Devils of the Order

(original concept/input by Remuslupinlover50)

Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters, plus the universe they reside in, belong to J.K. Rowling (and the movies to Warner Bros.). All Devil May Cry characters (minus the OCs) are property of Capcom.

Summary: After escaping Raccoon City, the Devil Hunters have been brought to a world with sorcery and secrets. After battling their way through a city of undead, they have been thrust into a different kind of war...

Rating: T

Spoilers for Bleach May Cry and Resident DEvil 1/2 from here onward.

The Story So Far...: Pulled from their own world without warning by a strange man (later calling himself Mar), the Devil Hunters (Dante, Lady, Nero and Kyrie) were thrown into a universe where Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends lived. Caught up in a brewing conflict, they were enlisted to help defend a small town from Hollows; and later, to save a Soul Reaper from execution. Though they were successful, the one behind an old conspiracy escaped, and they were soon removed from that world directly into another.

The next world had them exploring Spencer Mansion on the outskirts of Raccoon City, teaming up with S.T.A.R.S. members Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Barry Burton, and Rebecca Chambers to help them escape. In the process, they saved the life of Enrico Marini, something unforeseen by the sorcerer transporting them to different worlds.

Their next trip brought them into the near future of the same world, to a Raccoon City overrun by zombies and mutated creatures. They accompanied Officer Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield in an effort to rescue and evacuate survivors, escaping aboard a train with them, Umbrella ex-employee Annette Birkin, and her daughter Sherry. Prior to them being spirited away once more, Mar gives them a hint that his actions are working toward a particular goal, but their conversation is cut off as he teleports them once more...

Author's Intro: My favourite game series, crossed over with my favourite book series. What more can I say except "hope you enjoy"?

Chapter 1: The Heroes From Nowhere

"If you or your 'bosses' are working with demons, I-"

And then he had vanished from that universe, along with his companions…

"-swear I'll kill you all!" Dante snapped as all four of them fell onto a hard, wooden surface. He winced slightly at the surprise impact, but sighed and opened his eyes, no worse for wear. And when his eyes opened, they continued to open further.

From the looks of things, they were facing a group of seven people in differently-coloured robes. All were looking at them with the utmost sense of shock, each with a thin piece of wood in their hands. Well, introductions were in order, weren't they? "Hi!" he said cheerfully.

Chaos erupted. Jets of red light burst from every person's hands around them. Dante quickly assessed the situation as best he could in the milliseconds he had before the spells hit; they were all normal humans (but what was up with all the red light?) and didn't seem to be trying to kill them. But whatever they'd stumbled into must have been important. He could fight back, which would certainly injure or kill them, or he could weather whatever they threw at him, smile, and start talking.

The stuff I go through to help people… he thought as he curled his arms inward defensively. There was no time to summon anything; he'd just have to take the hits and start explaining afterwards. The streams of red light collided with him, and then everything went black.

Nero, meanwhile, had Ascalon in hand. He split his shield up, curling the halves around Lady, Kyrie, and himself the best he could, the red lights bouncing off at strange angles… "Wait, wait! Hold your fire!" he yelled.

The jets of light ceased. He peeked over the top of his shields, seeing the people in robes staring back past their wands (those had to be magic wands). He took a deep breath, trying to calm down before his battle lust took over. "We're not here to fight. Can we talk?"

"Didn't one of you just say you were going to kill us all?" one responded in a Southern English accent.

What, Brits? Where did we get dropped this time? "Bad timing. He was talking about someone else." Nobody moved. "Look, we don't know where we are, and it'd be nice to sit down. Do you mind?"

A man with a flowing white beard peered at him curiously. Slowly, he lowered his wand. "Albus!" one of the others hissed.

The older man smiled. "What sort of enemy would break into our headquarters and then ask to talk? Also…" His eyes, strangely, seemed to twinkle slightly. "I'm curious."

None of the people seemed to feel the same as him, but they lowered their wands all the same. Nero responded in kind, lowering his guard, Ascalon disappearing in a flash of golden light. He looked down at Dante; he wasn't moving. Nero crouched down to check him.

"Is he…?" Lady began.

Nero let out a sigh of relief as he felt a pulse. "He's all right. Out cold, though." He looked up at the…well, witches or wizards or whatever they were. "What'd you guys do to him?"

"Stunning Spell." The terse reply came from a man with a crooked nose and greasy black hair. Something about the man made Nero uncomfortable, but he couldn't place it. "To think he could withstand so many at once…"

Lady cleared her throat, and they all turned to her. "Well, whatever we're doing, let's get off this table. And wake him up, so we don't have to do this twice."

Twenty minutes later, after Dante had been revived and they'd all sat down to the table to fill each other in (courtesy of the man named Albus conjuring chairs out of thin air), Lady was rubbing her temples in exasperation, Nero was looking as if he was trying to solve some sort of logical puzzle, Dante had his arms folded and was looking surly, and Kyrie was smiling to herself.

"You expect us to believe such absurdity?" Snape (the man with greasy black hair) said doubtfully. "Other worlds? Hunting demons? Wandless magic?"

"It's. The. Truth," Lady repeated for what must have been the fifth time. "Not like your story's any easier to swallow."

"It has its own logic," Kyrie muttered. "A community of magic-capable people, with their own schools, jobs, and crimes; naturally there would be bad people among them."

"Our story's got logic, though," Nero commented. "If demons exist, someone has to hunt them down. …The guy that randomly warps us around's kinda hard to work in, but we don't know much about that guy either."

"Well," another man, Sturgis Podmore, said. "We can travel distances instantly using magic. We call it Apparating. Maybe he's a wizard?"

The four digested this information, considering the possibility. Could they have stumbled upon his home world? "Do you think that's how we got here?" Lady muttered, more to herself than anyone else.

"Can't be. This house is protected against that sort of thing." He gave a grin. "But here you are."

"If I'm getting this all right," Dante said suddenly, "you Order of the Phoenix people…you're the good guys, and this guy what's-his-face…"

"Voldemort," Albus Dumbledore supplied, and everyone around the table seemed to tense.

"Yeah, Old Mort. He's tryin' to ruin everything and set up his own insane kingdom. And you're tossing as many wrenches in his plans as you can spare." This story was starting to sound familiar.

"A…limited summary, but accurate," Dumbledore allowed.

He sighed. "You know something?" And then his face split into an enormous grin. "It's your lucky day!" They looked back at him, surprised and confused. "We'll take the job. And I'll even give you a discount." His face suddenly became very somber. "But there's one more thing we need to talk about. The most important thing."

None of them responded for a while, until finally, another man with long black hair asked. "Which is?"

Dante looked him square in the eye. Neither blinked for several seconds. And then…

"…You got anything to eat?" the Devil Hunter asked, Lady's stomach rumbling beside him.

And so, the man with black hair busied himself around the kitchen, an impromptu dinner ready in a matter of minutes. The food wasn't anything fancy, but there was quite a bit of it (understandable, if this place was a headquarters). Having built up a very large appetite from their last two adventures, the four thanked him and ate eagerly.

Eating the meal was…weird. Even by the standards of someone who refused to let trifles like scythe blades through the chest ruin his chance to finish off a perfectly good pizza.

Nero couldn't help but notice that their "hosts" kept shooting them looks like they might suddenly explode. Odd attitude for them to take, given how much this place was supposedly protected. Though…having his arms looking like they did, it didn't surprise him. Wonder if there are any Devil Arms here, too…

Lady had an inkling about what their new allies were worried about…might have been the rocket launcher carried on her back. This was England, after all. …Supposedly. If we've been brought here, something's going to change. But what?

Kyrie thought over their discussion, wondering why they'd been brought to this world. Was it to defeat this "Voldemort" person? Or were they intended for some other purpose? If it's like before…are we supposed to battle demons again? But what is my purpose this time?

Dante ignored everyone, only caring about eating. With two sleepless nights and nearly a full day in total time they'd spent in the last two places, he'd built up quite the appetite. The stuff wasn't pizza, true, but you didn't eat your favorite food every day. If you did, you'd just get tired of it. …Or so Trish kept grumbling at him every time the delivery bike dropped off two boxes of piping hot pizza at the shop. Trish…I kinda miss her. She can take care of the shop and everything, sure, but being away this long… He eyed his chicken, an odd feeling settling into his stomach that had nothing to do with food. Sure do miss the place…

"There's something I'd like to know," the man who had prepared the meal said. "This magic that you say you can do; how does it work?"

Dante swallowed, looking at him. "Don't think we got your name."

"Sirius. I'm the one that…well, owns the place you're in."

Dante gave an acknowledging nod. "Fair enough." With a brief flash of light, Cerberus appeared in his left hand. He pointed one of the flails at the ground, and an icicle formed out of the ground immediately. The wizards looked at it with varying degrees of caution and wonder. He stuffed the Devil Arm back into his coat, and the ice shattered, melting completely in only a second.

Sirius was looking intrigued. "Interesting…"

"Could've made a bigger one, but I didn't wanna trash your house."

He chuckled. "Much appreciated. Well, here." He pointed his wand into Dante's empty glass, and wine began to pour from the wand until the glass was full.

Dante's eyebrows rose. "Whoa…now that's handy. What's the occasion?"

He gave the Devil Hunter a disbelieving smirk. "To new friends, I suppose?"

The man in red grinned. "Hey, I'll drink to that." He raised his glass. "To new friends!" And to Sirius's bemusement, he downed it in one gulp. "Mind getting me a refill? Got four other new friends to toast."

Sirius gave a loud bark of laughter.

After the meal, they were told to get some rest, and then they could discuss what to do tomorrow. Lady had no arguments; sleeping on those train seats had felt about like lying on a brick covered in cotton. Lucky for them they'd been dropped here at nighttime; some decent sleep would be good for all of them. She stretched lazily, and followed the rest as they were shown to their rooms by Molly Weasley.

Even as sleepy as she was, she couldn't help but notice two doors slightly open as they passed. She turned to stare directly at them, giving a wink and continuing on her way.

The four entered a large room with two double beds and a simple restroom. Their guide bade them good night, and shut the door as she left. Not two seconds later, Nero flopped onto one of the beds, asleep almost instantly. For once, they were all in agreement; sleep came first. They could clean all the blood, sweat, and the rest off in the morning.

Snape turned, looking directly at Dumbledore as they reconvened in the kitchen. "Well?"

He shut the door, and gave the rest a look. "…Things are as they seem," he said simply.

"Albus…are you sure?" Arthur Weasley asked.

"They made no attempt to hide their intentions." He smiled. "I don't believe I've ever met anyone so…direct."

"But from another world?"

"It does fit. Our defenses were tailored to any that attempted to come from this world…" he said, amused.

"This is no time for jokes, Albus," Snape growled. "Even if they mean us no ill will, why trust them with matters of the Order? Especially if they have no mental defenses…"

"They've already discovered our headquarters," Sturgis muttered. "Not much of a choice…"

"Dumbledore…I don't know…" Molly said nervously. "Those people…there was dried blood all over them. Staying in the same place as the children…"

"I assure you that they will not harm anyone here." Dumbledore's tone was casual, but firm. "I cannot say why or how they are here, but perhaps it is fortunate that they are."

"Death Eaters couldn't possibly predict this," Sirius noted. "I'll take any advantage we can get in a war."

"They are…most unusual," Sturgis muttered.

"So are we," he countered. The group of wizards smiled to themselves. "Well, I suppose we should finish up the meeting, then. Where were we?"

The next morning, after cleaning thoroughly in the shower (Dante wiggled his eyebrows at Lady and suggested they wash together to "conserve hot water"; she'd rolled her eyes and said "not in the same house as a bunch of kids, we won't") and running through a quick inventory of their items, the group of four went down for breakfast, Molly Weasley and several children already there. One girl had bushy, brown hair; all four of the other children, a young girl, a slightly older boy, and two twin-looking boys older than him had flaming red hair. All talk seemed to disappear as they entered. Mrs. Weasley had made a meal with plenty of toast, bacon and eggs; she handed each of them plates with a somewhat forced smile, and they took their seats.

It became very clear to Nero that he was being watched closely by five pairs of curious eyes. He chewed slowly, feeling slightly on edge from all the stares. When he cleared his throat to ask for some butter, every one of the kids jumped as if a gun had gone off.

"Nice coat," one of the two redheaded boys who looked like twins said. This was an odd observation in Nero's eyes, but then the teens seemed to be dressed in somewhat…average clothing, like jeans and such. They probably weren't used to people walking around with blue and red leather longcoats.

"Fred!" the redhead who wasn't his twin hissed, elbowing him in the side. Was it a brother?

"…Thanks," the Holy Knight responded.

"Where'd you get it?" Fred persisted, sliding out of the way of another elbow.


The table was quiet for another few minutes. In the meantime, Lady and Dante had made the revolutionary discovery that adding the bacon, eggs, and toast together equaled tasty breakfast sandwiches.

"What about your hair?" the non-twin redhead boy blurted out.

"Subtle, Ron," Fred muttered.

"What about my hair?" He knew what Ron had meant, but it was more fun this way.

"Why's it white?"

"Got in a fight with bleach," Dante called from across the table. "We won, of course." Nero turned to stare at him. "Hey, you were there, you remember."

Why even bother… He looked back at Ron, shrugged, and returned to eating.

The awkwardness continued for several minutes until finally, Lady scoffed and stood up. "For crying out loud…we're going to be staying here, no sense in keeping everyone in the dark." All this quiet makes me feel like I'm in a morgue. Once was enough. She held a hand to herself. "I'm Lady. This is Kyrie, Nero, and Dante," she continued, gesturing to each in turn. "We're…" She broke off, looking to Molly for support. Finding none, she decided to improvise. "Mercenaries. The Order hired us." Kind of amazing how vague the truth can be, now that I think about it… She sat back down, trying her best to smile calmly. "Now…who might you be?"

They looked amongst themselves. After a few moments of silent glances, Fred stood up. "Fred Weasley. And this is George." He patted his twin for effect.

"Ginny Weasley," the redheaded girl said simply.

"I'm Ron. Ron Weasley," Ron said. After a few moments of silence, he added "We're siblings."

Lady smirked, but thought better of retorting. They were making an effort, after all, and they were only kids. "And you are…?" she asked, looking at the brown haired girl.

She stared back at Lady for a few moments before responding. "I'm Hermione Granger. If I can ask…what is it that mercenaries do for the Order?"

"That's Order business," Molly said, speaking for the first time at breakfast. "If you're finished, make sure you wash up. We've got loads to do today." All the kids grumbled, but moved towards the sink with their plates. "And no magic!" she warned as Fred and George made to draw their wands.

The Devil Hunters were finished with their meal soon after the kids had left. But they'd barely started to stand up from the table when Dumbledore walked in. "Excellent, you're awake. Molly, could we have a few minutes?"

She didn't seem like she wanted to agree, but she nodded and left all the same, throwing a wary glance backwards before leaving the room.

"I trust you're feeling much better, now that you've had rest, food, and drink," he said pleasantly, peering at them with a good-natured smile.

"We are," Kyrie said, looking back at him and feeling reminded very slightly of Sanctus. And yet she couldn't help but sense that this man had a very different air from Sanctus. The Order of the Sword's leader had always been very grandiose and prone to speech; this man seemed to favor a teaching style even in casual conversation, hearing the information given to him and guiding the flow of conversation towards solving a dilemma. "If you don't mind my asking, what makes you so trusting of us? We didn't get off to a very good start…"

He chuckled. "Ah, yes. But that was no fault of yours."

"Still, that's an awfully big leap to make," Nero joined in. "Us barging out of nowhere with weapons strapped to us, and all. What could've convinced you we were telling the truth? You a mind reader or something?"

"…Or something." There was the tiniest flicker of mischief in his twinkling gaze.

"Ah, hell. No wonder you looked right into our eyes when we were talking," Dante muttered. "I'm surprised we didn't catch on until now."

"I'm more surprised there was anything in your mind worth reading," Lady snorted. "Probably just a backlog of pizza orders and scenes of you borrowing my money…"

"Regardless," Dumbledore continued, cutting across Dante's retort, "you have abilities we will need very soon."

"Damn right. Once the demons start popping up, a lotta people are going to be in danger," the Son of Sparda commented. "And trust me. They'll show up. They always do."

He nodded, his face very serious. There was a new look in his eyes now; one full of focus and determination. Even Nero and Dante were impressed at the hint of power in the old man's eyes. "I believe you. And because of that, we need to discuss exactly what you'll be doing in the coming months…"