Well here we are 2020 and in 3 short months I, Maya Hart-Hunter, will be graduating. Obviously you need to know what has happened and so I'm going to tell you. After it was announced the New York Matthews were not to move to London I was informed I would be. That summer I attended a 2-month art program in London and it opened my eyes to the world.

When I got back I felt so free and open to everything. Sophomore year gave way to a brand new me. I was still Maya, rebellious and edgy but now with a smart side. My grades were and still are the best they have ever been and continue to be amazing. My art was taken to a whole new level and I no longer drew abstract purple cats, thank god!

Finally, my heart was even more open and allowed me to see Zay in a new light. We dated from sophomore year to the beginning of Junior year when the attraction between us simmered down to still liquids and naturally returned to an easy friendship. There wasn't even a drop of awkwardness. Zay is now happily dating any girl who passes and I am enjoying the single life after 2-3 short but sweet relationships.

Nearing the end of senior year, I'm both nervous and excited for college. Politecnico di Milano an amazing art school in Italy, Rhode Island school of design, and the Royal college of art have all accepted me. However, the NYU art program which is also exceptional and has accepted me remains a top choice.

Of course Riley and my family is a factor, but also someone who I didn't think would have this big an impact has caused me to pause and really think about what I want to do. Joshua Gabriel Matthews is once again in my life and has caused a stir of my emotions like never before. He will be attending Oxford next year for medical school and should I choose to attend the Royal College of Art will only be an hour and a half away.

So now I have some decisions to make and you are gonna sit there and read about my life and the events happening in it that help me make my decisions. Have Fun!