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Chapter 3: War Part II

Nighttime came quicker than everyone expected it would. Naruto was geared up in his new outfit, that was given to him by Ao. His new outfit looked pretty similar to the Konoha ANBU uniform. He had on long black pants, a long sleeved black shirt, and black gloves that had metal on his knuckles and the back of his hand. He wore a dark cloth that wrapped around his head tightly, with only his eyes showing. Because of this, his bright blonde hair and whiskered face were no longer exposed. He also wore a grey chest plate with leg and arm guards. Overall he looked like a full fledged assassin.

Naruto was currently outside with many other rebel Shinobi, waiting for Mei to come out and address them. Well this would be little new for him. Sure he had killed camps of bandits and such as his time as a ninja, but this was completely different. In the Fourth Great Shinobi War he attacked Zetzu clones, reanimated people, and like 4 people in total. This was different, the only things to attack and kill were humans. He didn't think he would be out in a situation where he could potentially kill a massive amount of people if needed.

But Naruto was no fool, he knew people had to die. They would end up dying anyway to Mei's rebels even if he wasn't here. Still, he would show restraint whenever he could.

Everyone whipped their heads towards the entrance of the of the headquarters as the door swiftly opened. Soon Mei, along with Ao and Chojuro by her side, walked out of building and stood in front of the group of soldiers. Everybody stood at attention as Mei began to speak.

"Many of you already know what our plan is, but here's just one more review. I will take a small group of you to Mizu's pass and on the mountain there is a camp that needs to be destroyed, the majority of you will go with Ao and Chojuro to take two camps located relatively close by. We must strike silently, to make sure The Mizukage doesn't send reinforcements. After we take out the camps, our army will join us and take as much territory as possible before the Mizukage realizes our plan. Any questions?" Mei asked glancing around the crowd of soldiers.

"Yea I thought there were four camps? Who will take out the fourth one Mei-sama?" A soldier asked.

"Hm good question. I would like to introduce a ninja that has agreed to help us with that little problem." Mei said pointing to Naruto, who was standing on the edge of the crowd. Soon the whole crowd turned to where Naruto was standing. Naruto glanced around him and saw the curious stares.

'Thank for putting me on the spot like that.' Naruto thought a little nervously.

"What!? No disrespect Mei-sama but you expect one ninja to take out and entire camp without alerting anyone? He's so small he could be a child." The ninja said as the other ninjas started grunting in approval.

"You have nothing to fear, this 'child' is equal to me in terms of power. Have faith in me as your leader, he is not a pushover." Mei said to the crowd as people were whispering about their doubts and surprise.

'Equal? I totally owned your ass.' Naruto thought to himself.

'You caught her by surprise. She wouldn't go down that easy if she didn't mistake you for a worthless genin.' Kurama said correcting him as Naruto scoffed in reply.

"Now get with your squad leaders, we leave in 5 minutes." She said walking through the crowd as they scrambled to get into their squads.

Naruto looked as everyone got in their teams and started discussing strategies for taking out the camps, Meanwhile Naruto looked up at the stars and just began to wonder what all his friends were up to right now.


"This is most youthful! You all came to practice your taijutsu! Yes I will kindle your flames of youth till they burn brighter than the sun! Prepared to engage in an extreme workout of youth!" Gai exclaimed and Lee stood there with sparkles in his eyes.

All of the Konoha 11, minus Naruto, sweat dropped. They couldn't believe their senseis thought it would be a good idea to have taijutsu training with Gai-sensei.

"Yes Gai-sensei! We will train our hardest so that you will see the full extent of our youthfulness!" Lee said shaking with excitement. Tenten's eye twitched, it was really hard to stop herself from hitting him right now.

"That's the spirit Lee! Now let's start off with 5000 laps around the village!" Gai said throwing a thumbs up sign as they all looked at Gai in horror.

'I'm gonna die.' They all thought simultaneously and before they knew it Lee and Guy where gone, leaving a huge dust trail in their wake.

Mizu's Pass

Naruto emerged from the vegetation and looked at his surroundings. Mei was right, there really was nothing but flat land and mountains, no cover at all to hide as you went towards the mountains. Luckily for him, he didn't think an average ninja could keep up with his speed. Naruto activated Sage Mode and started to sprint across the field. He was indeed right, Naruto was moving so fast that no normal eye could track him.

In fact he was going so fast that all the guards guarding the base of the mountain only felt a breeze of wind as he sped past them.

Soon Naruto made it to the other side of the humongous field and since no ninjas came to attack him, it looked like he did it without being seen. Naruto gazed up the mountain and saw that the distance to the top was quite some length.

'Hmm, no problem.' Naruto thought to himself as he began jumping up the mountain with ease.

Side of the Mountain

Naruto eventually made it to the camp on the side of the mountain, which was surrounded by a wooden wall. Naruto continued to watch as the guards made small talk with each other at the entrance to the camp. Naruto also noticed some shadowy structures hidden in the mist. They seemed to be watchtowers, one to the left, one to the right, and one behind the the camp. Step one to getting in there, take out the watchtowers and the guards at the gate.

"Shadow clone jutsu." Naruto whispered and dozens of clones materialized. The clones darted towards the camp with the real naruto following close behind.

Front gate

"Yea and I'm telling you, she bat me over the head with a frying pan!" The man said vocalizing his anger.

"Women, what can you do? One time I went out for a little drinking with some of my friends, she literally came to the bar and dragged me by the way all the way home. It's like I can ever have some alone time." The other man said in exasperation.

"Well what time was it?" His companion questioned.

"Uh … you know, not that late. It was like 12, er, 2, actually I think I woke up in the bar." The man said scratching his head as the other man looked on with a sweat drop.

"Yea well that's nothing, one time my fiancé blocked all my Chakra points, it hurt like hell." Naruto said to them, suddenly appearing next to them.

"No way, what did you do?" They both said turning to him with curious expressions, completely oblivious that an enemy had appeared.

"Well she had bought like five boxes of cinnamon rolls and I accidentally knocked it out of her hands and they all landed on the floor. Trust me, this woman really loves her cinnamon rolls." Naruto explained to them in a very casual tone, almost like he was talking with some buddies in the bar.

"Can you imagine that a girl that would seal off all your Chakra points for dropping cinnamon rolls." The man said in a horrified tone.

"Yea, how can she do that anyway?" The other man said putting a hand to his chin.

"Oh she's part of the Hyuga clan so she can do it pretty easily with the gentle fist." Naruto said with a small smirk.

"Oh the Hyuga clan, you hear that? He's marrying someone from the Hyuga clan." The man said turning to his friend. The man was nodding his head happily.

"Yup the Hyuga clan, only found in Konoha." The man said still nodding his head.

"Yup only in Konoha." The other man said with a smile before it seemed like something clicked in both their heads. They both looked at each then at Naruto who was standing there with his classic smirk. Then they looked at each again, then back at Naruto. This process was repeated two or three more times before one of them whispered to the other.

"Hey doesn't that mean he's from Konoha." The man asked with a nervous smile as Naruto was still right there.

"Yup." The man said with the same nervous smile.

"So that means he's an enemy." The man said continuing to whisper.

"Yup." The man said sweating pretty heavily now.

"Oh, just checking." The man said standing straight up, and a moment of silence passed as both kiri nin were standing there acting like Naruto wasn't watching them.

"Hel-" both ninja shouted before they were both hit over the head by clones. Both men fell to the ground, completely knocked out, and the clones quickly dragged them away.

Suddenly three Naruto's appeared in front of the original, each carrying a knocked out ninja with them. Naruto glanced up at one of the watch towers and made eye contact with the guard on top of it. Naruto waved at the guard with a small smirk, the guard copied Naruto's smirk and waved back at him. His clones had successfully taken the watch towers.

As the three Naruto clones disappeared with the knocked out guards, Naruto began to think about the next stage of the plan. It seemed the best way to destroy the camp would have to be a swift and quick attack that nobody would see coming. A moment or two passed as Naruto stood there with his eyes closed Naruto grinned as he thought of an idea. His hands went up in familiar cross seal as hundreds of Naruto's materialized.

"So listen up, this is plan." Naruto said to his clones

Inside the Camp

The man's face hit the ground with a sickening crack as he was punched in the face by Naruto. Naruto had managed to get into the camp easily enough, a little climbing and jumping over the wall without being seen wasn't too hard. He landed behind this poor ninja who just happened to be in his way and had to take him out before proceeding. Taking a look at his surroundings, Naruto saw the camp was split into the three sections. One for sleeping, one for training, and one for recreation, showers, etc. After seeing the layout Naruto began to enact his plan.

Naruto's hands went up in a seal and in a sudden puff of smoke his body was transformed into the body of the person he had just just knocked out. Naruto quickly dragged the body behind some some crates, then began walk to the training area.

He removed a pouch from his hip, which seemingly contained tons of small rocks. He had passed several groups of guards at this point, all the while dropping a few rocks here and there. As Naruto walked throughout the camp, he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. It was a fire work, lying noticeably on a wooden platform raised pretty high up. There was a shinobi sitting on platform pretty close to it, twirling a kunai in his hand.

'That firework seems like an alarm to notify Yagura and the other camps if there was an attack.' Naruto thought thought to himself. If that was the case, then the smart thing to do would be to take him out first so the other camps wouldn't be aware that there was something going on.

Naruto discreetly dropped a couple of rocks next to the tower as he continued on his way around the camp.

'I'm almost done, a few more minutes and I'll be done.' Naruto thought to himself as he dropped a couple more rocks.

'I have to say, while this is pretty simple, it's still pretty smart.' Kurama told him in a voice of approval. Naruto smirked at his companions remark.

'Well what else do you expect?' Naruto said to him in a cocky tone.

'Relax, this is one of times in your life that you actually thought through something. You shouldn't be getting so conceded about it.' Kurama said effectively deflating his ego.

'Tch, whatever I have more important things to do than listening to insults from you ' Naruto said with a grunt as he continued laying down rocks.

'Ouch, did someone's feelings get hurt.' Kurama said in a mock concerned tone and a chuckle afterwards.

'Damn it Kurama! Shut up and let me focus.' Naruto said, very annoyed that his partner was making fun of him while he was trying to carry out his plan.

With Mei

"Mei-sama, the sleeping quarters are just in the other side of that wall." A ninja reported to her, seemingly out of breath from having to scout the camp so quickly.

"Very well." Mei said quickly flashing through signs. Not even a second after, a large shot of lava spewed from her mouth and burned a very large hole into the ground fairly close to the wall.

"After you." She motioned to the opening as her fellow ninja snapped out of their daze. To them, seeing her lava style was always a thing to behold.

The ninja all piled into the whole as Mei kept kept using her lava style to burn a tunnel into the ground. There was really nothing the other ninja could do since using their hands, weapons, and water style were gonna take an extremely long amount of time.

Inside the camp

"Royal flush." One of the men said laughing while taking all the money the money in the center. The other men groaned in disappointment and accused the man of cheating.

"There's no way, you just had a royal flush two hands ago." A man said getting up from the the small table they were sitting at.

"What can I say, luck just seems to be on my side." The man said with a casual shrug, continuing to rake in all his winnings.

"Um guys is it just me or is the floor boiling." The man said with an incredulous expression, while pointing at the spot where the floor was melting. The men all turned to the spot and promptly froze in their spots, what the hell was going on?

Just as the Kiri nin were about to take action, the floor suddenly melted away and out came Mei and her squad of ninja, completely ready for battle.

"Hello boys." Mei said with a flirtatious wave, before she and her troops quickly appeared in front of the nin and knocked them out without making a sound.

With the guards out of the way, Mei began her plan to silently take over the camp. The best thing to do would be to incapacity the sleeping soldiers so they wouldn't wake up if a conflict were to ensue.

With that Mei and her team started entered the sleeping tent.

With Chojuro and Ao

The first camp had been easy to take out. Thanks to Naruto going alone and Mei taking only a handful of troops, there were a lot of troops that they could use at their disposal. They had destroyed the first camp by dispatching the watch towers and gate guards, then moving onto the each section of the camp they quickly and discreetly killed or knocked out enemies. In the end only a few jutsu had to be used, and there were few to no fights.

Currently they were in the second camp, and they had just taken out everyone in the recreation part of the camp and were heading towards the training grounds. Suddenly, out of the shadows a hand emerged from the darkness, a kunai in its grip.

"Watch out!" Ao yelled to his subordinate. Ao reacted quickly, he grabbed a kunai and hurled it at the ninja at a blistering speed. But it was too late, the kiri nin had already pierced into the man's chest and blood sprayed everywhere. Just as the kiri nin had killed the man, Ao's kunai found itself buried in the man's chest. The man fell back with a loud yell as the light faded from his eyes.

"What the hell!" Said a woman's voice. The entire squad turned its attention to a kunoichi on top of a raised platform, which had an all to familiar firework on it. As if the small fight wasn't enough, the woman's shouting had alerted a good portion of the camp of their squad's presence. As all the enemy nin rushed towards them, Chojuro readied his sword.

"Chojuro we got it here, you have to stop her from launching that firework or the mission will be compromised!" Ao said while straining to block a sword strike. Chojuro glanced up at the woman and saw her lift a lighter to the firework. This was bad! If she set that off all the camps would be alerted and retaliate. Chojuro dodged a kunai swing before shoving his enemy out of the way and dashing towards the woman about to light the firework. Chojuro had just appeared in front of the woman just in the nick of time and delivered a brutal kick to her head, knocking both her and the firework off the platform.

The women recovered, albeit barely, and once again grabbed the firework that had just landed a couple inches away from her. She was sitting on the ground and began to bring the lighter up to the firework.

"N-No!" Chojuro thought just as the woman was about to flick the lighter.

Before the women could start the firework, Chojuro suddenly appeared behind hear, his sword reared back over his head ready for a fatal blow. He brought his sword down with quick speed and power, but just as his sword was about to cut into the woman he abruptly stopped. Was that crying he had heard?

"Please, I don't wanna die!" She cried out suddenly. As Chojuro's face became overtaken by surprise.

"Don't kill me, my kids are waiting for me back home tonight. I haven't seen them in months cause of this stupid war! You can get that, can't you?" She said with a kind of curious gaze. By this point the women had had turned to face him. She was short, had long brown hair tied up in a ponytail, and dark eyes.

"They don't even have a father! I would never forgive myself if I left them orphaned." She said now choking up. The emotion in her voice had caused Chojuro to waver, she now looked at him with saddened eyes and tears streaming down her cheeks. All of his will to fight had left his body, and now all he desired to do was comfort her.

He suddenly holstered his sword and bent down on one knee, meeting with her face to face. A small smile danced across his lips as he began to talk.

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna do anything to you." He tried to say in the most comforting voice he could come up with. The women looked up at his with a surprised face, her tears still staining her cheeks. It was rare for an opponent to show such . . . kindness. A small blush came to her cheeks as she stared at him.

She returned his smile with her own, before it suddenly turned wicked. Chojuro had now suddenly found a kunai embedded into his stomach. He could barely register what had just happened. He started at the women in shock as blood ran down his mouth, she had tricked him? He fell to the ground with a cry of pain and watched with blurry vision as the women lit the firework, with a small grin.

As the firework launched, the women turned to face Chojuro, the same grin plastered on her face.

"How could one of the seven ninja swordsmen be manipulated so easily? Yagura-sama should have never made you one in the first place, you're weak." She spat. His jaw clenched, how could he fall for suck a trick? Controlling one's emotions is one of the basics that shinobi learn. He felt ashamed, now he and many of his comrades would die because of his mistake.

The firework exploded overhead, as the woman prepared to slice his throat opened. He waited for his death but it never came, he glanced one more time at the woman only to find she had been replaced by Ao.

"Damn Chojuro what happened?" He asked picking Chojuro up and putting him on his back. Chojuro couldn't really respond so he just remained silent.

"Hang on, you'll be ok," Ao said heading towards his soldiers. He soon landed behind the front line and laid Chojuro down. He quickly turned to one of his squad members and placed Chojuro in his arms.

"Take him to the medical team and hurry!" Ao said as multiple explosive tags went off behind him. The man quickly nodded and proceeded to leave with Chojuro as fast as he could. With that finished Ao turned towards the fighting. Well here it goes.

With Naruto

Naruto had just finished dropping all of all of the stones on the floor, when he suddenly saw huge explosion of colors erupt in the sky. Before he knew it everyone in the camp began to scramble, people were grabbing weapons, kunai, explosive tags, armor, and all sorts of things. It looked like some other team had been seen and the kiri nin shot off the firework to warn the other camps of a possible fight. Well in that case, guess it was time to start his plan.

All of the men were rushing towards the front gate, ready to stop the enemy from advancing, but before they should two clones suddenly came in front of them.

"What th-" the man managed to get out his head was smashed into the floor, courtesy of the clone's heel. All throughout the camp, chaos ensued as all of the clones Naruto had transformed into rocks had untransformed. The clones unloaded a merciless barrage of brutal taijutsu attacks and massive ninjutsu.

"Save the supplies." One of them yelled but suddenly every tent suddenly burst into flames. Naruto grinned, he had placed a couple of paper bombs on the storage tents while walking throughout the camp.

Suddenly a huge explosion racked the entire camp as about half of it was destroyed, as people were fleeing in terror. The heat from the explosion was so great, it was even bothering Naruto a little.

"They blew up the weapons storage shed, along with all the paper bombs too!" He heard a Kiri nin yell.

His clones kept going at the ninja that kept putting up a futile fight. In a matter of no time Naruto's surprise attack managed to completely obliterate the camp with little difficulty what so ever. But this was the beginning, the main fight had not even started.

With Mei

The whole camp was boiling from being basically covered in lava. Hundreds of dead shinobi lied at Mei's feet, and a gruesome as it sounded, almost half of them were burnt black as charcoal. The whole camp was in pieces, and they managed to either capture or kill most of the shinobi there. With their job done, Mei was left to wonder, who let that alarm go off. Yagura's reinforcements would be here any second now, so they needed to get their troops over this mountain as quickly as they could.

With the army

"Damn they found out about our operation, what are we gonna do?" A rebel asked the commanding officer while looking at the firework in the sky.

"What were suppose to do, rush the mountain, get over it, and take out Yagura's reinforcements. If Mei-Sama's plan had been figured out then we have to help her! So let's go!" The man said before jumping out of cover and rushing towards the mountain. The others looked at each other and nodded, it was now or never, so they too jumped out of cover and followed the man into battle.

With Naruto

Naruto had made a dozen a more clones and sent them into the forest to root out any of the remaining kiri nin. Slowly Naruto made his way through the forest and over the mountain. He didn't particularly know where everyone else was, but he decided that we was going to go forward and confront Yagura's reinforcements. He slowly emerged from the vegetation, and appeared onto the soon to be battlefield. The area over the mountains was flat, it stretched on for miles from what Naruto could tell. Now with the mountain under their control, they had the advantage.

Suddenly Naruto ears heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps approaching his position. He looked ahead of him and saw an army of kiri nin slowly marching towards him. He hated to admit it, but the number of ninja Yagura had sent far outnumbered the ninja that Mei had brought with them. Still, he wouldn't allow this battle to be lost, and you could bet that this battle would end up going to the rebels.

Naruto calmly waited as the army marched onto his position, all the while waiting for his backup. The army made it to the mountain and came to a halt in front of the mountain, right in front of where Naruto was standing. A man, which Naruto assumed was leading the army, stepped forward and began to address Naruto.

"I expected to see an army here, but not just one man. Tell me did you do this by yourself or did those rebels flee?" The man asked. Naruto made no effort to answer his question, and remained still with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Are you even with them?" He asked again. Naruto once again, stood still and said nothing.

"Very well, even if your not with the rebels you're still an enemy. Kill him!" He shouting raising his hand at Naruto. Doing as their commander told them, they all rushed towards him with swords and kunais.

Naruto waited as all of the of the ninja rushed towards him, he closed his eyes. Almost af if they were in slow motion, the kiri nin were about to descend on him his eyes opened to reveal vertical slits and he jumped into battle. Left and right shinobi were being batted away by Naruto's kicks and punches. Suddenly paper bombs attached to kunais landed at his feet, he easily flipped backwards and avoided the explosion, Wave after wave of Shinobi tried to rush him but to no avail, Naruto brutally devastated each one of them. He ducked and dodged multiple kunai and sword swipes, and slashed at the enemies, leaving some to die. Finally, Naruto delivered a elbow to back of a ninjas' head and he went rocketing down to the ground, his face embedded into the earth,

Naruto brought up with kunai, which was covered in blood, and watched as the army trembled in fear.

"W-What the hell?" One shinobi said slowly backing up along with a lot of his comrades. This man must have just defeated a hundred shinobi. The leader seeing his men tremble, decided to speak out even though he was too a little concerned.

"Do not fear him, if you do we lose. Hit him with water jutsu, everything you have!" He commanded. Some soldiers, even though scared, lined up and began going through signs. All at once water spewed from their mouths as water bullets, small waves, dragons, and sorts of water based jutsu headed towards Naruto. Quickly flashing through seals, Naruto sucked in a huge amount of air.

"Sage Art: Great Breakthrough!" He yelled letting out a massive blast of wind spanning over a hundred feet, immediately all of their of their jutsu were blown away as the huge gust of wind overcame them. Plants were ripped from the ground and people were blown back all the way across the field. As the shinobi were laid on the floor, all sprawled over each other, Naruto couldn't help but grin.

"Sage Art: Vacuum Bullet." Naruto said shooting out a condensed stream of wind through the commander's leg. He howled in pain and clutched his leg as blood oozed out of the hole that had been left from Naruto's jutsu. Although Danzo was scum, his jutsu were pretty good and Naruto couldn't help but take some.

'Damn this kid is good.' Ao thought to himself watching from the treetops. They had arrived on the battlefield a while ago and saw Naruto signeley manhandle the other army.

"You son of bitch! Who are you?!" The commander yelled struggling to get off the ground. He simply couldn't believe it, were they going against a Kage? Once again Naruto said nothing and stood still.

"Fuck you!" He screamed from the floor as his soldiers recovered. He prepared his soldiers to go on the defensive. The shinobi all got in a defensive stance, sweating at the prospect of fighting this man. Smiling a little bit, Naruto pointed upwards towards the mountain, wondering at what he was pointing to.

Their eyes widened as they saw rebels on top of the mountain's trees. Naruto jumped back onto one of the trees as the rebels started to go through signs. The leader's eyes widened, the were hitting them with their own tactic!

"Destroy them!" Mei said going through her own seals, releasing a giant wave of water down the mountain. Not soon after all of the other ninja released all of their jutsu which combined with Mei's and created a huge tsunami that went rushing down the mountain.

"Shit! Run!" The commander said. Turning around and running away with all of his troops as the huge flood rushed towards him. Unfortunately for them they weren't able to get far before they got swept up in the flood. Screams could be heard as the waves crashed into them, drowning many shinobi. Naruto watched on, as the flood started to dissipate and hundreds of dead ninja laid on the floor. But it still wasn't over, there was still a huge amount of kiri nin left, guess this was a really important position to keep if they were willing to bring this many men.

The rebels jumped from the trees and started to rush the remaining shinobi, all over there were clashes as ninjas went at each other with kunai. Sparks flew as kunai and swords clashed against each other, water flew from all different directions as shinobi used jutsu to kill each other.

It was total chaos.

Naruto glanced to his right where he saw Mei attacking dozens of ninja with her lava style, effectively burning all of them to dust. Well he had to play his part too, Naruto jumped from the trees and descended into the fray.

Naruto defeated his enemies with brutal taijutsu, wind, and fire style techniques that devastated the enemy shinobi's army. The combined with the strength of Naruto, Mei, and Ao the army didn't last long and they were forced to retreat. Naruto could hear shouts of victory coming from the other rebels as the enemy retreated into the woods. After the battle the army secured the mountain top and set up their own camps. No doubt Yagura would try to take this mountain again. But for now it was their win.

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