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"Hey"Bijuu taking


'Hey'Bijuu thinking


Chapter 1: We're Back

"Good work Naruto, you can take the next couple of days off. After all, you've got something really big coming up." Kakashi said, giving Naruto his classic eye smile.

Standing in front of him was Naruto dressed in full ANBU gear consisting of a standard grey chest plate, black pants and sandals, black arms sleeves that still left his hands exposed, and his signature fox mask. His hair was longer than it had been in the fourth great shinobi war, and his height had increased as well.

Currently both of them were in the Hokage's office, where Naruto just finished delivering his report to the Sixth Hokage, Kakashi Hatake

"Alright well done then Naruto, one more S-rank down in the books. I think you deserve some time off especially over this next week." Kakashi said to his student.

"Really! Thanks Kakashi-sensei, it means a lot." Naruto exclaimed before hopping out of the window.

Kakashi watched with a smile as his student exited the room. Naruto had become different in a lot of ways, but even after all this time his radiant personality hadn't changed at all.

Kakashi then switched his gaze to his desk, and found stacks upon stacks of paperwork. Kakashi stared blankly at the papers for about three seconds before reaching into his desk and pulling out his iconic orange book.

'A little reading couldn't hurt.' He thought to himself, turning to the next page.

Streets of Konoha

Naruto was casually strolling through the streets of Konoha , on his way back to his small apartment. It had been along time since he actually got to stay in Konoha for a couple of days, he was usually busy with all of the missions Kakashi-sensei assigned him.

He smiled as he saw all of the people in the street chatting happily with each other and going about their daily activities. It reminded how much the Elemental Nations had changed over all these years.

Ever since him and Sasuke had their final clash in the Valley of The End and released the Infinite Tsukuyomi the Elemental Nations began to prosper. Sure there was still people who disturbed the peace that they had managed to create, but his dream of ultimate peace was pretty damn close to being fulfilled.

For example, he had just taken out an S-class rouge shinobi from Kumo. The guy was responsible for the killings of multiple Kumo jonin and was proving quite difficult to catch, so he was sent to Kumo to help take him man had an impressive array of lightning based jutsu, but in the end who could be a match for Naruto?

Another this was that he had become the most popular person in the Elemental Nations because of his strength and accomplishments. He supposed it wasn't really a surprise. He did save the world, like twice. I guess three if you count that time he defeated moroyo with Shion.

After he had finished two years of study with Iruka-senseu, which were hell, Kakashi-sensei had quickly moved him up the ranks until he was in ANBU.

But he supposed his biggest change was the one that was going to be happening in a few days.

He was getting married.

Two years after they sealed Kaguya, the world was once again threatened to be destroyed. Toneri Otsuski managed to kidnap Hanabi Hyuga and steal her eyes, giving him a terrifying dojutsu known as the Tenseigan.

With those eyes he was planning on using its gravitational abilities to crash the moon into the Earth, ending all life as they knew it. Luckily Naruto managed to defeat him in the end.

But what was really the most important thing to him, is that he realized that he was in love. Who knew that a genjutsu would be the thing that finally revealed it to him?

Hinata Hyuga, where could he start? To be honest he had never thought of her as more than a friend before the mission, funny how it all changed in a span of a couple of hours.

For as long as he could remember, all he wanted to be was loved. Growing up as the jinchuriki of nine-tailed fox and an orphan, left him nobody to confide in. He couldn't begin to describe the sadness that came from his loneliness. Eventually he did gain some precious people like the Third Hokage, Iruka, Ayame and so on.

But what that genjutsu showed him was that Hinata had believed in him, acknowledged him, and loved him before anyone else and more than anyone else. That fact had gripped his heart. The thought that someone believed in him like she did, especially before anyone, made him feel like an absolute dumbass for not appreciating her the way he should have. She was willing to sacrifice her life for him on multiple occasions.

When Pein invaded the village and he was pinned down, Hinata had been the one to bravely stand in front of a man who had taken down two of the Sannin and the entire village. She knew she would have died but she still stayed because she loved him.

And then the time in Fourth Great Ninja War when wooden spikes were about to impale him, she jumped in front of him. It was only thanks to Neji that she didn't die, and Naruto would never forget the sacrifice that he made.

And just as he was about to give up hope, she stepped in gave the boost he needed to keep on fighting. Even though her cousin had just died in front of her, she had the strength the push past her sorrow and his too.

After all that she had done, how could he not fall in love with her? So after about two years of dating, Naruto thought that it was finally time that he and her got married.

He wasn't gonna lie, going to ask Hiashi for his blessings was one of the most nerve racking things Naruto had ever done. Sai had told him that father-in-laws were downright terrifying when in came to their daughters according to some books he read.

Well he sure was surprised when the man actually smirked, poured sake, and told him that it was about time he asked for Hinata's hand in marriage.

After proposing to Hinata, the marriage was almost underway. Thousands of people were flowing into Konoha wanting to see them get married.

In all honesty it made him pretty nervous, he knew his fame would bring a lot of attention to this marriage, but not this much. Not to mention all of the five Kage were here as well.

So here he was, four days before his big day, extremely nervous but excited. The only thing that was bad about this whole thing, was that a certain teme hadn't bothered to show up. He hoped Sasuke could take a little break form his 'quest for redemption' and attend his marriage, I mean he was his best friend for kami's sake!

With that grumpy thought, Naruto opened the door to his apartment and stepped inside. He walked into his bedroom where dirty clothes littered his bed and dozens of scrolls were laid across his desk.

He groaned looking at the mess that he had to clean up later.

'I better start packing too, we're moving into that house in a couple days after all.' Naruto thought to himself while sitting down at his desk.

He had just come back to his house to change and then help out with the wedding preparations, but at the moment, there was something that was preoccupying him.

Currently he was in the process of finishing his father's ultimate jutsu, the Hirashin. It had taken him months of fuinjtsu training to even come close to cracking him father's jutsu, but now he was so close to finishing it up that Naruto just had to finish it or else it would drive him crazy.

As he was sorting through different scrolls and drawing more seals, a knock came on his door. Naruto got up, feeling pretty annoyed that someone was disturbing his work.

"Yea I'm coming!" Naruto yelled in a grumpy tone. Naruto got to the door and opened the door. His face morphed into one of surprise when he saw a man with long dark hair going down to his face. He had a long black cape, and was strangely missing an arm? What a minute!

"Sasuke?" Naruto questioned, not quite believing he was here.

"Hn. What's up dobe." Sasuke said with a smirk. Naruto could hardly believe what his eyes were seeing, after 4 long years his best friend was back in the village.

"What do mean what's up! You never came to visit once, I didn't even think you were gonna come ,but now you're here! There's so many things I have to tell about!" Naruto said going from angry to excited in seconds.

"Calm down, yea I came back. After all, how could I miss your wedding. Can I come in?" Sasuke asked.

"Yea! Yea! Of course come in." Naruto said stepping aside and letting Sasuke through. Assume wandered into his living room and took a look around the place, before settling down in the couch.

"Do you want anything?" Naruto asked leaning on the wall.

"No I'm fine. Just came to talk is all." Sasuke said as Naruto walked towards the couch.

"I'm gonna be honest I didn't think you were coming." Naruto said in a grumpy tone.

"Yea well I got caught up in some mess, but I'm here now. Whose the bride again, the Hyuga heiress right?" Sasuke said getting comfortable on the couch.

"Yea, it's been a while since we been dating and I thought it was about time you know?" Naruto said rubbing the back of his neck

"I'm surprised she said yes to a dobe like you." Sasuke said with a small smirk. Naruto's eye began to twitch.

"I'll have you know she was super happy about it, it barely took her a second to say yes." He said in an angry tone.

"Hn. While you were busy wooing a girl, I was in some pretty tough travels." Sasuke said getting ready to tell some of his stories

"Yea I can guess, after all you barely even came to the village. When was the last time I saw you?" Naruto said in angry tone. After all, Sasuke hadn't spoken to any of them in a long time and not once had Sasuke came home to visit.

"I had a journey to complete, in fact I'm going to leave Konoha as soon as your marriage is over. There's still a lot I don't know Naruto." Sasuke said. Naruto sighed, he knew this was Sasuke's way of atoning, but he wanted Sasuke to stay in the village, also Sakura had been looking forward to the day Sasuke would return more than he had.

"Yea that's cool and all Sasuke, but I really kind of have to help with the wedding decorations, so can we save it for another time." Naruto asked

"I suppose, but if you're suppose to helping with the decorations why are you still here. I passed a lot of people on the way here already working on the hall." Sasuke said, he had been surprised on the sheer number of people working on this wedding. Well they had to have a grandiose wedding for the savior of the world didn't they?

"I've sorta been working on the Hirashin, and I'm so close to cracking it. In fact I bet I could get in done before leaving." Naruto said getting up and going into his bedroom. Naruto enter red the room with Sasuke close behind. As Naruto sat at his desk, Sasuke looked at all of the various scrolls and paper littered around the room.

"You've been trying really hard to do this haven't you?" Sasuke asked rhetorically. He of course knew of his best friend's heritage and the Hirashin was one of things Naruto had always talked about when they got out of the war, something about commemorating his father.

"You bet, now be quiet for a second." Naruto said furiously scribbling on a piece of paper. Sasuke did what he was told and took a seat on the bed and watched Naruto as he feverishly wrote on the paper.

After a couple of minutes, Naruto gasped as if he had just had some massive breakthrough.

"Did you finish it?" Sasuke asked.

"No not yet, but I know what to do now!" Naruto said as he scribbled on the paper even faster than before. Sasuke watched as Naruto finished the last strokes of his and wrapped the piece of paper around a three pronged kunai.

"This is it! There's no way this isn't right." Naruto said looking at the kunai in his hand appreciatively.

"Are you gonna try it?" Sasuke asked curious to see the jutsu.

"Hell yea I'm about to try it!" Naruto yelled before winding his arm back to chuck the kunai. Just before he could though a huge explosion shook his small apartment as a giant hole was formed in Naruto's small wall.

Before either of them knew it the figure had pushed Naruto and the kunai was knocked into midair. Sasuke reacted quickly throwing a hard punch at the figure, but before he could make contact the figure, it snatched snatched the kunai and dashed off.

"Who the fuck was that?!" Naruto said now standing by Sasuke.

"Don't waste anytime. We can't let it get away with that jutsu." Sasuke said dashing after him. Naruto looking stunned for a second, quickly followed.

The pair dashed on Konoha's rooftops at blinding speeds, but the figure still remained out of reach.

'This guy must be good. Me and Naruto were caught off guard and he's managing to stay ahead of us, there's not many shinobi in the world that could do that to us anymore.' Sasuke thought to himself, were they looking at another Jubi Madara, maybe a Kaguya? He hoped not.

Sasuke suddenly stopped and threw his sword at blinding speeds, but to his surprise the figure managed to dodge it with ease. Acting quickly Sasuke switched himself with the sword and appeared directly in front of the figure.

The figure lashed out with punch to Sasuke's face, but he quickly ducked it and it the figure with side kick to the ribs. The figure flew backward, but managed to recover and land on the street below.

It wasted no time and sprinted down the busy streets of Konoha, knocking multiple people to ground. Sasuke, after he grabbed his sword,and Naruto quickly chased after the figure, as the citizens of Konoha just watched blurs speed past them.

Outside Marriage Hall

Hinata was in a very good mood, as she stood on the top of ladder hanging decorations from the roof of the building. She was with all of her friends, who had all volunteered to help her decorate for the wedding. That thought brought a smile to her face, she was actually getting married to the person she had loved her whole life, that brought a huge sense of happiness and accomplishment to Hinata.

The only bad part was that Naruto wasn't here right now and the wedding was soon. She hadn't really liked when he left on that mission to take out that missing-nin from the cloud as it interfered with their plans, but she understood the priority of the mission so Naruto left the village with the promise of returning before the wedding took place.

"Which one?" Sakura said asking Ino and Tenten, while holding up two bouquets of flowers.

"I like the roses." Tenten said off handedly

"No, definitely the lilacs. Hinata likes those any ways." Ino said, as all three girls nodded.

"Hey Hinata, when's Naruto getting back? I mean it's wedding he should be here helping." Sakura said setting down vass full of lilacs.

"I don't know, Naruto said he would be back by now. I wonder if something happened to him?" She said a little worriedly.

"Relax its Naruto, the only thing that could hurt that idiot are brain teasers." Ino said with a snort.

"What Ino means is that, he's probably coming back any second now. I mean what's the worst that could happen?" Sakura asked.

The girls suddenly yelled as a huge explosion shook the building and the back wall was torn down. Before they knew it three people rushed past them with such speed that it caused Hinata fall. The ladder shook, and Hinata lost her balance, but before she could even think about trying to land properly, she was suddenly in someone's arms.

She opened her eyes and looked up to see who she caught her. It was Naruto, he was back! Before she could even start to question him, he quickly but her down and heard a voice call out.

"Hurry up dobe!" Sasuke yelled standing in the doorway before taking off.

"Sasuke!" Sakura shouted in disbelief. Hinata looked back to Naruto with a severely confused expression

"I finished the Hirashin and now someone stole it, I really have to go." He said as quickly as he could before dashing after Sasuke.

After Naruto took off, the girls stood frozen in their spots looking at the mess around them.

"Fuck." Said Ino

Forest of Konoha

The figure glanced over its shoulder to see if his pursuers were still chasing him, to its relief his enemies were no longer in sight.

He suddenly turned his head forward and quickly moved his hand in front of him to catch an incoming fist. The figure countered and while still having a hold on Naruto's hand, pulled Naruto down and delivered a hard kick to Naruto's jaw. Naruto's body went flying, but disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

"This guy isn't a pushover Naruto, don't go easy in him." Sasuke said flashing his rinnegan.

Naruto grunted and formed a cross sign, forming thousands of shadow clones encircling the three of them. He then Created a rasenshuriken in his hand and took aim.

The figure responded but jumping straight up into the air and pulling out a brush in mid air. In the the blink of an eye all of Naruto's clones jumped at the figure as he scribbled away at the seal surrounding the Hirashin.

Naruto's Rasenshuriken could be heard throughout the forest as it cut through the air, on target to hit the mysterious figure. The seal could always be recreated, but he could not allow this shinobi get away with such a powerful jutsu.

Just before the man could finish his adjustment on the seal a clone smacked into him and forced him to grab the clone and throw it in the opposite direction. He used the throw as momentum and launched in the opposite direction of the clone. As a result the rasenshuriken missed and cut through multiple clones turning them to smoke.

The man then surprised both Sasuke and Naruto by throwing the Kunai straight at them. Naruto batted down the kunai with his own kunai easily, however the seal began to glow bright yellow and the ground started it shake.

Then a small black circle started to open up from where the kunai had hit the ground, and it was getting bigger very very quickly.

"What did he do?" Sasuke asked backing away from the spot.

"I don't know, he must have altered the seal to create whatever the hell this is!" Naruto said backpedaling away from the expanding hole also.

But something was off the bigger the hole got the harder they found it was to get away from it. They planted their feet into the ground and pushed the other way with all their might, but all it did was crack the earth beneath them. They left imprints in the dirt which their feet, as they were dragged closer to the hole.

"I'm getting pulled in!" Naruto yelled to Sasuke as they struggled to resist being sucked into the hole.

Sasuke grabbed his sword and jammed it into the ground, using it as an anchor.

"Naruto grab my hand!" Sasuke yelled while reaching for Naruto's hand. Naruto struggled against the black hole and tried to reach for Sasuke's hand but it proved to great for him. With a loud yell Naruto was sucked into the black hole

"Naruto!" Sasuke yelled as he saw his best friend presumably die right in front of him.

Soon Sasuke's sword began to crack and eventually it snapped leaving Sasuke to be sucked in the hole too. It didn't stop there, the hole became larger and larger sucking up trees, plants, and even birds.

The figure was crouched on a tree, a good distance away, as he watched the black hole swallow everything. Out of nowhere the figure dashed through the trees and dived straight into the hole. As soon as as his body went through the portal, the portal started to waver and it suddenly snapped closed with a futuristic sound. Left in its wake was a destroyed forest and an eerie silence.

Town in Hot Springs Country

Naruto shot up from the bed breathing heavily. What the hell had just happened, did he not just die from that Jutsu that man had hit him with? He then took a moment and observed his surroundings.

Where the hell was he? This room was not his, maybe someone found them in forest and brought them to their house or something? He decided to investigate further and pulled the covers off of him and immediately became surprised.

He was wearing his old jumpsuit dome when he was a 13 year old kid! But that didn't make any sense, actually none of this made any sense, how was he wearing clothes that a twenty two year old like him couldn't fit into in a million years.

"What the fuck." Naruto said gazing at his limbs, they were substantially shorter and felt a lot weaker than he previously remembered them to be.

'What did you do Naruto?' Kurama asked his host, wondering how Naruto was reduced to his child state.

'I didn't do anything Kurama! One minute I'm fighting this weirdo and the next I'm getting sucked into a black hole.'Naruto stated

'I don't detect any genjutsu, as far as I can tell this is all real.' Kurama stated

'But how Is that possible. I can't be a kid, I was just like 22 years a minute ago!'Naruto yelled in distress, while examining himself in the mirror

'Well that man in the cloak tampered with the seal matrix on your Hirashin kunai. The Hirashin deals with the aspects of time and space, so I suppose it wouldn't be impossible to create a portal through time.'Kurama said explaining his assumption.

'So your telling me we actually traveled back in time! That's fucking insane!'Naruto said unable to contain his surprise. He couldn't believe this, he was 12 years old again! The war, the fight against Madara, The fight against Kaguya, heck even his fight against Sasuke, the peace achieved between the elemental nation no longer happened. This was a complete disaster.

'Yea, well I can't say this isn't typical of you. I don't understand how you get us in these situations.' Kurama said laying down.

'Are you not surprised by this! I mean we literally did the impossible, even by shinobi standards.' Naruto said still looking at himself in the mirror.

'9 years is little compared to the life I've lived.'Kurama said simply.

'Were so screwed Kurama, we have to go through all of that shit we went through in the original time line. What the fuck are we gonna do!" Naruto said yelling at this point.

'Relax Naruto, have you maybe considered this could be a blessing in disguise.' Kurama said

'What do you mean?" Naruto said.

'Well we are in the past, that means we have knowledge on what will happen. If there are certain things we would like to avoid, then maybe…'Kurama said leaving his statement up in the air

'We should be able to stop a lot of bad things from happening! We could save Sikamaru's dad, Ino's dad, Asuma, old lady Chiyo, and who knows who else.' Naruto said starting to get what kurama was saying

'While this might have some benefits, it could be unwise as well. Maybe we shouldn't do anything after all' Kurama said with a little bit of concern.

'What? Why not?' They had the opportunity to save all these people and Kurama didn't want to take it?

'Messing with the timeline could cause a lot of problems, like who knows what. A more disastrous event could occur as a result of our meddling. And there most definitely would not be a fourth ninja war, which means the four great nations would never become allies. If you decide save the jinchuricki the world might not become the peaceful haven it was in our time.' Kurama said voicing his concerns

Kurama was right, if he found someway to kill the Akatsuki stop the tailed beasts from being captured then maybe the villages wouldn't find the purpose to unite under. Plus if everything didn't go the way they did maybe Sasuke wouldn't even be part of the village again.

But how many ninja had died in that war against the Akatsuki certainly tens of thousands of people sacrificed themselves in that terrible war. How many people could he save if he decided to find another way?

'I still think we have to do it Kurama, I can't let all those people die when I know I can stop it. If I can't take that route then I'll find another way, and I make sure there is peace in the Shinobi world. I know it's gonna be hard, and I might be an idiot for doing this instead of taking the safe way, but I just can't turn my back on all those people. That's not who I am, if I can save them I will, and I'll find another way to bring peace to the Elemental Nations.' Naruto declared

Kurama had to smile at that, that was always like him to think of the greater good even if it was harder for him.

'Do you have any idea where er when we are?' Naruto asked his companion.

'Well you look to be in a inn with two beds, so you're probably on that training trip with the perverted sage.' Kurama said

'Pervy Sage.' Naruto thought to himself barely able to believe it. Jiraya hadn't died yet! And there was no way he was going to die a second time.

'Do you think I still have my jutsus?.' He asked Kurama.

'Probably, chakra is half mind and body. Since your mind didn't change, I assume who have all your abilities albeit 50% weaker than before.' Kurama said.

'Well that's good, I don't know if Sasuke is here but considering he's Sasuke he probably found some way out of the forest. I'm pretty much on my own.' Naruto said running a hand through his hair. If Sasuke wasn't here, he would have to find a way to get the Sasuke of this time to join the hidden leaf again, and it wasn't really easy the first time around

'You are still S class level, probably higher but since your body can only use half my Chakra you might want to train vigorously to be at the level you were before.'Kurama said

'Hm I understand, don't worry Kurama I'll train really hard in everything and make sure all my abilities are back to a hundred percent.' Naruto said.

'And then there's that dude in the cloak, what was he after anyway?' Naruto asked his friend.

'Who knows, you didn't let him finish his adjustment of your Hirashin so we'll probably never know. ' Kurama said to his host.

With a sigh Naruto decided it was time to go and find the Pervy Sage, he had probably gotten himself beaten up by an angry crowd of women and was desperately needing some help.

This little journey was going to be interesting.


A/N: Please help, I have no idea I Naruto still has the Sage of Six Paths Mode. From my understanding after Naruto and Sasuke sealed Kaguya, Hagaromo took his chakra back and that Naruto and Sasuke were fighting on reserves during the Valley of the End. The reason Sasuke has his rinnegan still is because is because it just takes the Sage's chakra to awaken it not maintain it, unlike Naruto's Sage mode. Am I wrong? If so tell me because I don't think Naruto has the SPSM anymore cause if he did why did he not use it in the fight against Toneri or Momoshiki?