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There was a knock on the door as Kate stared at Josh with her mouth hanging open.

"That's either the obstetrician or Dr. Hillis," Josh mentioned. "Kate? Can you please say something?"

Dr. Morgan stepped into the room. She saw the look on Kate's face and knew Dr. Davidson had just broken the news. She smiled at the stunned woman.

"Hi, Captain Beckett, I'm Dr. Alicia Morgan."

Kate stared at the two doctors.

"I'm pregnant?"

"Yes. I'm an obstetrician specializing in high-risk pregnancies like yours."

Kate gawked at Dr. Morgan as if she had two heads and six arms. She shook her head and came back to herself.

"Pregnant?" she asked again. "How did that…?" She stopped herself and gave Josh a good-natured glare. "Don't answer that."

Both doctors laughed at that, and Josh was cheered by Kate's snark coming back.

"Pregnant?" she repeated. "I – wow." A stricken look came over her face, and she cradled her still flat belly. "Oh God, I was just shot. How far along am I, do you know? Did my actions hurt my baby?"

"It's very early, a little over a month I'd say. 6 or 7 weeks at most," replied Dr. Morgan.

"It must have been the night my motorcycle…" Kate said under her breath.

"I'm sorry?" asked Josh.

Kate blushed. "Uh… Never mind."

"And I'll be able to speculate more on the last part of your question once I examine you." The obstetrician eased any lingering awkwardness by jumping into the exam. She pulled the machine over to the bed.

"Now, Kate – we may as well be on a first name basis for this," she smiled to put Kate at ease. "This is a transvaginal examination…"

"Isn't that a little invasive?" Kate asked, crossing her legs protectively.

"It is an internal exam," Dr. Morgan answered. "But this early, even I wouldn't be able to see much with an abdominal exam, and I know what I'm looking for. In fact, Kate, you probably won't see a whole lot with this one. I'll point things out to you, of course, but I think the most you'll see is a bright dot. You will hear the heartbeat, though."

Dr. Morgan began moving Kate's hospital gown out of the way. Kate looked up at Josh in a slight panic.

"Um… Josh?" she blushed again. "You're a doctor, and you were probably here for the other ultrasounds, and I know that we had… That we were…" Kate covered her eyes with one hand. "Could you please wait outside?"

Josh understood. Kate had never been a prude, but this had to be a little bizarre for her.

"Of, course, Kate. I have some paperwork to finish anyway. Page me when you've finished, Dr. Morgan?"

"I will, Doctor," Dr. Morgan flipped on the monitor as Josh left and began the exam.


Out in the hall, he met up with Alexis, who seemed to be waiting for him.

"Miss Castle, how's your dad?"

"He's getting his bandages changed right now. He's a little cranky because he can't see Kate," she grinned. "But I thought of something that could help; I hope it's okay."

Josh folded his arms and eyed the young woman with interest.

"Well, let's hear it. What's your idea?"

Alexis bit her lip much like her stepmother did.

"Facetime," was all she said.

Josh's arms dropped, and he gazed at her thoughtfully.

"I mean – if what I've read about using cell phones in hospitals is true, then of course it's a bad thing – I asked Dr. Hillis if it was a good idea, but he just kind of grunted, so I thought I'd ask you." She took a deep breath.

Josh smirked a little.

"Dr. Hillis is a fine doctor, and he has a reasonably good bedside manner when it comes to his patients. Everybody else, though…"

Alexis smiled. "He's not as bad as Dr. Perlmutter at the morgue. I met him when I interned there, and Lanie's told me some stories."

That made Josh laugh aloud. "I guess there's always one of those everywhere, medical or otherwise." He grew serious again. "As for the Facetime, I've seen reports of tests that were done with cell phones and hospital equipment, and there really isn't a problem. I think it would be a good thing for them."

"It also might be good for you doctors and nurses. You won't have to listen to them pining for each other."

He laughed again. "You may have a point there, Miss Castle." He changed the subject a little, then. "Did you see Mr. Beckett?"

"Yes, I did. He wanted to go see my dad, but Dr. Hillis left word that even though he's awake, only family can visit."

Josh nodded.

"That may be for the best right now," he said. "Just while he's still in ICU. As I keep telling Kate, I don't know his full condition and Dr. Hillis does, so what he says goes. I'd suggest that you meet up with Jim tomorrow morning – no, wait – he told me that he wouldn't be in until the afternoon as per Kate." He thought a moment. "You know – I do know Kate's condition, and I think it would be all right if you visited her. After all, you are her family now."

Alexis brightened.

"Really? That's great!"

"Not too early in the morning," he admonished. You and your grandmother should get some rest too. Your dad's awake and talking and so is Kate. They're both doing quite well, considering."

"That's what Kate's dad said. I'm still scared, though."

"That's understandable, but you've got to go get the phones, you might as well spend the night."

"Not at the loft," Alexis told him, her tone almost scandalized. "It's still a crime scene. In fact," she went on, "The phones might count as evidence. Maybe I could ask Ryan and Esposito. Or, I could just stop by the Apple Store."

"Either way, head on home, wherever that is right now." He smiled at the young woman. "I don't want to see you three in here as patients for exhaustion."

Alexis rolled her eyes in a gesture so like Kate that Josh nearly burst out laughing.

"Good night, Miss Castle."

"You can call me Alexis, Dr. Davidson, Good night, I promise I won't be back too early."


True to her word, Alexis returned to the hospital at 10 AM. When she found Josh, he noted the laptop case hanging on her shoulder.

"I figured Dad would kick me out once he got his phone," she explained as she held up Kate's cell. "And he did. So, I figured I'd catch up on some homework after I give Kate hers. Dad told me to have her him call as soon as she gets it."

"I have a feeling I'd better take care of her checkup before I let you in. I'm sure I'll get kicked out as well."

Alexis smiled then asked, "Dr. Davidson?"


"Thank you. I know you don't really like my dad, and I don't know all the reasons you and Kate broke up, but it's still got to be weird having them as patients, even though my dad isn't your direct patient, but still you came and told Dad about how Kate's doing and you're letting me do this with the phones and…"

"Alexis, breathe," Josh broke in with a smile. "It's been over four years since Kate and I split. If I'm not over it by now, there's something wrong with me. I'll admit, it's odd meeting up with Kate – and your dad – again in these circumstances, but this is my job. If I refused to care for Kate out of spite because of the breakup, I shouldn't be a doctor."

"Well, thank you anyway," Alexis repeated. She held the phone up again. "You'd better get in there and examine her before I come in. My dad might explode soon." She grinned.

Josh laughed.

"Dr. Hillis would have my head."

He turned away from the young woman and opened the door.


"Hi, Kate," he said as he walked into the room. "How's the pain this morning?"

"Hey, Josh," Kate returned. "Pain's there, but I'm managing."

"Kate, don't be strong," he admonished, looking over her wounds, making sure there were no signs of infection. He replaced the bandages. "If you're hurting, you need to say so."

Kate grimaced. "I know, really, it's okay. The nurse gave me a dose about 10 minutes ago. It just hasn't quite kicked in all the way. Don't worry; I learned my lesson last time about trying to tough it out."

Josh nodded.


"I do have a question, though," she looked up at him with a pensive expression.

"What's that?"

"It has to do with the meds. I know I'm on some strong stuff, is that okay for the baby?"

Josh should have realized she'd ask that. Of course she would.

"I've been working closely with Dr. Morgan on getting the best dosages for what you need without causing problems. She's scheduled to look in on you tomorrow, right?"


"I'll make sure she knows your concerns, and maybe she can explain more when you see her. But we do know all this, and we'll do everything we can to not hurt your baby."

Kate sighed.

"I know, Josh. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, Kate. It's a legitimate question. You have every right to ask."

Kate changed the subject.

"Did I hear you talking to Alexis in the hall?"

Josh smirked – a little smugly, Kate noticed.

"You did. She has a little surprise for you, and so do I."

Kate looked intrigued. Josh knew she wasn't exactly enamored with surprises, but being stuck in bed, she'd take it.

"What's your surprise?"

"Well, in truth, I have two. Since Alexis is your stepdaughter, I told her she could come visit you for a few minutes. I know that one's not really a surprise since you know she's out there, but…"

Kate's smile brightened the room. She understood the importance of not having too much excitement while healing, but she'd been bored to tears when she was alone and awake. Her dad was bringing a few books when he came back, but the prospect of a new visitor in the meantime was fantastic.

"That's one," she said, grinning, fishing for the other.

"I'll hold off on the other for a bit," Josh continued with a grin of his own. "I need to make sure of a couple of things first."

"Oh, you give me the buildup and then no follow through? I think I can see how this goes," she teased.

Josh laughed and continued his own tease. "Yeah, I should be able to pull some strings." He'd never seen her like this before. Yes, they'd had good times and fun times together, but she had never been so open and light with him before. He was struck again at how good Castle was for her. Sobering, he went on. "Your dad tried to visit your husband last night before leaving, but Dr. Hillis said no."

Kate winced as she scooched up into a sitting position. "Why not?"

He shrugged. "You'd have to ask him. Has he visited you yet?"

"No, but he did send word that he'll come by today."

"Good. He can give you whatever reasons there are. I don't know Castle's condition well enough to speculate on his judgment. But for now…"

He opened the door and motioned Alexis to come in.

The redhead tentatively came to the door.

"Hi, Kate. Is it all right if I come in?"

"Absolutely!" Kate exclaimed, "I'd love some girl talk!" she motioned to the chair her father had been using on his visits.

"As a matter of fact…" Alexis hedged, "I won't stay that long."

Kate's face fell.

"But I really don't think you'll mind," she went on, pulling Kate's cell phone out of her purse.

She explained that the phones turned out not to be evidence in the investigation, but CSU had collected them anyway. As soon as they'd been looked over they had been locked in Kate's desk drawer. Acting Captain Ross Roberts had listened to Alexis' explanation as to why she wanted them, and with Ryan's endorsement, allowed her to take them.

"I'm glad the crime scene guys took them even though they didn't need to. If they'd been left at the loft I'd have bought you both new ones. I'm not going back there until the blo …" she broke off. "Well… until everything is cleaned up."

Kate squeezed Alexis' arm and took the phone.

"I don't blame you," was her only comment.

"So, anyway," Alexis shook her head.

Josh was typing on the computer, trying not to eavesdrop, but he heard that and imagined she was shaking the image of her father and stepmother lying in pools of blood out of her mind. He could hardly envisage discovering such a horrible scenario.

"Dr. Davidson said it would be all right if you called Dad on Facetime. That way you can see each other and talk, even though you can't be in the same room yet."

Josh smiled at Kate's expression. He didn't think he'd ever seen her so bowled over when they were together. And it had happened twice in one day!

"A-Alexis…" she stammered and looked at her ex. "Josh… I can't believe you did this! I didn't ask you to do any of this!"

Tears trickled down Kate's face and she immediately started the ap.

"I think it's time we left, so you can talk to Castle," said Josh. "But let me tell you my other surprise really quick."

Kate looked up from her phone expectantly.

"You are doing much better than I was hoping for, even with all of your medical issues. I know I said it would be tomorrow at the earliest, but I'm thinking we can move you to a regular room in a couple of hours. What do you think?"

Kate's jaw dropped. Honestly, for not liking surprises, she sure made them fun to give her.

"Josh, that would be great!"

"I thought you'd like that," he smiled. "Now," he turned to Alexis. "Let's get out of here before your dad explodes and Dr. Hillis gets on my case."

Alexis laughed and nodded in agreement.

"See you later, Kate!"

She waved but there was no reply. Kate was already looking at Castle's face on her phone and crying.


The transitioning of rooms went quickly. Dr. Hillis caved an hour after Kate was situated; agreeing to move Castle into the room with his wife, citing Rick's 'incessant whining' as an excuse.

Josh was standing outside the door with Dr. Morgan when he heard an exclamation from Castle.

"What? Really? When did you…? Oh, God, Kate. Is everything…?"

"There's your cue," said Josh.

"You're not coming in?" asked Dr. Morgan.

Josh shook his head.

"Nah. It's your exam, and even though Castle and I have kind of buried the hatchet, I don't think he'd appreciate me in there. Besides, Kate would probably kick me out again."

"Fair enough," the obstetrician replied.

"I have rounds, I'll be in to see Kate in a couple of hours."

"I'll let her know."

Dr. Morgan entered the room and Josh overheard her introduce herself to Castle.

"Let's get this show on the road, shall we? I'm sure you want to meet your – very – little one."

"You have no idea," Josh heard Castle say.

He turned away from the door, and moved down the hall.


A/N 2: And that's it for Josh's perspective. It was a fun challenge to take this character who so many fans have a problem with (to put it mildly), and give him his humanity. I'm not expecting to change anyone's mind about him, but I enjoyed taking Josh in a different direction from what's been done before.