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Chapter 5: Reunion

Tris POV:

They'll be here soon. Or so Charlotte tells me. I can't wait to see them again even if they left.. I look like I am going to pop but Peter says the baby is only about 20 weeks along. I found Nahuel and he told me about how hybrids have gifts centered around life and morality.

I am finding out the gender after Alice and Jasper get here. I am sad that no one else knows im here but it's safer. I even started to write my own song. Sadly, I don't know how to finish it. I have only gotten one stanza so far. It doesn't work for just one person. As I sit there waiting I began to sing the song I wrote.

Little do you know

How I'm breaking while you fall asleep

Little do you know

I'm still haunted by the memories

Little do you know

I'm trying to pick myself up piece by piece

Little do you know

I need a little more time

Underneath it all I'm held captive by the hole inside

I've been holding back

For the fear that you might change your mind

I'm ready to forgive you, but forgetting is a harder fight

Little do you know

I need a little more time

As I reached the end of the verse where I had to stop the song because I didn't know how to go on I heard a knock at the door. My family had finally came and so I would finally get to know the gender of my kids. Every time that I was told that I was only at 20 weeks I couldn't believe them my stomach looked too big and it almost seemed as though maybe there was more than one child living inside of me.

When Alice and Emmett walked through the door they ran to me and they wouldn't let go. Jasper still helped himself back but I could understand. He hadn't hunted in a while I could tell by the color of his eyes and the emotions in the room were overwhelming. He couldn't control his thirst not because he had never learned the control, but because his gift destroyed all of his practice because it was just too much of a distraction.

Peter realized that they had come in and so he walked out and all he could do was ask me if I was ready. Of course I was. I knew deep down I was going to be having more than one child but I wasn't completely sure. I didn't know if maybe it was just me knowing it before i was told or if it was just my imagination trying to overcompensate because Edward was gone.

I truly had believed he was my mate but the longer I was gone the more it seems like maybe it was just a trick it didn't hurt to think of him anymore maybe because I knew what he truly was maybe because I knew he wasn't worth it.

"Come on come on come on and let us know what these children are going to be. I have to start planning. I need to get them like a whole wardrobe and plan out their nurseries and everything else" Alice said too quickly for me to argue.

"Okay Peter let me know I want to know the gender of my children" I said.

He then told me I was going to be having twins and it was going to be a girl and a boy. His gift was the most useful thing to us at that moment otherwise we would have known nothing about what was going to happen.

I decided the Cullen's would not be my family even though he was their father he meant nothing to me and so I will join a new coven that of the Whitlocks. Minutes after that thought passed my mind each one of us said at the same time we should change our last name to Whitlock.

I knew then what my children's names were going to be. I was going to name them after my real family, the one I knew was going to stay the ones I knew would never leave me.

I was going to name my daughter Allison Rose Carly Whitlock, and I would name my son Ethan Jackson Jason Whitlock.

Alice POV:

Oh my God my best friend is going to be having twins. This explains why I couldn't see her. Peter and Charlotte explain to me my gift centers around being able to see what I have previously been. I've only ever been human and vampire so of course I wouldn't see a hybrid or someone who is pregnant with them at least not clearly.

I know I have to plan quickly to make their nurseries and get them everything we'll need. For some reason my visions clear up at some point in the future all of my family goes blurry and then it suddenly isn't anymore. Bella herself became clear for just a moment before she herself went back to being blurry which I could tell was when the children were born but then she isn't blurry for long. I wish I understood what my visions were trying to tell me but it seems as though I'm not wanted to know just yet.

I think Bella herself is feeling like she is being drawn away from the family.

My vision showed her spending a lot of time in the woods but then again that's where she was left by him. I can't understand him deserving to have a name to deserve to be called a person. A lot has changed and it's only been a couple of weeks since that dreadful party where everything went wrong but maybe it didn't go wrong maybe it went right. Maybe this was what was planned for us, maybe our family was holding us back. Something felt wrong with most of them like our choices weren't our own or that maybe we were making decisions based off of somebody else's wishes. I wish I could ask Peter what happened, to explain why I have this feeling but I feel like that would just be taking advantage of his gift which I could never do.

Emmett POV:

Yayyy Bella is going to give me two little ones to spoil and corrupt. She is having twins and a boy and a girl at that. I'm sad that I don't have Rose here with me but I meant what I told her. We might not be mated but she is the one for me. I think she will come around soon. She just has to come to terms with everything that is going on.

I'm so happy for Bella and I know Alice is going to go crazy with planning and getting ready for the babys. Right then all I can think about is my Rose and how this is all she had ever wanted. She wanted to be a mom surrounded by her family and friends since she was human. I really think that is why she puts up a facade anytime Bella is around. I know she is against Bella changing into a vampire for the reason she wants Bella to have a chance at what she never got.

Right as that thought passed my mind Peter tapped me on the shoulder. He wanted us to walk so we could talk more privately I guess. When we got to a tree about a mile and half from his house he started to speak.

"You know our mating is a lot like imprinting. You already knew it but Rose will accept it soon too. Rose will come around but you are going to need to step in a little after she gets here because she won't react well to Bella's pregnancy. Also she is worried sick about you so just call her."

So my theory was right and so even without being mates me and Rose can have a chance. I love her more than anything in the world so I guess I probably should call her soon.

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