The long awaited second chapter, finally rewritten and posted.

Galactic Standard Year: 19 BBY

Earth Gregorian Standard Year: 20XX

After an equipment malfunction resulting in what can only be assumed as contact with an unknown alien species, a fleet of four Venator class star destroyers has found itself somewhat in space with no bearings on their location as well as no considerable actions to take in regards to returning home. Some hours after the crew and troops of the respective Venator star destroyers had finally gotten matters back in order onboard their ships, the ships began their descent across the planet to heavily forested areas where they might keep their presence on the planet a secret. Afterwards, the commander of the fleet, Admiral Wilhuf Tarkin journeyed through his ship, The Avenger. To the medical bay on the ship where his second in command, Captain Armfeldt Thero.

Tarkin came to the Medical bay and entered, taking a look around he noted that some other officers and troopers had taken minute injuries themselves. Walking through the med bay he finally found Captain Thero sitting up, arguing with a medical droid on him returning to duty. "Captain Thero, alive and up I see?" Admiral Tarkin said, raising an eyebrow. Captain Thero finally broke off the conversation and turned his attention to Admiral Tarkin. "Yes sir. And despite what the droid says I certainly feel fine. I'd like to return to active duty." Captain Thero said to which Tarkin turned his attention to the medical droid. "Would it be possible for Captain Thero to return to his duties then?"

Tarkin asked to which the droid simply replied. "It would be, but I wouldn't advise it. He may have a concussion and if left untreated may cause undue damage." Tarkin took a moment to think before he came up with a quick solution. "Then do your best to treat him as quickly as is possible. I need my second in command back up before the end of the day." The droid gave a nod to Tarkin before he turned and left the med bay, going to the hanger to look over the condition of the vehicles on board the ship. "Ah, Admiral, sir!" A clone technician said as he saluted Tarkin as he approached, Tarkin waved the clone off and took his time looking over the vehicles in the hanger, a portion appeared to be lightly damaged from the unexpected jump. However more so everything was returning to normal on the Admiral's flagship.

Suddenly as Tarkin was finishing up his tour around the hanger, his commlink started to beep, he of course quickly answered it. "Tarkin here. Report." Tarkin said, Lieutenant Vandoka replied quickly. "Lieutenant Vandoka, sir. As per your orders, the fleet is landing in highly isolated spots around the planet, we and the Subjugator will be landing on the main continent itself. We've also dispatched probes as we're in atmosphere currently, we're receiving data from around the planet, multiple forms of life, both humanoid and otherwise, sir. The data is currently being sent to your own personal quarters for review." Lieutenant Vandoka said to which Tarkin replied. "Send the data as well to the Captains of the other ships. I'll be on my way to my quarters to review what's been sent thus far." Tarkin said to which Vandoka replied. "Very good, Grand Admiral, I'll keep you apprised of our situation until Captain Thero's fit for active duty again."

Tarkin then switched off his commlink and made his way back through the hangers to an elevator of which took him to the upper levels and to his personal quarters. From there he activated his personal terminal and reviewed the data thus far, as he had seen it, for some odd reason there was a high concentration of unknown energy in the centre west of the continent. This in his mind required investigation, taking up his commlink, Tarkin awaited Lieutenant Vandoka to respond of which he did quickly. "Admiral? Is something wrong?" Vandoka asked to which Tarkin replied as he sat down at his desk. "No, nothing is wrong as of yet. However you informed me we were in atmosphere, send a patrol to the centre west of the continent, up into the hills where we first detected those energy signatures mentioned in this data you've sent me." Tarkin said to which Vandoka replied. "Yes, sir. It will be done." Vandoka was just about to turn off his commlink when Tarkin before Tarkin had one more order. "And await Captain Thero's return to active duty, I doubt this energy signature will be going anywhere."

Lieutenant Vandoka nodded his head and replied. "Yes, sir. It will be done." With that, Tarkin and Vandoka shut off their commlinks. Vandoka could only think. 'What could be so concerning about this area to have Admiral Tarkin want to investigate it?' Vandoka simply nodded his head and went ahead with his orders, a clone recon squad was put together for the recon mission ahead, however it wouldn't be until a couple hours later when Captain Thero would finally be allowed by the ship's medical droid to resume active duty. As soon as Captain Thero left the medical bay, he was given a blaster and a pistol belt, then directed to the hanger where he'd meet the clone squad of which awaited him near an LAAT. "So Would anyone wish to catch me up or shall I have to put two and two together?" Thero said as he boarded the LAAT.

The rest of the squad joined and a clone officer by the rank of Captain tapped on Captain Thero's shoulder before handing him a helmet. "Thank you Captain...?" Captain Thero said awaiting an answer to which the clone merely replied "Frellic. My brothers call me Frellic." Captain Frellic said as he grabbed a hold of one of the racks hanging above the clones and Captain Thero. "Then thank you, Captain Frellic." Thero said as he donned the helmet handed to him by Captain Frellic, then the racks hanging above from the ceiling of the LAAT, afterwards the LAAT lifted off from the hanger's floor and went out through the ventral hanger of The Avenger, flying up into the clouds to as to avoid detection by the primitives below.

Ten Miles away from the Alnus Gate, up in the nearby mountains.

The LAAT touched down on flat ground and quickly, Captain Thero as well as the Clone task force sent with him piled out of the LAAT, taking up over watch positions. At this range their blasters were virtually useless, however they could still keep an eye on the unknown energy signature ten miles away. And what they saw, only added more questions, from where the task force sat there were a large number of men and creatures all armed with primitive swords, bows, arrows, and shields marching into what appeared to be some sort of temple. "What in the universe is that?" Captain Thero asked himself outloud as he looked on the distant structure with his macrobinoculars. "I don't know, sir." Captain Frellic replied as he looked through his own set of macrobinoculars. "Better question I suppose would be where are those men going?" Captain Frellic added on, lowering his macrobinoculars and looking to Captain Thero. "Right. ...I should report back to Admiral Tarkin."

Captain Thero backed off the over watch position and took out his commlink, turning it on. On the otherside of the continent, Admiral Tarkin turned on his own commlink. "This is Tarkin, report." Tarkin said, as expected Captain Thero replied. "Captain Thero here, sir. We have visual on some sort of primitive temple and a primitive military force with strange creatures in tow going through the temple, however they aren't coming out the other side. I estimate already 20,000 men have gone through the portal, another 5,000 appears to be entering the Temple, your orders sir?" This news was indeed troubling, could the temple be some sort of ancient sith or jedi relic long lost? And for that matter, where are these men going?

Tarkin was quick to respond. "Keep watch over this force. Let me know if there's any further updates." Tarkin turned off his commlink and Thero turned off his own before returning to the over watch position. Just what was going on, on this backwater planet? For the next few hours, Captain Thero and the clone recon squad kept watch over the Gate, taking turns looking through the two macrobinoculars that Captain Thero and Captain Frellic were issued. Before finally there was something that Thero could give of Tarkin. "Captain Thero!" A clone shouted out to Captain Thero of whom was quick to move back into the over watch position.

"What is it trooper?" Thero asked before taking the second clone on over watch duty's macrobinoculars, he then began looking down on the temple to see a force returning with people in chains. Savages. They were humans too as far as Captain Thero could tell. "Awful savages. We must put them down. I'll alert the Admiral." Thero handed the macrobinoculars back to the clone he took the macrobinoculars from and turned on his commlink. Immediately, Tarkin's commlink started beeping and he turned it on, answering the call. "Have you something to report Captain Thero?" Tarkin asked, Thero replied quickly. "Yes sir. I have reason to believe we have come across a force of savages, the force I previously mentioned has returned however they're less in number and appear to be in possession of hostage or possible slaves. Requesting permission to liberate said hostages."

Thero said, and there was a moment of silence between both Tarkin and Thero. "Do you have any reason to believe it may yet benefit us in the future, Captain?" Tarkin asked to which Captain Thero replied. "Sir, the force that went through the temple to our knowledge was 25,000 men strong with those creatures I mentioned before as well as cavalry and local flying wildlife domesticated for military purposes. I believe that if the force that took out roughly just over 20,000 of these savages, then they may yet be civilised to where we may yet possibly be able to trade with them. Or even convince them to become subservient to us." Captain Thero came up with that on the fly, he didn't want to force anyone to be subservient to the Galactic Empire, though he knew Tarkin would only move if there was a chance of advancement for himself and his own forces.

"Very well Captain, Three LAATs and three squads of clones will join you shortly in addition to your own forces, however one of these savages must be spared to spread the message, that the local population will fear us, and through this fear we shall come to easily control them. For as you have said, they are savages. So force is the only think they understand, and thus we will make them understand. However you may yet be right about this temple. I've also spoken to our science officer, he theorises the temple you've come across more than that. He believes it to be a Gate of sorts. However as you have pointed out, one military force has gone through it and has been almost decimated. We shall wait for whomever or whatever is on the other side to come to us before we make any assumptions. Though as I have said before. You have my permission to go ahead with your liberation mission." Admiral Tarkin said before he turned off his commlink, and Captain Thero turned off his own before he'd make the announcement to his squad.

"Alright, everyone on me. Form up." Thero said as his squad left their positions and joined in a semi circle in front of Captain Thero. "We'll be liberating those hostages, or whatever they maybe. We're abandoning the usual first contact protocols as they usually go, we've already established these people below are nothing but savages. However there maybe a more advanced civilisation, well more so advanced than the primitives of this world on the other side of that what we believe to be a Gate of sorts. So ready up, we're awaiting three more LAATs and squads to join us then we'll be liberating those hostages." Thero said, while an LAAT arrived, to pick up his squad. "Right that's our ride, everyone get aboard, those civies don't have forever." Frellic said while he got his equipment together and tossed a DC-17 blaster pistol to Captain Thero.

"Thank you, Frellic. I have a feeling this will come in handy." Thero said while he went and boarded the LAAT, helping the clone stormtroopers aboard. "Of course sir. We can't have you unable to defend yourself on this mission." Frellic replied as he was the last to board. Then the LAAT lifted up into the air, joining a flight of three others. The clone stormtroopers aboard the LAAT checked their rifles while Thero stared out the open doors, watching the clouds. "Tell me, Captain Frellic. ...Had you thought you'd ever get this far? ...Or considered the possibility of us ending up meeting savages like the ones we've watched?" Captain Thero asked, and turned his head to see Captain Frellic out of the corner of his left eye.

"Honestly? ...A handful of years ago if you asked me, that question, I would've chalked it up to an overactive imagination. ...But since we're here now, I suppose anything is possible." Frellic replied, joining Captain Thero, looking out to the clouds. "Right. ...As good an answer as any I suppose." Thero turned his attention as well back to the clouds before Captain Thero's commlink started to beep. "Wonder what this could be." Captain Thero took his commlink out of his pocket and turned it on. "Report, who is this?" Captain Thero asked over the comms.

"Sir, it's Sergeant Axel. We've captured the locals you mentioned, as well as their cargo. Awaiting your arrival, sir." A clone on the other side of the comms said, apparently going by Axel. "Right. We'll be there in a moment." Thero said and turned off his commlink while the LAAT began to descend, and land just by the group while the other three LAATs circled overhead. "I suppose our own first encounter with the local wildlife." Thero said while he walked off the LAAT, his squad and Captain Frellic following behind him. The group came to the other clones and the slaves, as well as the group of men escorting the slaves, they were held on the ground with their hands above their heads, away from the slaves. The slaves of course were visibly shaken and confused, wearing clothes one might find in fashion on a planet such as Corellia, simple shirts, pants and some of the women even wore skirts, while a few men wore similar outfits, shirts and pants. A few even wore white shirts, a black light jacket, and black pants however they certainly didn't appear Corellian, instead they all had a shared eye shape of which was somewhat uncommon as well as a skin tone as well uncommon in the galaxy.

They appeared to be more afraid and confused with the clone stormtroopers and now their apparent leader of whom was looking them over. "These people seem to support my theory on the gate, when looking at them in comparison to the... Others. Their clothes appear to be manufactured, not simply thrown together... Interesting.." Captain Thero said before he turned his attention to the group of which was escorting them, then beginning to yell his orders to the troopers. "I'm going to execute all but one of these men, the last is to be allowed to go free so he may report what he has seen!" Captain Thero then pulled the DC-17 Blaster Pistol from behind his back and fired five shots in quick succession, killing all but the sixth man of the group of whom was now screaming and yelling in a foreign language of which Captain Thero, nor any of the clone stormtroopers understood. However it was likely he was begging for his life.

The slaves just watched the scene unfold and Captain Thero gave a nod to the clone stormtroopers of whom began to trying to not appear as foes but friends, giving their hands out to help slaves of which needed it up, then began escorting them to LAATs, loading up the slaves and taking them back to the Avenger. As the slaves were loaded up, it became apparent that some would have to ride with Captain Thero's group. "Captain Thero, it appears we're left with a small group of these slaves, shall I have them loaded onto our LAAT or shall we wait for another to show up?" Captain Frellic asked Captain Thero of whom looked over to the last group, in it was two men and three women. "Yes, Frellic. Load them up onto our LAAT, I'm certain we have enough room. Besides in their eyes, at this point we're their saviours, it's doubt able they'd resist us... They haven't yet anyway." Captain Thero walked over to one of the women, a woman with a short, black bob cut, possibly, very likely in her late teens, something like 18 or 19.

Thero held his hand out for her, a warm smile on his face. She just seemed to stare for a moment before she took the Captain's hand and stood up, he then pointed to the others behind her and Captain Frellic with his men helped them up, escorting them to the LAAT then Captain Thero and the young woman were last to board, while the LAAT lifted off the ground, the woman appeared to be momentarily afraid, holding onto Captain Thero as he had come to realise she was just somewhat too short to reach the overhang racks to hold onto, so he allowed her to hang onto him, and she did so for dear life the whole trip back to the Avenger.

Return to the Avenger...

The topside ventral hanger on the Venator-class starship opened up while the last LAAT approached, all the others sent had landed already and the slaves liberated were already being rushed to the medical bay to be examined. Admiral Tarkin awaited Captain Thero personally, in the hanger. The LAAT gently tapped the ground as it came to a stop. Theo was the first off the transport and met Admiral Tarkin. "It seems just from clothing alone, my theory might prove to be right, Admiral." Thero said and Tarkin had taken a look at the slaves, liberated by Captain Thero. "It appears you might be right, Captain. However I suppose we shall see when whatever force might be on the other side of that... Gate as you theorise it to be, we might have to watch the area to see. ...So I'm putting a small detachment up in the nearby hills, they will inform us when the situation changes. ...For now, from what I've heard we should focus on a means of ascertaining a way of speaking to these people you've brought with you." Tarkin said while he watched the slaves leave with the clone stormtroopers, being escorted to the medical bay like their fellows.

"I shall begin working on that at once, Admiral. In addition, I'd like to take charge of these people in regards to their basic well being and care." Captain Thero said, to which Tarkin nodded. "We are of the same mind in that regard, Captain. I'm glad you agree to it. I had intended on ordering you to take charge of them. As it was your idea to intervene and save them." Tarkin turned and left Captain Thero there at the hanger, Captain Thero then left to the science bay of the Avenger, to begin work with the staff and droids there to create a sort of universal translator for later use, to communicate with the people liberated from captivity, or as he would come to know them as... Japanese.