other crescent wolves; he wasn't even sure if any vampire had made it out alive after being bitten multiple times by the wolves the hollow brought with her. Matt wondered if he was the last one left. His heart dropped when he heard a loud bang. They're coming, Matt thought as he got on his feet once more. Sure enough, a good number of those creatures came after him.

Matt shot as many of them as he could but more kept coming at him. He ended up cornered against the wall. "Damn it," he cursed as they grabbed onto his legs and arms.

The next thing Matt knew, he was being pulled away.

He was moving so fast, he felt like he was flying. He kicked the last creepy crawler clinging to his leg before they came to an abrupt stop.

"What…" he nearly threw up when he landed on his feet. He felt disoriented, everything was spinning. He looked up when he heard a familiar giggle. "Rebekah."

"Hello love," Rebekah grinned at him.

The creature he had kicked, tried to jump on her but she was quicker, kicking him to the ground and squashing his head with the heel of her boot. She grinned proudly.

Matt frowned, hand tightening on his gun. He didn't know if he could trust her.

"Relax," Rebekah told him. "I'm no longer under the hollow's control." She made a face when she noticed the dirt on her boots.

"How would I know for sure?"

Rebekah rolled her eyes. "If I was still being controlled by the hollow, do you think I would have saved your bloody arse?" she placed her hands on her hips, an offended look on her face.

Matt still seemed unsure. She spoke and acted like the Rebekah he used to know, but it could easily be a trick. "How did you break free?" he questioned while mentally calculating the chances he had at escaping from her, unharmed.

"Bonnie," Rebekah replied. "She freed all of us."


"Well, Kol, Elijah, and myself. I have no clue what Finn is up to."

They were suddenly distracted by the sound of hissing noises.

"Damn it," Matt cursed and pointed his gun in the direction of the noises. "They're coming again."

"Who's coming?" Rebekah wondered.

"The creepy crawlers." Matt looked down at the smashed creature near their feet. His body parts were twitching and moving closer together.

"What in the…" Rebekah uttered.

Matt kicked some of the body parts away and used his gun to destroy the others. "They come, we kill them, then another group comes again and so on," he explained. "The hollow's magic keeps bringing them back to life."

"Of course." Rebekah flashed her vampire face at the incoming creatures and got ready. "Kol is nearby," she informed Matt. She was counting on her brother showing up and helping them.

"Let's hope he makes it in time," Matt muttered.

The two of them found themselves back to back as they fought the army of creatures.

Cloaked under Bonnie's magic, Vincent concentrated on the spell to break the link between Klaus and Drusilla. Daniel watched him intensely, as this could make or destroy their plans. He felt on edge. This must work, he told himself. It was the last hope he had of saving his sister.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Ansel questioned worriedly. Hope stood by his side, watching her father carefully.

"It has to work," Vincent responded as he kneeled next to the original hybrid who was on lying on his back, staring at the starless sky. Vincent had one hand on Klaus's chest while he murmured the incantation. The plan was that Bonnie and Freya would keep the hollow occupied while he was to break the link between Klaus and Drusilla. Freya would use her magic to preserve Drusilla's soul at the same time that Bonnie would deliver the killing blow. In order to save the witch's body, Vincent would link her to her brother. Bonnie for her part would use expression to kill the hollow's spirit.

They had to be meticulous as they had a small window of time to get everything done.

Sweat dripped from Vincent's forehead as he concentrated on the spell. He had to do it slowly and quietly as he didn't want the hollow to be suspicious. She was distracted battling Bonnie and Freya so if he was careful enough, the hollow would not realize the link was broken until it was too late. His hand burned as he continued to press it against the hybrid's chest.

Klaus hissed.

"Daddy…" Hope took a step closer.

"It's alright, love." Klaus managed a thin smile. "I'm alright." Truth be told, he felt like he was burning but he wasn't going to mention any of that to his child. He gave Vincent a look.

"It's going to hurt a lot more," the witch warned him. He continued to mumble the incantation while his eyes followed Bonnie and Freya as they took on the hollow. Both witches made a great team but even to a spectator like Vincent, it was hard to deny just how powerful the hollow was. He was powerful in his own right and Freya had the advantage of being immortal but Bonnie…Vincent glanced at the witch in question and couldn't help but wonder what kind of juice she was drinking because her attacks were by far the most potent and vicious of the three. She was clearly on a league of her own. The hollow was finding out just how much she had underestimated the Bennett witch.

Klaus groaned.

"I'm almost done," Vincent said.

Daniel's eyes followed the hollow's moments, heart racing as he saw how Bonnie's attacks were pushing her back. She stumbled a few times but managed to remain on her feet. "I think she's starting to realize how weak she has become."

"Get ready."

Daniel nodded. He prayed to all his dead ancestors that Bonnie's plan would work.

Fools, the hollow thought. Even though she was using Drusilla's body; she was able to keep up with Bonnie's and Freya's attacks. She didn't care much for the Mikaelson witch, it was Bonnie the hollow was interested in destroying. While they fought, the hollow tried to anticipate Bonnie's plan. She had helped Daniel break free from her mind control and awoken Klaus, but Drusilla's body was still linked to the hybrid Why? What was Bonnie waiting for? Breaking the link should have been her first step. Drusilla's body would have been dead by now had Bonnie broken the link between her and Klaus.

Unless Bonnie didn't know how to do it?

No, Bonnie was smart enough to know how to break the link. She had a plan in mind but whatever that stupid girl was planning it would fail, the hollow would see to it.

The hollow's anger helped fuel her attacks.

She sent a bone crushing spell, it rebounded.

She threw a fireball at Bonnie's face, it was absorbed quickly by an invisible force, leaving the witch unaffected.

She tried a flesh cutting spell, it failed.

She tried a hex that would destroy Bonnie's organs in seconds, nothing happened.

Bonnie didn't even break a sweat as she cut through her hexes like a knife would butter.

Every single one of the hollow's attacks was destroyed.

It was humiliating.

How could this be?

She concentrated harder, putting more force behind each of her attacks.

Freya cried out when her arm was nearly cut in half. She whimpered and placed a hand on the wound to heal herself.

The hollow smirked. She could let out all her frustration on the Mikaelson witch. She was good, she had some very clever dark spells of her own but her protective spells weren't that good. The hollow's attacks always managed to sneak through. Bonnie on the other hand, continued to block all her attacks. The stupid witch had not been kidding when she said the magic she was using was dark and powerful. There was no way Bonnie knew so many dark attacks on her own, her magic was guiding her along. I should have taken her body instead, the hollow thought, face flushed and muscles aching. The weak vessel she had chosen could not contain all her great power. But the only Bennett she had been able to possess was Abby and that was because of her vampire nature. As much as the hollow wished she had taken Bonnie's body, she knew she wouldn't have been able to control it as she did Drusilla, that insufferable bloodline had always been the bane of her existence.

As she continued to battle Bonnie, Inadu couldn't help but wonder what the other witch was plotting. She was clearly smart enough to know how to break the link between Drusilla and Klaus but she hadn't done it for a reason. She looked past Bonnie's shoulder, eyes seeking her enemies. Bonnie's protective barrier made it impossible to see where the group was. The Regent of New Orleans, Daniel, and the wolf had gotten Finn, Elijah, and Marcel away from there and Klaus had Hope. Had they left town? No, Klaus would not leave without Bonnie. They were clearly in the woods somewhere, waiting for her demise. I won't fall today, Inadu swore. But in the incredible chance that she did indeed fall this night, she would make sure to take the Bennett bitch with her.

As she continued to attack, the hollow tried to find them with her magic. She was continually repelled by Bonnie's magic which made her angrier. Her anger fueled her power and helped her created endless attacks. She released wave after wave of dark magic which had her panting and feeling weaker and weaker. The more she attacked, the weaker she felt.

The next thing the hollow knew she was on her knees, screaming at the top of her lungs.

There was a moment of pure shock as pain invaded every single one of her bones. She struggled to catch her breath and felt a wave of dizziness invade her as she pulled herself to her feet. She was shivering all over and sweat dripped down her face.

Bonnie's next attack had her coughing blood as her organs began failing her.

Her skin burned, her blood turned to acid, and her brain exploded.

The hollow screamed.

It hurt.

She cried pitifully too; the pain was too much. She had to bite her lip painfully in order to stop herself from begging the other witch to stop.

She had never felt so humiliated, so angry, and frustrated.

The hollow let out an anguish cry and created a blast of magic so powerful the earth shook.

Freya was flung back into the woods, a haunting scream escaping her as her entire body lit up in flames.

Bonnie remained standing.

The hollow panted, blood dripping down her nose. She wiped it off with the back of her hand and tried to catch her breath once more. Damn it. Drusilla's body had grown far too weak. She wasn't going to last long as the link with Klaus was disappearing. Her connection to the hybrid was barely there now, and she knew what would follow.

Bonnie gave her no reprieve. She waved her hands left and right, attacking with a viciousness the hollow had never known before.

The hollow struggled against the onslaught of attacks. She had never been in this position before and she hated it. She hated how confident Bonnie looked. While the hollow was panting like a dog and sweating and bleeding like crazy, the Bennett witch kept her cool. This fight seemed to be like a walk in the part for her and that only increased the anger inside Inadu. What was worst, she could feel Drusilla's consciousness stirring inside her. She could practically taste the ray of hope the other witch felt. You and your brother will pay for this, Inadu swore. Drusilla gave no response, she knew better. Inadu focused on Bonnie once more. I will make you suffer, she promised as she did her best to continue fighting. Each new attack the hollow sent, made Drusilla's body weaker while Bonnie's attacks only seem to grow.

Knowing that she didn't have much time left, that the link with Klaus was hanging by a thread the hollow decided to play her last card. This useless body wasn't worth all the struggles she was facing. She looked directly at Bonnie, as another attack came at her. Let's see then if you truly are a match for me. She didn't defend herself in the next attack, nor in the one after that. She let her hands drop to her sides and allowed Bonnie to hit her with her magic again and again. She sent a quick paralyzing spell to Freya who was recovering from her burns. She didn't want that annoying witch to interfere again. She closed her eyes and cried out. It hurt like hell but she endured. I'll leave one last parting gift for you; she spoke to her vessel as she prepared to leave her body. It was now or never, she had nothing to lose anymore.

Bonnie's next attack hit her right in the chest.

She gasped.

Drusilla's heart stopped beating and the hollow's spirit was released into the air.

There was a loud rumbling as the hollow's spirit was released from Drusilla's body.

"Drusilla!" Daniel cried out as he saw his sister's body fall to the ground.

"Don't!" Vincent grabbed his arm and attempted to stop him. Daniel pushed him away and ran towards his sister. Before he could reach her however, he was flung back a good fifty feet, angry slashes all over his body. Daniel landed on his back, choking on his own blood.

"I got him!" Vincent yelled. He knew Bonnie needed to focus on the hollow, so he risked his own life in order to get Daniel. He placed his hand over Daniel's forehead and began healing him.

Bonnie cursed under her breath, Freya had been knocked out and she wasn't sure what became of Drusilla's soul. Her body laid on the grass now, an almost peaceful look on her face. It was unsettling. Bonnie hesitated, on the one hand she had promised Daniel that she would help his sister and on the other, she needed to keep an eye on the growing monster spreading across the sky.

In spirit form, the hollow was a black mass of angry power that could not be contained.

The rumbling grew louder, and the wind picked up.

Everyone stared at the sky.

"That's not good," Hope murmured.

Klaus picked her up in his arms, holding her protectively against him.

"It's coming for us," Ansel noted as he stood beside them. The three of them huddled closer together as the dark tentacles of magic flew towards them.

The only thing between them and the vengeful spirit, was Bonnie. She put herself in front of Ansel, Klaus, and Hope and raised her hands, summoning expression once again. Vincent with an unconscious Daniel also took over under her protective magic.

The hollow's spirit descended upon them with all the fury she had accumulated for centuries.

Bonnie screamed and used her hands to push back against it. It hurt. Even with expression helping her, she felt the pain of the attack. While the hollow was inside Drusilla, her powers were limited by the human body containing her, now that her evil spirit had been released into the earth, there was nothing stopping her from using her full power against Bonnie.

"Bonnie!" Klaus screamed as he saw the pain on her face.

Hope trembled in his arms. "Daddy, something is wrong…" she whimpered.

"I'm fine!" Bonnie yelled. She was determined to stop the hollow. She stumbled back a couple of times as the hollow's vengeful spirit continued to push against her. The pressure was too much. Her body swayed, and blood trickled down her nose while a cold sweat formed on her forehead and the back of her neck. I can do this, Bonnie told herself.

The mass of black magic continued to grow, making it harder for Bonnie to contain it.

Now Bonnie was the one facing the limitations of her body. She was a witch, she was channeling the most powerful form of magic known to exist, but her body could only go so far. Unlike the hollow, she didn't have the luxury of dumping her body and fight in spirit form. If she pushed herself too far, she could end up in a coma again, or even dead. She had to be careful. Keeping up the protective barrier and pushing back against the hollow's power was harder than she had first anticipated. She was in extreme pain and as the hollow's attack grew in intensity, Bonnie began gasping for air. The dark tentacles of black magic hit her again and again and while she was able to contain it, she couldn't seem to destroy it. She needed more power but that would put a strain on her already tired body. No, no, no…she thought, squeezing her eyes shut. She could feel expression struggling inside her. The magic could fight and destroy the hollow, Bonnie knew it deep in her bones, the question was…could her body handle it?

It was ironic how the tables had turned.

I don't want to die.

Expression felt her fear, her struggle, and as much as it tried to help her, the hollow had sensed Bonnie's weakness and like a shark incited by blood, she came at Bonnie again and again, pushing against her, knowing that one push could be the final one. Bonnie was the only thing standing in her way.

Like Drusilla had been to the hollow, Bonnie's body was a vessel for expression. Her body was the conduit for that unnatural force. She just needed to find a way to keep it intact. Bonnie concentrated hard. How can I ensure my body resists these attacks?


You must feed, expression whispered in her mind.

Bonnie whimpered. She could feel the magic of the earth, the magic of nature, the magic that for centuries had prevail in Mystic Falls. No, don't make the same foolish mistake again, Bonnie chided herself, combining different forms or magic was a terrible idea. She let out another whimper, feeling the heat on her face, and the ache in her body as she continued to withstand the intense pressure. The hollow continued to grow, spreading all over the woods, killing every tree, flower, and animal it encountered. The black cloud surrounded Bonnie and her group who were thankfully protected by the little cocoon of magic Bonnie had created around them. But how long could she keep it up?


You must feed

The girl…

Never, Bonnie hissed loudly. In fact, as she began to feel the toll of the hollow's attacks, she made the decision to break her link with Hope. She would never forgive herself if Hope got hurt because of her. She couldn't risk Hope's life like that.

Hope let out a trembling breath as the link with Bonnie was severed.

"What is it?" Klaus asked. "Are you alright?"

Hope nodded, eyes on Bonnie who despite the clear struggle she was facing, was still holding the hollow back. "She broke the link," she murmured.

Klaus frowned.

"She won't be able to keep this for long," Ansel noted.

"She's stronger than you think," Klaus hissed. Come on sweetheart, you can do this. He stared at the monster of dark power that was the hollow before looking into Bonnie's pained face. Her nose and ears were bleeding, even with expression, Bonnie was having a hard time.

"It's too strong," Vincent murmured fearfully. If Bonnie's magic gave out, they would all die.

"She can do it," Hope whispered. "Bonnie will win, I know she will." Her confidence in Bonnie was unwavering.

While all eyes were on Bonnie, she was in an almost trance like state, hands still in the air holding the hollow's spirit in place. She used expression and every bit of strength she possessed to find the countless of dead bodies scattered over Mystic Falls. Those corpses were useful for expression. Feed on them, use them, she commanded. So many vampires, werewolves, and goblins had died during the attack. Sacrifices for the hollow's war; sacrifices that benefited a magic like expression. Use them, she told expression. Feed on them. In the distance she could feel hundreds of creepy creatures still fighting, creatures that the hollow's own power fed with strength. Bonnie sought them out, feeding from their dark energy with gusto. She let out a trembling breath as she sucked the life out of them.

Yes...Expression hummed in approval. Give me more.

The power of those supernatural sacrifices was exactly what expression needed.

She was dancing with death, Bonnie knew. Her body could resist just as easily as it could succumb, but she was willing to take the risk. Now that she had fed expression, she felt better and knew this was the only chance she would get. She took a deep breath and prepared herself. Bonnie waved her hands, allowing expression to float out of her and latch itself into the hollow's spirit. Her hands were practically glowing as expression began to wrap itself around the hollow. Destroy her, Bonnie commanded. Take her, kill her. Bonnie let out a war cry as she channeled all of expression out of her and into the black mass that was the hollow.

Sparks flew all around as expression twisted itself around the hollow, absorbing all that power.

Each time expression consumed part of the hollow the earth shook.

There was a horrible noise, somewhere between a scream or a screech it was hard to put a name to it, but it was so loud, everyone had to cover their ears. It was the hollow's dying song as it struggled to fight off the beast coiling around her. Despite Inadu's incredible power, expression began swallowing her spirit.

Little by little, the hollow's spirit grew smaller and weaker.

Bonnie was out of breath but she kept moving her hands, guiding expression, fueling it with all she had. Her body hurt, her vision blurred and she prayed that she wouldn't pass out before finishing this.

The awful noises the hollow's spirit let out echoed all around them.

Expression was consuming all of it.

Bonnie's knees buckled but she pulled herself to her full height, blood dripping down her chin.

She screamed with the final attack.

The sky lit up as if fireworks had gone off.

Expression devoured the hollow completely.

Bonnie sank to her knees gasping for air. She was trembling all over and her hands felt like they were burning.

Black ash rained down from the sky.

It was the only thing left from Inadu.

Bonnie stared at her hands before looking up; black ash continued to fall all around her. She managed a proud smile. I did it, she thought dimly. It's over.

The hollow was gone.

They won.

Now she could rest.

Bonnie closed her eyes, feeling content.


The last thing Bonnie heard was Hope calling her name.

The last thing she felt was Klaus's strong arms wrapping around her cold body.