''Jade! Go to shop and get some bread!''

Ah, just what I wanted to wake up to, my mother screaming up the stairs.

''ANY LOUDER AND I'LL GO DEAF!'' I shout back at her, louder.

''Just go up the shop already, the boys want eggy bread!''

Eggy bread, bread that's bathed in an uncooked omelette then thrown onto a frying pan and cooked. I never was fussy on the stuff, but my two younger brothers loved it. The amount they could eat… It scared me sometimes.

''Fine, Fine.'' I say, stretching while lying down, before throwing the cover off of me and grabbing a pair of unicorn slippers in my dump called a bedroom. Hey, at least I know where everything is.

Pulling the slippers onto my feet, I ran down the stairs, tripping on the last step and tragically falling against the wall.

Recovering quickly, holding back the curses that threatened to fly out of my mouth, I ran out to the kitchen to get my coat.

Pulling on my neon pink rainproof coat, I opened the front door and ran outside.

The walk to the shop was quite long, and troublesome, if you ask me. The trip was precious time wasted, I could have been watching Naruto, ripping on the Pink haired bitch for being so useless. I mean sure, 100 healings mark, wow! But when does she get that again? Oh THE END OF THE FREAKING SERIES! She only becomes strong enough to defend herself in Shippuden. For Tsuande's Sake Kishimoto.

I looked at the bag of bread in my hand. I sighed. Why couldn't my brothers be addicted to anime instead of food, like me.

While looking at the bread, I started walking across the road, not looking where I was going. I failed to notice the Red Convertible coming my way.

When I heard a car horn, I jumped and looked at the direction the sound came from, noticing the red car coming right for me at high speeds, I stood there like a deer caught in headlights. I froze and felt my body go cold from fear.

The car crashed into me, killing me on impact, the bag of bread flying from my hand.

My soul separated from my body as I died. I noticed the bag of bread flew from my hands and hit the driver of the roofless convertible on the head. I giggled at this.

''Wow, you just died and your laughing, most people would be freaking out right about now.''

I turned to the direction the voice came from.

''I died? That was less painful than I thought…''

''Pahaha, You really are interesting.''

''So, I take it you're the grim reaper or something?''

''Pretty much yeah…''

I noticed that I was talking calmly with the grim reaper. Yeah I'm weird. I giggled to myself again.

''What is it this time?'' he asked me.

''Oh, nothing. Its just that I'm having a calm conversation with a being that wants to take my soul to the afterlife.''

''Actually, that's not-''

''So I'm going to be a wandering spirit?'' I cut him off.

''Not quite, Higher ups have decided on something interesting for you.''

''What do you mean interesting?'' I ask confused

''You'll see…'' he says mysteriously, before vanishing, leaving behind a black fog.

My body then started hurting all over… Well, hurting in an understatement, it was like my body was being squished from all directions, but pulled apart at the same time, while on fire.

Black spots clouded my vision, until all I could see was black. I then passed out.


''Its a girl!'' the Doctor said, cutting the umbilical cord connecting the baby to her mother, since it was no longer needed.

A blonde Woman let a smile form on her face, the pain was finally over, and she had finally obtained her bundle of joy.

''Any ideas on what you want to name her?'' The Doctor asked the two new parents.

The Blonde Woman and a Man with Greyish-Pink hair looked at the baby girl, if they smiled any wider their faces would split.

''She has your face.'' The Man said happily.

''And your hair.'' The Woman said to him.

''Its so pink, like a cherry blossom.'' the Man said.

The Parents exchanged glances, before deciding on a name.

''Sakura… Sakura Haruno.'' The Woman said to the Doctor.

''Do you like that, Sakura?'' The Man asked the baby.