The Story Thus Far…


Star of Rin once lived a normal life, though she has always known without a doubt that she is destined to do great things in time. Her father, Rowan, was once an unlikely keeper of the bukshah; he is now a famous hero, and the Titan of Earth—one of four keepers of deep, Dragon borne magic. Her mother, Zeel, was once captain of the Traveler forerunners, and a lost child of their people's feared and ancient enemy, the Zebak. Star is their only child, and a brilliant writer. She has tasked herself with writing down the adventures her parents shared as children, and hopes to write of their land's great histories.

It has been nearly two years since Star, her three cousins, and the boy Zan set out from Rin on a mission to rescue her mother from the Zebak lands. In that time, they have been swept up in the brewing secret rebellion led by Zan's oldest brother, Zamiel. The rebellion has grown with time, with much thanks to Star and her family; and now Habaharan City is silently looking forward to a day in the near future when the Dragon Lords will be overthrown once and for all, and the Zebak people may finally walk free.

Since arriving in Habaharan, Star has met many people and made many friends and allies. Vivi and Zizi, once orphaned thieves, now live with her and her family at Bhlai House – home of the healer Thora, who looks after Zan and his brothers like her own children. June, her best friend, is training to be a dancer thanks to her involvement in the rebellion, sneaking news and encouragement to her household. Keids, king of Habaharan's underground pirate den, has found favor with the rebels, and has agreed to lend them any help he can.

However, the rebellion has many enemies; and Zadina, the wrathful queen and Titan of Fire, has her best generals searching relentlessly for its leaders. Among these generals is Lord Azan, the cruel and cunning general who owns Zan and his brothers. Thora has begun to suspect that their master may suspect them, at last, and all the rebellion is fearful of him. Also under the general's heel is Tiba, June's horrible older sister, who would do anything to win her master's affection – even if it meant betraying her own family.

The rebellion is poised to spring a trap, biding its time and awaiting its moment of truth. Little do they know, Zadina holds frightening secrets of her own. Fear is rising in her heart. Rebellion is a thing she cannot allow. For many reasons. While the rebels lie in wait, their malevolent queen is preparing an inescapable trap of her own.

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