''You...'' Kakashi-sensei told us, thunder clouds above his head.

''Pass.'' He ended.

''NANI?!'' Sasuke and Naruto said, while I just decided to give a questioning look. Me and Sasuke had just fed Naruto some of our food, I remembered this part from the anime, my memory was foggy for most of the anime but I always remembered stuff like the bell test, the test we had just passed.

Kakashi then went on to give a small speech, and ended it with something like ''those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum.'', but I zoned out a bit trying to remember what was next in the timeline. Then it hit me. My face paled as I remembered a certain D rank mission.

''What's wrong pinky, you look pale.'' Kakashi-sensei asked me.

''Please no...'' I whisper, my eyes wide.

''What is it Sakura-chan?'' Naruto asked me, confused.

''D...D ranks...T..Tora...D..De...Demon...'' I answered, remembering Tora from the anime and the countless fanfictions I read as Jade.

''Oh, so you've heard of the Demon cat? I'll ask the Hokage to give us that mission to start off then.'' Kakashi said before shunshin'ing away, probably to the Hokage's office.

''EVIL!'' I shout, pointing at the place where Kakashi just was.

''Tora?'' Naruto asked me. I noticed that Sasuke had also turned pale.

''I heared that Tora eats Genin for breakfast...'' He said, wide eyed.

''I heared the Daimyo makes the cat run away so it doesn't eat him...'' I say, shivering.

''I heared-'' Sasuke started, but was interupted by Naruto.


''Not who...what...I heared that thing isn't human...'' I say.

''Of course its not human, Its a cat.'' Sasuke said, annoyed, but pale.

''RUN! I HEARED THAT WHEN YOU SPEAK ITS NAME IT APPEARS!'' I remembered, before running off of the training field.

''HA, you're afraid of a cat!'' Naruto stated, After he finished a scream could be heared all around the fire country, as a whiskered blonde got scratched by a Cat with a bow on its ear, while a Wide eyed, Paler-than-usual Uchiha ran for his life.

'What was that, It sounded like Naruto...?' I thought as I hid in the alleyway. 'Oh well...its not like Tora got him...'

It was then that two glowing eyes could be seen in the shadows of the alleyway, making me gulp.

''No, Spare me... Please!'' I begged, but it was in vain as the cat got closer.

''NOOOO!'' I yelled, my eyes closing as the cat leaped at me.

Another scream could be heard all around the fire country.

'I'm next...'' Sasuke thought shivering after hearing his teammate's scream. ''Its going to get me...Oh Ka-''

He was attacked by the demon cat before he could finish his sentance. Tragic. Another yell was heard again.

''Kakashi, do you think your team will be alright.'' The hokage asked the new team leader.

''They're a strong bunch, They'll live.'' he replied, though internally worrying about the Uchiha, after all, it took a lot to make an Uchiha scream.

''MWAWR!'' was heared in the office, before a manly scream came from the new Sensei.

After I returned home I locked the door as quickly as I could, before running into the bathroom to disinfect my wounds, what kind of Ninja would I be if I got sick.

''Sweetie, why are you covered head-to-toe in bandages?'' My Mother asked me.

''I..I don't want to talk about it...'' I replied, shaking. Soon after I passed out from blood loss.

The next week we were stuck doing D-ranks, with Naruto being the only one out of the four of us that could move properly for most of the week, I really need a tailed beast sealed into me, Naruto recovers amazingly fast.

We were now on a mission to catch Tora, all of us were grinning evilly at the cat as we surrounded it... well, at least I THINK all of us were grinning evilly at the cat, Kakashi had his mask on, and I was never really able to tell how somebody was feeling just from the look in their eyes, or in this case, eye. Damn cyclops.

''Okay guys, this isn't right, we can't just beat up the cat because it scratched us.'' I said, making team 7 nod in agreement.

''WE SHOULD DO SOMETHING WORSE!'' I shouted, smiling evilly. ''Crystal Release: Crystal coat'' I cast my justu, covering the cat in a layer of Diamond.

''MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!'' I laughed, making Naruto sweatdrop, while Sasuke glared at me and Kakashi had a facial expression that showed that he had just remembered something, not that I could see his face.

I then picked up the diamond-coated cat and team 7 started making their way to the Hokage tower.

''OH ME SWEET TORA!'' A fat woman said, The Daimyo's wife. ''WHAT ARR YE DONE?!'' She shouted at us, mainy at me, considering I was the one holding the damn thing.

''We covered the cat in a layer of crystal, now it won't run away again.'' I said simply, while team 7 gave me a look that said ''we weren't involved at all.''

''WELL YE RUFFIANS, UNDO THEE JUTSU AT ONCE!'' The Daimyo's wife shouted at us.

''Fine fine.'' I say, before making the layer of crystal disperse, filling the air with a diamond dust.

''TORA, ME BABY!'' The fat-but-important woman said, before hugging her cat, cutting off it's oxygen, the woman left shortly after... on a pirate boat... She said something like ''finding the legendary one-piece.'' Oh well.

''Okay team 7...what mission do you want next? We have Potato picking, Babysi-'' The old Hokage started, but I interrupted him.

''MORE D-RANKS, ARE YOU GOING SENILE?!'' I shout, making Sasuke, Iruka and Kakashi look at me with disbelief.

''YEAH, GIVE US A C-RANK OLD MAN!'' Naruto shouted in agreement.

And Now, an inspiring speech from Iruka... (That I will not be adding into this fanfic for the simple reason being that Iruka is boring as holy hell, I mean, when I die I don't want to go to a hell with flowers, I want to go to a place with a shit-ton of fire, yeah BURN BITCH! CATCH FIRE JUST CATCH FIRE... I'm perfectly sane thanks.)

''Alright I'll give you a C-rank. You have to escort somebody to wave.'' The Sandaime told us.


''Why doesn't Tazuna introduce himself?'' The Old Hokage said, and then a smell of sake attacked my nose as a man came into the room.''

''These are the Ninja that are going to be escorting me?! They look too young to brush their own teeth! And look at the short one with the stupid grin on his face, he probably got dropped on his head when he was a baby! And the Pink haired girl, what, are you trying to look cool by wearing a load of bandages when they're not needed?!'' He complained.

''I'M GOING TO KILL HIM!'' Naruto shouted, but was held back by Kakashi.

''Now Now Naruto we're supposed to be Protecting the client.'' He told the Pissed off blonde, before turning his attention to me, along with everybody else in the room.

My fringe shadowed ny eyes and my mouth was curled into a smile that was too sweet to be friendly.

''Tazuna, right?'' I asked, at his knod, I continued in a dangerous tone, ''These bandages can come in handy, say, our CLIENT gets CASTERATED on an ESCORT MISSION due to an 'ACCIDENT', I could take the bandages off of my arm and bandage up the wound.'' I can now say that I scared our client, sensei's, my teammates, all of the male ANBU watching at the time, and the Hokage.

'She's scarier than Tsuande!' The sandaime thought.

''O..okay...'' Kakashi said, his eye wide. ''Hokage, we accept the mission, Tazuna-san, meet us at the gates at 7am tommorrow...'' He then did the quickest shunshin ever, breaking Shishui's record.

Yes, I skipped the bell test. Yes, the Tora parts were needed. I made this rather short because I want to get onto writing my new story as soon as possible. This chapter is more focused of humour than anything else, but I'm really happy with it.