When he got to the balcony, he saw a dragon with purple scales, green spikes, and a belt which had the radio on it. He was a bit surprised to see a dragon; he walked towards the dragon and tapped his shoulder and the dragon turned to look Goldens' way.

"What?" The dragon said, looking at golden with a raised eyebrow.

"Are you the boss?" Golden asked the dragon with confusion.

"You have a problem with me being too young? A dragon?" The dragon said accusingly.

"No I... You wanted to talk to me?" Golden asked the dragon.

The dragon first smiled, and then he turned and walked towards the ledge, and stopped and put his left hoo- claw on the rail.

"That's better. You Remember anything? Know where you are?" The dragon asked while looking down at the city.

"I can see this as... some kind of shelter?" The unicorn questioned.

"We call it 'Ground Zero'. Wild Card and his gallopers put it all together three months ago, and we've been here ever since. We've been hunting for airdrops, scavenging for supplies, and rescuing ponies." The dragon explained to the curious unicorn and walked closer to the edge. He put both of his claws on the railing and moved himself upward so he could sit on the railing and looked at Golden Flash.

"I wanted to thank that girl."

"Good. Because if it weren't for her you would be chewing somponies' hind-legs. Oh, before I forget, your Antizin broke. The only thing we could salvage was your radio." The dragon said, taking the radio of from his belt and tossing it from his claws.

"Oh great... so can I get that back, please?" the unicorn said as his horn glowed, ready to get his radio back.

"Actually, I think I need it more than you do."

"Believe me pal, that is not the case."

The dragon slid off of the railing with the radio in his claw and started to walk towards the balcony door. Though, he stopped next to Golden Flash

"Fine. Take it." He held out the radio and the unicorn took it out of his claw. The dragon walked inside and sat down on a rolling chair. Golden Flash walked inside and stopped to look at the dragon.

"We used one of our Antizin meant for somepony else and you won't even share your gear with us? I lost contact with one of our guys because of the Shitty radios we are stuck with." While sitting, he went in thought before he looked at Golden.

"Do some thing for me, would you? I don't want to see you or your precious radio anymore, go be useful somewhere else. We don't tolerate lazy assholes here at Ground Zero."

Golden looked at the dragon with disbelief, "Hey. Be fair. I'm not lazy, I'm just- I'm just..." The dragon was using a screwdriver to fix the P.A. System. Golden walked towards him and tapped the dragons shoulder

"Hey boss..."

"Save it. That lost guy I mentioned? He's on the 13th floor, but he might as well be trapped in a cave-in. Come back here later. And I'm not the boss. Too young remember? Name's Spike, Wild Cards in charge here." And with that, Spike went back to fixing the P.A System. Golden Flash walked towards a door and out of the room. As he walked through a hallway, he turned right and saw a fence, and a mare with an orange coat and a blonde mane wearing a guard uniform and a Stetson on top of her head. She was standing in front of the elevator. As he got near, the mare motioned him to stop.

"Where do ya' think yer goin'?" the Mare asked with an accent, looking at the stallion.

"Uh... the 13th floor. I'm getting some stuff for Spike." Was Golden Flash's answer

"13... ? Shit. That be some dirty work. But we all gotta pull our own weight 'round here, huh?" She said as she moved out of the way. Golden Flash walked towards the elevator and entered it. He pushed the button that said the number 13. He arrived at his destination and opened the elevator door he saw a lot of blood.

"Damn... How many ponies died here... ?" He walked towards a foal stroller and saw a bit of blood on it, and he walked away from the stroller. He heard his radio beep. He used his magic and got the radio from the belt he had on. And he looked at it and clicked on it and put it next to one of his ears.

"Golden here."

"Where were you? We've been waiting for your report; It's been over 71 hours." A mare from the ERE asked through the radio.

"I lost my radio for a while. But don't worry, my cover's been intact. No contact with Ground Zero's leader yet. Unable to confirm identity. I'm taking steps to blend in." He answered the mare.

"Acknowledged. Time is of the essence Golden Flash, remember that. " The mare acknowledged.

"There is one more thing, I... got bitten. I've shown no symptoms, but the ponies here say I'm infected."

"... Then you should get some Antizin ASAP-" The mare was cut off by a stallion's voice.